Upsell by Email

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  • Automatic emails with relevant products are sent to customers who've purchased something.
  • Your profit will be increased by additional marketing and advertisement.
  • Communicate with your customers by automatically sending relevant messages to those who've purchased certain products.


1) For some products at your store, select other products you think are relevant to them:

  • in 1 window pick a product,
  • in the other one pick relevant product(s).

2) When a customer purchases the product, they will receive an email with a customizable text, which will include links to the picked relevant products.

Will the email be sent immediately?

You can specify the time after which it will be sent.


  • Adjust any email element (background, links, text, buttons color/size etc.) without any knowledge of CSS.
  • No manual modifications of your store during installation process is required!
  • There is a possibility to create series of emails sent to users within a predefined time period.
  • Different email templates can be customized for customers from different countries.
  • Rich statistics with graphics is available based on various data.

What can you do with this app?

  • You can send one or several emails to a customer after they make a purchase, separated by different time periods, e.g. days, weeks or months.
  • These emails can include different products, all relevant to the original purchase.
  • If you support different currencies, or ship to different countries, you can create corresponding email templates send to customers from those countries.
  • And much more!
You can try "Upsell by Email" for free on your web store for 14 days.

Client Reviews (6)

Gotta have it 5 months ago by
You gotta have it! Great app.
Great App! 11 months ago by
I like this app.
A no-brainer about 1 year ago by
Having already had huge success with their other Upsell app, installing this was a no-brainer!
Works Great! over 2 years ago by Jonathan Lanciano

We installed this got it set up and it's already showing us results.Very easy to use and set up. Great products from Spurit!

Great app! over 3 years ago by

The app is very useful. Really like it!

excellent app over 4 years ago by

This is a must have app for any online store.We highly recommend this app