Mastering multi-channel selling: meet your customers where they are

Discover how to manage the buying journey of each and every customer — from Amazon listings to your own site.


Craft your omnichannel approach

Selling from your website alone no longer cuts it in today’s ecommerce environment.

How do you ensure that the optimal buyer experience translates across every one of your channels, whether you’re selling from your own site or on Amazon?

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to perfecting a multi-channel strategy, but the influx of available tools make it easier than ever for brands of any size — including yours.

In this on-demand webinar we’ll discuss expert tips and best practices from ecommerce professionals from Privy, ShipStation and BigCommerce, including:

  • Key differences in the customer journey on your site and on marketplaces
  • Optimizing your site and targeting your marketing message to reduce costs and increase customer LTV
  • Integrating with marketplaces -- which products should you test on marketplaces, and what financial considerations do you need to make?
  • Tips for crafting the right mix and understanding your margins across channels

Meet the Speakers

Ben Jabbawy

Founder and CEO, Privy

Marc van Bree

Senior Partner Marketing Manager, ShipStation

Matthew Heng

Product Marketing Manager, BigCommerce


View the webinar.

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