Weglot Translate

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  • Translate your BigCommerce website into multiple languages, no coding required
  • Increase your global sales, reaching new customers
  • Easily manage your translations (automatic or manual) from a single place

Weglot's key benefits to your business

Weglot helps you to grow and increase your business by adding new languages to your store. As a store owner, you would like to:

  • Increase your sales by acquiring new customers
  • Improve conversion by speaking your visitors language
Thanks to Weglot you'll be able to:
  • Easily translate and display your website in new languages
  • Automatically redirect your store to their preferred language

Simple set-up

  • You do not need to write code yourself
  • Fully compatible with every Theme and App: Weglot Translate translates every strings on the page that is included in the source code
  • Option to activate auto redirection feature to match your customers preferred language (based on their browser language)
  • Content automatically detected and translated: content is the only thing you need to care about

Focus on content

  • 60+ translation languages available
  • A unique and single place to manage all your languages and translations
  • A first layer of translation automatically provided
  • In context editor tool to change and translate in the web page
  • Access to professional translators if you need quality translations

Button customization and dedicated support service

  • Customizable language switcher button
  • Support available to help you match the button with your Theme or preferences if you need
  • Active and responsive support service to assist you (live chat and email)


  • Email and chat support to help whenever you need !


The translation may not work on all versions of BigCommerce checkout. If you see that it's not working, ask us and we will see to improve this !

Client Reviews (3)

Wonderful, fast service & great quality 2 months ago by sar...com http://www.visionsespresso.com
Max is great and very timely in his responses and helped me in any way I needed. The app does exactly what I wanted and I love the way the language dropdown box fits with our aesthetic. Highly recommend!
great services 3 months ago by jun...com https://www.aubestbuy.com.au
Thanks Max, you are so great, he help me put the button on the website and answer my question as soon as he can, thought we are in different time zone. recommend!
Really very helpfull 5 months ago by fla...com http://flashpointshopping.com
Weglot helped me translate my website into other languages, its very easy to setup nd very useful. Saved me from making 2 different sites, thanks for this amazing app.