How To Increase Store Revenue Over 30% with LifeCycle Email Marketing

Join our webinar with Blue Stout, a BigCommerce Certified Partner, to learn a proven process for selling more to your current visitors and customers using effective email marketing.

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Add 30% More Monthly Revenue Using Our Proven Email Strategy

Nothing produces a higher ROI than a compelling and well-timed email marketing system.

At Blue Stout, we have clients generating between 30% - 50% of their total (multi-million dollar) revenues solely from smart email communication with their customers. Even better, over HALF of that email revenue comes from automated campaigns.

During this webinar we’ll cover:

  • How to correctly time your emails based on your customer’s willingness to buy.
  • The 4 automated campaigns that added an extra $100,000 in monthly revenue to a single store.
  • How to increase repeat sales from CURRENT customers using automated emails.
  • How to write subject lines that will increase open rates and click rates

Meet the Speakers

Allen Burt

CEO and conversion expert behind some of the fastest growing ecommerce stores.

Dean Dutro

Email marketing expert.


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