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Join more than 30,000 merchants that have trusted their email and marketing automation to Omnisend.

  • Convert visitors into repeat customers—from growing your email list to automated campaigns & abandoned cart recovery, Omnisend will help you to sell 20-30% more.
  • Master email marketing in minutes—skip tedious work with single-click BigCommerce integration, ready-to-use email templates & automatic product import.
  • Get all the email and marketing automation tools in one single platform—enjoy seamless usability without overpaying for separate apps.

Ready to convert visitors into repeat customers?

Get our app and experience all of Omnisend's benefits in just a few clicks. Every new users starts with a 14-day, obligation-free Premium trial. After 14 days, you choose whether to keep using our Premium plan or continue with our Free plan, which includes 15,000 emails per month (up to 2,000 emails per day). Visit our pricing page and learn more about Omnisend Premium features that increase your sales.

Always available support

We give you stellar support and helpful advice anytime you need it. Check out our Knowledge Base, shoot us an email, or just write us a direct message on our platform. We're available 24/7 for all—both Free and Premium users.

Key features that help your store to sell more:

Powerful Email & SMS automation

  • Browse Abandonment
  • Product Abandonment
  • Cart Recovery
  • Welcome emails
  • Confirmation emails
  • Customer Reactivation
  • Order Follow-up

Newsletters & Promotional campaign

  • Email templates
  • Product Picker
  • CTR Boosters
  • Discount Coupons

Signup Forms

  • Signup boxes
  • Popups
  • Wheel of Fortune
  • Landing pages

Segmentation & Reports

  • Segmentation
  • Lists
  • Reports

Website Tracking

  • Live View
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14 days

Client Reviews (80)

