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More than 17 million customers use MailChimp, the world's largest marketing automation platform, to develop their e-commerce marketing strategy. With the new official MailChimp for BigCommerce integration, your customers and their purchase data are automatically synced with your MailChimp account, making it easy to send targeted campaigns, automatically follow up with customers post-purchase, recommend products, recover abandoned carts, and measure the ROI of your marketing efforts. And it's completely free.

With MailChimp for BigCommerce, you can:

  • Sync list and purchase data.
  • Set up marketing automations to remind customers about items they left in their cart or viewed on your site, win back lapsed customers, and follow up post-purchase. (Now available for free accounts!)
  • Showcase personalized product recommendations.
  • Track and segment customers based on purchase history and purchase frequency.
  • View detailed data on your marketing performance in your MailChimp Dashboard to see what's working and learn how you can get better
  • Find new customers, connect with current ones, and drive them all to your website with Facebook and Instagram ads. Then, set up Google remarketing ads to turn your site visitors into shoppers
  • Automatically embed a pop-up form that converts your website visitors to subscribers.
  • Add discount codes created in BigCommerce to your emails and automations with a Promo Code content block.
  • Create free, beautiful landing pages that make it easy to highlight your products, promote a sale or giveaway, and grow your list.

Client Reviews (28)

Would give zero stars if I could about 14 days ago by
We switched to Mailchimp because of the supposedly new and improved integration. It failed to sync the stores orders, none of the automation campaign would work including the browse abandonment campaign. I got left hanging for weeks with no full email service working with support saying it was being worked on but no idea when it would fix the issue. I've asked for a refund and will be closing the account down - considering Mailchimp's reputation as a email marketing software leader they sure as hell have dropped the ball with their Bigcommerce offering!
Confusing app... about 1 month ago by
I connected my MailChimp account but am not sure what it is it's actually doing. No support from MailChimp either.
A huge disappointment that wasted my time. about 1 month ago by Bshall
Ok, first thing's first, I love Mailchimp. So it really pains me to say that this integration was very poorly made or planned. Which double sucks because the emails from BC are not great and are difficult to customize the way MC allows. It has very little use to the average user do to basic functionality being inconvenient and sometimes impossible to use . Let me explain why. Documentation here: -Order Notifications: There are 5 types of order notifications you can configure in Mailchimp. It just so happens that the 2 most important ones are useless with this integration. The documentation of MC says to not use the Order Confirmation because it cannot be turned off in BC, so it would send duplicates. Even if you could turn it off in BC it would never trigger, because the API only looks for orders set to pending, which is not the state of any order coming in to BC, so it would require you to go an swap every order to pending, which defeats the purpose of this "automation". On to Shipping Confirmation. This template cannot be triggered AT ALL through this intgration. Don't beleive me? Check the mailchimp docs. When set to Shipped it for some reason triggers the Order Invoice email! Why? Who knows! On top of this, according to MC support BC doesn't even send the tracking info over the API so it would be functionally useless again! So the only order notifications I can trigger automatically is the Order invoice, which are useless, and the canceled/refunded notifications. -Subscriber lists Doesn't collect newsletter subs. Just customers. Why bother? Overall a huge disappointment to a longtime MC fan looking to get rid of the trash email system built into BC. This thing should be completely redone to make it work with the average user, because right now all it does is bring over sales and customer data. I want to use MC to do what it was meant to do: SEND EMAIL.
Doesn't connect 3 months ago by Thomas Maidment
Unfortunatenly the app doesn't connect, there is meant to be a SCRIPT code to add to the HEADER of the website but the SCRIPT code is not available in the app... MailChimp said they do not have a fix for this and are working on it. Hopefully soon it will be available.
Useless for Order Confirmation Emails 3 months ago by
Not sure how you can have an app available when the integration doesn't work like it says it does. Order confirmation emails from "Order Notifications" in Mailchimp is set to trigger "Pending" order status only. No emails will be sent out with this order status that you have set for Bigcommerce integration. The proper default order status is "Awaiting Fulfillment" which cannot be modified . Fix this integration ASAP!
