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About the app

Connect, transform and visualize all your data in one place. Get powerful insights to grow your business through intuitive dashboards, automated reports and more.

The data and insights every multichannel merchant needs to grow their business.

Glew helps you see data from all the apps and tools you use - including BigCommerce, Facebook, Google Analytics, Google Ads, Klaviyo, Mailchimp, ReCharge and more - in one place, for smarter, streamlined reporting, so you can identify opportunities, take action and see results - faster.

Attract and retain loyal customers

Identify your most valuable, most loyal and VIP customers and develop targeted marketing strategies. Segment customers by LTV, AOV, number of purchases, total revenue and more. Push custom and prebuilt segments to your email platform automatically.

Maximize your marketing ROI

Know which of your marketing channels drive ROI, help you acquire new customers and generate lifetime value - so you can allocate your ad spend and your resources more effectively. See metrics like LTV, AOV, return on ad spend and lifetime return on ad spend by channel.

Manage products more profitably

See your high volume, high margin, most profitable, and hot and cold products. Understand which products sell best across customer groups and channels. Restock and price products smarter with inventory analytics like sell-through rate, out of stock date and holding cost.

Grow subscribers and reduce churn

Access data and visualizations built just for subscription merchants, including metrics like MRR, churn and LTV. Understand your profitability with blended data from BigCommerce and subscription platforms. Create custom segments using robust filtering for subscriptions, subscribers and plans.

Build and deliver customized reports

Every metric and visualization in Glew can be added to customized reports that help you measure performance, compare across product categories or customer groups, evaluate channels, drill down into trends and more - with just a few clicks. Any report can be delivered via email or scheduled daily, weekly or monthly.

Why choose Glew?

We're all about data, and the proof is in the numbers. We've helped thousands of merchants become more profitable by giving them access to the data and insights they need to drive growth.

We're on a mission to create the best multichannel analytics platform on the planet, and we've built three world-class solutions to suit a business of any size.

Glew Starter - a free forever platform for small businesses just getting started

Glew Pro - an advanced, 250+ KPI reporting platform with customer segmentation and unlimited data filtering

Glew Plus - Ability to query entire data warehouse for custom reporting across all of your integrations

We believe data is the backbone of every successful business, and we want to help you find the insights you need to grow.

App Features

Smart data connections, for insights across your entire business.

100+ integrations with the most popular ecommerce apps. Connect data across your entire business, for insights that drive your bottom line. Glew integrates with leading tools across ecommerce, operations, marketing, warehouse management and more.

Alerts & automation

Get data-driven insights faster, with features designed to save time and eliminate manual reporting tasks. Access instant dashboards, automate recurring reports, and get a daily performance snapshot in your inbox.

  • Scheduled reports
  • Daily snapshot emails
  • Ecommerce dashboards
Performance analytics

Stay on top of the metrics that matter. Report across customers, products, channels, subscriptions and more, with powerful performance KPIs, pre-built visualizations and data filtering and segmentation.

  • Inventory analytics
  • Product analytics
  • Marketing analytics
  • Customer analytics
  • Subscription analytics
Enterprise analytics

Find a business intelligence solution built to scale. Connect and transform any data source, for report-ready multichannel data. Create custom reports and dashboards, or develop your own enterprise analytics application.

  • Custom reports
  • Data warehouse
  • Data pipeline

Case Studies

How Fore Ladies Golf is Growing a One-Woman Business with Glew

Fore Ladies Golf founder Jessica Benzing moved her site to BigCommerce in May 2018, and immediately saw a jump in sales. The only problem? She couldn't tell where those sales were coming from, or where she needed to focus her efforts to drive growth. Since Jessica started using Glew, she's been able to gain more insight into her sales and inventory, run more profitable marketing campaigns, create more impactful customer communications, and see continued growth for her one-woman business.

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  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: None

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