Omnisend Email App 3 months ago by
Email campaigns are a must and Omnisend does it right!
Brilliant! 3 months ago by
Absolutely Top-Notch program and app. Easy to use, quick to learn & a boost to any online business! Bravo!
Simple & fast 5 months ago by
Very easy to use Ecommerce email App. We have used this App for some time and asked for themes like Christmas, Easter and so on to help save time with art work. They thanks us for the advise and so far they have done some nice stuff. Love to now see further ART and even ready to use e-cards to send for Christmas would be great to save on time having to your own art. Great App looking forward to see further developments.
I like it! 8 months ago by
Had some issues and headaches over the app at first, but they all got solved quickly. I haven't paid for the full version yet, but I played with all of the settings in the trial and I may get it in the future. The spin the wheel part is really nice! Great idea. I havent seen that from anyone else yet.
Love the App 9 months ago by
I love it. Easy to use. Love the Spin the Wheel Feature to add to the my store. Setting up and sending email campaign is easy and the price is right.
Wonderful App 9 months ago by
I like this app.Very helpful with email marketing.Even with the free version you can still create wonderful emails. The support team is also very helpful.Thank you Soundest!
VERY EASY to use 11 months ago by
Very easy to use, great looking emails, very happy so far!
Fantastic App! 11 months ago by
Such an easy app to work with with great features and customization! A great way to help advertise for businesses without an aded headache!!
Quickly Setup about 1 year ago by
Seemingly good app, but compatibility issues with Stencil about 1 year ago by
Easy to install and user friendly outside of specific Stencil issues. Not all of their features are compatible with the Stencil template like cart recovery, reactivation and welcome email issues also. Disappointing they didn't mention this beforehand. CS is pretty responsive, however many reps are in different time zones.
Great app about 1 year ago by
I've been using this app for well over a year and I love it. It's super simple to use. I had to contact support on one occasion and they got back to me right away. They were very responsive and helpful. Highly recommend it.
Simply Great, User Friendly! about 1 year ago by
I have been using Soundest email marketing app for my ecommerce store for last several weeks and I am very impressed with this app many versatile features that makes launching email marketing campaigns for businesses like mine a breeze. In a nutshell, I would say this app from Soundest is simply great, effective, and user friendly. Strongly recommend this app for creating and launching email marketing campaigns for ecommerce or other businesses.
Great, easy to use! about 1 year ago by
I've been using Mad Mimi for the past 5-6 years and didn't know what I was missing! Soundest is simply AMAZING!
The best app available about 1 year ago by
I highly Recommend
Very easy to use! about 1 year ago by
With a few simple setup steps, I can now have my email marketing campaign in a minute. Super useful for my small small business as it is free of charge for my relatively small amount of emails to be sent each month. Very user friendly and highly recommend!
Absolutely The Easiest And Most Effective about 1 year ago by
Absolutely the most easy, and most effective app/software I've seen so far! I've used mailchimp and a few others. I don't think I'll be going back! I want to say thank you to the developers of this. You have awakened a beautiful beast!
Seems okay about 1 year ago by
Set up the product picker as instructed. They confirmed everything was done properly, but product picker does not recognize any of my products. I attempted to make contact with Soundest to try and get it figured out but, there is no way to contact them. There is no email/phone/chat support at all. Absolutely no way to get human support. Only support they have are articles in their help section, which are nothing more than the same instructions given earlier.
Awasome Apps to drive traffics about 1 year ago by
It's simple and work great to drive traffics to our website through email marketing. Thank and looking forward to work with you. Thank you
Initial Impression Only about 1 year ago by
My initial impression of the App is they have great, easy to use features for a very reasonable price. We are looking for another email client due to both cost and lack of seamless integration with our eCommerce client. So integration with BC is a big plus, a snap to get started. The Product Picker is excellent. I hasten to add I am just sending my first campaign, so have no idea if I will have problems like others have described in their reviews. I am leery of their customer support. I have also had trouble confirming the accuracy of segments based on dynamic factors such as total orders. They numbers don't match, and I wondering if they only look back a certain distance in the database. In short, I am guardedly optimistic but it no way committed to this product yet. I'm hoping for the best, and I'll do an updated review later when I know more. By the way, I am switching from Klaviyo, which cost more than 2 or 3 times as much IF (big if) all the features of Soundest actually work reliably.
So easy to use! about 1 year ago by
Very impressed by the ease of use! The email templates are awesome and it takes just a few minutes. Looking forward to exploring the other options. Much easier than other email programs!
Awesome App! about 1 year ago by
This is such an awesome app. I was using a 3rd party app for my email marketing until I found Soundest. It makes my job super easy and it take half the time to execute. I love it!