Great App 4 months ago by
very easy to use an set campaigns up, like it!
Annoying 6 months ago by
Does not collect newsletter subscibers information a big source of potential customers to my site .... only people who have made purchases.... hence my pop up and newsletter sign up box will need to manually be uploaded via csv every week by my self. the older api way of setting up even though buggy included this (even though temperamental... why oh why remove this function.
Love Mail Chimp! 6 months ago by
Not sure about all the complaints unless this app has done some upates since then. I didn't understand it at all at first so i uninstalled it. Decided to try again since i had no clue how to do bulk emails but needed to work these into my website. OMG! After trying to figure it out and trying to create an ad i got it! Takes me minimal to make an entire ad, schedule and forget about it. Tells me if, who and why someone unsubscribes. I love the analytics and it tells me what of my sales came from the Mail Chimp ad clicks. So far I'm happy with this app!!
Works Nicely 6 months ago by
I'm happy with this integration. Easy to setup and works nicely together with your Mailchimp campaigns.
Easy setup, and FREE! 7 months ago by
Very easy to use. Recommended!
Does what we need it to. 7 months ago by Bob Koch
Couldn't ask for more. Connects our store to our MailChimp account in a snap. We've never had a problem for the many years we've used MailChimp to boot.
Decent App 8 months ago by
Haven't had as many issues with the app as some of the reviews posted; seems to be a lot better than it was. I initially had the same problems connecting it to my store, but I reconnected it through the MailChimp side and now everything seems to be working fine. This app is really nothing more than a way for syncing email addresses from an online store to a MailChimp account.
Easy to connect 8 months ago by
Super easy to connect and great email platform to use. We've found their ecommerce capability has significantly increased over the last 12 months.
Does Not Sync 8 months ago by
Connected and initially looked fine, but it does not sync any data after the initial connection. It's pretty much only useful as an app install/delete/reinstall for a one time import.
very disappointing 8 months ago by
I am having issues with the product images. As described in the review titled "Lots of potential. Barely any functionality" it is using last uploaded product image instead of the actual thumbnail image. It is actually easier to create the email with products manually than re-upload all images. You also need to purchase the product after you re-uploaded it so that the image actually syncs with mailchimp. I contacted support a few times but it looks like nobody is going to be doing anything about it. Is there any other email application where I can actually use correct product images? No doubt the mailchimp is a great application unfortunately it is not suitable to use to advertise products or recommended products. No point to pay for Mailchimp at the moment.
Would be great... if it worked properly 9 months ago by
I am having some major troubles with the app - not synching to my lists properly. It's glitchy... and is constantly sending me emails that the email address "doesn't belong to this list". Pretty frustrating! Especially when you pay well over $100 a month for Mail Chimp.
App Doesn't Work Properly 10 months ago by
The app currently isn't working properly. I contacted customer support, and they advised me to uninstall this app.
App Doesn't Work Properly 10 months ago by
The app currently isn't working properly. I contacted customer support, and they advised me to uninstall this app.
Super App for email marketing, they changed there paltform and updated with more options like recommendation, easy to use, but you have to learn also and navigate all happy to use Mailshimp, mobile freindly and professional templates...thank you
Completes MailChimp Integration 12 months ago by
We were already using Mail Chimp and this app helps complete that by adding in tracking so we can now tie sales to our email campaigns. The functionality is all in the MailChimp website, which is preferred to some other integrations that try to launch within the BigCommerce frame. ;) I like to use the whole window when working with services like this.
