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From an anonymous BigCommerce client via AuctionBytes:

“Please allow me to say… thank you!

I know what I have to say may sound like an advertisement but it’s not. I have been an eBay seller since 2002. My feedback is 99.9% positive. Like many others I have simply tolerated eBay’s nonsense over the past few years. I figured it would all work out and eBay would eventually come to their senses; however, it’s crystal clear to me that small sellers aren’t welcomed at the “new” eBay.

For a long period of time I paid eBay approximately $1,500 a month in fees. That would eventually fall to approximately $350 per month. As a result of my earlier success on eBay I was able to buy a small, comfortable office building and warehouse. I didn’t want to sell the building that I’d worked so hard to buy but it seem inevitable given my ever decreasing sales on Bay. I even tried other auction websites without much success. I was totally discouraged.

Things began to improve a few months ago. It was after you posted a message about the BigCommerce shopping cart. I had tried several other shopping carts but I couldn’t make them work. Nonetheless, I decided to give it one more try and I signed up for a free trial with BigCommerce. It proved to be the right move at the right time for my “niche” business.

Over the last six months using BigCommerce, Google Search, and Google Product Feeds I have successfully moved at least 75% of my online sales from eBay to my own website. Honestly, I didn’t think it that was possible. The real good news is I’m no longer discouraged. I honestly believe my future is very promising. Once again, I come to work with a smile.

Your dedication to improving things for online merchants prevented a disaster for me and my family. If you had not posted the BigCommerce piece earlier this year I’d be looking for a job. I recognize “thank you”… is inadequate but it comes from my heart. I really hope your readers will consider BigCommerce or some other shopping cart. Who knows it may be another success story. I sure hope so.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!”

A perfect example of why we do what we do! Out of work? Screw a job. Start your own e-commerce empire instead!

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