I love it! about 1 year ago by
It's really easy to set up and design! What I hope that will be improved is sharing. If I could add share link in facebook, then that would be perfect. i.e - share this with your friends and get another code for bigger discount. If you like my idea, then you can contact me!
Wanted to love it about 1 year ago by
We moved to Soundest from Mailchimp because it sounded like they could offer easier integration for more than just a newsletter, but with things like customer segmentation and better cart recovery than BC offers,etc. They have tons of features and you pay for the size of your contact list. Customer service is very helpful, but still moving from MailChimp was pretty difficult as far as importing and verifying our lists. The Welcome Series has worked great for us. And the newsletter is good and we love the booster that is sent a few days later to those that didn't open the email the first time, but their editor is pretty hard to work with at times. they are releasing a new and improved version, but it's not for Bigcommerce customers. As we went further and further into setting up all their email features, we find out that they have issues integrating with bigcommerce. The cart recovery series won't work and neither will the Reactivation series. These were two of the primary reasons we went with Soundest. AND segmentation doesn't work well. Soundest only looks at one item in each customer order, so if a customer orders 3 things, Soundest only recognizes 1. So in the end we're moving back to Mailchimp. I really wanted to like Soundest, but it just doesn't work to it's full potential with Bigcommerce yet. Maybe one day, but not yet. When I asked their team about when they expect to get set up correctly with Bigcommerce, they couldn't give me any idea on time. I would not recommend using this app for now. Maybe after they get the Bigcommerce integration sorted out though as there is great potential in this app.
Love It so Far about 1 year ago by
Love the transparency of the app installation!! Hopefully it bringsme in clients. I'll update as time progresses.
It seems Soundest knows which part I had problem about 1 year ago by
It was fun and easy. I hope it makes good result too. Thank you so much
Love it about 1 year ago by
Love this app. Makes our email marketing much easier. A great time saver.
Email Campaign made easy! about 1 year ago by
Amazing! It is super easy to use! Definitely Recommend!
west of money about 1 year ago by
there have an issue with the server all the email going to spam they only want money and tell you to delete all your client list like is that simple to get like all the time you invest on get all the the email from your client they going to tell me to delete so way do i need the email service if i not going to have any clients
Professional and easy to navigate about 1 year ago by
I have been procrastinating email marketing for way too long. Mainly for being terrified of doing it wrong and having the end product looking unprofessional. NOT WITH SOUNDEST! I feel like I really have a winner here. Thanks!
Updated Review about 1 year ago by
UPDATED REVIEW: Changed my review to ONE STAR. After sending my first email, my account is now suspended because 2 people on my email list of nearly 1000 marked it as spam. Everyone on that list put themselves there via my website, and I have their orders to prove it, but Soundest accused me of adding people without permission and insisted I remove them and suspended my account. When I messaged them back as they requested...not a single response from them. Bad customer service. More headaches I certainly don't need. Look elsewhere if you want things to go smoothly!! I guess sometimes it does pay to spend a little more. ORIGINAL REVIEW BELOW: I just signed up for this 3 hours ago because I wanted to save some money (will end up saving $70 a month by ditching constant contact and utilizing the abandoned cart email feature, too). I love how it links right to the templates that the Welcome and Abandoned Cart emails code needs to be added so I don't spend an insane amount of time looking through things I don't understand. I like the ease and simplicity of the whole thing. I just sent my first campaign so will see how the Reports feature works later today. The only issue so far.... I did have to adjust the default wording a little bit as the translation to English was off in places. Nothing too serious though, but just preview and read over things before you launch them. So far I love this App!
great app about 1 year ago by
so far so good. just need to spend more time learning the app to see what other benefits it has to offer.
Great website addition about 1 year ago by
Great built in features, fantastic value, very easy to use with a clean user friendly design. Highly recommend this app.
Awesome Email App about 1 year ago by
From start to finish the folks over at Soundest have been a great help. Their software easily integrates and allows me to create engaging content. They still have a little room for improvement in order to go toe to toe against Mailchimp (they need automated transactional email and emails that get sent X days after a purchase) but overall I'm pleased.
Great App about 1 year ago by
Very easy to use app. Putting together an email with the pick from store widget is great and the auto resend in 2 days should really help our click-through rates.
Amira Skin Care -Azenith about 1 year ago by
this always amazed my.. thanks a lot this is very useful apps
nice and easy about 1 year ago by
great app and easy to use
Review about 1 year ago by
Great app. It's easy to use and it really works well! The product picker is quick and easy to use.
Great Customer Service over 2 years ago by

