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Yotpo is a free product reviews solution that helps store owners generate tons of reviews. Yotpo is deeply integrated with social which means that once the reviews start rolling in, Yotpo makes it easy for you to share this content with your business's Facebook page and Twitter account which drives qualified traffic back to your store which results in more sales. Yotpo is the most powerful solution of it's kind and loved by over 14,000 merchants.


  • Easy installation - In 5 minutes you're done.
  • Fully customizable for a perfect fit for your site.
  • Yotpo sends emails automatically to you customers to encourage them to write reviews.
  • SEO Minisite - Set up a SEO Mini site to leverage your user generated content and drive more traffic from Google.
  • Full moderation of reviews - publish only the reviews you want to show off.
  • Reviews are trustworthy - Each review has a badge next to it to show if it came from a verified buyer or not.
  • Set up coupons to entice your customers to write reviews and share them with their social networks.
  • Wide range of analytics which help you identify the $ value that Yotpo is bringing you each month.

Give Yotpo a try now and start generating more reviews, gain more shoppers and increase sales.

Customer reviews (111)

2 years ago by Charles

Yotpo is a review app that integrates into your store relatively easy. All you have to do is put a line of code in the header and add a couple blocks of code to the product reviews html file. They say to remove the BC review code but I just commented it out instead. The basic plan is completely free and does not require payment information to be on file. The free plan lets your customers publish up to 100 reviews a month and works in one store. The customer just logs in with their Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Foursquare to post a review. This helps put a person behind the review instead of possible spam review.

The only downside is that you need to have a social media account to post a review, but that is the whole point of Yotpo. The closest alternative is power reviews express but that costs $100 a month and doesn't have any social media interaction. Yotpo is constantly improving so if you are using it and have a suggestion feel free to mention it to them.

Yotpo is a relatively new startup company with lots of potential. I prefer to support small companies compared to larger corporate businesses because that is usually where the new great ideas come from and your opinion matters. Yotpo is still in the beginning stages but they have great potential to be a game changer.

2 years ago by Dana

I am not much of a techy person so I had my doubts when I first wanted to integrate Yotpo's app.
Once I decided that I needed their app, their amazing support truly blew me away!
Don't worry about the cumbersome process, once I talked with their experts they supported me throughout the whole thing.
They are fully committed to their customers and the app works really great!

2 years ago by Angela

I knew I wanted a reviews system for my store and I stumbled upon yotpo and was very pleased to find out that they have the social connection already built in and what really got me sold was that just like amazon they have that email thing that is sent automatically to buyers after they got something in the store and ask them to come back and review it again.

2 years ago by jimidu

I chose to install Yotpo, after finding out that Bigcommerce current review system doesn't do the job. After reading in many places on how important reviews are, and good they suppose to do to my conversion rates, I decided to put some weight on the problem and to invest some time and effort on integrating a more professional solution.

After signing up to the service, I installed their widget in no time. I had little problems with integrating all over the shop, but what can I say, Yotpo's splendid support really took a good care of me. After short correspondence I had the system up and running.

I gave 4 stars, because after all they do consider themselves a self-service, easy to install solution, but I did have some troubles in the process. But important to emphasise, that over all I am very satisfied and will most definitely recommend Yotpo's review system to a friend, as it really took the reviewing experience in my website to a whole new level.

Thank you guys.

2 years ago by flemming

I am so pleased with this great addon and I must say that I got so much help from Nicky ( thank you very much) He made sure this addon was installed on my site, because I am not so hot to all that code, But Nicky made it all for me and it is now implemented.
All of us with a ecommerce site that today the best SEO avaible is the Social sites that is where the good traffic comes from and this review ap is going to help me a lot getting more visitors from these sites
Thanks again to you and the team at Yotpo.
many regards flemming

2 years ago by Mary

Yotpo is an excellent system for any website that wants to grow by means of social reviews.
I recently added this application to my Big Commerce website. Once I set up my account, within a short while after the staff at Yotpo voluntarily looked at my website and alerted me that the widget was not set up properly and gave me instructions to fix this. Great service, I like that someone is watching out for me.
I like the idea of the social media aspect in that the customers review go right on Facebook for all to see.
Once a customer review was posted on my website, I was immediately notified via automatic email by Yotpo. This app works and has helped me to once and for all be done with all the unsolicited spam reviews that I used to get before. No I get real reviews from real people. Way to go. Thanks Yotpo!!!

