Discount Manager - Sales Scheduler

Client Reviews (44)

Discount Manager allows you to quickly schedule sales at your store. Now you don't need to spend time updating individual product prices to run a sale, as this app automates the process!


Creating a sale is easy. Just select some products, set the type and size of discount you want to provide (fixed or per cent of the product's price) and decide when you want the sale to run. The app automatically creates and displays discount prices during the sale period, with original prices retained to show that prices are reduced.

Once the sale is over, the app automatically removes discount prices from your store and returns prices to their original values.

No more coupons are required for promotions and sales!


  • Possibility to set discounts for the selected products.
  • Possibility to set discounts for the selected categories.

You can try "Discount Manager" for free at your web store for 14 days.

Client Reviews (44)

Don't Waste your time about 9 days ago by
This app is full of glitches and is incapable of setting up any sale of significant size without making multiple errors. Works fine for a few items but then who needs an app for a few items. Don't waste your time with this app.
Easy Discounts 3 months ago by
Needed an easy way to run a store wide sale without discount codes, The app lets you run a sale that visually lists Standard/Discounted price without having to manually do it on the product edit for all listings required .
This app is SUPER helpful! 5 months ago by Brad McClatchey
We do a lot of online sales for this store & during our 12 Days of Saving, this app helped amazingly! I was able to set up the products & categories that were going on sale for that day and the app never missed a beat. As soon as the day ended it jumped the new one. If you have a store that has frequent promotions or sales, this app is EXTREMELY helpful.
Can't use this app if you have a big sale 5 months ago by
I might be a unique case, but after messing around with this app for more than a week, I found several problems that require that I uninstall. I noticed that I couldn't select a product that was part of an existing discount schedule. It was marked as "Used", even if the previously scheduled discount has already ended. For example, the test discount I created ended an hour ago. When I try to create a new discount, the product says "used" and I can't select it. Even if I pause the previous discount, and it has already ended, I can't select it for a new campaign. This means that that I can't actually schedule multiple discount campaigns ahead of time, even if they don't overlap. This really limits the usefulness of the app. I also noticed that error checking isn't present if you make a mistake. For example, if you accidentally discount by $20 instead of 20 percent on a product that costs under $20, it appears as $0.00 in the listing, making it free. If the app can see the actual price, why not alert the user that the discount is higher than the actual price, and disable that option until it's fixed by the user? Staffs tell me that it's not possible to use this product as I proposed, which really doesn't make sense. How can you schedule more than one campaign, or campaigns that contain multiple pricings without all this extra work to delete and create new discounts manually? The scheduler could simply perform checks on active campaigns to see whether the time to launch and end overlaps across them. If they do, then disable the conflicting products from being used in another campaign. Why should I physically have to delete a campaign that has already ended in order to use the product in another campaign? Finally, the system slows to a crawl because it isn't optimized. When you want to edit something that is active, you first have to pause it. The problem is if you have a lot of items as part of a discount campaign, you have to literally wait several minutes for the app to remove the discount, then allow you to edit. Why not instead allow the edit to take place, then check for the changes on the server once you reactivate the campaign? Overall, the app is a mess for anything but the smallest of sales, and the fewest of products. As an enterprise customer, I found it to be incredibly slow and cumbersome to use. I will be uninstalling this app and hoping someone comes up with a better app in the future.
One Of A Kind 6 months ago by
Offers exactly what I need with ease of use. perfect. Time Saver!
One Load Off My Back! Love this Product 6 months ago by
I absolutely love this app! It has saved me a ton of headaches with trying to incorporate sales on my own...This app works wonders and does exactly what it says it will do...easy easy easy all the way. Highly recommend it! Easy navigation easy to understand easy to use all the way. A must for stores that need to have sales on a continuing basis. Wonderful!
Works, but could be greatly improved! 7 months ago by
Edit 31st January 2018: As usual, after working with an app you start finding its flaws... >>> 1. It is long winded backwards process to adding discounts when wanting to set an amount instead of a percentage. Example: I work prices out using a profit calculator. If I have a product priced at £27.79 and the sale price is going to be £18.29 I have to enter the price difference in the app - this is an extra step and calculation I have to make... Why can't I just enter £18.29 as the new price? >>> 2. This app does not allocate the sale price to the Sale Price Field in Bigcommerce. Because it is asking you to enter the discounted amount it subtracts that from the price field you have chosen it to subtract from across the entire store. For this app to work correctly it should fill in the Sale Price field with your chosen sale price (as suggested in point 1) or fill in the sale price field with the