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    100% Free. Top Shipment Tracking App

    Join thousands of BigCommerce Merchants to install this top BigCommerce app for shipment tracking. Support UPS, FedEx, USPS, China Post and 350+ couriers.

    Track All Your Shipments in One Place

    View delivery statuses of all your orders easily. AfterShip automatically detects the correct couriers and get the latest status from couriers. Filter your shipments by dates, statuses, couriers and destinations.

    ★ Allow Customers to View Delivery Status in One Click

    AfterShip automatically generates a tracking page for each shipment. Customize tracking page by adding your brand logo, store URL and Instagram pictures to improve SEO and generate more sales.

    ★ Send Delivery Notifications to Engage Your Customers After Sales

    Customers love delivery updates. Improve your customer satisfaction by sending email / SMS delivery status updates. Send from your email address, customise content and insert one-click tracking link.

    What BigCommerce Merchants Think of AfterShip

    ★★★★★ "This adds a tremendous amount of credibility to my site."


    ★★★★★ "This is a fantastic shipment app - all my shipment details in one place!."


    ★★★★★ "This is one of the best apps we've installed on our store."


    Install AfterShip and ensure shipping transparency with your customers to gain their trust and delight them.

    Client Reviews (317)

    What happened about 17 days ago by
    Can we not track our packages anymore? What the heck kind of update is this?
    Great App! about 1 month ago by
    Had an issue of not being able to connect to my bigcommerce site, but simple uninstall and re-install did the job. Wonderful app! highly recommended for all e-commerce business.
    Great app about 1 month ago by
    Wonderful app! Had a problem with installation but all solved by BigCommerce support
    Easy Setup 2 months ago by Daniel Tebele
    This program enables us to provide our customers with a better shopping experience A+
    Easy Setup 2 months ago by Daniel Tebele
    This program enables us to provide our customers with a better shopping experience A+
    Great extra 2 months ago by
    Great addition to my store. Will stop a LOT of calls from customers
    Easy and effective 4 months ago by
    Works well and excellently priced against the competition. Would love it to have an address book function to avoid manually entering shipments not processed through bigcommerce.
    Great 4 months ago by
    Works Great
    customer service is not good 4 months ago by
    their customer service sucks, to be honest. They need to train some of their staff to be more attentive to customers. It seems that most of the reviews on this site are one liners probably promoted by the same company. I'm giving two stars cause i like the UI but service is more important to us.
    Unbelievable! 4 months ago by
    I was skeptical at first, but AfterShip has been a lifesaver for tracking orders and helping customers. Awesome.
    Great App 4 months ago by
    Our customers love the updates as the package transits to its final destination.
    Seems legit 4 months ago by
    So far so good. I still need to configure the shipment tracker but I'm excited to have this feature!
    tracking 5 months ago by
    i just love it
    Looking Good 5 months ago by
    So far so good
    easy to install and use 5 months ago by
    easy to install and use
    Second time is the charm 7 months ago by
    The first time we installed AfterShip we had forgotten our password for our existing account. (A few years ago we synced this to our eBay account, but at some point it stopped working and we forgot about this.) Unfortunately, through the password reset process something happened and it didn't install right away. We had to uninstall and reinstall for it to import any shipments. After that second clean install it works just fine.
    Good product, poor tech support 8 months ago by
    I think this is a useful app for sure but the tech support is sorely lacking. They are clearly off-shore as you don't get a reply until the next day which is okay but I don't think they really understand the questions. I wouldn't have rated it but since they are all about rate our tech support email I figured I would. I do not find a good help or user guide. So will I keep using it? Yes, but lay off the patting yourself on the back.
    Great app 8 months ago by
    Great app, all is working as described
    Reviwq 9 months ago by
    Excellent App, Recommended!
    Promising App 9 months ago by Jacob Kurniawan
    Great app for displaying the tracking status of all orders, simple to install. Hopefully the developers can add some extra features such as sorting by different columns and being able to view more than 20 orders at a time.
    Great App 9 months ago by
    Very easy to track shipments. Has its own custom tracking page, plus email notifications. Would def recommend.
    Tracking made easy 9 months ago by
    I've been using aftership on my site for a while now, and customers appreciate the all-in-one easy info that aftership provides. recommended for store owners who handle almost everything on their own, aftership definitely helps to reduce your daily task.
    App Works Great 10 months ago by
    App itself works great now... When I first installed the app and set everything up it wouldn't automatically sync tracking numbers from my BigCommerce store. I emailed support that afternoon about the problem and the next morning I had a response (great right?). So I added them as a user on my site as they asked to diagnose the problem. I didn't get another response until late that afternoon when I had already left, so I responded the following morning. I had to make them the Store Owner because for whatever weird reason, no one but the Store Owner can access apps in BigCommerce (IMO any Admin should be able to, but that's just me.) So I hesitate at first, but the person actually is with Aftership, so I make them the Store Owner and email them to inform them of such. That's been about 36 hours ago now and I haven't gotten a response as of yet with 3 emails having been sent. So, I had to get BigCommerce to give me back Store Owner status because they won't reply and I need to access my other apps. I've got folks asking for tracking numbers since Aftership isn't sending the emails and I'm not the store owner so I can't get into my ShipStation account to find the tracking number manually, not can I ship new orders via ShipStation. Anyways, long story short, the App itself gets 5 Stars, the Support gets 0 Stars from me. I'll average that out for 4 Stars overall. Truthfully, if they step up their support, I would make this 5 Stars. I understand everybody has bad moments, so I'm not formally complaining to Aftership or holding it against them, but it was a major headache for me. I'm the "Internet Guy" at our $9,000,000+ store and you try telling your boss or customers you can't pull tracking numbers.
    So Far So Good 10 months ago by
    Just installed the app and tested a few orders - pretty neat and slick!
    Easy Peasy 10 months ago by JHY
    Easy to learn and control. Adding the track button to order status page was just what I was looking for.
    Great App 10 months ago by
    This app makes tracking orders super easy. My customers are happy and that makes me happy!
    So Far So good 10 months ago by
    Nice app. I like how it shows when it is delivered. MAkes our lives a lot easier!
    Great App for Shipment Notifications 11 months ago by
    Aftership is easy to use and offers a great service.
    LOVE LOVE LOVE THE APP 11 months ago by
    i love this app, used it before and now love the additional features and ease of use. What i do not love is the way it disconnected from big commerce.. they need to fix that it was a hassle to reconnect
    Our Customers Love This App 12 months ago by
    Great features and most of all our customers love us for it. Aftership helps look more professional and tracking updates are very powerful customer retention tool. Thank you Aftership for this great app.
    Be professional in just a few clicks 12 months ago by
    Aftership is the easiest way for your eCommerce business to be professional to your customers. Telling them well in advance of their shipments not only give your customers a peace of mind but also reduces the amount of work to reply to customers' individual enquiries.
    Does Not Get Any Better Than This about 1 year ago by
    We have been using AfterShip for a few years on numerous stores and for the money you cannot get a better tool to keep your customers informed concerning the status of their order. Do not delay in trying.
    Good App for tracking packages about 1 year ago by
    Good App for tracking packages for both the business as well as your customers. Customers get notifications of delivery status & can easily view their order status within their own account. Only downside ive seen is that you have to uninstall and reinstall the app as it becomes "disconnected" occasionally.
    Best CSAT add-on for the $ about 1 year ago by
    Of all of the add-ons we've tried to improve the customer experience this has been the best for the money. My customers simply LOVE the real-time updates on the status of their shipments. It's a major improvement over the default BC "you're order has shipped" type of scenario!
    Best of the Best about 1 year ago by Kinglton
    We love this app , Great and Easy to use
    Easy to use about 1 year ago by
    Very easy to navigate. Just setup my account.
    After Ship about 1 year ago by
    Great app about 1 year ago by
    I can find all tracking information, delivery and delay status in one place.
    Great App about 1 year ago by
    Great app. Makes communication with customers so easy and helps us keep up to date with the orders and their delivery.
    AfterShip a Great App! about 1 year ago by
    Only took a couple of minutes to set up and will be a very reassuring and impressive automatic app to have for my customers and myself, timewise! Thank you for this help from BigCommerce!
    Easy Install about 1 year ago by
    Very easy to install.
    Easy startup about 1 year ago by
    Setup and integration with bigcommerce was a breeze
    Cool App about 1 year ago by Bradley Rosen
    Cool app. Cuts down on customer calling wanting to know where there stuff is.
    Great App about 1 year ago by
    Has cut down on phone calls and emails about tracking 80%. Great app highly recommend.
    Good about 1 year ago by
    Great so far about 1 year ago by
    Great so far!!
    Higher Recommend App about 1 year ago by
    Customers love to stay informed about their shipment, aftership is easy to setup and use.
    Love this App about 1 year ago by
    Super helpful for our customers. Way less calls to track packages since they are notified in real time.
    Great follow up about 1 year ago by
    Love this app. Used it with all my store platforms. Easy to set up and provides a remarkable customer service approach.
    Great! about 1 year ago by Admin
    Significantly reduced our customer service inquiries asking "where's my order". Great value for the money!
    Worth every penny about 1 year ago by
    Customer notifications are the reason we use this app. Letting our customers know that their package is out for delivery has saved everybody a lot of grief.
    Aftership about 1 year ago by
    just installed and like what I see so far!
    review about 1 year ago by
    just started but excited to see it work
    Aftership about 1 year ago by
