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Top 3 Tips for a Successful BigCommerce Store Launch

Top 3 Tips for a Successful BigCommerce Store Launch

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Launching a new ecommerce store or transitioning to a new platform can be an exciting opportunity to expand your brand and reach new customers. However, it's not without its hurdles. 

To help you navigate this journey and achieve a seamless, timely launch, we've distilled the process into three essential tips. Implement these strategies to ensure your BigCommerce store hits the ground running and thrives from the very start.

1. Accurately scope your project

Underestimating the amount of time and resources it takes to launch any new project can lead to delays — and the same holds true for your new BigCommerce store. That’s why we recommend starting with a clear understanding of your project’s full scope. Will you need help with data migration? Do you know how you plan to ship your products?  

Before you start anything else, create a detailed project plan that outlines everything you need to do for each phase: design, development, testing, and deployment. 

The good news is that you don’t have to figure this all out yourself. From comprehensive developer docs that walk you through each stage to our store set up and launch guide, you’ve got access to a whole host of resources that you can explore.

2. Get guidance from BigCommerce experts

While the fundamentals of selling online are the same, every ecommerce platform is different. You can go it alone and be just fine, but you’ll be able to launch even faster with the help of a BigCommerce expert. 

Take a training course to help you learn the platform.

BigCommerce offers a comprehensive suite of technical and non-technical training options, as well as community forums for developers and business users where you can seek advice and share knowledge with other users. Investing in training for your team can pay dividends in efficiency and expertise.

BigCommerce training options include:

  • In-Person Training: Immerse your team in a hands-on learning environment with expert instructors.

  • Launch Packages: Get tailored training modules specifically designed to meet your unique needs.

  • Developer Training: Equip your developers with the technical know-how to customize and integrate the platform.

“Our Launch Coach was helpful, understanding, and insightful. I can’t imagine getting everything going without his help,” said Gwen O’Neill, Sr. Vice President at Ozone Solutions.

Partner with an agency to expedite your store build.

Additionally, working with an experienced agency can significantly streamline your store build. Agencies bring specialized skills and knowledge that can expedite the process and ensure you’re following best practices. 

An agency partner can provide:

  • Strategic Planning: Helping you define clear goals and a roadmap for your store.

  • Design Expertise: Creating a user-friendly, visually appealing store.

  • Technical Skills: Ensuring seamless integrations and custom functionalities.

BigCommerce has a directory of trusted partners who can assist you in various aspects of your project, from design to SEO optimization. You can find a suitable partner in our BigCommerce Partner Directory.

By collaborating with both a partner agency and BigCommerce Professional Services, you can leverage the strengths of both to achieve a superior outcome.

3. Work with our Professional Services team

Taking advantage of our Professional Services teams can make a significant difference in your project’s success — saving you time and money. Our team of seasoned professionals have a wealth of in-depth platform knowledge and offer tailored support to help you navigate complex challenges and optimize your store for performance and growth. 

BigCommerce Professional Services include:

Learn more about our teams of BigCommerce experts, how they can help you, and best practices for working with them in our latest blog series.   

The final word

By following these three essential tips — accurately scoping your project, seeking guidance from BigCommerce experts, and collaborating with our Professional Services team — you can significantly increase your chances of a successful store launch. 

Remember, launching an ecommerce store is just the beginning. With the right preparation and support, your BigCommerce store will be well-equipped to thrive and grow in the competitive online space.

Nereida Zarco

Nereida Zarco is a Senior Marketing Manager for Customer Marketing at BigCommerce, with a rich background in social media, influencer management, demand generation, content, and paid media. She has previously worked at IBM and Unity, covering industries such as supply chain, commerce, marketing, cyber security, and real-time 3D rendering.

In 2024, Nereida received the BigCommerce People's Choice Award for her commitment to customer-centric strategies. Outside of work, she enjoys traveling, staying active, and hosting gatherings with friends and family.