discounted price taken from the main price if they are to continue making us do the calculation. This means no sale label on the image is added to the product when a customer is browsing through categories, and also no Sale Price field forwarded to our Google Shopping feed. This means more manual work and makes the app useless to be honest. >>> 3. Any product with a option/variation that has different price can't be discounted. Example 250ml Vs. 500ml shampoo, the discount will apply to both options. In fairness Bigcommerce does not even have a Sale Price field for product options, but it is still an oversight. >>> 4. Suggested enhancement: I suggested this and got told it would be custom work, but I want to make other potential customers think about their work processes. As well as adding price, allow the app to add and remove from a category/categories, but leave other categories unaffected. Example: Categories selected - Before sale: Skin, Moisturisers - During sale: Sale, Skin, Moisturisers - After sale: Skin, Moisturisers - Having to manually do this almost makes this app obsolete because I'm already having to edit a product to allocate it to a sales category. Why don't I just make the sale price change at the same time? The app works, but it has its quirks, there's been no update to it in the months I've been using it, if you want improvements you have to pay, and because of that it has made itself a contender for being uninstalled in 2018. __________________ Works as expected - going to be so useful for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas and New Year sales!
Excellent App 8 months ago by Jp C
Exactly what we were looking for. Fast sales, great implementation. Thank you!
Amazing App 8 months ago by
Excellent App! It does all the discounts I expected
nice app about 1 year ago by SKA...COM
does what it says -easy to install
Works as intended about 1 year ago by
It was very easy to install and set up. It took me 10 minutes to configure my first sale. It has been scheduled and worked well. I can recommend it if you're looking to run timed sales. Just a shame it's not already included as a standard in BC.
Best Discount App so Far about 1 year ago by Anguel Iordanov
After a great deal of searching I have found Discount Manager. Easy to use, work well with Big Commerce and I would definatelly recommended. Thank you.
EXCELLENT APP...AND SIMPLE TO USE about 1 year ago by
Perfect App..Easy installation, and simple to use...We can post Sale in Store complication...Merci
Great app, very easy about 1 year ago by Teltex Master Admin
This app is a great solution for scheduling sales in BigCommerce. If you are planning advertisements, eblasts, or social media promos, Discount Manager is a great way to pre-set your sale pricing for those. We love this app!
nice about 1 year ago by
like this app.
Marvellous App! about 1 year ago by 2 Monocles AS
This little gem saves us from spending a lot of time on manually managing sales promotions. Does not currently work on Safari, but this is surely just a temporary glitch.
Love this app! about 1 year ago by
Fits my needs perfectly. I've been adjusting prices for sales through spreadsheets. This makes it so much easier, and it is also great that you can schedule your sales. Perfect for holiday periods and weekend sales.
Perfect Solution about 1 year ago by HoopMama Designs
I'm always staying up until midnight to schedule sales. This will save me so much time!
Great App about 1 year ago by
Great App to be able to schedule sales to start and stop in your online store. It was easy to use, easy to set up and exactly what I was looking for. Very user friendly.
Discount Manager about 1 year ago by
I tried DIscount Manager and I was pleased to see that it simplified my life! Give it a try!
Great App! about 1 year ago by
This app is a real time saver, plus it's easy to download!
GREAT App about 1 year ago by Anguel Iordanov
Great App. It works really well. Fast to install and it does save a lot of time if you wish to reduce the price of a few products at the same time. You can change prices but value or %. The technical support is also great. I am using some of the other Apps like In Stock Reminder, by the same company and could not be happier. Would highly recommend this app.
Simple and Effective about 1 year ago by
This app installed in no time and is up and running in less than 5 minutes. This will save us a lot of time this Black Friday! Exactly what we were looking for. The only thing I'd love to see is if the app could put a SALE icon on any items on sale. That would be so perfect. :)
Quick Setup and Flexible about 1 year ago by
App is really easy to get started. I really like the flexibility to choose individual products or products by category. My only reason for not giving 5 stars - When products are chosen, the price displayed as the "example" shows the current price. Just as another reviewer mentioned, the Retail Price / Price / Sale Price setup inside each product really comes into play here.
Easy Setup and Installation about 1 year ago by
The app installed without any problems. The setup was very easy as well. I was able to figure out how start scheduling sales and promotions very quickly.
Useful for holiday sales about 1 year ago by
This app is a real time-saver for holiday sales, but keep in mind that you have to be really specific with time zones in settings (change your time zone if you are affected by daylight savings!) and that it's very picky about pricing; if you sell something under retail cost, you either have to remove the retail price or use the sale box instead. Philip was very helpful and quick with responses when I had problems. There are learning curves with everything, though, and if you can get it working, this is a very useful, time-saving addition to any e-commerce store.
Seems to works great! over 2 years ago by