    Customers and our customer service team like the timely shipping updates. Customers can make sure that they are available when items get delivered or can contact the courier to arrange an alternate time. Our customer service team are alerted to delivery exceptions so we can proactively action them. Helps make good customer service, even better!
    After Ship about 1 year ago by
    This app is a awesome idea, it's very simple, user friendly and most importantly it has done everything that it said it would. It's always nice to know that you have a tool handy that will allow you as well as your customers to keep up with packages.
    Shipping App about 1 year ago by
    I have tried a lot of shipping apps, but none of them came even close of what AfterShip can do, you can depends on this app because it will get the job done. You don't have to worry about if your customers got their products because AfterShip is on it before you is on it, that is how fast they are, give them a try you won't be disappointed.
    good API about 1 year ago by
    good API
    Excellent Tracking App about 1 year ago by
    This is a great tracking app that integrates with multiple channels so you can keep track of all your shipping with just Aftership
    Needs more Shipping Companies about 1 year ago by
    Has several Main Companies here in Australia but doesn't have Allied Express which is a biggie. Useless App for me
    Excellent solution about 1 year ago by
    perfect way to make things a fair amount easier to manage for new businesses
    GREAT and MUCH NEEDED App !!! about 1 year ago by
    Aftership is a GREAT and NEEDED APP that picks up where Big Commerce dropped the ball !!!
    see a shipping win about 1 year ago by
    ship it
    Looks Great! about 1 year ago by
    This app looks very useful. Can't wait to start using it
    Looks Good about 1 year ago by
    Great and easy to use.
    Looking forward to using this service about 1 year ago by
    Looking forward to using this service
    great about 1 year ago by
    cant wait to try it
    Great Add On about 1 year ago by
    Easy setup and a great feature to have
    GREAT about 1 year ago by
    great idea about 1 year ago by
    easy to use and great for customers as well.
    Good Idea, but needs more support for US LTL carriers about 1 year ago by Jamie Tidrick
    We like the aftership system as it generates nice clean tracking and other notification for our customers. However it seems that apps like this that deliver notification for ground carriers are a dime a dozen. We really need more functionality to support LTL freight carriers. Since most all carries, at least national ones, support open API integration, then this should be fairly simple to add functionality. However Aftership uses the "Submit functionality requests" and subsequent "voting" to add functionality. The problem is that even items with good traction never seem to be addressed. This isn't just aftership, but most companies that go by this method. It doesn't really matter how many people request it. So overall that's disappointing but it's a good system, don't get me wrong. If you need simple and clean notifications to your customers then go with this. If you need freight notifications to US based customers, just know that only a handful of LTL carriers are supported.
    can't even get a username about 1 year ago by Zable Store
    every single user name I input just said it's in use, I put my store name, my name, everything I could think of 15 different combinations and everything said it is already in use. It's not possible that that's the case so there's just some issue and it's stuck so I can't even get registered.
    AfterShip about 1 year ago by
    Looking forward using this App.
    Tracking Orders about 1 year ago by
    I was looking for a app that's going to help me on Tracking my Orders, and i came upon this app AfterShip....So I'm like let me check it out! I see over 200 people has it! so it must be something about it! and yes this is the app for business owners, I just love it! now I'm free to do as i like!
    Got it going about 1 year ago by
    it took a few attempts to get going but support was great and we'll see how it goes!
    Looks Good about 1 year ago by
    I just installed this app. It looks pretty simple to use. Can't wait to get started.
    Great about 1 year ago by
    really neat
    So far so good about 1 year ago by
    Great so far
    Cool about 1 year ago by
    Makes things easier
    So Far So Good about 1 year ago by
    Great app so far! Nice to track all packages in one place
    Looks Good about 1 year ago by
    Very easy install/setup, will be testing this out with our store - looks very promising and likely to save a lot of time in the shipping dept.
    Aftership Excellent Job about 1 year ago by
    Aftership does an excellent job. It helps me everyday be less stressed out with less customer support. A+
    review about 1 year ago by
    Great app about 1 year ago by
    Great app - raises the level of customer service! Alex .B
    Great tool about 1 year ago by
    Great tool for shipping management. Clients love it!
    Love this about 1 year ago by
    This product makes it easy to keep my customers informed of their shipments!
    love about 1 year ago by
    i love this app. ive been using it for a while now! such an easy to use app
    Great product and excellent support (live and documentation) about 1 year ago by
    I've been using Aftership for about a month now and I am very pleased with both the app and the customer service. I got it up and running right away using the visuals and within a few hours I had an email from their support team checking in on me. I highly recommend this service to any click and mortar business!
    awesome about 1 year ago by
    love this app..everything is in one place! whoop
    Just what was needed! about 1 year ago by Gillian Spence
    We ship live feeder insects and our customers rely on knowing when they'll be delivered to be home and bring them in from the elements. This tool has VASTLY improved our customer satisfaction. Customers are notified when a package has been delivered or if we have sent it to the hub for pickup. They are alerted not only that it's ready but the pickup address as well. I can't commend you enough for writing this fabulous program and it would be wonderful if Bigcommerce purchased the software from you and integrated it into their product.
    ggv about 1 year ago by
    Amazing App! about 1 year ago by Aparna Sachathamakul
    AfterShip is amazing! The app is easy to use and seamless. AfterShip helped me: 1. Reduce my customer service inquires by providing my customers up to date information on delivery times; 2. Reduce Freight Fees by tracking items before they were returned to our warehouse; 3. Create a value add for my customers by providing a delivery reminder on the day. I am very impressed.
    Love it! about 1 year ago by
    Love the email sent after delivery function!
    Awesome! about 1 year ago by Kaycees Corner Super Store
    One of the TOP Apps we have used to date! Great convenience for our customers!
    Great App about 1 year ago by
    We are in the process of starting up our website, I haven't yet had the ability to take full advantage of the AfterShip app, but from what I can tell so far it is a great tool and addition to our website. I love that the app is fully integrated with BigCommerce, and love having all these tools to make the shopping experience for our customers better. Will update with 5 stars when I can fully test all the features.
    Saves time. Impresses customers. about 1 year ago by
    Pays for itself many times over by saving time and customer service inquiries. Improves our customer experience as well. Great Service!
    Easy to use about 1 year ago by Preston
    Easy to use, very nice for customer updates. It's just to bad they charge per order instead of a month charge, it can get expensive.
    Great about 1 year ago by
    Works well easy to set up
    Aftership about 1 year ago by
    Aftership is a terrific app. Works flawlessly. Provides customers an amazing level of insight on their shipment progress. I have had several good reviews that specifically mentioned the emails aftership sends to update customers.
    We LOVE it and highly recommend it. about 1 year ago by Radovan Draca
    Aftership will take your order tracking notification email to next lever. We love it.
    Simple but Brilliant about 1 year ago by Leslie Bowman
    Simple app and yet very useful in tracking all your shipments directly from your website. Brilliant
    Great APP about 1 year ago by
    Great APP
    Great app about 1 year ago by Eric Lovins
    I love the convenience of this app. makes tracking info a breeze
    Aftership about 1 year ago by
    Looks pretty good so far, thank goodness for the apps for the settings :)
    Convenient and nice looking interface about 1 year ago by Replica Lights Admin
    Convenient and nice looking lnterface but would be nicer to have own logo. Thanks.
    Seamless Integration - Perfect Product about 1 year ago by
    An incredible app to add to your BigCommerce store. Easy to install, easy to setup and most of all, easy for the customer to use. Gives you peace of mind when it comes to knowing where your orders are and if there are any failed deliveries. Highly recommend AfterShip. Wouldn't create another online store without it.
    Great Application! about 1 year ago by
    So far so good, a great tool to keep your customers updated on their shipment status so you don't have to spend much time on the phone, the personalized tracking page is also great so they'll have the opportunity to visit your store right from there. We recommend this application 100%.
    great about 1 year ago by
    love it!
    Great App about 1 year ago by
    Love this product! Now my customers get notifications for any delivery exceptions which was important to me! Very easy to install and use! Great Job!
    Awesome Product about 1 year ago by David Ward
    Love this app and so do my customers! It's one of the best apps for BigCommerce and definitely helps with customer satisfaction and loyalty.
    Love It! about 1 year ago by
    I really love this app. It makes keeping up with my packages after they;ve been shipped a lot easier. Everything is easy access in one app.
    Great app! about 1 year ago by Laurie W
    This is an app everyone should get. Lot's of information when and if you need it.
    Easy to use about 1 year ago by
    Easy to use, easy to set up and customers like it.
    Great Shipping App about 1 year ago by Matt Johnson
    Awesome shipping app. Gives customers great info on the status of the shipment! Helps minimize shipping inquiries.
    Perfect about 1 year ago by
    Perfect app, I am using aftership since ıt is founded, the CEO help us a lot. THank you aftership tema
    Works good about 1 year ago by
    Works good.
    Works like a charcm about 1 year ago by admin
    Does exactly what it's supposed to and support is outstanding!
    No Brainer about 1 year ago by
    Must have app. Today, many people are too stupid to know how to use a tracking number. This app emails and texts the tracking information to the buyers and notifies them if there is a problem with the delivery, so they can re-schedule or pick it up at the post office. Worth every cent.
    Great Product for Customer UX about 1 year ago by Kate
    I occasionally look in the BC Marketplace for new apps that will improve customer experience and journey. And this is definitely a must have. I dont know why but we get so many calls from our customers asking "WHERES MY STUFF?" umm did you click on the big image in your email that says track package here? Guess not, but now they can do that directly on our site - Aftership is simply AMAZING!
    Error after Error about 1 year ago by

