Steven Donnelly Joins Us As HR & Recruitment Manager

Our new HR & recruitment manager Steve with his son

As our march to the top of the e-commerce mountain continues, it’s important that we only bring A-players into the company. In fact, A-players are such an important reason for the growth of our company that being smart and getting things done is one of the values that we live by. What’s an A-player? Good question:

“An A-player is one who qualifies among the top 10 percent of those available for a position. The idea is that there is a bell curve of available talent at any pay point.”

For us, an A-player is closer to the top 1 percent of those available for a position, but that’s because we’re picky ;)

The same way we only hire A-players on the frontline (i.e. our team members who deal directly with clients), we only hire A-players to join our management team as well and our new human resources and recruiting manager Steven Donnelly is no different.

Steve comes to us from where he was a senior HR manager, promoted several times and responsible for developing and implementing programs and services that gave a competitive advantage in attracting and retaining top talent. Before Steve was at Travelocity where he worked on recruiting, M&A, field HR operations, employee recognition programs, employee relations and performance management.

Steve will head up our human resources and recruitment departments, working with Eddie, myself and our management team to not only bring in more top talent but also to make sure we continue to be a fun, challenging place to work, living by our mission statement and values every day.

In fact, we’ll shortly have a nice plaque up in both our Austin and Sydney offices that puts our mission statement and values on display for everyone to see. Make sure you fan us on Facebook because we’ll post some photos of the plaques when they arrive!

Steve will also be contributing to the blog, so keep an eye out for his first post shortly.