I like this app. Seems to works great!

amazing over 2 years ago by

works and helps get more sales

Awesome! A must have. over 2 years ago by Henry Ofodieze

This App is really useful. It is a must-have for eCommerce. With it you will no longer need to go through all your prices to change one after the other. I recommend this App to everyone.

Works great over 2 years ago by Murtaza

Great app. Does exactly what is says on the tin. No problems. Before using this app it would take a lot of time to setup sales on BC but this app has made it much easier and faster.

Discount Manage over 2 years ago by Todd Bingham

Everything seems to work well.  Easy to use and set up.

Crashes over 3 years ago by AJ Dallas

Worthless! Great idea in theory but I just downloaded and installed it today but every time I attempted to create a discount it would say "internal error" or something about the API. I understand how to create an API for an app but this app does not detail whether or not its necessary or what to do if I were to create one. Definitely Not Worth the Effort!!!

Good App over 3 years ago by

Works great for flash sales. However sometimes the sales don't start/stop on time despite the time zone being set correctly. But over all it is a good app for retail. $13 a month for it is a little pricey however given the basic functionality. Since the only other option is manually setting sales in BC or using coupon codes, I just pay the fee.

Very useful tool over 3 years ago by Steven T

I have used it for several stores and I liked it. This is a very powerful and convenient tool for discounting. Very easy to implement. 

Like it over 3 years ago by Justin Ruff

I like it. The app will be a good and easy way to manage my discounts. Thanks!

Great App and Great Customer Service over 3 years ago by Posh

I have to say this is a great idea. It allows you to schedule discounts and leave the work up to the app. Customer service is great, they really go out of their way to help and make sure you are satisfied. It is a great app and great staff. I did have an issue but they determined it was with my cookies. I like this app a lot, it helps free up a lot of my time. Thanks Philip!

Works without any problems! over 3 years ago by

The app saves time for me and work just as it should.

Works great! over 3 years ago by

App works great! We used the app for our sales and were very happy with it! This saves me tons of time when running promotions.

Useful app actually! over 3 years ago by

Useful app that really saves my time during holiday sales. 

Functionality over 3 years ago by

Wasn't working the first install. Reinstalled it and it seemed to be functioning better...we'll see if it keeps working from here

2 stars, just for customer service over 3 years ago by

I tried it out, paid for one month to test it, and it didn't work. Emailed them with my concerns, they emailed me back quickly with a fix but it still isn't enough - it does not actually manage discounts in the way i want it to.

Hmmmm..... Was just OK while it was free! over 4 years ago by

When I installed this app it was free, it wasn't a free trial situation.  While using it I found it to be pretty buggy, so much so that in one day I lost over $300 as the discount manager had doubled the discount on some items making them practically free!!  Partially my fault, I had seen it do that a few times prior and I was in a rush and didn't double check.       They want $13 a month for this app, I personally would spend that money else where..    Any one for Ice-Cream??  

great discount app over 4 years ago by

its a really an amazing app, we can easily manage discount for our products. 

Working very well it seems over 4 years ago by

I had tried this app very early on (over a year ago) and it was hit and miss. It now appears the bugs have been worked out, and its function is excellent. It works nicely to replace the BC stock system of running a sale, start to finish, by offering scheduling etc. It also changes the price in the actual price field so it's reflected on the product page, as well as any shopping feeds you have. At the end of your sale, it will return it to normal.There are a couple of things to beware, first of all be sure to set it up in depth in advance. You must choose which field your pricing will move to (retail price, store cost, etc) so be sure to use one that is not active on your site / product. Also, it does take a minute for changes to occur when scheduling or editing. I'm not saying these are flaws, but more like rules of engagement as it definitely works.This app saved me a lot of work for Black Friday 2015, and I plan on continuing to use it as it makes putting things on sale easy, and I don't have to remember to change them back later.