BigCommerce for B2B Roundtable Webinar: Simplifying the Modern B2B Buyer’s Journey

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On-Demand webinar

In this webinar, you’ll participate in an engaging conversation between seven different, complementary solutions that, when used together, help B2B sellers simplify their buyer’s journey.

Topics we’ll cover include:

  • 2019 B2B trends and how to act
  • Details of the modern B2B buyer’s expectations
  • How does a best-of-breed solution meet these expectations?
  • Understand the importance of site search, workflows, advanced shipping, account management, back office operations

Meet the Speakers

Brian Beck (Moderator)

B2B Consultant & Thought Leader

Troy Cox

VP of Product Management, BigCommerce

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Our Partner Presenters

Brady Behrman

CEO, PunchOut2Go

Sara Arthrell

Product Marketing Manager, Brightpearl

Michael Daley

Senior Account Executive, Nextopia

Alec Berkley

Channel Sales Executive, Silk Software

Matt Osborn

Director of Marketing, Apruve

Daniel Ziegler

Senior Business Consultant, ShipperHQ