FraudLabs Pro

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FraudLabs Pro is a fraud prevention module to help merchants to protect their online stores from malicious fraudsters by screening all order transactions for fraud patterns. Its comprehensive and advanced algorithm engines validate all elements such as geolocation, proxy, email, blacklist, credit card, transaction velocity and others to unveil fraud orders accurately. This plugin operates behind the scene without interrupting the payment process and it provides detailed reports of all orders for the merchant's reference.

Below are some key features of this plugin:

  • IP address geolocation & proxy validation
  • Free email validation
  • Email domain age validation
  • Credit card issuing bank validation
  • Order transaction velocity validation
  • Blacklist record (IP, email, device, credit card) validation
  • Export controlled country validation
  • Malware exploit validation
  • Custom business rules trigger
  • Email notification of fraud orders
  • Mobile app notification of fraud review (Android, iOS, Window Phone)
  • Social Profile query

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Client Reviews (5)

Fraud Detection 9 months ago by
Free 10 SMS validation credits is good to go. Thanks.
Not Sure about 1 year ago by

There has only been one transaction that it flagged for manual review.  I have 6 rejected orders, but those are all orders I have marked refunded for other non-fraud reasons, yet this app's reporting makes it seem like they rejected it.  I'm going to keep it, because it's free, but I don't rely on just this app to do fraud checking.  The documentation is not all that great either.

Simple App about 1 year ago by

Simple fraud check app for small business. Easy to use.

Not good about 1 year ago by

Not good app at all

Does not work / avoid about 1 year ago by

Order ID : 403This app marked as "SAFE TO SHIP"Item shipped/delivered >> weeks later , "DISPUTE - FRAUD"Thankyou for costing us money FraudLabs with your "rating system". One of MANY negative reviews to come.