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Do you ship with FedEx or UPS? If so, you're likely entitled to part of the $2B+ in shipping refunds left unclaimed each year. That's because if your package is late—even by one minute—you're entitled to receive a full refund for the cost of the shipment.

Most businesses don't have time to keep their carrier honest by chasing down every package. 71lbs can help!

How it works:

  • Easy Sign Up: Use Your FedEx/UPS credentials to access your shipping data in one easy-to-use dashboard. No integration required.
  • Continuous Account Monitoring: Our automated system compares your shipments to the carriers' guaranteed time commitments, along with packages identified as damaged or without proof of delivery. The system is backed by a team of Shipping Advocates who will file (and fight!) late delivery and lost/damaged claims on your behalf.
  • Automatic Refunds Back to You: Once we confirm FedEx & UPS credited 100% of the shipping cost owed to your company, all refunds go directly back to your shipping accounts.

The best part? No refund, no fee.

Shipping refunds is just the beginning. 71lbs offers several services aimed at reducing your shipping costs—invoice audits, contract negotiations, and shipping insurance, just to name a few. Get started with 71lbs today!

App Features

No Integration Required

A quick and easy sign-up with your company information and FedEx/UPS credentials is all you need to get started.

Human-Backed Automation

Shipping Advocates are continuously monitoring your accounts to identify new opportunities to reduce shipping costs. This team also files and fights for due refunds on your behalf so that you can focus on what's most important: operating your business.

Streamlined Analytics

A robust analytics dashboard makes it easy to track your shipments, see your shipping activity across multiple carriers. You can also access insights into your shipping operation that can help you make better business decisions about the way you ship.

Full Tracking Visibility

A clear, easy-to-use dashboard allows you to monitor the claims process from start to finish.

Case Studies

What Every Company Needs to Know About Shipping Refunds

What you're not aware of—and what carriers hope you're too busy to find out—can cost you money. Small and medium businesses depend on reliable partners, who become an extension of their brand.

This is especially true if you depend on a major parcel carrier to meet their promises of on-time deliveries. Sure, they offer a money-back guarantee if they miss that delivery time, but how do you know these parcel carriers have met their commitment? If you're taking a "no news is good news" approach, where you're assuming that shipping deliveries are actually made on time unless you get a customer complaint, you could be missing out on significant sums of refund money. Here's what you need to know.

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  • Custom Price:
    % of refunds

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