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This Integration app by CedCommerce- an official Walmart Channel Integration Partner, provides a seamless connection between your BigCommerce store and Walmart seller account.

The #1 sales-channel to integrate your BigCommerce store with

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The Walmart Marketplace integration allows you to perform all critical sales operations, including item setup, item management, inventory management, order management, and pricing – all from a single platform.

With the app, list your BigCommerce store products at and receive orders at your BigCommerce store itself – no switching between multiple accounts!

Save big on Time, Effort, and Money:

Less Time Consuming:

This app's salient features help you save a lot of time, which (without the app) would've been wasted in manual updation.

You get saved from uploading each product by hand, discovering and correcting listing errors, changing dynamic prices to keep up with the market, or even setting up multiple shipping providers.

Involves Minimal Effort:

With the app, most manual intensive operations are automated, i.e., you save a lot of effort and hours of nit-picking.

Features such as bulk uploading, order auto acknowledgment, bulk item updation, and repricing save time and minimize the efforts put in expanding your business.

Avoids Unnecessary Expenses:

The Walmart BigCommerce Integration app by CedCommerce offers you the most affordable quote according to industry standards. The unparalleled customer service and robust features deliver more value than the introductory price.

This multi-channel listing solution saves you from over-the-top expenses and trials, as the app requires no listing charges and no Credit Card info for the Free Trial!

App Pricing:

1) The integration works for a new business, or you are already selling on Walmart.

2) $24.92/ month when you subscribe Yearly after the Trial.3) No hidden charges for the integration. Only App Subscription Charges after the Trial.

4) No Credit Card Required - Start for FREE.

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App Features

One-Click Installation and Easy Onboarding:

The app is remarkably easy to install, all you need to do is make a few clicks, and you'll be ready to start importing and uploading the products.

The app comes with a detailed step-by-step guide. This, along with our expert team will ensure an easy and smooth onboarding process for sellers, even those who're new to Walmart!

Real-Time Synchronization:

The app updates your products in a single go on both the platforms. So you can easily see the changes made at one end reflected at the other within seconds.

This means you no longer have to go back and forth to make changes in your product information, as all the to-and-fro operations are synchronized in real-time.

Product Profiling:

With the app's new feature, you no longer need to map your products in the primitive, redundant, and overly involved fashion.

With Profiling, you can create general templates for products, segment them into different profiles and manipulate updates, prices, and more for multiple products in one go!

Win Buy Box with the Repricer:

Walmart is an extremely cost-competitive marketplace, which lays focus on its customers getting the best possible deal.

This requires you- the seller, to frequently manipulate your items' price to win the buy box. Here, the Repricing tool itself crawls the Buy Box price and manipulates your product price, in turn- making sure that your product wins the buy box.

Shipping Exceptions and Features:

You can easily create general shipping exceptions and profiles for items depending on their weight, shipping method, and warehouse distance.

This saves you from the hassle of manually updating each product or even losing money on shipping and delivery.

Special Shipping Features such as 2-day and 3-day shipping can also be easily managed with the app.

Case Studies

How CedCommerce helped E-mart Capture the Market

Worried about online traffic, overall sales, and low conversion rates, E-mart turned towards CedCommerce. With our team of experts and Walmart-BigCommerce Integration, E-mart found the right balance of multi-channel selling effectiveness.

Within a short period, E-mart was able to capture the market and establish its footing in the online world.

How this niche business increased its sales by 150% through diversification of sales channels?

Golf fanatic and entrepreneur- Dave came to CedCommerce, looking to diversify his online sales approach. We understood immediately that to realize his dream; he needs a solution which can:

→transfer selected and bulk products to new channels in one-go;

→ update information between multiple platforms in real-time

→ ensure higher visibility of products, increase customer reach, and better conversion rates.

Hence, we aligned a dedicated merchant success manager to oversee his launch, maintain an excellent seller scorecard, and provide expert training to familiarize him with all leading platforms. Finally, helping him crack through the multi-channel sales approach and diversify his buyer reach.

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  • Free Trial: 7 days
  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: $49.00/mo.


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