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Publish your digital catalog across 200+ shopping channels to reach millions of active shoppers. With an easy onboarding process and US-based support, there's no need for expensive IT integrations. GoDataFeed is a turnkey product feed solution for your store.

Increase Product Visibility with Optimized Product Data

Intelligent channel-specific templates help you make the most of your product data to increase your store's relevance and exposure on each channel.

Automate your Store's Product Feed Marketing

Import products through single point of integration and automate daily feed submissions to product listing ads, shopping engines, marketplaces, affiliate networks and retargeting channels.

Make ROI-Driven Decisions with Analytics & Performance Tools

A powerful analytics suite takes you beyond clicks, conversions and revenue to arm you with the data you need to make performance-driven decisions.

Trusted by Thousands

See why GoDataFeed is trusted by thousands of the Web's top stores, including Pier1 Imports, SimpleHuman, Ghirardelli, Rockport, Wine.com and several Internet Retailer Top 1000 Retailers.

Get started with a risk-free trial today and GoDataFeed will help you get started by setting up your first two feeds.

Client Reviews (11)

instant results about 22 days ago by Nick Borrelli https://nuwavemarine.com/
Using them for our google feed. 10X better than the other apps for BC. Instantly saw a boost in conversions because the data is more customizable and easier to work with.
I would not hesitate to recommend godatafeed about 29 days ago by sup...com http://godatafeed.com
This is a US based company with a staff I have come to know on a first name basis. It is a pleasure to deal with a company that speaks PERFECT English, is based right here in the USA and really cares about your business. I have a very, very complicated website and they have take the time to sort out conversion issues as we rolled out on multiple marketplaces. While there may be other companies out there providing services that godatafeed does, you will not find a company that can do it all and be as knowledgable, friendly and caring as godatafeed. Their ticket system is super easy to use and they do not hide behind their tickets, meaning that if you really need live phone help, you can reach a live person. Once you learn their ticket system, you will see how easy it is to use and they respond often within a few hours, if not minutes. The best part of this company is the handholding they do for you, especially when you are just getting started. Even a few years later, they are still willing to do this. If you need a recommendation before using them, feel free to contact me directly at supergooddeals@supergooddeals.com. Sincerely, Kevin Jay Lipsitz, President
Great Platform +Service+Communication about 1 month ago by mit...com https://kohapet.com
Had some issues with product duplications and Brett at GoDatafeed fixed the issue and saved me a major hassle. Lorraine was also very helpful. GoDatafeed is a U.S. based company with U.S. based telephone support. Need I say anymore?
Great Support about 1 month ago by mar...com https://automotiveequipmentspecialists.com/
We've been using godatafeed for over a year now for our online store. it makes managing our advertisements very easy, uploading and changing product feeds easy, and GodataFeed has great support members there to help out every step of the way. We had a problem with our online platform provider and Brett from GodataFeed was able to hop on the phone right away for over an hour to make sure this was resolved. Thank you! Automotive Equipment Specialists
What the ...? about 1 year ago by Square One https://melroseurbanfemale.com
Maybe it works great. I would have no idea. After 3 weeks, I just gave up. Their support is not good. When I asked for help, they said they would set it up for me, but I would have to give them my personal login information for BC and Webmaster. That is not happening. So they told me to use their KnowledgeBase. None of the instructions matched with reality. If someone would have talked with me over the phone I could have set it up. Perhaps a more data feed savvy person would have done better and had great results. But I am not... and I did not.
Useless Do not use over 2 years ago by mal...com http://www.easyliving100.com

These guys are lost they have no  idea what they are doing waste of time...mom and pop operation with beautiful convincing ads...

Works Great over 2 years ago by inf...com http://www.electricmotorwarehouse.com

We have used GoDataFeed for 3 or 4 years and love it. It made our life much easier in updating listings on several marketplaces. My guess is if people are having a problem with it they need to get into contact with godatafeed so they can understand what and how things work. The support I have received when I have had problems has been excellent. Usually the problem was either I didn't understand how things interact or I did not convey the right info to godatafeed. Now that I am using Big Commerce, we let our order entry system update the pricing in Big Commerce and then let Big Commerce feed to the market places using godatafeed to make everything work together.

tGood customer service over 2 years ago by jav...com

I had a frustrating experience to begin with but after talking to a very nice and helpful rep, things are looking up!

Excellent Application over 3 years ago by dav...com http://www.shieldsofstrength.com

GoDataFeed is a game changer for us.  After building Amazon and Ebay stores by manually uploading data, we discovered GoDataFeed.  We immediately saw the value in this application.  We did not have the time, resources, or expertise to manually maintain our dynamic product line in 3 separate locations (BigCommerce, Amazon, and Ebay).  We needed a solution that would allow BigCommerce to be our Data Base of record...one place to upload new products and make changes to existing products.  From this Dbase of Record, we needed an automated way to keep our Amazon and Ebay Stores up-to-date...in a near real time manner; to include, updating prices, product descriptions, and images. GoDataFeed solved our problem...we only wish we had found it before we painstakingly built our Amazon and Ebay stores.  We are pleased with the support staff.   They were very helpful during the on-boarding process and continue to be helpful during day-to-day operations.  Steve, our account representative is outstanding.  He is patient, helpful, organized, and proactive.  We view Steve as a member of our team and we trust him.  Our biggest takeaway from the past year as we launch our BigCommerce website and Amazon Store, and upgraded our existing Ebay Store, was the necessity to have ONE Dbase of Record that automatically updates all stores.  GoDataFeed solved this challenge for us.  GoDataFeed makes it possible for us to quickly our market reach through other Comparison Shopping Engines.  For example, we plan to expand onto the Amazon UK market...very simple process with GoDataFeed.  In summary, we are very pleased with GoDataFeed and we plan to grow our business while partnering with them.  

doesn't work over 3 years ago by Nicholas Gaskin http://www.perthchampagneclub.com

same old story, integration  doesn't work and the import dashboard is caught in a constantly loop of refreshing itself not letting you fix whatever has gone wrong. Another crappy app that doesn't do what it says it does on the box.

Toomuch over 3 years ago by inf....uk

Too expensive