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Crowd Content is a powerful team of writers at your fingertips. The platform is completely automated, making it super easy to use.

How does it work? Easily import your products to Crowd Content through our integration (no copying or pasting and no clunky spreadsheets required). Talented writers then create unique product descriptions for you.

When the descriptions are ready, instantly publish them to your store with a single click! It’s that easy.

Looking for blog posts or website content? We do that too!


  • Scalable - Get 1000's of Product Descriptions written at once. They'll be done in a few days!
  • Place orders and review completed work all within the Crowd Content platform
  • Easily request revisions if needed -- they’re free and unlimited!
  • Instantly publish completed Product Descriptions and Blog Posts to your store with 1 click! Never copy and paste again -- just click to set it live!
  • Simply select the products you want new descriptions for from a list of your existing products. This means you don’t need to write long instructions -- we already know where your products are!
  • Re-write your Product Descriptions. Google penalizes websites that have duplicate content. If your Product Descriptions are straight from the manufacturer, you are getting penalized. Get them re-written quickly for a great price!
  • Have new products? We’ll create fresh, brand new Product Descriptions for you. Engage your visitors and show them descriptions that sell your products!

All content is original and created on demand. All writers are natural English speaking citizens of the USA, Canada, UK, or Australia. Our number 1 focus is QUALITY!

Client Reviews (13)

Crowd Content over 3 years ago by

Quite expensive , probably worthwhile if you can afford it.

Not That Impressed over 3 years ago by Nabeel Mulla

The writing is just not that impressive. Even with the more expensive writers, what you get is average at best and probably not worth the money. The fact that you have to buy chunks of credit at a time is dissuading as well.

Disappointed over 3 years ago by

We used them a few times and the quality of the writing was pretty poor. The model where anyone can "take" the project then release it really wastes time. It was too difficult to try and find decent writers that we pretty much stopped using it even though we have a balance.

Very Poor Quality Content over 4 years ago by

I placed a large order ($200+) for product descriptions and provided clear instructions.  I even paid more so that premium authors would write the content.  From all the positive reviews I was really excited for this and thought it would save me a lot of trouble getting the content written elsewhere.

Well, not too long later, I started receiving notifications that content was ready for review.  I have been buying content for years and I am very dismayed at how poor the quality was.  I felt as though a high school kid could have done better.  There were misspellings, the same words used repeatedly in the same sentence, and the writers simply repeated the name of the product over and over to help eat up the minimum word length that was requested.  

It seems as though the authors are racing through to get it done and get paid as quickly as possible - completely sacrificing quality in the process.  I need quality and this crap wouldn't fly on a website built for AdSense.

I want my money back...  

Outstanding over 4 years ago by

Excellent app - wonderful people and customer service! This is a must have!! 

Best App Ever over 4 years ago by Frank O'Toole

As I learn more and more about SEO, I realize that I can't just copy and paste my product descriptions.  With almost 900 products and no time as it is, this app caught my eye and I figured I would try it out.  Let me tell you, it was a GREAT idea!

I started out with just a few products to see how things would work and I got one writer who wrote such fun and informative product descriptions, I plan on doing a direct order with her for a lot more of my products.

I even posted a job for a blog post and was very pleased when I got an email saying it was done in less then a day.  The turnaround time is so fast.  What took me several days (with all the other distractions of running my business), only took a few hours with Crowd Content.

I recommend this app to all those store owners like myself who try and do everything and have no time to do it.  Crowd Content will make your life a lot easier!

I am Lovin'This over 4 years ago by Kate McCully

This App has been the answer to a big issue I have had for a long time.  An absolute breeze to use

Excellent over 4 years ago by

Brilliant and Far exceeded my expectations ! Well Done.

Great Team and well written content

over 4 years ago by
An Amazing Service! over 4 years ago by

I was looking for help with product descriptions for my shop and came across this app. Easy to use platform, links to shop listings or you can enter info manually. My writing team is great, answered my request quickly and had material ready for me within the hour. Affordable price and fast service! 

FANTASTIC App over 4 years ago by David Hartford

Had a couple hiccups installing the app and communicating with Big Commerce and my store and they jumped on it super fast and had me up and running in no time and have responded either in chat real-time or email quickly to any questions I had.  I submitted my first product description (a rewrite) and within a couple hours it was complete and was far better than my feeble attempt and they included all my keywords for SEO.....NICE!!!   I feel this app is well worth it and definitely recommend it and did I say easy?.....I love EASY!!!

Great Content - Fast Turn Around over 4 years ago by

I placed my order and within an hour I had a writer working on my content. In less then an hour from that I was reviewing my content. Great stuff.

Great Place over 4 years ago by

These guys are a great place to get content!