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A growing number of workers are creating a second source of income by starting their own businesses while also working a full or part-time job, a trend known as “moonlighting.”

We sampled nearly 20,000 of our U.S. stores and found that roughly 30-35 percent of all activity took place between 6pm and 8am CT, with a surprisingly large amount occurring after midnight.

Looking at various segments of time throughout a given workday, our data shows that at noon — the peak time for activity on Bigcommerce stores — nearly 80% of online retailers were found to be working on their stores. At midnight, there were still more than 49 percent actively working.  At 3pm, nearly half of online retailers were working, with 25 percent still burning the midnight oil at 3am.

Check out this sweet graphic:

Online store owners burning the midnight oil as moonlighters, working through the late evening and early morning hours on their online businesses.

Breaking down who works when into regional groups paints an interesting picture of the state of the U.S. job market:

  • The data found that 33% — the largest group of moonlighters — are based in Southern states (with Florida, Georgia and Texas having the highest concentration in the region).
  • 27% are based on the West Coast (led by Arizona, Colorado and California).
  • 24% of the U.S. moonlighters are in the Northeast (led by New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Washington, D.C.).
  • 15% are located in the Midwest (led by Michigan, Illinois and Ohio).

Are you a moonlighter (or maybe you’re looking to ditch your 9-to-5 and work on your online full time)? Don’t forget to join us for our Twitter chat with HubSpot tonight:

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  • Who: Bigcommerce, HubSpot and moonlighting entrepreneurs
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  • Where: Twitter
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  • Jessica Malnik

    Hi Ragan, we based the metrics on each U.S. time zone, and then we averaged the results.

  • Which midnight time zone are you counting? For example, 3am for West Coast means 6am for East Coast…

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