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    • Keep inventory between Bigcommerce and Reverb in sync
    • Only one place to manage listing data
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    About this app

    The Reverb Bigcommerce Sync app will sync your inventory to Reverb.

    Client Reviews (5)

    Works Great 5 months ago by
    We use it and its great for selling guitars!
    Manage Inventory about 1 year ago by
    This app is great at managing inventory between the BC and Reverb. It will even push new listing over to Reverb, although there is still work left to do to get the SKUs up and running to sell on the site. Overall, I'm happy.
    Simple and effective app, excellent support about 1 year ago by

    For us, selling pro audio gear which is related to the musician's community of buyers on Reverb, this app has thus far been plus business for us. We are seeing orders almost daily, and have moved some normally dead SKU's quickly, probably because of a wider base of customers.

    I've never used SKU's on our BigCommerce listings, and this app requires unique SKU's to upload and connect items to Reverb. I simply did a bulk product csv export, copied the NAME of each product and pasted it into the SKU field, done. To be sure an item is not listed on Reverb, I simply leave the SKU field blank. If you do use SKU's, you can use CUSTOM FIELDS to turn listings on and off (not an option for us, as I use those for specific info on BC product pages in our design).

    We uploaded about 550 items that are generally in stock and a good representation of the most common items we sell in each category.

    There are a few quirks, sometimes the order of images for a product are not the same. To fix this I spent part of an afternoon scrolling through our Reverb listings and looking for the odd picture to slide over as the main thumb. Also, Reverb does not allow URL's in descriptions and it will simply delete that text. You may end up fixing up some of your descriptions as a result. Some characters, even apostrophes got replaced by funky symbols on description text also. The rep at Reverb was helpful in removing and fixing the ones we found.

    Once your products are uploaded and connected, things like price changes, name changes and description text are uploaded automatically (and quickly) to Reverb from BC. This is great as price changes, adhering to MAP etc are now a breeze as you simply keep BC updated and it sends the info over. Keep in mind new pictures will get added to your Reverb listings, but deleting images on BC listings won't delete them on Reverb at this time.

    As far as a company goes, I have to say Reverb is impressive to me. They work very hard to get you settled in. Their payment system costs a little more, but they have their own fraud protection and I'm not too worried about the extra .3% in fees too much. I can't really think of a reason why you would not use Reverb to reach a new community, if it fits your product mix.

    Very Useful over 2 years ago by

    This app allows users to sync inventory in Bigcommerce to that of Reverb and vice versa. Our store plans to utilize this for special product mixes such as used and sale items. It eliminates the need for duplicate data entry and makes it easier to keep track of inventory that has sold. It also has a pretty user friendly interface with straightforward setup instructions.

    One feature we'd like as a growing store would be the ability to delete categories that are no longer in use. We have unnecessary and unused categories, and hope to see this development in future versions. Tech support was very responsive and helpful when we had issues on our end updating product categories. 

    Wow. over 2 years ago by

    Wow. They ignore all requests , and while ignoring us they activate several other stores.