Soundest is a great app for sending out E-Mails to customers without having to send them one by one. I was looking for an app like this for a while before I came across this one and the others I tried were very difficult to work and very confusing. Soundest is easy to understand and very easy to work, I absolutely love it. The customer service is also very helpful and they got back to me right away unlike other apps customer service. Paulius was the customer service rep that I dealt with and he was great. Thank you Paulius for all your help and for getting back to my questions so fast.

This email ap rocks! over 2 years ago by

So far so good. Easy set-up.

Thank you!

Great system over 2 years ago by

Has worked really well for us

review over 2 years ago by
We still are loving this new App. Booster Campaigns are fabulous!
Perfect Email App over 2 years ago by

Perfect email app. Because of the tight integration with Bigcommerce and the ability to add products easily to emails we have switched from one of the major email newsletter providers to Soundest.

Excellent App! over 2 years ago by

Soundest has a great interface, excellent free options, and reasonably priced pro-level options. Highly recommended!

​So far, so EXCELLENT over 2 years ago by

This app is amazing. I adore it! I just sent a gorgeous newsletter, and it took maybe a half hour, rather than 3-4 hours with my other newsletter service. I tested and all the links work perfectly, it looks great on my phone and computer, and there was NO CONFUSION at all.

Great App over 2 years ago by

love this app very easy to use 

i now look forward to creating caimpaigns 

Application over 2 years ago by

I have used the application and it is very basic. The support from the team is great and they always come back to a person. I have had a few hiccups in the past with it but nothing major. When I want to send something fast I use Soundest otherwise I use as I found it much cheaper and more sophisticated as I can do much more in  

Great App over 2 years ago by

Great App, Easy to use and great reporting.  Has valuable features for capturing new leads and offering discounts for customers signing up to newsletter feature.

GREAT APP! over 2 years ago by Judah Fawkes

Love the app and especially the product picker and price!! The only thing i have a complaint about is that it takes a bit long to load at times, but other than that, love it!

Love the product picker over 2 years ago by

We really like the option of adding products directly into our email with just a click. Saves us a ton of time. We have switched over to this from Mail Chimp.

Great and easy to use over 2 years ago by Martin Willmann

i just love soundest - it is easy to use and the support is just on point, fast and reliable.

There are a lot of software out there, even big names. But wait - they will be big one day.

For me this day is already there - i just love the product picker. And just for the eye - the integrated it beautifully.

There are some thing that they have to integrate in order to make it the very best - but they are already working on it (hint: Name on formulas etc).

AND hi desperately hope that there are coming more template!! 

You should not wait and give em a try! 

Martin with

My Most Valuable App over 2 years ago by Trevor Petty

I have used several email marketing apps over the years and I must say that Soundest is the at the top of its class.  This app easily integrates with my BigCommerce site and its so easy to use.  I really like the clean email templates, which are very easy to customize to the look and feel of your brand. They also offer so many extras and that makes the price a great value.

I'm sold on Soundest and wouldn't use anything else.

GREAT ECOM APP over 2 years ago by
Soundest Email Marketing over 2 years ago by

Very user friendly and easy to use. :)

GREATCUSTOMER SERVICE over 2 years ago by

They really do go above and beyond for their customers. I love working with them.

very basic need a lot more improvement over 2 years ago by

very basic need a lot more improvement 

only 3 templets 

not much option for design 

look very basic 

and not catching the aye of the clint 

!!!!! and by they analytic !!!!

this concept only loosing clint by unsubscribe to the ameil

and not generating any sales 

Simply Awesome over 2 years ago by Henry Ofodieze

This is a really good App to install. It has helped our site well to reach our customers. Thanks Soundest.

Free Emails over 2 years ago by

Great app - works fine.

Easy to use - perfect for our business over 2 years ago by

The free version is great and it is easy to use!  We send out notifications to our 13,000+ subscribers and we like the templates they have and can easily and quickly customize them.  They also have great stat reports. Perfect for us!

really like this mailing system over 3 years ago by Paul Pickett

this is probably the best newsletter software i have used and i love that i can just easily import products in to the newsletter looks very professional

Excellent Solution over 3 years ago by

Excellent solution. Very easy to use. Would recommend to everyone. Would love more integration into bigcommerce templates as a whole. Generally reliable though there's been several times that service was down or something was being updated as to not make the app usable. 

Great App - Thanks Bigcommerce! over 3 years ago by

Quick and easy integration, loading products into newsletter is simple and quick, makes newsletters look professional with a neat and clean appearance. Love the features like the detailed dashboard, coupon pop-up, and web sign-up form. Great App - Highly Recommended!

