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Truly intelligent Search & Recommendations

Our A/B tests have delivered up to 30% revenue increase using Findify. We think that's awesome, and so do our customers!

"Findify's machine learning-driven solutions are exceptionally accurate and has proven themselves in conversion rate increase." - Smoke Cartel

Give your customer the best experience

Self-learning search - Results that constantly improve based on your customer behavior.

Personalized recommendations - Recommend the most relevant products to your customers based on their behavior, in real-time.

Smart autocomplete - Search suggestions that give customers a helping hand.

Dynamic filters - So customers can fine-tune their results.

Spelling tolerance - Never miss another sale due to a simple typo.

Multilingual - Supporting 15+ languages.

All the tools you need

Insightful Analytics - Analyze your customer behavior and revenue over time so you can make informed decisions.

Product Pinning - Pin products to the top of results to make sure they get the best visibility.

Synonyms - So customers can find products no matter the term they use, so searching for "denim" gives results for "jeans" too.

And more!

Pay only if we help you bring in revenue

Our value-based pricing model means our fees are based on the value we bring you. While other solutions charge based on usage/API calls, our incentive is to help you increase conversion, not usage!

We take a small % of the revenue we help you generate. Estimate your costs here:

Not only that, the first $100 in Findify-generated revenue every month are free.

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Client Reviews (2)

Findify is a mobile revelation! about 1 month ago by
After a 10 minute chat on the phone with Meni @ Findify, I couldn't wait to implement it and give it a go...10 mins later and all installed. Easier than I hoped...solid instructions throughout the process and a few tweaks to template pages later and...job done! First thoughts? Infinitely improved desktop search but, most awesome of all? MOBILE search!! Bigcommerce's baked-in search solution is awful and nigh-on unusuable out of the box - particularly on mobile - but Findify is an absolute revelation! Already seeing improved conversions thanks to Findify and i'm actually proud to direct customers to my search page now! Give it a try, guys...with a large catalog, Findify is an absolutely must-try.
Great team and great features 3 months ago by
Findify is exactly what our store needed, a way to filter through search results using facets such as category, brand, price, etc without having to be on the enterprise plan. Meni & the Findify team are awesome, they helped me set my store up in no time and have been quick and responsive to any issues or additional fixes that needed to be made. We have seen a pretty decent increase in conversions so far!