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Conversio is all-in-one marketing automation for your BigCommerce store. Increase sales using our supercharged, intelligent and automated email options: Receipts, Follow-Up, Abandoned Cart and Newsletters. Upsell and cross-sell using our easy on-site widgets: Product Recommendations, Product Reviews, Feedback and Search.

Supercharged marketing automation earns you more money.

More than 20,000 entrepreneurs and ecommerce businesses worldwide use Conversio. Our features enable you to increase customer lifetime value and first time sales. Send marketing campaigns, automated emails using data-driven features and powerful segmentation. Simply sell more.

Email marketing tools:

  • Receipts *
  • Follow-Up *
  • Abandoned Carts
  • Newsletter

Easy on-site widgets:

  • Product Reviews
  • Recommendations
  • Search
  • Feedback *

*Features included in our Free plan (limited Follow-Up functionality applies)

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Client Reviews (6)

Very user friendly UI. 2 months ago by
The app is great. So far no major bugs or minor bugs for that matter. It works out the box, which is more than I could say for other marketing / email apps. I recommend this app.
Capable of so many things! Great Value 6 months ago by
Very well-done user interface and packed with tons of features all designed to help you convert more customers. There is so much packed into Conversio and at a very reasonable price.
Beautiful receipts that result in more sales 6 months ago by
We started using Conversio six or so months ago and could not be happier with it. It's drastically improved the look of our receipts, and the open rate, and it's super easy to create different receipt options and test them out before going live with them. And the app has easily paid for itself and more by increasing our sales. What's not to like about that!? Keep up the good work Conversio. We are happy to keep using it!
Excellent email marketing application 12 months ago by
Everyting is perfect in this app...all you need to send beautiful newletter and recommendation, plus super fallowups...easy, simple and beautiful paltforme...100% integration with Bigcommerce....Service customers are great, they can resolve all your questions and problems.
Far More than Just Receipts about 1 year ago by
Conversio (formerly receiptful) offers greatly enhanced ecommerce receipts, complete with single-use coupon codes, suggested products, customer follow-ups, easy layout tools, and more. They also have a fantastic feedback system, which has helped me gather dozens and dozens of testimonials and display them on my site. Any time I've had an issue, I've received an understanding and quick response, and any technical issues on their end have been resolved quickly. The tax issue mentioned in another review here was resolved within a day, and really was a result of a change in the BC api. Conversio also has options for sending out newsletters, collecting product reviews, and enhanced abandoned cart emails (which are fantastic). I don't even utilize all of what they offer in the app, and still, it's a phenomenal value.
A receipt that doesn't add up... about 1 year ago by
Their receipts are pretty... but that's about it. A receipt should add up correctly- that's the point of a receipt. I contacted Customer Service to make them aware that the tax was being added to my unit prices twice- their response is that this is a known issue and is the fault of the BigCommerce API. Okay... so how does that resolve the issue of your receipts not being correct?... It doesn't. We canceled our subscription today.