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Conversio is the all-in-one marketing dashboard for your BigCommerce store. You can send all types of emails (receipts, newsletters, followups & cart recovery), as well as use our on-site widgets (product recommendations, product reviews, customer feedback and supercharged search) all from the same intelligent, automated dashboard. Sell More. Do Less.

"All the functions of Receiptful are really really great. I quit 2 apps after adding Receiptful because Receiptful makes all the stuff better, faster, easier and cheaper and are bringing more money to me." - Julie Fourel @ Joope

Here is an overview of all of our available tools:

Receipts (included in the Free plan)

The unsung Ecommerce hero. Drive more revenue. Increase sales by 5% in just a couple of minutes for FREE.

Abandoned Cart Emails

Don't leave money on the table. Remind your customers of all the things they wanted, but didn't end up buying. On average, 70% of your customers will abandon their carts. We can help you recover that $.

Followup Emails (limited functionality included in the Free plan)

Followup for repeat revenue. Optimize your customer interactions and boost revenue by reminding your customers of how awesome you are.The probability of selling to an existing customer is 60% to 70% and we want to help you take advantage of that.


Create newsletters and create a lasting relationship. Easily design and send beautiful newsletters that your customers want to read. And don't forget to include some Conversio Magic marketing components to increase sales too.

Product Reviews

Trust is built on product reviews. Activate this feature to increase your conversions and revenue. More than 60% of consumers say they research and read product reviews before buying.


Like our other revenue driving features? You'll like this too...Use recommendations to inform your customers about other products in your store that they'd probably like to purchase.


Make customer experiences a breeze and get more cash in your pocket. Help your customers find EXACTLY what they are looking for.

Feedback (included in the Free plan)

Help potential customers know exactly how great your store is, good feedback builds trust = additional revenue ($).

Start Free. Evolve With Premium.

Conversio's Free (Forever) Plan is the perfect place to start building repeat revenue for your business. Using our receipt technology - previously called Receiptful - you can turn your email receipts into a marketing opportunity. You can also use the Feedback followup email and widget to get and display customer feedback on your website which will help you build trust.

Once you have this foundation in place, you can start your 14-day free trial of Conversio Premium, which includes access to all of our other tools to give you an all-in-one marketing dashboard. Our pricing is also based exclusively on the number of orders you process every month; so if you have a slow month, we'll just charge you less for that month. :)

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