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FavSEO - Bulk Title & Meta Description Editor

FavSEO enables store owners to manage the title, meta description, and URL of all products, categories and pages at one place. It will not only help in saving their time but will also help big time with their SEO. FavSEO's app is free to download and use.

5 Benefits of using FavSEO App

  1. You can easily update all titles, meta descriptions and other important information.
  2. You can add your brand name or other important phrase/keywords to all your pages.
  3. It helps big time with SEO.
  4. One stop solution for all products, pages, brands, categories and blog posts.
  5. It's Free!

How to Install & Use

Step 1: Install the app from Marketplace or use this direct link: https://www.bigcommerce.com/apps/favseo/

Step 2: Once installed, just visit the App from your store's dashboard and start updating the titles, meta description and other information.

Step 3: Click on "Update", when done!If you get any issues, please reach our support : https://favseo.com/contact/

We understand it is not easy to do everything when it comes to SEO. If you have any queries, our live chat team is just a click away.

Good Luck!

Disclaimer: We strongly recommend to take back up of your existing title and meta descriptions (if any) before making any changes or using bulk editor.

Client Reviews (44)

Easy to use, great support about 2 days ago by SAMUEL RIRK https://www.rushhourbusiness.com/
allows quick updates, great support from the app team.
Easy to use about 11 days ago by Keith
Brilliant easy to use app that allows us to update and find title and meta data we've missed.
great and very easy to use about 14 days ago by Rummy http://www.piz-zaz.com
friendly easy great app to use to bost your sale and make your products visible, I hope to see some improvement at our sales due to the easy way to add all meta descriptions and key words!
FavSEO is awesome about 15 days ago by dan...com https://www.ArrowheadSignCompany.com
This app helped me find some really obvious missed SEO work that I thought was completed. It helped us streamline and fix issues really fast and I highly recommend it to anyone needing some help getting things setup correctly on their site for the search engines.
Great app about 19 days ago by hel...com https://www.republicofparty.com
So far it is a great app. It let me update my listings extremely fast
Beneficial about 21 days ago by par...com https://www.myaccessoryguy.com
It is a very helpful tool. I really do like it.
Great about 22 days ago by it@...com https://store-owhuib4qyw.mybigcommerce.com
The app is really helpful and works great
Super Easy Option about 22 days ago by ste...com
We have a lot of work ahead of us but this app will help tremendously.
Super Easy and Effective about 23 days ago by Min...com https://www.incredibleedibles.net
Best app that I used for SEO. Very easy to use. and does what it supposed to.
Great app about 23 days ago by yan...com http://downtube.com
This app let's me edit all the meta & title tags on the site at once..... very nice!
SEO about 26 days ago by Yvonne https://www.makeupcreations.com
Love this App, However they need to show duplicate content errors.
Great product !! about 28 days ago by wil....hk http://www.pyonlala.com
Great and easy to use! No problems so far.
Good about 1 month ago by 69c...com http://69chome.jp
Very good
Love it! about 1 month ago by sho...com https://shopatlou.com
Great app, easy to use and understand! Thanks for being so generous with your free version!
Easy to install and user friendly app about 1 month ago by sex...com
Installed flawlessly, and love having to do everything in one place making it very easy to update and work on improving SEO. Using the free version and works great. Don't know if you have a paid one yet or a link where one can donate to show appreciation. Keep the good work.
Glad I found this app about 1 month ago by bri...com http://briggsgameshop.com
It is easy to move past discriptions, and we all know we need as many possible ways to help our SEO, FAVSEO provides great prompts to get these going. Just starting out and thousands of products to work through but this is a definite prompt help. And the price, free, is also great. I haven't looked at their paid services yet
good product and great service! about 1 month ago by ton...com http://freetaxmall.net/
good product and great service!
Best seo app!!! about 1 month ago by bel...com http://www.bellamerabridal.com
Super easy to use and best feature to update multiple products at one time instead of exporting a csv file. Highly recommend this to business owners will speed up time for seo efforts and find products quickly that need meta descriptions and page titles. Looking forward to seeing features that show missing keywords and feature to update keywords. Easy to install and works great. Will keep using!!!
Great product and support. about 1 month ago by rog...biz http://www.giftx.biz
I have been using FavSEO successfully. I thought I had a problem, but is was me. FavSEO reviewed my problem and could not find an issue. When I reviewed what I was doing - it was "operator error". This product saves me a lot of time in maintaining my web site. Highly recommend.
Great App about 1 month ago by geo....au https://www.barcodes.com.au/
Previously we would export products to bulk edit SEO details and then import back again. With this app everything is in one place. Even better, it comes with the character count feature which makes it faster and easier to manage
FavSEO about 1 month ago by mar...com https://favseo.com/
