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Introducing the 2023 APAC BigCommerce Partner Awards Winners

2023 Americas Partner Awards

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BigCommerce’s diverse pool of agency and technology partners is a large part of what makes customers on our platform so successful. To show these businesses how much we value their support and collaboration, we recognize the top partners for the year through our BigCommerce Partner Awards program.

Each year, we award agency and tech partners across the Americas, EMEA, and APAC who have gone above and beyond to help customers see success on BigCommerce. 

In 2023, we celebrated the program's sixth year, which featured 22 categories across each region. After careful evaluation from a variety of BigCommerce employees and executives, we selected one outstanding partner who exceeded expectations for each category.

“These are partners who consistently put innovation and customer-first at the heart of building world-class ecommerce solutions to help brands and retailers maximize success. Our strong partner ecosystem plays a significant role in ensuring enterprise customer growth, satisfaction, and retention,” said Dan Fertig, vice president of agency partnerships at BigCommerce.

And now, the moment we’ve all been waiting for — this year’s winners of the 2023 APAC BigCommerce Partner Awards.

BigCommerce 2023 Agency Partner Award Winners: APAC

Agency Partner of the Year: Aligent Consulting

Aligent Consulting has been named Partner of the Year for its commitment to helping BigCommerce customers see success and achieve their goals. Its dedication and passion have allowed our brands to dramatically grow their sales on BigCommerce throughout 2023.

From our judges: “Congratulations to Aligent on its remarkable success in 2023 leveraging BigCommerce. Its dedication, expertise, and strong partnership have been instrumental in achieving impressive results. BigCommerce deeply values our collaboration with Aligent, and we eagerly anticipate continued achievements together in the year ahead.”

New Agency Partner of the Year: Digital Smoothie

As a recent addition to our robust team of agency partners, we’re excited to name Digital Smoothie the New Agency Partner of the Year. The agency uses its industry expertise and innovative solutions to create robust ecommerce sites built to scale. In 2023, Digital Smoothie helped brands like Cobalt Health enter new customer markets by building a B2B segment of the site.

From our judges: “Digital Smoothie's dedication and innovation have earned them well-deserved recognition as BigCommerce's New Agency Partner of the Year. Its expertise in both development and sales has quickly established them as a standout partner. Digital Smoothie consistently brings a commitment to excellence to every client interaction, empowering brands to excel with BigCommerce.”

2023 APAC Partner Awards Image 1

B2B Excellence Award: Aligent Consulting

In 2023, Aligent Consulting replatformed an Australian wine business to BigCommerce and improved the site’s B2B experience. Using BigCommerce native B2B features, the agency crafted a robust wholesale arm of the site built to scale. Since incorporating BigCommerce's B2B features, the brand has noticed a significant improvement in customer satisfaction.

From our judges: “Aligent's innovative PWA for one of our BigCommerce customers leverages a headless architecture and TakeFlight accelerator. The UX-focused design, rich product content, and B2B features (capped buying, ERP pricing) showcase the platform's power. Tight ERP integration ensures real-time data, while self-service tools and AI-driven features empower the brand for long-term success.”

Omnichannel Solutions Award: Web Force 5

Web Force 5 is this year’s Omnichannel Solutions Award winner for optimizing a BigCommerce customer’s site that serves as an online marketplace. To create a seamless selling experience, the agency took advantage of BigCommerce tools and features, allowing individuals to list their items on the site easily. Enhancing this functionality better positions the brand to attract online sellers and grow the business.

From our judges: “Web Force 5 sets a new standard for an online marketplace on BigCommerce. This world-first BigCommerce and Marketplacer integration offers a seamless shopping experience for Australia's leading online outlet. Strong partnerships and expert project management ensured a smooth launch and ongoing success.”

User Experience & Design Award: Goose

As an expert in crafting ecommerce websites that provide an exceptional customer experience, we selected Goose as this year’s User Experience & Design Award winner. In 2023, the agency transformed an electronics and appliance site to create an unmatched user journey. This redesign has led the brand to see a significant improvement in customer satisfaction and generate growth.

From our judges: “Goose consistently delivers beautiful and functional BigCommerce sites, and its work exemplifies high standards. By prioritizing user experience, interactivity, and conversion rates, Goose sets themselves apart with a commitment to functional excellence.”

Creative Problem Solving Award: Moustache Republic

Moustache Republic is this year’s Creative Problem Solving Award winner due to the strategic methods it used to create Asahi Beverages' Drinks Cart site. After Asahi Beverages asked the agency to re-platform its site, Moustache Republic quickly encountered a variety of challenges. The agency used innovative thinking to create solutions that allowed it to meet the agency’s goals and timeline. Since launching on BigCommerce, the brand has seen increased sales and customer satisfaction.

From our judges: “Moustache Republic's award recognizes its ingenuity in tackling complex challenges. For Asahi Beverages' Drinks Cart platform, it delivered a new staff benefits site in record time (under four months) while the business transitioned to a new 3PL provider. It also devised solutions for intricate point-based redemption systems and dynamic shipping options, ensuring a seamless user experience despite complex requirements.”

2023 APAC Partner Awards Image 2

Headless Commerce Award: Matter Design & Digital

BigCommerce Elite partner Matter Design & Digital demonstrated its expertise in composable commerce by crafting a headless solution for Tiffany & Co’s international site. This enables the site to function based on country while still using the same back-end framework, saving the brand the trouble of having to re-platform along with significant costs.

From our judges: “Matter Design & Digital stands out for its innovative approach to headless commerce. For Tiffany & Co, it devised a cost-effective strategy to enable ecommerce functionality within the existing website, leveraging headless architecture. By integrating BigCommerce and Yieldify, it seamlessly added features like display pricing, stock availability, and "Buy Now" options directly to product pages, creating a smooth customer purchase journey.”

