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We’re speeding towards the busiest business time of the year, and you had better be in the driver’s seat if you plan to sell more. Whether it’s checking your search engine optimization or priming a new coat of paint on your cover page, there’s always something you can improve in the never ending race for sales. Rev up your business with this week’s auto-inspired, ecommerce round up.

Pull away from the pack

Believe it or not, the things people say have an impact on others’ purchasing decisions—and your business is no exception. The Daily Egg describes how this process, known as a social proof, can help to kickstart your conversions. Five-star reviews and number of customers, as well as testimonials and positive stories can fuel customers into buying so you can pull away from the pack.

Always check your dashboard

Raw data is meaningless unless it’s analyzed and presented in an understandable way, just like all the gauges on a car’s dashboard. Google Analytics is one of the most useful tools for measuring your business’ performance, but all the data collected can get messy and unorganized. Fortunately, Practical Ecommerce presents us with 10 essential dashboards for your Google Analytics data. Covering metrics from bounce rate to content abandonment, as well as SEO and revenue, this article provides useful resources to get your analytics functioning at full throttle.

A fixer upper

Like cars, landing pages get your customers around your site so they can buy things. If you’re going for conversions, your site needs to be in tip-top condition. Hubspot has 6 costly landing page mistakes that you can easily fix yourself. Whether it’s keyword optimization, an easy way of navigating, or simply not testing your page, there’s probably something powerful you can do without investing a lot of money.

Car talk

If you plan on engaging with your audience, you had better know how to speak with them on social media. You would think that a post is a post, but every social media platform has their own special formats, each of which can better capture the attention of your audience when written properly. Take a look at Buffer’s 71 ways to write a social media post for more than enough info for perfecting your posts on multiple platforms.

Holiday shopping test drive

According to an Internet Retailer article, a recent Harris Poll surveying 2,000+ shoppers over the age of 18 foreshadow potential problems for the upcoming holiday season. 84% of respondents said they experienced problems buying online, and 56% said the issues would make them consider other retailers, both online and offline. Slow websites were the chief issue at 40%. Other problems revolved around lack of mobile usability. Take the time now to look at issues that may have occurred during the back-to-school season, and resolved them before holiday shopping begins.

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