Needs Improvement about 1 year ago by
Lots of potential. Barely any functionality. about 1 year ago by
First the good: This app links up your account so that you can see if any of those clicks from email turn into money earned. Very cool. If that's all you want (and you're OK with the first con, below) then this app will be great! You'll love it. But here are the cons: 1. This app will indeed dump a bunch of addresses into your list as mentioned here. Whether these people want to be on this list? Well I'm pretty sure they had not opted in. 2. The product recommendation feature is completely worthless. This was what we were most excited about, but it's the most disappointing part. It took four days of chatting to get to the bottom of this, and here's the deal: a. This app can NOT HANDLE VARIANTS. Do you have products with variants? Those products are literally invisible to the recommendation feature (thus rendering it worthless for our store). When this app gives a user my "top sellers," the #4 product is actually #86 in my store. Because it's the fourth product out of my top 86 that doesn't have a variable. From support when I suggested that this feature is broken: " this it is not something that is broken but a misalignment in API parity." Call it whatever you want. Recommending a poor-selling product (#86) as a top seller (#4) is broken. b. This app can only display one image. It chooses neither of the obvious images (the first image or the thumbnail, of course), but the last image uploaded. Have fun re-uploading your thumbnail images, moving them back to the formerly-selected order, reselecting them as the thumbnail and deleting your old thumbnail image for your entire catalog just to trick this app into choosing the correct image. Again, from support when asking why the app wouldn't just pull the thumbnail: "this is something that does not align with the API." Then the above process was suggested. ------------ ------------ ------------ The entire product recommendation works ONLY under the following conditions: 1. You don't use variants. 2. You have one image per product. If that's you, you're going to LOVE this app. If it's not, be warned. Product recommendations will NOT WORK. I'm sorry MailChimp. I really love your mail service. The Pro plan is incredible. But this app is a train wreck.
Not overly impressed about 1 year ago by
I'd recommend saving/exporting your current mailing list subscribers before you install this app. Installing this has just added non-subscribing and un-subscribing customers into my MailChimp – not overly impressed!
not sure what it does about 1 year ago by Chetan Sachdev
I've installed this, but I'm not sure what it actually does. We had basic integration before this app and this doesn't seem to do anything. Edit: So I've figured out what this app does. It integrated the shopping cart sales with clicks from email blasts. AWESOME! I love analytical data and always wondered if our emails were bringing in sales. Now I know! Ironically a lot of the sales have nothing to do with what we were advertising but getting more people to the site and getting orders is the name of the game anyway. The app doesn't do much on the site but does a lot on the back end. If you use Mail Chimp I HIGHLY suggest using this app for integration.
Whats the point about 1 year ago by
I love Mailchimp. But what's the point of the app if it just opens another page that takes you to Mailchimps website? Also randomly added 2000+ emails to my list.
Good app, confusing install on Bigcommerce about 1 year ago by Richard Burri
I have used MailChimp before the integration with Bigcommerce and I've always been very happy with it. The app should not be rated based on the integration process, which is confusion since you get an error message but when you look on the left you'll see the MailChimp logo. I'm looking forward to be using MailChimp as integrated part of our website: GrandLuxPens - Luxury Every Day!
It works, it just looks like it doesn't about 1 year ago by
I also tried to install the app and got the same error message, but when I went back to the app store and clicked "launch" it actually DID integrate and DID work. When I look in Mail Chimp for the data, I can't find it though.... not sure if that's because they don't have enough data yet or if I'm not looking in the right place - but they should definitely make it easier to find. UPDATE: BEWARE! When you install this app it takes all of your customer's emails and adds them to your MailChimp account - even if they have opted out previously. Mine added 11,000 names - and I have no idea if these people actually WANT to be on my list or not. When I emailed them about it, they blamed my settings in Big Commerce, but I can't see how Big Commerce is to blame when they came in and stole the emails from my store's back end. Now I have to figure out how to manually remove them all - NOT FUN!
"Unable to find intergration"?? about 1 year ago by Gordon
I have tried 5 or 6 times to get this to work. Everytime I input my MC username and password it just comes up with an error message: "mailchimp is unable to locate this integration please uninstall and try again".