    Freight ship tracking work 1 out of 5 times .Customer service sucked.Cant do UPS international shipment tracking..Don't waste your time or $$$$ 

    Easy to set up about 1 year ago by

    The set up was not too long and it does a great job. This is the one you would need if you are looking for something which has a similar function to your site.

    Great App about 1 year ago by

    Great App! Impressed at how well it works!. 

    Limited Customization Options / Slow Support about 1 year ago by K9 Nutraceutics™

    This app provides accurate information to your customers and functions well.  However, the customization options to "brand" the look and feel of the tracking page and notification emails are very limited or non-functional.  Even the aftership tracking button's color can not be changed to match your website's theme.  Combined with slower than average support response time makes the app frustrating for any business that is looking to achieve an appearance other than something that is one-size-fits-all.

    It functions well and is definitely worth considering if you are willing to accept the customization limitations.

    ADDS CREDIBILITY about 1 year ago by

    This adds a tremendous amount of credibility to my site. It shows that we don't just care about selling them product, but that we show the importance of making sure our customers are taken care of every step of the way even after they have checked out.

    Excellent about 1 year ago by

    Great app. Very easy to install!

    Pretty good! over 2 years ago by

    I use aftership so my customers can track their packages in the order details. Does exactly what I need!

    Awesome app and company that you rely on over 2 years ago by

    Awesome application!!

    So far so good over 2 years ago by

    Just installed aftership and so far so good. Was easy to set up and seems to work as advertised. Only giving 4 stars because I haven't had it long enough to give it 5.

    awesome product over 2 years ago by

    This is exactly what I was looking for, very easy to use. Definitely recommend for anyone who ships orders in multiple packages as you can include the specific items shipped in your Aftership emails. It's a great replacement for BC's vague order status emails.