2 years ago by Jonathan

The app is great, it is a lot cleaner and looks much nicer than the standard review system. It allows customers to login to Facebook or twitter so the review is automatically shared with friends meaning that there is much more publicity!

The team is also great. The installation manual was very easy to follow and took about 5 minutes to setup. I had a couple of issues but the YotPo team replied in literally a few hours and had it all fixed.

Greatest feature is that it is 100% FREE. Love it!

2 years ago by Dre

I love the functionality of this product and the fact that it is fully customized.
Had some questions for their support during the (short) installation and they were very responsive and nice.

2 years ago by Dynamic Systems

We installed Yotpo on the online store It allows us to collect visitor feedback not only from the customers who register at the store, but also from anybody who can enter by his/her Twitter, Facebook, etc. account. It really is a comfortable tool, because these days nobody takes care to register at a store or forum, whereas everybody has a Twitter or Facebook login to use here. Yotpo allows us to integrate this social aspect into the store. The store in some sense becomes a part of the “social network”. Installation was clear and understandable.
I followed the installation steps at:
Only one thing need be taken into account. If the store is BIGcommerce store, you need activate the reviews module via the admin area additionally. Nicky at the Yotpo Support support team helped to solve this problem, and now the store is running fine.

2 years ago by David

Have an amazing customer support with installation but that is not the point.
The system actually looks amazing and it works!!!
I have reviews and my customers are truly happy.

Would recommend it to any store owner.

2 years ago by satisfied show ...

After talking with the guys over there it took me 10 minutes to install the system. I already have reviews and I had the chance to talk to their head of support. They are releasing new features that I really love!
BTW, it is fully customised to my website which is great, highly recommended!

2 years ago by James

I installed the Yotpo app on my site about a week ago, and love it so far! Yotpo reviews are
1) beautiful
2) social - whenever I get a review it automatically posts to my Facebook
3) free
All in all, a MUCH better alternative to the built in reviews. I LOVE it.

2 years ago by Allison Andrews

Yotpo presents the reviews I get in a beautiful layout. I've been able to customize the look and feel of the plugin to fit my store perfectly, which was great. I asked their customer support for help with this and they got right back to me, and it took no time at all. Really like this app so far, my reviews are just great!

2 years ago by Allison Andrews

Yotpo presents the reviews I get in a beautiful layout. I've been able to customize the look and feel of the plugin to fit my store perfectly, which was great. I asked their customer support for help with this and they got right back to me, and it took no time at all. Really like this app so far, my reviews are just great!

2 years ago by Kathy

I'm really happy with this addition! looks great and fast helpful customer service. Easy to install, easy to use! Well worth it!

2 years ago by Gil

If you don't use is you just lose engagement with your customers and a super valuable content by them.
They've made some changes to the product recently which suddenly increased dramatically the number of reviews on my site.
I think the best changes they have made is : 1. A review form inside the email sent to the customers, so the can leave the review within the mail. 2. They now allow to leave a review using the email and not only the social account.

Great job guys!!

2 years ago by James

most definitely one of the best apps for any given BigCommerce store. These guys helped me all the way to up and running system within my store. The best part is that the Yotpo solution, takes care for everything for you. It handles the reminder emails that are so important for creating reviews, it publishes reviews to social accounts (such as Facebook and Twitter), and it even takes care of the SEO of the reviews. The last thing to emphasise is their support. There is this guy there, named Dave, he really knows his way around customer service and how you should treat your customers. Nothing but someone to learn from. Thanks for all the help.

