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FavSEO - Bulk Title & Meta Description Editor

FavSEO enables store owners to manage the title, meta description, and URL of all products, categories and pages at one place. It will not only help in saving their time but will also help big time with their SEO. FavSEO's app is free to download and use.

5 Benefits of using FavSEO App

  1. You can easily update all titles, meta descriptions and other important information.
  2. You can add your brand name or other important phrase/keywords to all your pages.
  3. It helps big time with SEO.
  4. One stop solution for all products, pages, brands, categories and blog posts.
  5. It's Free!

How to Install & Use

Step 1: Install the app from Marketplace or use this direct link: https://www.bigcommerce.com/apps/favseo/

Step 2: Once installed, just visit the App from your store's dashboard and start updating the titles, meta description and other information.

Step 3: Click on "Update", when done!If you get any issues, please reach our support : https://favseo.com/contact/

We understand it is not easy to do everything when it comes to SEO. Trust the experts, hire us for our top-class managed SEO services. Contact : sales@favseo.com

Good Luck!

Client Reviews (1)

FavSEO makes it so easy! 6 months ago by inf...com http://FloraUAE.com
To change titles and meta description of all pages, products and categories was real tough job. And then, there is an easier and fastest way. FavSEO makes it look so easy.. I love it. Highly recommended++