    Great App over 2 years ago by nevkens

    I love this app, i love it more that by customers pro actively tracking their shipment, they are returning back to my site which could potentially turn into another sale. Offering everything at one place is only helping myself

    Great app over 2 years ago by

    This is a great app... certainly picks up where Big Commerce falls off. Puts you in control of what, when and where of your shipments. 

    Review over 2 years ago by

    Ease of use and easy install and setup.

    Good App over 2 years ago by

    This works great for tracking shipments

    very useful app over 2 years ago by

    great and useful app to keep shipping status up to date and in check. a great tool to handle customer service.

    So far so good over 2 years ago by

    Super easy to set up.....  No Issues, all is good :)

    Really Worthwhile over 2 years ago by Steve Berg

    This is a fantastic shipment addon - all my shipment details in one place!  Highly recommend you using this with your BigCommerce store!  Wish I had found this years ago!!

    Great App over 2 years ago by

    Great app. Easy to set up and easy to use. Great for any ecommerce site.

    Awesome over 2 years ago by

    I've been wanting something like this on my store for a long time.  Great service!

    Initial Review over 2 years ago by

    So far so good.  I thihk this app will end not only providing convenience but will actually save my company money.  Awesome product.

    Everyone Needs This! over 2 years ago by

    This is one of the best apps we've installed on our store -- I'm thrilled with the features, and with the accuracy of the information it provides.  The custom status updates we can send to our clients look so incredibly professional -- a HUGE upgrade from what BC provides on the standard store!  My only regret is that we waited so long to get it.  This should've been on our store from Day 1.

    I will say that installing this app was incredibly tricky -- the directions provided did not exactly do the trick.  Don't give up on it, though.  Their customer support replies (at night) by email, and they are VERY helpful.  They basically installed several of the features for me when I started having troubles.  They answered every question I had, and they were so helpful and courteous.  Once the app was installed, the execution was flawless.  Fire and forget -- it was exactly what we needed.

    The only thing I wish that it did would be to auto-update the status of an order through our BC order control panel (i.e. change an item status to "SHIPPED" when the carrier reports that it has shipped.)  I still have to do it manually, but it's not that big of a deal.

    Good App over 2 years ago by

    Great way to keep customers informed on their shipments!

    Excellent product over 2 years ago by

    I had trouble finding a way to send good looking notices out to customers after shipping. Then I was introduced to Aftership. It really helped me out in a big way in such a convenient manner. On top of free! How good can it get.....

    Easy to Install over 2 years ago by

    I installed aftership over the weekend. I added my first tracking number today. It was easy to use and the tracking information promptly loaded into the app.

    If you track your shipments get it over 2 years ago by

    Easy install, import works great.  Super easy to check status of your Big Commerce outgoing shipments.   We lost the connection to our store at one point and their support was responsive and helped us fix the issue

    Works Great over 2 years ago by

    Easy setup and works great!

    Nice app over 2 years ago by

    Gives us the ability to provide tracking support to customers whose orders are not shipped with Australia Post.

    Easy to set up, handy app over 2 years ago by

    This was easy to set up and we get less customer inquiries regarding shipping status. Especially great during the holidays! Only wish the pre-populated tracking could be in an easier location so the customer could find it easier when looking up past orders. Then it would get 5 stars.

    Exceptional App over 2 years ago by Howard Case

    Seasonal crunch of hundreds of orders going out at once, AfterShip has made tracking shipping so, so much easier.  Would love to see an update/fetch button to bring in all new orders with tracking numbers from BigCommerce, but other than that it is pretty complete, with a simple,clean UI.

    The Best Tracking App , or should I say the ONLY tracking app available! over 2 years ago by Ella Lim

    I have been seeing Aftership for awhile in bigcommerce's app store but had no idea what it can do until my recent google search for a tutorial on how I can show tracking info of the courier I used within my website. I was pointed to this app and tried installing it. I am very surprised at the extent of what its free version can do. I am still requesting for one of the local courier to be included, but with the available courier synced to my website, I love how I can see all the status of my deliveries in one dashboard! 

    Total time saver, and support is also excellent even if I am on a free version. Thanks for coming up with this very useful app!

    Improves customer shopping experience and better management of shipped orders over 2 years ago by

    You can get alerts on shipped packages that have issues with delivery so you can be ahead of the upcoming problem and take early action. Customers can track the progress of their package without leaving their account on your website. It's pretty cool.

    Whoaaa over 2 years ago by Terry Myers

    I had a slight issue and Edward assisted me with resolving it correctly. App is a time saver for me and customers love it.

    Thanks again!

    Excellent indeed! over 2 years ago by Hortencia Moore

    Just signed up and I already love how in integrates with what I already have! Love it!

    Good over 2 years ago by Jefferson Siow

    Would love to continue using

    Nice !!!!! over 2 years ago by

    Loved the easy of setup. Install and cutomization was easy.

    Get app, very helpful over 2 years ago by Fred Tardie

    Our automatic email notifications were sending the tracking numbers to customers but not providing the right url to track the package, for example a UPS tracking number was linked to the FedEx page.  Since this was a global feature with BigCommerce we couldn't fix it, until we found AfterShip.  We simply included a link to our website where we have the AfterShip widget.  Customers can now track their packages with ease and we no longer receive calls from upset customers.

    Awesome app, highly recommended!

    Good over 2 years ago by

    Good app, and easy to use. Was a little difficult setting up but after set up was done its been good :)

    Customers love it! over 3 years ago by

    Who wouldn't want to be informed of their package's progress? Easy to use and helpful support.

    A+++++ PRODUCT over 3 years ago by

    I was extremely impressed by the amount of information given at just the touch of a button. Super easy to install...up and running in no time!

    Support? Disappointing. over 3 years ago by

    Reviews from a year ago talk about great support, I have not seen that. No phone or chat service, email only. A very specific email question was answered with the link to the simple instructions on the website. Knew that, did that already.

    Also take a look at the screenshots of the tracking list, two columns both with the same information, the tracking number. You can't search using customer name or order number. How can you realistically check a customer's package?

    I really want this app to be what it seemed to be and I would love to talk or chat with someone at Aftership to solve some of the simple problems.

    Super Great Product over 3 years ago by Harold Jay

    This really helped us a lot with our shipping management.

    works great over 3 years ago by

    This product works great.  It was very easy to setup and it started bringing in the orders right away.  It took a bit of patience to setup the email reminders ( editor is a little quirky ) but once that was done, its been solid.


    Very useful over 3 years ago by

    Great app thanks very much!

    Great product over 3 years ago by

    A fantastic product, really easy to setup, looking forward to using it.

    Covers most (all) main couriers in Asia over 3 years ago by

    We only trade within India and was unsure at first if any app will fit our requirements for shipment tracking. But aftership has been brilliant it covers all of the courier providers we use. :)

    Great App over 3 years ago by Charles Lariviere

    Aftership is extremely easy to install and configure with your store. It is a great implement that customers love!

    Excellent over 3 years ago by Jorge Tendeiro

    Superb app. Makes monitoring deliveries a breeze. Australia Post is awful at online tracking and notification but this app notifies customers via email or text every step of the way. Absolutely brilliant.

