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Sell industrial
products online

BigCommerce empowers web industrial retailers with the powerful tools and
customizable platform they need to simplify their business and grow sales.
Features such as faceted search, mobile-optimized selling, and advanced
customer groups provide the ideal shopping experience for your customers.

  • Bring more visitors to your website with best-in-class SEO .
  • Sell on Amazon, eBay, Google Shopping, & more online channels
  • Utilize B2B ecommerce functionality to sell to businesses
  • Customize your store using the BigCommerce API.

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"The open API and the use of custom fields makes BigCommerce extremely flexible"

Industrial retailers choose BigCommerce so they can build beautiful stores, showcase their unique products, and grow their business. Here are a few examples:

Freund Quote

"The open API and the use of custom fields makes BigCommerce extremely flexible and the platform can do virtually anything you want it to do."

— Chris Hiller, General Manager, Freund Container

industrial-testimonial-2 Restauranteware BigCommerce

"The greatest part about BigCommerce is there are no missing pieces in their platform. BigCommerce covers it all meaning we can focus on our sales and revenue."

— Kenia Zaldivar, Restaurantware

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industrial-testimonial-3 Sidera BigCommerce

"Our BigCommerce store with identical functionality on the Demandware or Mozu would have cost us $250,000 to build and an additional $100,000 to $500,000 per year for the platform."

— Zack Miller, Sidera Lighting

3 ways BigCommerce helps industrial retailers increase sales:

Beautiful ecommerce templates

Our designers and conversion experts collaborated on industrial ecommerce templates that look great and increase sales.

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Use your favorite tools

Instantly connect your favorite apps and integrations to your BigCommerce store for a seamless integration — in one click.

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Find the best service providers

Choose from the industry’s finest selection of developers, designers, and marketing agencies in the BigCommerce Partner Marketplace.

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Ecommerce for the growing brand

BigCommerce is the preferred solution for growing and established
industrial-products businesses who want to reach the next level of
success. We give you an easy-to-use platform with more advanced
features and flexibility than any other hosted ecommerce platform.

Industrial Online Stores New

Build a high-converting website

Start with your favorite industrial ecommerce template and tailor it to fit your brand, using our WYSIWYG editor or theme development engine for advanced customization.

Give your customers the ideal shopping experience

Faceted search lets shoppers filter your products based on pre-set attributes, and product categories give customers another easy way for them to quickly find what they’re looking for.

Segment your audience

Market to distinct customer segments using Customer Groups, which allow you to separate retail and wholesale shoppers.

Sell on Facebook, Amazon and more

BigCommerce has native integrations with Facebook, Amazon, eBay, Pinterest, and more third-party platforms. Sell directly to customers on these channels and sync inventory back to your online store.

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selling online

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