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  • Recurring Fee: $1850.00/mo.

About the app

ShipHero is a complete WMS/OMS solution for ecommerce businesses that run their own warehouse.


Complete cloud-based solution that works in your web browser, with the best mobile app for ios devices that allow your team to work in the warehouse.

  • Inventory synchronized across all of your connected sales channels.
  • Automation rules reduce manual tasks and make your team smarter.
  • Batch order processing on mobile and desktop means orders fulfilled faster.
  • Use barcodes for products, locations, boxes - no other software needed.
  • Ship rate quoting always ensures you get the cheapest shipping option for each order.
  • Purchase order management to help you replenish stock from your vendors.
  • Returns management allows your customers to generate returns.
  • Reporting helps you understand everything from how much you're spending on shipments, sales history, inventory changes, and even team performance.
  • Ready to go with Amazon and Amazon FBA.

App Features

  • Use automation to set shipping methods based on weight, line items, customer, shipping destination, and more.
  • Let Ship Hero figure out the cheapest shipping label for each order.
  • Send your customer shipping confirmation and tracking info when orders are shipped.
  • View reports on shipments, know what carriers and options are being used and cost.
Faster and smarter order fulfillment
  • Automation rules allow you to reduce repetitive tasks and get very creative with orders
  • Identify and easily merge orders that can be merged and save on shipping.
  • You won't find an easier and more powerful app to batch pick and ship orders ready to go with barcode scanning and voice picking.
  • Walk less. ShipHero figures out the most efficient picking routes so you can save the footsteps.
  • Manage order priority, grouping, holds, or let automation do that for you.
  • Know in real-time what's happening with any order.
  • Barcodes help you avoid errors, and it's all built-in.
All inventory managed in one place
  • Ensure accurate inventory counts with tracked changes and cycle counting.
  • Set barcodes, pick and overstock locations, vendors, and customs information.
  • Set dimensions and weights to simplify pack & ship tasks.
  • Make changes in bulk.
  • Create and manage kits.
  • Manage inventory across different warehouses, set rules for allocation.
  • Reporting that gives you insight into inventory changes, sales history, stale inventory, cost of goods.
Additional Features
  • Kitting
  • Advanced cycle counting
  • Purchase order management
  • Automation rules
  • Easy, self-generated customer returns
  • Produce barcodes and leverage barcode scanning
  • Team activity and tracking
  • Merged Order Notifications to save money

Case Studies

Black Wolf Nation & ONE23 Fulfillment Conquered eCommerce and Took on the 3PL Industry, All with ShipHero

Black Wolf Nation began its men's skincare line in 2018, going from zero orders to 800 orders per day in just under three years! Once Black Wolf's volume increased, their current solution, ShipStation, just couldn't keep up. Their inventory counts were always off, and as their daily order count kept rising, they needed a better warehouse management software solution.

Enter ShipHero. With our powerful warehouse management software, ShipHero was able to provide Black Wolf Nation with the tools it needed to scale up quickly, efficiently manage its shipping operations and grow from not just one business, but two. (More on that later.)

Good Company - Start a 3PL Two Weeks Before Black Friday? It’s Possible with ShipHero.

Good Company was approached by a large dinnerware supplier that needed a 3PL, just a few weeks before Black Friday.

They would be Good Company's first ever 3PL client and there was no room for error. Good Company needed a solution that could easily integrate with Shopify, and that would scale with them as they were looking to grow quickly. This was just the beginning. Enter ShipHero. With Warehouse Management Software that can serve 3PLs just as well as brands, and a direct integration with Shopify, it was the obvious choice. After the first sales call and then onboarding, it became apparent that ShipHero was the right solution.

Vareya Fulfillment Tripled Their Business With ShipHero

Located in the Netherlands, Vareya began providing 3PL services for B2B companies across Europe, Asia and the UK in 2008. With just 30 full-time employees, and looking to switch to a B2C business in 2016, Vareya knew that their current, disorganized warehouse management solution wouldn't allow them the growth they wanted. All of these non-integrated systems led to a ton of paperwork, a ton of mistakes and a ton of headaches.

Enter ShipHero. With its fully end-to-end Warehouse Management Software solution, ShipHero was able to migrate all of Vareya's systems to an all-in-one platform. Instead of using a variety of different software, Vareya could now just look to ShipHero to run its warehouses.

DFTBA Simplified their Operations and Maximized their Efficiency with ShipHero

DFTBA (Don't Forget to be Awesome), a retail merchandise eCommerce website that features products from digital creators, had hit a wall with their prior shipping solution, ShipStation in 2020. With monthly orders ballooning to over 56,000, ShipStation was no longer able to keep up with their demand, creating bottlenecks that prevented orders from going out on time and killing their efficiency. Enter ShipHero. With our shipping software on steroids, ShipHero offered DFTBA the ability to scale at the rate of their skyrocketing growth, simplify their operations and maximize their efficiency.

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  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: $1850.00/mo.


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