    Been using on all of my e-commerce sites over 3 years ago by

    Amazing software and dropped support tickets for shipment questions dramatically.  On top of that, my customers LOVE the fact that they get a ton of status emails about their package so they always know what's going on.  Very professional.

    Awesome App over 3 years ago by

    AfterShip is very easy to setup and use. I highly recommend AfterShip.

    Great App for tracking shipments over 3 years ago by

    After losing revenue due to lost or misdirect packages or simply packages left unclaimed and returned to sender, I am finding that aftership is wonderful for updating me on what is happening with my package. At 10 cents per order tracking, it is more than worth my lost packages.

    Over a year, works great still over 3 years ago by
    I've been using this for over a year now and while I don't look at the status much myself, customer response from the email updates they get have been positive. The cost is worth it.
    thanks over 3 years ago by

    I really like the app

    Great Product over 3 years ago by Admin Account

    I was skeptical trying this at first. However, since adding it to my website it has turned out to be an easy to integrate great resource for my employees and customers. Looking forward to finding even greater uses for this app !

    Great Tracking App over 3 years ago by

    Great tracking app. I use this on another website I have. Nice to be able to add tracking # and get updates till delivered.

    Great App over 3 years ago by

    it has a lot of couriers covered for most significant countries, also can add specified couriers upon request. overall, it is a quite nice app.

    Great App over 3 years ago by

    So this APP was super easy to install. We have only been using it one day that is why I only gave it 4 stars. So far so good. Once we get more traffic I will upgrade to the notifications for customers. Very inexpensive. Good job guys!

    great stuff over 3 years ago by

    love it 

    Very Nice App over 3 years ago by Smith

    This is a very nice app that gives my customers another reason to come back to my site, rather than a shippers site.  Provides added convienence not just for my customers but myself as well.

    Love this App over 3 years ago by

    This app made me look like a hero at the office.  Solved a BIG problem we had constantly having to track orders for customers (wondering why it's not a built in feature with BigCommerce.)

    Just in time! over 3 years ago by

    This app is PERFECT!!! With Big Commerce, there was no easy way to update my customers on the status of their orders, unless I did it manually. As my company is starting to get busier, I was starting to wonder how I was going to keep up (and keep track!) AfterShip couldn't have come to my attention at a better time! Works beautifully with my store and notifies my clients of their order status every step of the way! Already receiving great feedback from my customers about how wonderful the automated emails are! Keep up the great work! LOVE THIS APP!! =)

    review of aftership over 3 years ago by CRUSTY PUNK

    it is a fantastic way to get personal with your customers as it makes them fell like you appreciate their business with up to date tracking  

    Awesome. That's it! over 3 years ago by

    Absolutely great product, it makesyou save time and money.

    Convenient and helpful over 3 years ago by

    Just what I have been looking for.  Easy to install and very user friendly.  I already discovered a problem with a package.

    amazing app!!!!! over 3 years ago by http://cris

    easy to install and easy to set up amazing app! 

    Best Shipping App over 3 years ago by

    Very easy and to use! Works with BC with ease and is very easy to setup. Tons of options and email notifications are just awesome. I couldn't recommend a better application for your shipping needs. Also has a Quickbook integration (extra) for those that need. They also made tons of improvements including when the shipping notification will be sent to your customers. As you have many choices to send that email to your customer. I couldnt recommend a better app for your store on BC than this.

    Most useful app over 3 years ago by

    This is the most useful add-on for our store, simply a must. I have been searching for such a solution for a long time before. Now we are using it for about a year and I cannot imagine being without it. Also five stars for incredible fast and useful support from these awesome team.

    GREAT APP, Works Perfect for us over 3 years ago by

    Easy to set up, Everything in one place and send notifications all from one spot for different selling spots.

    No brainer over 3 years ago by

    Free to use and saves you time, money and keeps you organized- it should be a no brainer.

    A+ over 3 years ago by


    totally awesome over 3 years ago by Erasmos Bayne

    That's awesome. Customer support, features, install and price are all outstanding. Recommended!

    Amazing App! over 3 years ago by

    This app has saved so much time with shipping emails and tracking! If you don't use this app, you're making a huge mistake!

    Excellent addition to BigCommerec site! over 3 years ago by

    Looks great! This will definitely save us time an money! cant wait to use it on a daily basis.

    Great App over 3 years ago by

    Super easy to use. This app is a must for e commerce businesses. I am a small business owner and this is a great app for me. It is an automatic integration and sends emails to my customers for me! The emails can be customized for a more personal feel and affect. My customers will be very happy! and I am very happy as well because customers constantly love to know updates and to have a feeling that a seller/business cares about them. Aftership helps give that personal touch and care that small businesses especially need. Just another great feature for my business that is automatic and does not tie my time down! I love the app!!!

    Easy to use and simple too over 3 years ago by

    Love the ease and the simplicity of this app. Glad I got this app.

    Awesome Product over 3 years ago by

    Aftership makes my job 100 times easier by automatically connecting to my store and automating my tracking numbers for each order into real-time emails / text message notifications to my customers.  I've even had customers leave online reviews about how "cool" it is that they get notifications. That they dont even get these notifications through amazon!  Now that is definitely something that makes for a great customer service expereince and I owe this to Aftership.   Thanks guys for the awesome product. Keep making this product awesome!

    Great Product over 3 years ago by

    Works well with our Big Commerce store

    Seems great over 3 years ago by Nabeel Mulla

    I just installed this app and it seems as if it will be a nice addition for my customers. I'm happy!

    Clean Interface over 3 years ago by

    I like the clean interface of Aftership. I also like that there is a free version that will work for most small businesses until you'd like to upgrade. I've tried Aftership on a woocommerce site and liked that it just integrated right into our customers order history page so when it came to BigCommerce, this app was a no-brainer to use.

    Good Start over 3 years ago by Cisco

    Easy to install, works as described. Wish there was a way to update when I want, not every 3hrs. Would be nice if my customers could see this live tracking when they logged in their account. Icons/notifications to show when packages are still in transit beyond their scheduled delivery date might make the app worth the price. It's a good start.

    Great Product Samves Time over 3 years ago by

    I really enjoy this feature packed app and it saves me a ton of time.

    Easy to install and use over 3 years ago by

    Quick and simple tool!

    Great App For Shipping over 3 years ago by

    I love being able to push emails to customers when the order ships.

    Good App over 3 years ago by

    Gives customers easy tracking capabilities!

    Excellent! over 3 years ago by

    Our customers love it - great app!

    Review over 3 years ago by

    Nice app... Downloaded and trying it.. but reeally worth

    Did not work over 3 years ago by

    12-20-2014 After several hours of trying to integrate this app with my Bigcommerce store I couldn't figure it out. I am not a programmer, but can for sure find my way around code in Bigcommerce. Every attempt at changing my code was unsuccessful, because I found their code is broken. Any real tracking number that I put in after adding the code to my site would only result in "Pending" and showed me no details of the order. I would likely purchase the paid version to integrate notifications, but if it doesn't work with the free version than I am not spending the money on something that doesn't work. Good luck if you install this app, you will find it doesn't work after going through all the trouble of changing your code. 

