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About the app

Weglot Translate is the leading translation solution, trusted by 50,000+ users worldwide. Translate your BigCommerce store into 100+ languages within minutes, no coding required.

Increase visibility and boost conversions with ease by adding multilingual functionality. Weglot Translate is fully optimized for SEO, with every translated page automatically indexed by Google. Say hello in multiple languages to millions of new visitors, instantly.

Make your BigCommerce website multilingual in minutes with our 10-day free trial.

  • Translate your BigCommerce website into multiple languages - Increase your global sales, reaching new customers. No coding required.
  • Easily manage your translations - Combine automatic & human translation for top-quality content - choose your translation quality. Invite team members to collaborate and order professional translations.
  • Get found around the world - Weglot is following Google multilingual SEO best practices. Your store is optimized to be indexed in all your translated languages.

Why Weglot Translate

It's easy to install: Weglot Translate is easy to install and quick to set up. Reach out to millions of new visitors worldwide with a few clicks.

It's built for maximum compatibility: Weglot Translate is fully compatible with all BigCommerce themes, and plugins. Weglot automatically detects all your store content for easy translation. Focus on your content, not the technical details.

It's optimized for SEO: Weglot Translate follows Google's best practices for multilingual websites, serving all translated web pages with clean source code. Google will automatically index every translated page with dedicated URLs so you'll be visible in search results for your new target markets.

It's easy to set and forget: Weglot Translate gives you an edge on your translation tasks with a first layer of automatic translation provided by the best machine learning providers on the market. All translations are updated in real-time so you don't need to worry about maintenance.

It takes translation seriously: Need help from the pros? Weglot Translate lets you order from vetted professional translators directly inside your Weglot dashboard.

It's here for you: Our support team are experts in multilingual websites, multilingual SEO and we know BigCommerce well. We offer support for all users, with priority accorded to premium members. Email us at

App Features

​Simple set-up
  • No coding required
  • Fully compatible with every BigCommerce theme and app: Weglot Translate detects all content displayed on your pages.
  • Option to activate auto redirection feature to match your customers preferred language (based on their browser language)
  • Content is automatically detected and translated: content is the only thing you need to care about
​Translation management
  • A unique and single place to manage all your languages and translations
  • In-context editor tool to translate your content directly inside your website design
  • 100+ translated languages available
  • Combine human and automatic translations
  • Order professional translations in a few clicks
​SEO ready and optimized
  • Translated pages with dedicated URLs
  • Following Google multilingual SEO best practices (hreflangs, …)
  • Meta tags, desc. tags, etc. detected and translated
  • Get your store indexed by Google in different languages
​Language switcher customization
  • Customizable language switcher button to fit your store design
  • Position your language switcher wherever you want

Case Studies

Nikon Canada uses Weglot to translate their BigCommerce store

Weglot removed the pain of having to manage multiple stores for multiple locales. Everything is managed centrally - so it's a no-brainer! The integration was easy and the support is incredibly helpful. The automatic translations proved to be surprisingly accurate, helping us reduce our translation budget. I highly recommend Weglot to anyone looking for a simple and cost effective solution to translate their stores!

Customer Reviews

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  • Custom Price:
    Starts at $21 / month


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