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Shopping in Instagram Stories Now Available for BigCommerce Customers

Tracey Wallace / 1 min read
instagram stories shopping

Today, BigCommerce is proud to announce Shopping in Instagram Stories availability and support for all BigCommerce customers.

If you are a BigCommerce customer and already using Shopping on Instagram, you can now begin to use Shopping in Instagram Stories.

instagram stories shopping example

Example of a Shopping story on Instagram

Instagram Stories have seen rapid growth and consumption YoY, with consumers and brands of all sizes flocking to the feature, which allows users to tell a story through a collection of pictures and video posts.

An estimated 400M Instagrammers now use Instagram Stories daily, up from 250M in 2017.

Today, brands can also utilize Shopping in Instagram Stories – similar to Shopping in Instagram posts – by tagging products within stories to drive customers to your product pages.

Shopping on Instagram Stats & Effectiveness

Shopping on Instagram has generated a more than 2,000% increase in site traffic from Instagram for some brands, with many reporting an increase in conversion from the social media platform.

instagram stories shopping post example

Example of a shopping post on Instagram

Shopping Instagram Stories gives brands even more organic opportunities to push traffic back to product landing pages.

This is crucial given Instagram Stories’ engagement rate and demographic.

Average complete rate for brand stories in 2018 is 72%, an 8% increase from Fall 2017.

instagram stories shopping completion by vertical

63% of 16 to 34-year olds on Instagram watch Stories daily. Millennials, in particular, prefer Instagram Stories to Snapchat or Facebook.

instagram stories shopping percentage of millennials

How to Use Shopping in Instagram Stories

To begin using Shopping in Instagram Stories:

  • Login to or sign up for your BigCommerce Control Panel.
  • Navigate to Channel Manager.
  • Navigate to Facebook and sync your inventory to Facebook Shop. You can choose to have this visible or hidden on your Facebook brand page.
  • Once approved by Facebook, you will then be able to place product stickers for Shopping in Instagram Stories.

Check out these additional Facebook and Instagram sales opportunities:

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