    Great over 3 years ago by http://walk-my-dog

    Wow. This is a great App! It's awesome that i have integrated this in matter of a click with this functionality. Thanks. 

    Great Free App for BigCommerce over 3 years ago by

    This app is great because it lets you add a tracking app so you customer can track their package straight from my website!!! I recommend this app. 

    Well done over 3 years ago by http://my-gadget-shop

    I really enjoy this app so far. It looks very promising. AfterShip offers a good way to manage shipments. Recommend. 

    Better than Bigcommerce default shipping notifications over 3 years ago by Daniel Nunney

    Much better than the Bigcommerce default shipping notifications. With BC an order is just "shipped", with Aftership you can give detailed messages when a label is created, when a package is in transit, out for delivery and delivered, among others. So far so good with this app.

    Cool app with cool team! over 3 years ago by

    This is the only app we loved. thanks!

    AfterShip over 3 years ago by

    Agree and confirm wht Dee says abut AfterShip, It is easy to install & customize, and the support is very good as well. Aftership really care , and are available with sincere back-up. Im preaty happy so far...

    Great App over 3 years ago by

    It's very simple to use and the guides for it are easy to understand!Thank you for a great product! (^ - ^)/

    Excellent Customer Service............. over 3 years ago by Sean Bramlett

    If you ever have a problem with this app, just ask for assistance, it's usually a quick fix........This is a good app to keep the shoppers updated with what is going on with their packages especially.Kudos!


    Cool App over 3 years ago by http://Ali

    I recently introduced this easy to install and user friendly app to my customers thru my web store.So far response has been very positive.Very useful in sense,as my customers don't have to jump to different web sites to track their shipments.

    App Review over 3 years ago by

    I agree and strongly advise the use of this app. You can track all your shipments through it and don't need to open excess tabs otherwise to do so. Its very simple and straight forward to use!

    perfect over 3 years ago by http://germancandy

    Fantastic tool.. works perfect

    So far so good!! over 3 years ago by Monique Fordyce

    This app makes it so easy to track all my orders seamlessly. No more searching for lost orders etc... this let me see it all at a glance.

    great over 3 years ago by

    very good!

    Fantastic over 3 years ago by

    Had issues getting the tracking info to display on the order details page due to the template being used, but that's the fault of the template, not the product. Overall, a fantastic service.

    Very impressed! over 3 years ago by

    Just installed this app two days ago and already received a shipping alert showing an incorrect address which allowed us to be proactive and jump on this right away. Great product, easily installed and provides a level of visibility on our shipments that we were lacking. Highly recommended.

    very good over 3 years ago by

    very good

    Features which we would like to have since launch over 3 years ago by

    AfterShip helps us to realise the parcel-tracking feature which we would like to have since our website launch! Easy-to-use, clear instructions, step by step implementation and more! Will be upgrading to the premium plan for more features set!

    A Powerful Time Saver over 3 years ago by m b

    Installation was easy. This app is a must have for tracking orders, especially if you have a great deal of orders in transit at the same time. Instead of opening each order and checking tracking, this interface allows you quickly to check all orders.

    Great app over 3 years ago by

    I highly recommend everyone get this app to keep track of all your shipments.

    great suport over 3 years ago by

    good app, easy to install and lets you manage all your shipments and let you know if a shipment has not reached its destination

    AfterShip over 3 years ago by

    We are very excited to get rolling with AfterShip - all of the possibilities and convenience of all this information in one place is amazing!

    Love the features over 3 years ago by

    Easy to use, intuitive and functional. The first app I installed, highly recommended.

    Works Great over 3 years ago by

    The visual dashboard saves me a lot of clicking when working with customers

    Good choice! over 3 years ago by

    Easy to set up easy to use I would certainly recommend if you use more than one shipping company.

    Works like a charm over 4 years ago by

    After ship was easy to install and works like a charm and detects the courier name by the tracking number and also updates the status automatically. This was a much needed addition.

    awesome! over 4 years ago by

    the is fantasic, i love that it tracks all carriers

    Brilliant Time Saver over 4 years ago by

    Been looking for a app just like this, it is a brilliant addition to our bigcommerce store and saves many hours which we would of spending advising customers of tracking information, instead customers can do the tracking themselves

    Review over 4 years ago by Terri Szewczyk

    Very easy to install, add you shippers and ready to go!!. Want to add a tool to use to make business easier this is it. I've had shipping experience working for a busy company and this definately is an improvement to how we used to do things.

    This App Is Awesome over 4 years ago by Bright Chidiebere http://WWW.BrytCouture.Com

    Certainly best of its' kind, i have used several other similar ones even android ones, but this is certainly best for any eCommerce store owner, well designed and easy to use. with integration of so many shipping companies, i will highly recommend 

    Perfect, A MUST for online retailers over 4 years ago by

    This app provides a service that Bigcommerce should have had in place. One of the most important components of customer service is letting them know where there items are. A++ 

    Install was easy and having a tracking system in place on our website is great!

    Review over 4 years ago by

    I really think this is awesome that I can integrate my new store with AfterShip so that I can connect my prefered couriers to my store shipments.

    I am excited and I look forward to completing the process, start selling and have my customers chose their prefered courier and receive their purchases in acceptable time. I understand that they will be able to track their purchases and keep informed of their shipment process until at their door.

    Thanks very much for this guys & a great job.

    Kind regards,


    Super fast to install and setup over 4 years ago by

    Great service!  Allows the little-boys to offer services that would normally be cost prohibitive. Thanks!