Simple App with lots of info. Hope it will boost my SEO.
Great app about 1 month ago by Tackle Shack http://www.icefishingshack.ca
Quick and simple SEO a must have
Easy to use about 1 month ago by Maurice Mistero
Great app, very easy to use
Great App 2 months ago by ami...com http://www.craftihouse.com
Great App . User Friendly and easy to use to improve your Site's SEO
Great product 2 months ago by sal....au https://www.bootblack.com.au
Because of my limited time, I can slowly work on improving my sites SEO as it makes changing the title and meta description for products, categories, pages, etc. easier as they are all listed in the one section. I really am impressed with the app and how convenient it is. Great job!!!
Much Needed 2 months ago by bry...com http://www.durawax.com
This is something that should have been built into Big Commerce. Since it isn't, good thing we have this app. Literally cuts hours off editing Meta titles and descriptions. Straightforward interface that is easy to use.
Very Nice App, Easy to Use 3 months ago by mho...com http://www.vintagemark.market
Installed and went through my items. Can be done very quickly.
Great app. Very easy to use. 3 months ago by Waruna Kulawansha
I have installed this app in 2 websites so far and it is amazing. Makes life so much easier. One point to improve is that, please have a field for the product code. It will simplify the process even more.
This is really good and very easy to use 3 months ago by web...com http://www.airspotters.com/
Simply to instal, simply to understand, and simply to use, I think this is the best app we have ever installed onto our website and has made a huge difference to the way we work. The google searches have improved in my view and glad this came along when it did. Well done 10/10
Good 3 months ago by tra...com http://www.luckyfragrance.com
Great product
Extremely Helpful 3 months ago by jvb...com https://shoplillywood.com
This has been a real time saver while doing the initial setup of the store.
Very Easy To Use 3 months ago by Jenny
It's a great app to ensure you are doing titles and meta descriptions within the characters we are supposed to use (something BC lacks) The ability to do in bulk and very easily see where you have missed some is fantastic and saves much time. Thank you
Easy easy 3 months ago by rsa...com
The best free app I have found on big commerce yet. Made it so simple to optimize for SEO.
Review of FavSEO 3 months ago by Gene Constant https://truetosizeapparel.com
I have been using FavSEO for over one week now and can only say WOW! This app exceeds my expectations, and that is saying a lot. I have been selling on the Internet before it was called the Internet. Having worked with bCentral, Yahoo, StoreFront from Legarde and other ecommerce carts, I can speak from experience when I say this app has helped me to see & fix my meta files quickly and easily. I am very impressed and highly recommend this to everyone. I have had NO problems loading and using this easy-to-operate app. You will be happy the moment you experience what it can do for your business. :)
Great App! 3 months ago by joh...com https://www.pedors.com
What a wonderful app! Thank you Fav|SEO. I've been dreading this task...not anymore!
Does what it says on the tin! 3 months ago by mat....uk http://shop.beta-solutions.co.uk
Does exactly what I wanted it to do and does it well, quickly and it's FREE. Bulk editing our vast range of brands/products was looking like a daunting task until I tried out this app - managed to complete all meta tags within a couple of days!
easy to use 3 months ago by jen...com http://www.goodfortunesoap.com
Easy to install, and actually does what it promises, and its free. Thank you FavSEO.
Great 3 months ago by Bethan http://www.cherrytreecountryclothing.com
Great and easy to use! No problems so far.
Gret Free Apps 3 months ago by ibr...com http://companyblue.co.uk
We love this app. Best thing is easy to use and comes free. All the titles and descriptions are in front of you and you don't need to click around too much. We have improved our website so much with this app and I recommend to everyone on Bigcommerce platform.
FAVSEO is great!!! 3 months ago by ken http://www.economymailers.com
Saves time. hope it works.
Ease of Use & Super Functional!! 3 months ago by nic...com http://www.paws2purrfection.com
This app works amazing right out of the box!! Upon install you can easily go right to the sections you need to for improving your SEO without opening individual products one by one! The bulk edit feature is amazing and even includes a letter count feature, not available on the BigCommerce Dashboard. Customer service is top notch too! Amazing service and quick response times. Loving this great app!
Wow! Fantastic Tool 3 months ago by kat...com https://crateinsider.com/
I'm thrilled to add this app to my site. FavSEO has made it so easy to see and edit my Titles and Meta Descriptions. Updating this info for better SEO has been on my Wish List/To Do List forever. Now I will be saved from the endless clicking as I edit these in one spot. No more excuses. Thank you for such a great app!
Nice App , Fast and Smooth Experience 4 months ago by som...com https://store-vz21jaz8u4.mybigcommerce.com/
Really allowed bulk title description and seo related functionality , the thing i like more is the guys keep coming with new updates so that's good.
FavSEO makes it so easy! 10 months ago by inf...com http://FloraUAE.com
To change titles and meta description of all pages, products and categories was real tough job. And then, there is an easier and fastest way. FavSEO makes it look so easy.. I love it. Highly recommended++