Brightpearl - Business Management Solution

Brightpearl is a multi-channel retail management system that helps you manage the heart of your business - bringing orders, inventory, customer data, accounting and reporting together in one place.

Process orders more efficiently

Use one central hub to manage orders across all your sales channels - fully integrated with your warehouses and shipping systems so you can ensure orders get to your customers faster.

Stay in control of your inventory

Brightpearl automatically updates inventory levels and reorder statuses across all of your sales channels to reduce stock outs, eliminate double selling and improve cash flow.

Increase your purchasing power

Generate PO’s with a single click and see purchase history, prices and margins for all your suppliers in an instant - to make better buying decisions, lower costs and increase your profits.

Improve customer service

Everyone in your company can access real-time customer information - including order status, history and previous interactions - so you can ensure a personalized and coordinated approach across sales, support, fulfilment and marketing.

Make faster, better business decisions to improve profits and cash flow

Brightpearl has built in accounting which gives you real-time revenue and profits analysis. Our clear, easy-to-access reports show you where you’re making money (and where you aren’t) by SKU, channel and customer.

Minimize admin time and reduce errors

With seamless integration - and real-time automatic syncing - across orders, inventory, customer data and accounting you’ll never need to re-enter information across multiple system or speadsheets again.

Access new sales channels for growth

Add new sales channels with the confidence that your core operations are under control - Brightpearl has built-in integrations with Amazon, eBay and Bigcommerce.

Get started straightaway!

Brightpearl is fully-integrated with Bigcommerce, which means it's robust and will continue work as you upgrade your Bigcommerce store. Sign up today for a free 30 day trial - no credit card needed.

  • Pricefrom $299 / month
  • Free trial 30 days

Client Reviews (1)

2 years ago by Kathryn

BigCommerce Brightpearl App saves us time and money and has become an important part of making our operations smooth. During hectic periods of high demand, this integration reduces double entering and reduces the potential for mistakes. It saves time by passing data to Brightpearl so we can process orders quickly and accurately. In the past we employed more people to do these entries. Now we can deploy people's skill's to other more interesting roles.

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