    Excellent over 4 years ago by Paula
    Great product. I really recommend it!
    Love It!!!! over 4 years ago by Radovan
    Ability to notify a customer when the shipment is out for delivery is a perfect feature.
    Easy to Use over 4 years ago by Howard
    Simple to use and easy to setup. Allows you to see the status of shipments on one page and allows customers to easily check on orders.
    Works good so far! over 4 years ago by Aria Norton
    I just downloaded this app for our shop. I was curious and I didn't want to leave a review until I had orders to ship out. And the verdict is I really like this app, it adds convenience for our customers and really does the tracking FOR them. My only suggestion is that it should update more often instead of every three hours.
    Slick Tracking App over 4 years ago by Robert
    Information is always good to have, especially in eCommerce. AfterShip gives us a convenient and professional looking resource to make sure our shipments are getting where they're supposed go and arriving when they're supposed to be there.
    works wonderful - great bonus for my customers! over 4 years ago by norma toraya
    Was easy to add to my Big Commerce shop and I love the ability to import csv files for other types of shipments (still fussing around with that part to make it easier to use). Love the friendly support too!
    WOW..... talk about making biz easier over 4 years ago by justin booth
    Simple to use......... amazing fast customer service...... Saves me hiring an employee 20 days a week for 8 hours a day @ $15.00/hour
    Super Useful App - Don't Know Why BC Didn't Have It 1st over 4 years ago by HY
    Ok, so the app company did give me an incentive to write this review (free upgrade and $10 credit), but I can't deny that this app just does what it promises. Customers are happy as they can track their shipment with 1 click from their account. I might consider getting the paid version but the free one is already great. You think that BC would have included this functionality as a native app but as always we have to go to 3rd parties to get simple services like this
    It's awesome! over 4 years ago by AJ
    It's great that our customer's can track their orders directly within our online store. The pricing of this app is fantastic, very cheap and on a PAYG basis.
    Great Tracking! over 4 years ago by Bill
    I love the tracking interface that tells you exactly where your packages are (In Transit / Out for delivery / Delivered) at a glance. Simple to install and easy to use.
    Excellent App / Huge Help over 4 years ago by Andrew Marsteller
    After Ship was easy to install and setup. We are a small company that handles 99% of our orders online and it's very easy to download the UPS CSV and then import it. After ship saves our company time and money by handling the tedious task of updating tracking. It has also helped us become more efficient by showing us exactly where packages are and showing us how long they take to arrive. This is a must have app for any company that ships with any major carrier. Well done!
    Great Product over 4 years ago by Phil Eisaman
    I enjoyed setting this up. What a great concept and easy to use platform! I only wish that the URL for the tracking can be pushed to the "your order has shipped" email. When this happens a 5th star is in order.
    john over 4 years ago by Exclusive interior designs furniture
    I love the aftership I recommend it!!!!!!!!!
    Love It! over 4 years ago by G Miller
    Aftership has made my job easier. I would recommend this product to any business
    The best shipping app there is over 4 years ago by John Goldsmith
    We have started using Aftership for our shipping. Our customers can now see all the facts about their delivery and we save lots of time. Now that Fastway - Australia has been added to your couriers we can now use Aftership for both Australia Post & Fastway deliveries, Really great information for our customers. Thank you!
    Awesome! over 4 years ago by SPECIALLENS
    Know this apps from BC's blog. Thsi is exactly what I have been looking for since long time ago. Easy to setup, easy integration! Price is reasonable!
    Easy to setup over 4 years ago by
    Awesome app easy to setup.
    Aftership over 4 years ago by Kim
    Great add-on to my website!
    Pretty good over 4 years ago by Ben
    My only complaint is that I wish you could click a button to update the tracking rather than wait the 4 hours.
    VERY NICE over 4 years ago by THERESA MORGAN
    Great! over 4 years ago by Juliet H
    Works great!
    Save time and money over 4 years ago by Jeff
    I've been waiting for this app! Our main shipper doesn't leave notifications that they've attempted delivery and many packages end up getting shipped back at our expense. This will definitely save us time an money!
    Very useful tools over 4 years ago by Alan
    I just try it recently and I can't stop using it. My customers give me a very good review on my tracking system. Its worth to pay.
    Excellent add on for your store. over 4 years ago by Vikrant Bhosale
    Very simple to use and has integration with bigcommerce so that the shipments are automatically imported. Very useful for my customers as they dont have to go to the courrer companys website. Aftership automatically identifies courrier company and gives r
    It's easy to use over 4 years ago by Muthiah
    It's easy to use but I feel expensive for small business.
    Looks Good over 4 years ago by Umar Saeed
    Easy to set up easy to use I would certainly recommend.
    just want i was looking for! over 4 years ago by Crankbunny
    Set up is very easy and flexible for different storefronts. Looking for a way to send reminders to customers EASILY that there orders are "in transit" or "delivered." Love being able to look at all the tracking numbers at once. Thumbs up!
    Awesome Product over 4 years ago by Keel
    I just got start with Aftership but I love it already. This is an amazing and affordable product. The cost is minimum per week.
    Cool app over 4 years ago by Ryan
    Love the app. Will save some time and keep me updated on delayed packages.
    great first start over 4 years ago by Biostar Organix, Healthcare Service
    i was loking for something like this
    Love it over 4 years ago by Alain
    Easy to install with BC integration. The app looks great and is easy to use. Wished the Track button would install automatically within the history cart, but there are easy step demo on how to do it. Overall a great app Worth install within your store.
    Really cool idea over 4 years ago by Bill
    I'd never thought of a feature like this for my store, but it's a really neat thing that my customers appreciate a lot - plus it saves a lot of "please track my package" support requests!
    Nice over 4 years ago by Creative Laser Solutions
    We were looking for some sort of app like this to allow customers to track their shipments without having to go to a different site. It's nice to have that option.
    Great Product over 4 years ago by Will
    AfterShip is very easy to setup and install. The seamless integration with BigCommerce is a benefit. This is a great way to view your current shipments instead of clicking on each one (the way we have done it in the past - or learn about it from our customer). I wish that the integration would have the ability to tie back to the My Orders page, to show the tracking information on their profile. But, they do offer the ability to easily create a webpage to provide the shipping information.
    Excellent! over 4 years ago by John Goldsmith
    This is a great app and installs very easily into BigCommerce. It works very well with Australia Post and is a good feature for our customers however it doesn't support our main freight company. Hopefully it will in the future.
    Saving Time over 4 years ago by David
    Wow, saving time and Money, great App
    Shipping Status Centralized over 4 years ago by Robert
    Enjoying the convenience of having my site's shipment statuses in one convenient place. Would love to see the ability to manage several sites from one dashboard (tabs, perhaps?) and to have the functionality extended to other marketplaces such as Etsy. Keep up the great work!
    Excellent! over 4 years ago by Melissa
    Aftership is easy to use, priced right, and has a great interface. It saves me so much time! I highly recommend it.
    All you need! over 4 years ago by Bill Francisco
    The home page has everything laid out perfectly and I like the Courier and Destination tallies at the bottom to see where my customers are and how they are having their orders shipped at a glance. Customers get updates to let them know the status of the shipping automatically which save me time looking up tracking information. The setup is easy with great instructions for people who don't know anything about Web design. All in all a great addition to your store!
    Hassle Free Installation over 4 years ago by Alan
    Very quick and easy to set up.
    So much better than BigCommerce notifications over 4 years ago by Rob
    We've been using AfterShip for quite a while now. The setup is easy. The support excellent. But most importantly our customers get accurate, timely updates on the progress of their package, saving us countless hours answering queries on the phone. The more info you give them the less they will complain about any delays.
    Easy Setup over 4 years ago by Dee
    So easy to setup. And really easy to use
    AfterShip app over 4 years ago by Dan Widdis
    I love it! Recently I've had several clients ask me for tracking and I would just eMail them the tracking number and let them track it themselves through UPS, FedEx or whatever - NOW my clients have another reason to re-visit my webstore!!! I put the tracking button right on the home page, I think it's ideal there so when new clients visit my store they know IMMEDIATELY we're a company that takes business seriously. Thank you AfterShip! Dan Widdis - Owner/Founder
    Good App over 4 years ago by Sandra
    This app is very useful and make it much easier for my clients to track their orders
    Great product! over 4 years ago by David Ward
    AfterShip is a great app which helps provide an Amazon-like shipping experience for our customers!
    Very Clean Interface, extremely useful. over 4 years ago by Brent Hazelton
    Awesome app. Very happy with it and it truly is free! Great layout, good features for free version.
    A slick and easy app. over 4 years ago by Jordan
    This app is great. It's so slick on my site and gives customers so much information. It's a big hit.
    The best by far over 4 years ago by Ira
    This is by far the best app I have ever used. Customer service is outstanding and product features are exactly what every Internet retailer should be using. Highly recommended
    Impressive over 4 years ago by Benedict
    All the other apps have so many features that are beyond our organisation - this is perfect! And so easy to setup - my staff love it already!
    Excellent Product, Great Support, Easy to Use! over 4 years ago by Josh [Voluto]
    Setting up the app couldn't have been easier, and it's as massive time saver for both the customer and myself. I would absolutely recommend it, and the cost really is very minimal for the Pro version
    Easy Setup over 4 years ago by Mike
    I found this easy to setup
    just added it over 4 years ago by Eugene Panrudkevich
    So far so good. Helps us track problem shipments before the customers contact us. Will be rolling out this app to support agents shortly.
    excellent support over 4 years ago by Dee
    After ship was easy to install & customize, and the support is very good as well. Aftership really care , and are available with sincere back-up.
    Saves hours in Order administration time over 4 years ago by