2023 APAC Partner Awards Image 3

Excellence in Delivery Award: Moustache Republic

As an Elite agency partner, Moustache Republic is known for providing BigCommerce customers with top-tier service. We’re proud to name it our Excellence in Delivery Award winner for regularly exceeding customer expectations and meeting launch deadlines.

From our judges: “Moustache's dedication to exceeding client expectations has earned them the well-deserved Excellence in Delivery award. It consistently demonstrates an ability to launch client sites on time, within budget, and in a way that delights customers and drives desired outcomes. This commitment to excellence sets a remarkable standard within the industry.”

Community Award: Google

Google is this year’s Community Award winner for consistently demonstrating its commitment to the BigCommerce community. The partner is always looking for ways to collaborate with BigCommerce developers and share its knowledge so we can provide customers with the most innovative solutions to grow their businesses.

From our judges: “Google's commitment to fostering innovation extends to initiatives like the BigCommerce X Google BigAI Hackathon. This event exemplifies its dedication to supporting BigCommerce developers. The hackathon challenged participants to create AI solutions that enhance the ecommerce experience for customers and shoppers, leveraging Google's AI tools. This spirit of collaboration is a true asset to the BigCommerce ecosystem.”

BigCommerce 2023 Tech Partner Award Winners: APAC

Tech Partner of the Year: PayPal

Throughout 2023, PayPal has demonstrated its dedication to helping BigCommerce customers exceed their business goals. The company’s user-friendly interface allows brands to effortlessly integrate the software into their site so shoppers can have a seamless checkout experience. These factors are a few reasons we selected PayPal as the Tech Partner of the Year.

From our judges: “Congratulations to PayPal for winning the Technology Partner of the Year award. This achievement underscores its collaborative excellence and commitment to advancing ecommerce innovation. BigCommerce highly values its partnership with PayPal, recognizing it as instrumental in driving mutual success and empowering customers worldwide. As we look ahead to the future, we anticipate further collaboration and innovation that will continue to elevate the ecommerce experience for businesses and consumers alike.”

Innovative Integration Award: MyIntegrator

We selected MyIntegrator as this year’s Innovative Integration Award winner due to its ERP connector designed to automatically transfer data between BigCommerce and the customer’s chosen accounting platform. This minimizes back-end work for BigCommerce brands, allowing them to save ample time and money.

From our judges: “MyIntegrator's end-to-end ERP connector automates data flow between BigCommerce and accounting platforms, earning them the Innovative Integration Award. This powerful and customizable solution used by over two dozen platforms streamlines operations, eliminates errors, and empowers BigCommerce stores to become central hubs for their business.”

Customer Growth Award: Searchspring

Searchspring is this year’s Customer Growth Award winner due to the success seen by BigCommerce customers who integrate it into their site. On average, brands who use this software see an 85% increase in search conversions, which demonstrates why Searchspring generated significant growth for BigCommerce brands in 2023.

From our judges: “Searchspring's impact on BigCommerce customers is undeniable. Its success in the Search and Merchandising category, as evidenced by the growth of our joint customers, showcases the strength of our partnership. We're excited to see this collaboration reach even greater heights this year.”

Think Big Award: PayPal

PayPal is this year’s Think Big Award winner because of its commitment to putting customers at the forefront of its business. The software consistently goes above and beyond to help BigCommerce brands achieve their goals and grow their business. We’re proud to work with such a devoted partner and look forward to seeing the success it continues to bring our customers.

From our judges: “PayPal's creative and focused approach has significantly strengthened the BigCommerce partnership. This award recognizes its dedication to unlocking growth for BigCommerce customers. We're excited to explore new avenues for collaboration and continued success this year.”

Best User Experience Award: Shippit

We’re awarding Shippit for providing the best user experience to BigCommerce customers in 2023. Its user-friendly interface allows brands to seamlessly integrate the app into their store and effortlessly manage shipments, streamlining processes and increasing team efficiency.

From our judges: “Shippit's best-in-class integration with BigCommerce empowers sellers with seamless access to advanced fulfillment and shipping automation. This award recognizes a powerful solution that streamlines operations and unlocks growth potential for BigCommerce customers in the APAC region.”

Emerging Partner Award: Algolia

As a newer technology partner, Algolia has earned a remarkable reputation for using AI to create a top-tier search experience. Throughout 2023, we’ve witnessed a growing adoption of this software among BigCommerce customers, which is why we selected it as the Emerging Partner Award winner. We’re proud to partner with a company that provides innovative solutions to help our customers scale.

From our judges: “Algolia's AI-powered search suite stands out for its superior user experience, impressive customer reviews, and rapidly growing adoption among BigCommerce's leading retailers. Recognized with this award, Algolia exemplifies the value new technology partners can bring to the BigCommerce ecosystem. Its innovative solution enhances customer satisfaction and fosters a strong partnership poised for continued success.”

The final word

Working with trusted agencies and tech partners is the golden ticket to a thriving ecommerce store. That’s why we take the utmost pride in our partner ecosystem. 

Each of our partners is fully committed to helping brands on our platform see success. We value the opportunity to work with such a diverse and dedicated community that shares the common goal of serving ecommerce brands the best experience possible.

"We deeply value the dedication and ingenuity of all our partners. Their collaborative efforts not only elevate our platform, but also empower brands and retailers to thrive in a dynamic market. We extend our appreciation to our entire partner ecosystem for their unwavering support of BigCommerce, our customers, their integrations, and commitment to our shared mission,” said Matt Crawford, vice president, head of technology partner program at BigCommerce.

Learn more about our different agencies and tech partners to see how they can help grow your business on BigCommerce.

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