2 years ago by Alessandro

The app is very nice and a particular praise to the support, really very helpful and fast to give all the explanations to our questions. Thanks to all the Yotpo Team.

2 years ago by Mary

I have had this app on my website for the past 3 months. A week or so ago I received an email from Dov at Yotpo announcing the release of the new version. The new widget allows customers to give their review without having to access their social account. Wow is it ever dandy - my reviews started coming in bang bang bang. I am impressed with the increase in reviews and also with the great customer service. Dov responded to my inquiry promptly and explained how the new widget works. I like this app and would recommend BC merchants consider adding this app. This app works well and has great potential to grow your business.

2 years ago by Teddy

Got some minor bugs with the app but was fixed in manners of minutes! Great app and service overall.
App drives traffic to my website and most of all NO SPAM.

2 years ago by mVua

I recently added Yotpo to my Big Commerce Website. I love the fact that the reviews/comments received are automatically fed to your Facebook and Twitter account, if you so choose to set it up that way. This gives the opportunity for those who may not think to have an interest in, or may not have even known about your website, to see reason as to why they may have interest, and therefore, they are more likely to take a look at you website and discover what your products/services may have to offer to meet their needs. I did have to contact Yotpo in order to get everything set up but everything was set up once we went through the process. I'm looking forward to the results that using Yotpo will bring to the awareness of my brand.

2 years ago by Gaz

App was very easy to install and get working, when I had a question about integrating the app in a different way to the norm then support got back to me within only a matter of hours with step by step instructions to resolve my problem.

Thanks Yotpo, so far I am more than happy with the app and the company.

2 years ago by Amit

I used the Bigcommerce default system and couldn't generate reviews.
Since I've started to use Yotpo reviews are coming every day.
Thanks Yotpo for this great free app!

1 year ago by Hillary

I installed Yotpo on my shop two weeks ago and began generating reviews almost immediately. I used to have a different reviews system that didn't generate any reviews at all. I'm very pleased with the Mail After Purchase feature, which I think is what's helping me generate so many reviews, so quickly!

1 year ago by http://www.buys...

This is a great review system with social sharing. The only thing I haven't been able to figure out yet is how to set up the reviews page apart from the ones that appear with your products.

1 year ago by Antonio

New to Yotpo that's will solve us a lot of issues with internal BC's review system. Great support from Yotpo too!

1 year ago by Leo

Very useful app to boost customer review

1 year ago by Ben

The installation guide was perfect and made everything very easy.
App looks and works great in action.

1 year ago by David

Yotpo has this amazing feature, where they automatically email your customer for a review. The kicker is that they allow the customer to leave the review without ever leaving the email. This has increased our rate of getting a review by hundreds of percentage points. It integrates easily with Bigcommerce. The only downsides right now are:
1. They email customers any amount of days from when the place an order, not from when the order ships. This leads to issues such as orders that have been canceled still getting the review emails.
2. For some reason orders that are incomplete are still emailed even though the order went through.
3. If we were able to filter orders by Country (US vs Other) so that we could email our domestic customers and International customers a different amount of days after the order is placed.

Overall Yotpo is unbelievable!

1 year ago by Alvaro Pastor

I'd heard of Yotpo from an industry e-mail, when I saw that it was available for BigCommerce I figured we should give it a try.

I was a bit hesitant since there is no way to import the existing Product reviews..and we had so many that it seemed like a shame to lose them, but *Do it Anyway*! You will not regret it!

Within a few days we already had dozens of reviews for the products, their automated e-mail system is so much better than the integrated one on Bc (sorry guys) because for some reason people really respond to it. They've left us honest, helpful feedback that has helped us tend to our clients in a much better way.

The social feature is a handy bonus, and frankly I am completely amazed at how exceedingly well Yotpo has performed as a Review management and gathering system...and to think that it is Free, well we could not be more pleased!