    I estimate this app saves us 8 hours of administration per week. Previously, we were manually tracking orders and to have it automated through AfterShip made a huge difference to our business. We'd been looking for a tool like this for awhile but couldn't find one that offered Australian courier tracking - this one does! One feature I wish they'd add is the automation of status changes back to the BigCommerce admin panel, then it would be perfect! Thanks Aftership :)

    GREAT APP over 4 years ago by


    Truly Useful and Free over 4 years ago by

    A lot of informatin that I will need is in here to keep track of my shipping!

    LOVE the notification over 4 years ago by

    the notification system is great, its a wonderful way to keep track for yourself and for the customer!

    great over 4 years ago by

    This APP has been great so far. Highly recommended. Explains everything so clearly. Makes life much easier.

    Great App ! over 4 years ago by

    Customers are more comfortable buying with this notifications

    Incredibly Easy To Use over 4 years ago by

    I have no technology background but I find it extremely useful and easy to use. This app is simply amazing.

    Bargain over 4 years ago by

    Great app with a really simple function.  Given the integrations BigC has with most shippers I am really surprised something as good as this is not included as a native function!

    Yes Natively Big Commerce can provide similar information but it does not speak with your shippers to give you real time updates.  It even displays the updates in a way that is understandable by a human (unlike most shippers).  Especially useful for us as we use a shipper that does not have a standard URL structure that the tracking number can be placed into when we send notifications out.  Aftership solves this and many other applications for the future too!

    This Is Great! over 4 years ago by http://The Kershaw Store

    We have been looking for an App that was simple to setup and one that provides both our customers and us a great tool to keep track of the orders. It is simple and straight forward, but that is what you need. Did we mention the price is great as well. Thanks AfterShip.

    Saves a lot of time and better service over 4 years ago by

    This app is fantastic it saves us a lot of time and has improved our customer service. Brilliant

    Simple and easy to use. over 4 years ago by Eugene Ooi

    A great app for keeping track of your shipments as well as keeping customers happy as they will always knowing the status of their shipment. 

    Great App. over 4 years ago by http://World Wide

    Pretty good app. Haven't had any orders yet before rating the app but it was pretty simple to install. Should really help with tracking customers emails.  We have it added to two websites now.

    Simple to use. over 4 years ago by D Viljoen

    My customers love it, they get all their shipping info in a timely manner.


    Great App over 4 years ago by Nikki Venus

    Love this app! It really is a must have and it tracks every delivery sent out. Well done AfterShip!

    I don't get it over 4 years ago by Frank O'Toole

    This app doesn't make sense to me.  Most of what I would need is already built into BigCommerce.  And since the orders don't automatically copy over to this app, I would have to enter the tracking info myself...after I already do it on the BC Admin Panel.  It might be good for other applications, but not for BC.

    Useful App over 4 years ago by

    This app is very useful to help streamline shipping management.

    Makes my job easier and my customers happy over 4 years ago by Joao Pedro dos Santos

    I've been using AfterShip for a while now, even before migrating to Bigcommerce. Actually AfterShip integration was one of the decisive points for me to choose Bigcommercer as my platform.

    This is a great app that does what it's supposed to. It facilitates our job managing the store and makes customers happy with all the configurable updates.

    I tested the free version for a couple of weeks and then jumped into the premium service which is well worth the money. Now my customers receive customized delivery updates via email and text message.

    I also really like the fact that this app allows customers to track their parcels in my store when they log in to their personal accounts.

    Great support as well, Andrew and his team are always available to solve any problems or answer questions.

    10 out of 10! Highly recommended!

    Love this App over 4 years ago by

    Thank you so much AfterShip. And Andrew was a great help. Thank again! Really useful app that makes tracking so much easier!!! Happy customers make for a happy life. :)

    Great App over 4 years ago by

    Our goal is to provide the best possible experience for our JCs Wildlife customers around the world. In all stages. Aftership is a great audit tool and an important part of our daily operations.

    Great over 4 years ago by

    This app has the potential to be very useful to us and the customers!

    Top Notch Notifications over 4 years ago by Gary Martin

    AfterShip is without question a must have app to help bring your customer service to the next level. Gives the customer (and you) the information they need with just a click of the mouse. Tracking shipments has never been easier. Customer service and support has been stellar as well. If you are looking for a feature rich and easy to use tracking system for you and your customers you have definitely found it. Great Job AfterShip!

    Gary Martin

    Great App over 4 years ago by

    The app is awesome and unbeatable...

    Great App. The staff & customers both love It. over 4 years ago by

    We've been using AfterShip for the last month, and we love this app. It lets us track all our shipments in one easy view. Our customers really seem to like how it keeps them up to date at each stage of their shipment. Support from Aftership has also been excellent.

    Not sure I have it set up right.... over 4 years ago by

    It was easy to set up but once I get an order, I expect it to automatically appear in the app. It does not. Not sure what I'm doing wrong, but haven't found the app useful yet. 

    So much better than BigCommerce notifications over 4 years ago by Rob Griffith

    We've been using AfterShip for a while now. It saves us loads of time because customers know exactly what is happening with their shipment at each stage. The more info you give them the less they complain! The support from AfterShip is excellent and it's really easy to set up. I can't recommend this app highly enough.

    Simple, Easy over 4 years ago by

    This app is amazing, it lets me see where all my shipments are in one easy view, keeping myself, and more importantly, my customers up to date.

    Can't be better!!! over 4 years ago by Jinn

    Enabling tracking at order status page is just so great! Glad to know this app. Two thumbs up!!

    Great Free App over 4 years ago by Andrew Chan

    This app is awesome!!! It helps in my business and not having the customer service team scrambling for every tracking number. It helps us to reach out to our customer in terms of order tracking!