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Meet Shippo. We help you print shipping labels, track packages, and manage shipments all from one place, saving you time & money on shipping.

  • Import order information with one click and start creating labels in seconds
  • Save up to $6 on every USPS Priority Mail shipping label
  • Compare rates and access 14+ carriers from a single dashboard: USPS, DHL Express, FedEx, UPS, Canada Post & more

★ Perfect whether you're shipping thousands of packages or just a couple of packages a week.

★ Skip the lines and create labels straight from your own computer.

★We have the best discounts on USPS Priority Mail shipping, hands down.

  • Sign up is FREE!
  • No monthly subscription fees
  • Just $0.05 per shipping label

★ Features

  • Automatic tracking
  • Bulk label creation & printing
  • Return Labels
  • Customer email notifications
  • International customs forms
  • Shipping insurance
  • Connect to multiple storefronts

★ Already have an account and discounted shipping rates with your favorite shipping carrier? Great! Plug them into our app and get the benefits of your own prices alongside our discounts!

★ Shippo < 3 Bigcommerce Community. With our high satisfaction rating, we have one of the most responsive customer support teams around.

Stop wasting time figuring out the best shipping options - leave that to us. Shippo saves you money and time on shipping. Get started now!

Client Reviews (25)

Great Shipping Program about 19 days ago by
I have been using this shipping program going on 5 years when I first had my site thru GoDaddy and have never had issues and the fact there is no monthly fee is a big plus. I've tried others but always come back to Shippo.
Doesn't include all the features 2 months ago by
Missing the features that they finally updated in the Shopify version! Why can't I split my order??? I have to manually create a label, copy the tracking then plug in the items to be shipped within the order. Defeats the purpose of having an app!!!
Address label over 2 years ago by

Awesome i have no problems with this app everything works perfect. 

Print wrong address label over 2 years ago by

They have bugs in the app, it prints the label with wrong address.  And they don't care about the mistake at all. 

Not working. No assistance at all. over 2 years ago by Royal Rags

It is not working. It worked with my Shopify store but not opening with my Big Commerce! It just keeps duplicating the app icon.

Great Shipping partner over 3 years ago by

Using Shippo is a very easy (and inexpensive) shipping platform. It integrates fully with our BigCommerce Store and the customer service Rep. is always there to answer any questions we have, especially in the beginning when we were setting everything up. I would definitely recommend Shippo to other businesses.

Great App! over 3 years ago by http://Kim

Has my my life much easier!  

Perfect for me over 3 years ago by

Right now I'm getting about one order a day. Shippo has been perfect for me. I used to go to and type in everything manually, which was really slow, especially because their website has some issues. But this is a perfect solution for me. When I first started using the app it wasn't working because there was a mistake with my address, but I sent a message to them for help and they fixed it before I even had a chance to reply and explain more about what was wrong.

Awesome over 3 years ago by Walter Gavin

Awesome app that integrates the data for me. I really like it. Could be abit faster. Anyawy, I recommend it!

I am switching. over 3 years ago by

I love how it was easy with no monthly fees, just simply $.05 for every shipping. However, there seems to be a glitch and it doesn't pick up all orders on the site. For some reason the site shows awaiting fulfillment, and when searching on Shippo app for the order, it does not show up. So most of the time you would overlook this and a customer will never receive an item, but will only bring it to your attention eventually to find out you lost a customer due to your negligent, even though it was never your fault to being with. I highly recommend you use another service.

Updated app with much better customer service! over 3 years ago by

I've been using Shippo for a few months now. In the beginning it was working good. With some minor bugs (that are fixed now).The customer service wasn't great. But they have really improved! I'd recommend this app to everyone that is shipping with UPS, Fedex and all the other shipping partners it's connected to. It's working great.

Simple and cool over 3 years ago by

Looks nice. The app has a very intuitive interfaces. I love it. The idea of the app is cool. Anticipating working with it. 

Crashes at key times over 3 years ago by Amanda Smelser

Great idea and app, but nothing is worse than having the app crash around christmas.  Needs some work.

used to be good over 3 years ago by

let me explain, this company used to be great, However the amount of bugs and DNS errors the past couple days shows how they just dont care about their company.  Their rates are ehh, but with the new bigcommerce adaptive shipping, this is kind of lost and broken.  Dont bother

Shippo very easy to use over 3 years ago by Gracious Decor

Awesome Shippo, very easy to use.

So convenient! over 4 years ago by Kayla Levine

I love how easy it is to see what orders have shipped, need to ship, and how simple it is to select a carrier and print out a label. Saves me tons of time and the company is very friendly and helpful. Plus it's super cheap so how can you no sign up?! Very happy with the service and value. Thanks! 

Seamless, efficient and very simple to use over 4 years ago by

Love the simplicity of this app. It definitely saves a ton of time on shipping orders. All of the information transfers automatically from my BC admin panel so all I have to do is literally click-n-print. I also like the fact that I can e-mail the company about certain things I may want changed and they are more than willing to make those changes. Again, very satisfied and very happy I found Shippo! 

Smooth and effective over 4 years ago by

I shopped around for other solutions and Shippo was by far the best in my experience in terms of simplicity and tight integration into Big Commerce.  Also it is a very clean interface; things are clear, and the workflow is straight forward.  You may occasionally run into an issue here and there, but every time I found it was my fault not filling a field correctly or some such thing.  Support is super helpful and available for questions, and know the common pitfalls. 

Great Shipping App over 4 years ago by

I used to use endica before shippo came along. Now, I only use shippo. It has made shipping so easy. I no longer have to type in the address and it saves me so much time with international shipping. Give shippo a try, it honestly will help your shipping needs for your business. The customer support is also great, they actually listen to you. Not many companies do that anymore. Hands down, shippo is the best shipping app I have used to date!

NO MORE LINES over 4 years ago by

This App makes shipping so much easier and organized for our company!!  No more waiting in line at the post office.  Saves so much money in time!

Has potential, has buggie issues. over 4 years ago by Peter

Being able to access this app is extremely nice. however the load time to get into it takes a little while, The speed in which you can open and close the app lacks. 

Getting comparable shipping quotes is very nice and setting up the quotes to work with your fed ex account is easy, however, some of the quotes that come up are not applicable, like media mail, and there is no way to turn them off. also, some of the important shipping types, Like Parcel Select, are missing. No way to turn them on. 

The updating from the app to your big commerce dashboard is the biggest problem, After you ship a item , sometimes it doesn't show up, even after refreshing your browser. Its spotty, some days its flawless other days it just doesn't sync up.

I came from that was very glitchy, and this seems to be less glitchy, I will probably ride out this app until the problems are resolved. But if you have a shipping center that works very well and sync perfectly, i would hold off on this app until the bugs are worked out.

Major potential to be a staple in the shipping center world.

joke in the making over 4 years ago by ADMIN

great idea but very glitchy and crashes often.

Smooth, simple integration with BigCommerce over 4 years ago by

Printed our first label in just a few minutes. I had a question about international shipment notifications and support was immediate and knowledgeable. Highly recommend. 

over 4 years ago by
Good and Easy over 4 years ago by

Identifies the activated shipping carrier(USPS in my store) in BC store and easily prints out labels for orders using the activated carrier. Good!