We're fans... and if the Bigcommerce app store used Yotpo, this review would already be posting to BigCommerce's Facebook Fan page ;-)

1 year ago by Josh

This app rules, easy integration with the store and plenty of customization that gives the extension the look and feel of your site. Works seamlessly with Facebook and Twitter with the option to either manually moderate your reviews and post to Facebook, or set the app to automatically post all reviews. The only disadvantage is Bigcommerce's inability to export existing reviews and allow customers to see these as testimonials. However, going forward it gives your customers a professional looking window where they can view reviews of your site and your products. Support is great too, quick response times and very helpful. Would highly recommend this to another store owner, 5 stars!! Thanks Yotpo!

1 year ago by UK Greeting Cards

I had to add my review of Yotpo service I think this is the best I have used so far! I used the built-in Bigcommerce reviews and I had enough of it as I was getting tons of spam reviews all they wanted to do was add there rubbish links in fact it got so bad that I was getting around hundred a day - not good.

So I gave Yotpo a go and I am so glad I did. Yes it was a bit tricky to setup but the staff there were well superb and its working like a dream. AND NO MORE SPAM REVIEWS thank goodness not one single one!!!
So give them a go you will love it you having thing to lose but more to gain.


1 year ago by Diana

In just a few days my I got ~100 reviews, the traffic from Facebook and Twitter increased substantially and the integration was extremely easy.
I highly recommend it for every store owner and this is for sure a must have.

1 year ago by Robert

Great App, perfect customer support.

1 year ago by Daisy

Love this review system, App works great, Fast and easy to install. Highly recommended!!

1 year ago by Magnifier

We installed Yotpo recently on our website and have already had a few customers leave reviews. We like how their thumbnail comes up next to the review, it looks very clean and professional looking. This is a much better solution than the already installed review module which in our opinion needs an update. Definitely recommend this for your store.

Its very easy to set up and there are step by step instructions. You really can't go wrong with this App. A++

1 year ago by Adrian

Just installed the plugin on my site a couple of days ago. Had a problem with install and these guys did it for me :-) 24 hours later...2 reviews! Brilliant!

1 year ago by Stephan

Literally help us to increase sales by word of mouth marketing.
The amount of reviews the system helps us to generate is amazing, and I also love the integration with Facebook and Twitter that help to use these reviews in order to attract new customers.

GREAT job guys!!!

1 year ago by Matilda

A week since installing it and we have 63 reviews and counting, which is a vast improvement over the rate we were getting with BC's native system. Top notch execution.

Biggest disadvantage is that you can't import existing reviews in from Bigcommerce (because BC hasn't made the reviews a reportable table.)

Currently this system is free for small guys like me, but I think when they finally monetize it you'll be stuck paying a monthly fee.

1 year ago by Andrew

The number one thing you need to know about YotPo is that you will see results almost instantly. Their system is MUCH more effective than the built-in option by Bigcommerce. The email that is sent out has an actual form in the body of the email that a customer can fill out to submit their review, which makes it easy and effective at acquiring new reviews.

The best parts of YotPo in my view are:

1) It's FREE.
2) It works! You will be amazed to see the amount of reviews coming in by comparison with the once in a blue moon reviews we were getting through Bigcommerce's built in email request.
3) Despite being free, YotPo offers excellent support.
4) "Verified Buyer" badge

Here are the few drawbacks to their system (and the reason I'm only giving 4 stars):

1) If you are using tabs on the product page, it is difficult to get YotPo reviews onto its own tab.
2) Installing their "Bottom Line" feature across your site can be somewhat challenging if you aren't familiar with HTML and CSS. I've yet to figure out how to display the ratings on the products listed on the category pages.
3) Their reviews don't affect the "Sort by Avg. Review" sort by feature on the category pages.
4) Just like Bigcommerce's built-in option, the reviews are somewhat basic (name, title, review, date), unlike a paid service like PowerReviews that has many more features for their reviews like pros/cons, pictures, ways to sort reviews, etc.
5) The email that customers get is just for one product on the order, so people often review all the items on their order instead even though it's posted to a single product.

