• Free Trial: 14 days
  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: $99.00/mo.

About the app

Launch your Affiliate Program Today!

Refersion is a powerful affiliate marketing platform that you can launch in minutes: we handle the heavy lifting so you can focus on building partnerships with your affiliates. Be it bloggers, influencers, ambassadors, or even customers, we help you recruit, track, and pay affiliates through an intuitive, easy to use platform. Zero technical knowledge required!

We built a Setup Guide to get you started. The guide helps you to connect your cart, add branding and adjust your account settings in less than 10 minutes.

We are here to listen so if you get stuck or have some feedback to share, reach out to us! Just click on the little chat badge to the right of your screen within the app to get in touch and our U.S. based support team will get back to you usually within 24-hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What do you mean by affiliate sales?

Plans are based on the number of affiliate sales, that is, the number of orders placed that were referred by affiliates. Denied conversions are not counted towards your limit.

Q. Is Refersion able to track more than one shopping cart/domain?

We can track multiple carts and domain sales within the same account. Get in touch with us for more info!

Q. Is PayPal required to pay my affiliates?

PayPal is not required to pay affiliates. You can opt to pay commissions with store credit, checks, money orders, etc.

Q. What type of commission structure do you support?

We offer the option to set a flat rate or percentage of sale for your affiliates. We also offer tiered commissions to motivate affiliates to earn a higher commission the more they promote revenue they generate

Q. Which currencies do you support?

We support a wide variety of currencies. If a currency you're looking for isn't listed, get in touch with us

Q. Do you offer higher tiered enterprise level plans?

Absolutely! Reach out to us for more details.

App Features

Instant Access To Thousands Of Affiliates

Get access to our Marketplace with 5000+ affiliates ready to work with you.

An easy way to increase your visibility to over 5,000 potential partners and quickly start up your new affiliate program. Joining existing networks usually comes with a high fee, but access to our Marketplace is FREE for those who sign up for Refersion

Try Us For Free

Free 14-day trial to test drive benefits of our paid plans.

We support shops of all sizes.

We grow with you, and support stores across multiple platforms, sizes, and currencies. Many of our merchants have been featured on ABC's Shark Tank

Quickly register new affiliates

Fully customize your signup page with colors and content that reflect your branding. Share your program link on social media or embed it directly onto your website.

Invite customers to join your program and earn rewards with one click using our Port Purchase widget.

Turn customers into affiliates, too.

Affiliates get their own dashboards, where they can view their performance, create custom links, update details, run reports and use creatives to assist with marketing efforts.

Pay multiple affiliates at a time with PayPal Mass Payments. (See our FAQs for alternative payment options).

Coupon Code Conversion Triggers

We offer 3 conversion trigger types to make tracking simple but coupon codes is an absolute fan favorite. Set up unique codes for affiliates to promote instead of links. Great for Instagram and Pinterest!

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  • Free Trial: 14 days
  • Upfront Fee: Free
  • Recurring Fee: $99.00/mo.


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