New design theme: Health & Beauty


If I eat three protein bars a day and I go to the gym 5 days a week that adds up to…. a lot of protein bars. Somebody is probably making a killing selling these protein bars. Why aren’t I making a killing?

There’s no need to sweat it — our new Health & Beauty theme gives you the perfect platform to start pushing your line of organic flax-seed, quinoa and linseed protein bars.

With it’s smooth, yoga-mat-inspired colour palette and effective use of clean white space, Health & Beauty makes the ideal environment to push your product line.

Health & Beauty Homepage

Health & Beauty Detail 1    Health & Beauty Detail 2

For a more in-depth look, check out the Health & Beauty demo.

Key features

  • Five-column grid allows for more products
  • Simple yet elegant use of typography
  • Great starting point for customisation
  • Includes an all new set of social media icons that were designed specifically for this theme

Perfect for

  • Health & Beauty stores (obviously)
  • A wide variety of other merchants

How to get it

To use Health & Beauty for your store, just log in to your control panel, navigate to Design and click “Apply this template.” If you haven’t upgraded to our latest version yet, you’ll need to do so to use any of the new themes.

All you have to do is:

1. Log in to your Bigcommerce control panel.
2. Click the “Try it now” link on the blue bar at the bottom of the screen.
3. From now on, you’ll be using the new control panel and have access to the new themes.

  • Agreed – love the theme but am having issues with the slider header color – and really not looking to edit the code since the idea was that the code worked..

  • Jessica Malnik

    Hi Tracey, here’s a great forum thread that will show you how to remove the white stripe in the carousel.

  • Tracey

    Hi Liz, did you solve your issue with the long white stripe? As that’s what I also want removing and don’t know how?

  • Liz


    I have looked everywhere but cannot get the answer. I have chosen this design but with the banners there are long white stripe right in the middle of the picture. How do i get rid of this? It is on each banner i have

  • Jessica Malnik

    Hi Charlotte,

    That’s so great to hear. The answer is it really depends on how your site is set up. I’d really encourage you to post this question in our community forum. We have a great group of clients and design partners in there, who are more than willing to lend a hand, if you need some help.

  • Charlotte

    Hi there,

    I really love the look of this design and am currently trying to navigate through it to make it look good on my store.
    I have a question about the big image on the front page – I don’t know how to create it. On my previous design (Bedazzled) I had the carrousel, but it isn’t transfering these images. I’m wondering if it’s because there’s more than one image or if they’re a wrong size for this new design?
    Or is it created like the banners?

    Looking forward to hearing your reply :)


  • Jessica Malnik

    Hi Stephanie, that actually can be recreated as a simple image banner.

  • Stephanie

    I noticed on the theme there are three boxes above the slider. I activated the template and it doesn’t have those three boxes. Where do I go to edit/customize/add those?

  • Hannah

    i would but the munchen theme has too many bugs in it, so i guess ill just pray another theme will have a sidebar and be stable like the health theme

  • Jessica Malnik

    Hi Aileen, I totally agree that this line is very misleading, which is why we are going to remove it. In fact, if you want a lefthand category side nav bar, we would encourage you to look at our Munchen theme, where this functionality is included.

  • Jessica Malnik

    Hi Hannah, if you are looking for a lefthand sidebar that is already included, I would encourage you to check out our Munchen theme. See example here:

  • Hannah

    No left column? Really? What does it take to get things that we should already have. You guys should look to shopify on how to do themes with easier customizations. “It’s not hard to do” is okay when you have history of coding. Most of us are just business people not a design crew

  • Jessica Malnik

    I understand your concerns, Monique. We know many of our clients have little to no coding background. That’s why our templates are designed in a way where you can use them successfully right out of the box or add onto them with custom design changes. We actually have many clients, who are bringing in significant sales using just a standard theme.

    I’d actually recommend that you focus on marketing and getting sales first. Then, you can take that money and invest in hiring a designer to make the custom design changes that you are looking to do.

    Lastly, If you want some great marketing and SEO tips, I’d encourage you to check out our community forum. Many of our clients and partners are very active and willing to offer firsthand tips and best practices.

  • Jessica Malnik

    Yes, all our store themes are designed with creating an optimal shopping experience in mind. However as every store is a bit different, I would encourage you to learn and channel your specific customer’s buying behaviors and mirror your layout to how they are accustomed to think. A great way to see this first hand is by integrating your store with Google Analytics (free) and then visiting the Visitor flow and in-page analytics sections.

  • Aileen

    Thanks for the response! I think the following feature is a bit misleading, then:

    “The left-hand category listing on product list pages is better for stores with a lot of categories”

  • Monique

    The above comment was pre-morning coffee. Sorry about the snippiness!

  • Monique

    Thanks for the reply, Jessica.

    I’m so disappointed! I really wish these options would just automatically come with all of BC’s themes. Not everyone has the skills to handle template customization. Or the time. Or the hundreds to pay one of your design partners…

  • Michael

    I like that design, is that design buyer friendly ? for smart phones ? or any other gadgets :) ?

  • Jessica Malnik

    Hi Monique and Aileen,

    While it does require a little custom design, adding a lefthand sidebar to just the category pages on the health and beauty theme shouldn’t be that hard. I would encourage you to post this in our forum. Many of our clients and design partners are very active in there and are more than willing to provide tips and best practices.

    The only thing worth noting is that you cannot add a lefthand sidebar to the homepage of the Health and Beauty theme.

  • Jessica Malnik

    The best advice I can give you is to make your store as customer-friendly as possible. This usually means a store with compelling images and easy to find add to cart buttons (lefthand sidebar is fairly irrelevant) This also means you need to learn and channel your customer’s buying behaviors and mirror your design to how they are accustomed to think.

  • Aileen

    I’m wondering the same thing. That’s kind of a make it or break it for me. I would really love to switch to this theme.

  • Monique

    This new theme is beautiful!

    I’d love to switch to it (I’m currently using Bedazzled), but I have 1 big concern:

    Under key features, it says, “The left-hand category listing on product list pages is better for stores with a lot of categories”. But…according to the demo and the previous comment, it seems there is none.

    Is this an option that just isn’t being used in the demo or would it take a ton of customization to make it happen?

  • This theme is what I’m currently using for my shop. It’s beautiful and clean and looks more polished than the Bride to Be theme (my first choice). I’m just concerned about this theme not having a left sidebar. When I did my research online, I found out that an ecommerce site is more effective if there is a left sidebar navigation but I guess this theme has been tested to be effective in selling stuff prior to releasing it.