Great app! over 3 years ago by

Superb app! Easy to use, newsletter making is so easy now! Highly recommend!

nice over 3 years ago by Turningpoint
Great app for new startup without initial investments over 3 years ago by Satish AD

Easy installation and content editor, looks very professional. Took about 15 mins to create 1st campaign. Team, Keep doing good things

Good over 3 years ago by

The emails look very professional. We had had some on and off again technical issues and I have seen very little revenue from the abandon cart saver so far but it is reasonably priced for what you get so recommend over all. I do wish the videos function would work.

This is an awesome app for any size business over 3 years ago by

This app has single handedly increased our sales and boosted our overall customer return rate

Excellent Follow Up App over 3 years ago by

Easy to use, customize and make it work for you!  Simple Simple Simple!

Easy, simple and effective over 3 years ago by


Email marketing simplicity over 3 years ago by

A great find. At last a wonderful interface, simple to use, using a link directly to your own store customers and products. I look forward to becoming a paying customer as more automated emailing features are added. Highly recomended.

GOOD APP over 3 years ago by http://CRUSTYSEJUICE.COM


pathetic over 3 years ago by

doesnt work.... waste...

Great Bigcommerce Admin app over 3 years ago by

Very easy to use & 15000 free emails WOW! I have been looking for a email marketing that is very simple!

Amazing App over 3 years ago by Adrian McGillivray

By far the easiest newsletter app or system I have tried.  I have already installed it on another site and have just installed it on this site too.  It took me less than half an hour to install and send off the first newsletter.  Amazing!!

Since major update in September not too good! over 3 years ago by

I am sorry to say that as with so many other wonderful apps, as soon as they are updated they appear to be more difficult to use and have less features.  This used to be a great little app - and one of the main features I liked was the ability to segment automatically.  So all the customers were segmented into suspects, prospects, good customer, one off customer etc.  This was carried out automatically and you could send an email to a segment.  Now I noticed that none of these segments are there. 

The font is so large and the information is not easy to look at quickly also the product picker not working correctly.  Its just not easy to use any more.  I have downgraded it to three stars until these problems are sorted out.  I realise its a free app for under 15000 emails, burt I really would not pay to use this, instead I would go to Mailchimp.  Sorry Soundest but please get your act together!

Brilliant App / Lovely To Use! :) over 3 years ago by

We have moved to Soundest from "Market Mailer" and wow just WOW.

so far we are loving it. 

Top work guys. :)

Such a nice system to use and works a treat.

100% recommended. 

Simple, Neat and easy to use over 3 years ago by Bright Chidiebere

this is really a great app, within few minutes i was able to create our first email campaign following their step by step guide. no techy or computer savvy experience needed.  this is how eCommerce should be, i love it. 

great app highly recommended. 

Fantastic App / Great Customer Service over 3 years ago by Roger Parent

I was looking for something simple and free to install on my clients website to shoot out their first promotional e-mail. The fact that is app is free is awesome - we now use it for every email and despite only using the free version the staff has been more than willing to assist with set-up and such.On top of that, there were some server issues this past weekend on their end. They notified everyone right away with a message right in the interface, sent out an e-mail, took the server offline for the weekend, and fixed the problem. I wish more development teams did this as opposed to letting us try and use an app that's crashing or experiencing difficulties.

Would not recommend! over 3 years ago by

Does not offer much templates or designs to select from and the app is difficult to use.  Would not recommend.

amazing and easy newsletter over 4 years ago by

I was happy to find this app to reach all my customer. I had email list to multiple potential customer that soundest was able to help me get the word out. this is a great app. thanks so much

Super easy to use, helpful developers! over 4 years ago by

I had trouble getting this app to work with my shop at first and submitted requests for help within the app. I received quick help and we chatted back and forth over a few days. They were able to fix some issues and help me through it - super nice and responsive! Now it works perfectly. I can add products to my newsletter quickly, and setting up a newsletter is simply drag-and-drop and it looks REALLY nice. I have never set one up so quickly. Also the BEST quality and value for the price, even if you choose to add on paid modules! Even for the free version you get a LOT. Fantastic app - my favorite, and 100% the best newsletter system out there.