1 year ago by Tom

Yotpo is the best app I have ever used for generating reviews. It took me literally 8 minutes to install and was easy to customize to match my store. In the first 2 weeks I had over 30 reviews and started to see traffic from Facebook thanks to the shares of the reviews to my page. Some of my customers have even told me that it was thanks to some of the positive reviews on my site that they made purchases.

Thanks Yotpo, you guys are amazing.

1 year ago by Joey Keirls

Hello, I have established my shop around 4 years ago. I am at the pillows and sheets business, based on the US. Business wise, it has always been fine and we enjoyed from the global growth of the ecommerce industry and in particular in the US. More and more people are shifting to buy online.

The only thing that has dramatically frustrated me along these last four years is the lack of community and user generate content in my website, and it seemed like these are privileges belongs to giants sites only (Amazon, Ebay and so on).

I then installed Yotpo.

I read in some reviews that Yotpo guarantee 5-9 percent conversion from shoppers to buyers, meaning that I can have hundreds of reviews per month. I had to try it out. Today I can report back on 6.8 conversion from shoppers to active content creators - reviewers. I have about 150 reviews on my site and reviews are keep piling up.

Now, telling the truth, I only care about conversion. TRUE conversion, from site visit to payment. Yotpo helped in that too. I can report that products that have more than 10 reviews are 10 times (!!) more likely to be purchased, and that overall conversion in my website jumped from the industry standard (i had slightly higher conversion of about 3.6%) to about 4.1% that's about 15% improvement.

Really recommended solution.

1 year ago by Jessica

First of all this is the easiest app to install and once I had it going I started to generate reviews like magic. I can't believe this app is free. I've paid for apps like this that did nothing for me. I love Yotpo!

1 year ago by Jenny

Very easy to install and customize, looks amazing on my website.
It is the perfect way for customers to leave reviews and be converted to returned shoppers using the Yotpo coupon integration.
Love it!

1 year ago by Heidi

I recently upgraded my Bigcommerce template to one of the new designs and found this to be a great oppurtunity to review some other aspects of my store. My small eccomerce business needed something more than aesthetics, descriptions and SEO to get more traffic and conversions. Our products main benefit is fragrance - Unfortunately something very difficult to convey to potential customers unfamilar with our product via an online medium. Yotpo has brought a level of social trust to the store and our brand. The reviews validating what WE already knew. One suprise was the almost instant influx of reviews after the easy install. I later found out that Yotpo had sent out reviews to customers who had recently transacted with us. It was instant gratification that Yotpo works! The ability to add a small customised message to the review request is great, and the ability the customer has to leave a review simply, without leaving their email client brings it all together. Well done, love it!

1 year ago by Londoner

A bit disappointed really. At the moment with CAPTCHA and Bigcommerce way at least we can prevent spammy reviews before they hit the page but with Yotpo we have no chance of intercepting spam. A big big downer really.

1 year ago by John

This app makes getting real product reviews incredibly easy. It's mail after purchase feature is perfect for automatically following up on customer purchases and the review form in the email invites customers to quickly write a review without jumping across several links. Love this app!

1 year ago by Terry

Literally helped us to increase the sales by around 5% with no effort at all.
And the installation was a breeze as well.
You must use it!

1 year ago by Mark

This is BY FAR, one of the best apps I have added to my website. Very smooth install complete with detailed instructions. I will definitely stay attached to my site!

1 year ago by Michael

But it just does not work. The app kept emailing customers who never placed an order - I assume it was emailing abandoned carts, or something - thus giving non-customers the ability to leave a negative review for an item that they did not even purchase.

We had to disable it - it's a shame, I would PAY for an app like this. But only if it worked...this one does not.