Upsell by Email

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Would you like to increase profit on the sale from each customer?

Would you like to stay in touch with your customers without lifting a finger?

Would you like to have additional ability to promote and up-sell your products by e-mail?

...Then Upsell by Email app is your right choice!

How it works

When customer completes the order, after some time he gets the e-mail which offers him to buy relevant products based on the contents of the customer's order. In contrast to ordinary "thank you" e-mail with gratitude for a purchase, you can additionally propose to customer the products he can be fully interested in. Why don't use this possibility and get additional income?

You can send such e-mails via the time indicated by you (via several days, weeks, months...), so as a result the potential customer will return to your web store again. You can adjust you promo campaign in such a way, that the customer who has made an order will get several various e-mails with upsells (relevant products) via different periods of time (for instance, via a week, via 2 weeks or a month). You also have a possibility to adjust the sending of offers with different upsells and the customer can get unique proposals from you each time. As a result, you'll stay in touch with your customers each time without any additional efforts, as all offers with upsells are sent automatically!

Admin of the web store can indicate what products must be proposed to customer in offer emails and what conditions of it’s sending. Design of these emails can be adjusted for any theme with a help of excellent insightful editor with online preview feature. You can adjust any element of emails by yourself (background, link colors, link sizes, text colors, text sizes, button colors and etc.) without any knowledge of CSS.

Most Important Features:

  • app doesn't require any manual modifications of your store during installation process!
  • flexible settings of email templates!
  • there is a possibility to create series of emails sent to users via predefined period of time
  • emails can be specified for customers from all over the world
  • rich statistics with graphics based on different data which is analyzed with a help of the app!
You can try "Upsell by Email" for free on your web store for 7 days.

Client Reviews (4)

A no-brainer about 8 days ago by
Having already had huge success with their other Upsell app, installing this was a no-brainer!
Works Great! about 1 year ago by Jonathan Lanciano

We installed this got it set up and it's already showing us results.Very easy to use and set up. Great products from Spurit!

Great app! about 1 year ago by

The app is very useful. Really like it!

excellent app over 2 years ago by

This is a must have app for any online store.We highly recommend this app