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Now that you’ve built your Bigcommerce store, orders are coming in, and your business is starting to grow, you’ve realized that everything that happens after the customer clicks ‘buy’ is just as important as what has happened before.

This is where Brightpearl comes in. Brightpearl is cloud software that integrates orders, inventory and customer data across sales channels. Brightpearl eliminates the need for multichannel retailers to have to cobble together spreadsheets and manual processes. With Brightpearl, multichannel retailers can be confident their core data and processes are under control, saving time, money and providing a solid foundation upon which to grow.

Brightpearl: Commerce Acceleration Platform

The Brightpearl Commerce Acceleration Platform is designed to help you grow your business faster and more profitably. You have Bigcommerce for your store, now you have the perfect back office.

What is Commerce Acceleration?

By handling orders, inventory, purchasing, CRM and accounting all in the same system, you save time through automation, and make fewer mistakes, which means you can spend more time on marketing and growth.

Powerful, real-time reporting

Brightpearl provides detailed, real time reports on products, sales, customers and accounts so you can make the right decisions and spend more effectively.

Multichannel inventory and order management

Handle inventory across all your sales channels, including Bigcommerce, eBay, Amazon and Point of Sale (POS). Orders from all these channels are brought into a single back-office system that you can connect up to the shipping solution of your choice.

This gives you the ability to create multiple Bigcommerce storefronts yet manage a single ‘master inventory’ across multiple channels, each with their own pricing structure, multiple order entry methods, and even multiple customer groups. Now you can have separate stores for your retail and wholesale customers, managed in one central location.

Purchase order processing

Place purchase orders and handle supplier communications, so that your team can see what's been ordered, and your warehouse team can receive goods in faster.

Built-in accounting

Because Brightpearl contains built-in accounting, you don't need to worry about duplicated data entry into your accounting software. All sales, purchases and inventory transactions are automatically added into accounts, giving real-time, accurate profit reporting like you've never seen it before.

Bundle and Kit products

Strengthen your merchandizing capabilities by introducing bundles and kits, thus providing more responsive, customer-focused specials and promotions.

Getting started

Brightpearl is fully-integrated with Bigcommerce, which means it's robust and will continue work as you upgrade your Bigcommerce store. You don't need to install anything to run Brightpearl with Bigcommerce.


Customer reviews (1)

6 months ago by Kathryn

BigCommerce Brightpearl App saves us time and money and has become an important part of making our operations smooth. During hectic periods of high demand, this integration reduces double entering and reduces the potential for mistakes. It saves time by passing data to Brightpearl so we can process orders quickly and accurately. In the past we employed more people to do these entries. Now we can deploy people's skill's to other more interesting roles.