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DataFeedWatch enables Bigcommerce merchants to optimize their data feeds and ROI for Google and 1000+ other Shopping Channels.

With DataFeedWatch you can list your products on Google Shopping, Amazon, eBay, Nextag, Linkshare, Shopzilla, Kelkoo and numerous other channels in the US, UK, Europe, Australia, Brasil, Russia and India.

You can also review the performance of every product on every channel: that enables you to optimize your campaigns. The average DataFeedWatch customer improves his results by 40% in the first month.

DataFeedWatch is a DIY tool for merchants: it is intuitive and easy-to-use and lets you create a feed in a matter of minutes for as little as $29 per month.

Join thousands of merchants and sign up for our 15 day free trial.


  • List your products on 1000+ shopping channels
  • Simple, non-technical data feed optimization
  • Campaign Analytics per Product
  • Exclude non-performing products
  • Fully integrated with Bigcommerce stores
$29 / month
Free trial
15 days

Client Reviews (8)

Impressive App 8 months ago by
I would describe Datafeedwatch as a premium solution. Most impressively I have experienced almost zero downtime, less than 1% in errors and glitches with a rapid response to these issue, an excellent customer support structure with round the clock assistance and most of all our sales speak for themselves. I would recommend Datafeedwatch to anyone, a genuinely impressive e-commerce solution.
Great tool for Google Shopping and Excellent Customer Serivce 9 months ago by
We use DataFeedWatch on our e-commerce site for our Google Shopping feed. Having the Google Shopping feed that DataFeedWatch created for us has been a huge revenue generator for us. To top it off, the customer service is unparalleled. They have such knowledge and patience and they continually go the extra mile! This is an amazing app and you won't regret partnering with DataFeedWatch.
Super slow. Harder to use. about 1 year ago by
The platform freezes all the time. Super slow. Plus, now you can’t even copy and paste anymore which makes things worse and even slower. Our site’s web developer is literally wasting time now. She say’s it may not be worth it anymore. It sometimes takes 20 minutes just to load one page! In fact, the page is still loading as we are writing this review! Ridiculous! Don’t these people realize web developers are expensive to hire and get paid by the hour??? If a web developer must spend hours to do simple tasks at $30 per hour it is more cost effective for us to get another data feed system that’s faster and can allow you to duplicate feeds! It would probably be cheaper to pay $100 per month for another system so a web developer can do things fast instead of taking 10+ hours x $30 per hour. This is no longer business savvy or budget friendly. They need to make it faster and they also need to revert it back. It worked better 2-3 years ago. Someone obviously dropped the ball. I wouldn’t be surprised if they lost a ton of customers over this. Guess we have to look for something new. Ugh.
Okay about 1 year ago by
Revised Feeback about 1 year ago by
I revised my feedback because this week the platform got a little better. They put back missing features and my account seems to now be in working order. Thank goodness!!!
Better than before. about 1 year ago by
Good. Thank you.
expensive but does the job over 2 years ago by

I find this app expensive, but it does the job of keeping all my datafeeds up to date.  It did take several days to set it up just the way I wanted it.

The main problem that I have with this app is that they only take credit card (not paypal) and if the can't charge your credit for whatever reason, they automatically close the account and block all your datafeeds.  You can no longer log in, and you have to contact them to then have the credit card charged and reopen the account BUT they can't do it manually, you have to wait a couple of days for the automatic system.  You then have to have all your datafeeds re-indexed but the places where you are advertising, which is a massive headache for everyone.  If you could just log in and pay manually if there is ever a problem with the credit card it would be work 4-5 stars for sure.  

Not as simple as it seems over 3 years ago by

Temporary 5 star modification. I'll let you know the end result.