ShipHero - iPad and Scanner Based Complete Inventory and Shipping Solution

Client Reviews (7)
  • Manage every aspect of your business, inventory, shipping, receiving, returns, shipping and accounting.
  • Drastically reduce shipping errors and improve productivity, profits and customer satisfaction
  • Control inventory & shipping in real-time to reduce the risk of overselling
  • Manage multiple stores, channels and warehouses from one hub
  • Customer self-returns without leaving your site.

Dedicated Customer Support

Whether it's a question, concern or hands-on help with installation, you can always reach us at 877-671-6011 or email us at

$199 / month
Free trial
14 days

Client Reviews (7)

Amazing Customer Service 7 months ago by
This company is great! They made our transition to BigCommerce extremely seamless. ShipHero's customer service is always quick to respond and readily available to work with you to get any task done whether big or small. Wish more companies had a customer service team like them.
We wouldn't be where we are without ShipHero about 1 year ago by John Aufdemkampe

We now pick orders 10x faster compared to our old paper based system all while improving picking accuracy thanks to ShipHero.

Developers are very flexible and able to make changes to suit our business. 

Easy to use so training staff is a breeze and support is fast and professional. 

ShipHero has helped shape our business and given me the confidence to expand further.

Highly recommended! 

Quality Built Into the Process about 1 year ago by

Shiphero has been amazing for our bookstore! When we set up our store this past summer, I wanted a shipping system that not only allowed us to efficiently process orders, but more importantly, supported systems with quality control so that we could minimize mistakes. Shiphero is very well designed to do this. The developers are also extremely helpful, so they've managed to help us to adapt the product even further for our use. I highly recommend this service!

Our Hero over 2 years ago by Scott Seelye

ShipHero is 100% of everything we needed to run our warehouse. We take advantage of additional features not listed, such as product kitting/bundling and an easy to use purchase order system. The mobile app allows us to see images of the products that need pulling, and we now enter inventory against the purchase orders right on the app. The cycle counting of inventory is much better than spending an entire day counting inventory. Shipping orders is easier as well. View rates from all the shipping companies in one spot and press one button to print a label.

Amazing... The ultimate OMS over 2 years ago by Jason Moore

I started out using just about every order management system available on the market. While I have to say, some are good, Shiphero beats them all hands down. 

Shiphero not only has fast and efficient order management handling, but has built in shipping... That's right, built in! No more using segmented programs or having to look multiple places to manage your orders and ship. Shipping is so easy you could teach a brand new person in minutes. Using Ipads, and ipods, picking, packing and shipping as well as inventory management can all be handled by the warehouse staff, FINALLY! It is actually fun walking around scanning items to pack and ship, and after shipping everything is updated in real time. It blows my mind everyday how I use to have to use two or three systems to do the work of one for a price that is more than reasonable.

I have never written a review like this before as I never felt like a company was totally listening to me when I need features. The professional staff at Shiphero implemented EVERY feature I could ask for in a matter of 2 weeks! They are a very talented and caring bunch who want nothing more than to create the ultimate OMS, and in my estimation, they are well on their way. Kudos to you guys, you deserve it.

Awesome service, amazing support over 2 years ago by

Where have you been the last 12 years? This has been the single greatest improvement to my online business that I have ever implemented. The software works great from startup, and importantly, these guys really stand out from the crowd in terms of service and communication. They seem small enough to care and greatly understand that our success is their success. Yet still big enough to provide us with a enterprise class OMS and WMS. There are some little improvements and tweaks here and there that would be, and have been nice. They are great to fast track suggested upgrades and features. I've tried many of these systems, and nothing compares, particularly in service and communication. 

ShipHero saved the day over 2 years ago by

ShipHero is amazing for shipping, inventory management and receiving.

With ShipHero we are able to scan barcodes on our items to confirm they're correct, which has made our shipping process nearly error free. 

Being able to maintain inventory using iPods/iPads is amazing.

Great customer service.

Highly recommended.