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Import, manage, and ship your orders with ShipStation, the #1 choice of online sellers.

Wherever you sell

All our plans come with unlimited selling channels. Sync all your orders automatically, wherever you sell: BigCommerce, a custom store, Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Walmart, and, you name it. We have more integrations than any other shipping platform. Gone are the days of copy-paste.

However you ship

Get premier discounted rates on USPS, FedEx and DHL with ShipStation no matter how much you ship or connect your existing accounts and keep your negotiated rates. Compare prices in app with real-time rate information.

Multichannel merchant? Tightly integrate with Fulfillment by Amazon or funnel to dropship and 3PL providers with automation rules.

International merchant? Dispatch your parcels with our partners in:

  • Canada: Canada Post, FedEx, UPS, DHL, Purolator, Fulfillment by Amazon
  • United Kingdom: Royal Mail, FedEx, UPS, DHL, Fulfillment by Amazon
  • Australia: Australia Post, Sendle, UPS, DHL

Exceptionally efficient

  • Intuitive dashboards and interfaces
  • Automate nearly every step of your shipping process with presets and automation rules
  • Batch print hundreds of address labels with a few clicks
  • Cloud-based and mobile: shipping at your fingertips no matter where you are

Next-level branding

Shipping and fulfillment is an extension of your brand. Take advantage of ShipStation's marketing tools with branded tracking pages, custom confirmation emails, and branded labels and custom packing slips. (Paid plan required).

Returns made easy

Create a self-service, customer-friendly Branded Returns Portal with your colors, logo, and social channels. The Branded Returns Portal is available for accounts based in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Exclusively for BigCommerce merchants

When you install and set-up ShipStation in your BigCommerce store, you get ShipStation for FREE up to 50 shipments per month, which comes with a free USPS postage account with deeply discounted rates. International users on the free account have access to Royal Mail, Canada Post, and Australia Post, and other couriers.

Need to ship more than 50 orders per month or want to add other carriers like FedEx and UPS? You can upgrade to a paid ShipStation plan with the click of a button. Plans start at only $9/month.

Install the app today! Efficient shipping is just a click away.

Case Study: Austin Bazaar Music

Austin Bazaar Music sells on BigCommerce and ships with ShipStation because they work so well together. Owner Suman Singh says, "If you're selling online, there's a lot of tools available. You don't need to recreate all of them or any of them." Thanks to BigCommerce + ShipStation, they've saved a lot of time and money.

Client Reviews (105)

App Won't Even Login about 3 days ago by
I just spent a good amount of time trying to login onto the app to no avail. I already have an account setup at shipstation's main site, but I can't get those credentials to get me into the app. I called their number found in the help menu of their site, but I couldn't get anyone to pick up the phone.
Canada - Couldn't Even Test It about 3 days ago by
Hard to evaluate a product when it doesn't work. Freezes every time it tries to connect to a carrier account (Canada Post for instance). Our account integrations already work fine with BigCommerce's integrated shipping system, which is already working well for us. I just wanted to evaluate another possible option.
So FAR So GOOD about 17 days ago by CTP...COM
Seams to work fine, Amazon Tracking Numbers upload within Seconds.
Awesome App! about 1 month ago by
Makes Shipping A Lot Easier 8 months ago by
ShipStation has made my shipping life so much easier. Before I would have to buy individual shipping labels for the USPS and then pay an additional shipping fee. I always wondered if I was getting the best rate from the local office. Now, I can easily print a label and stick it onto my package in a matter of seconds. The labels look super sharp. I can easily compare which shipping methods are the cheapest and save money. It's really nice and totally better than doing it yourself. There's no waiting in line at the USPS; I can simply leave the package on the counter since it already has a label and is paid for. The only problem I had at first was trying to learn the system. I finally figured it out after I watched some training videos on the ShipStation website. After that, everything was super easy. I'm a small business owner and it was a big decision at the time trying to decide if it was worth signing up for, but now looking back I don't know what I would do without it.
More magical than you could imagine 11 months ago by
Honestly we were talked into this by our FedEx sales rep and as a small business we were hesitant to pay for something that we were doing just fine for free. I feel bad for past me wasting all that time manually entering everything but future me is one happy camper. It took about a month to get everything set up the way I wanted it but it was immediately usable. We have a NAFTA agreement and the fact that you can input all customs info right into the items or create categories that specific customs information will be applied to automatically saves he hours a week. We do not have a compatible scale so we have to put the weight of packages in manually still but other than that one alteration you press the print button and our zebra label printer spits out the correct shipping stickers and your done! Easy to track packages, see shipping exceptions, refund, cancel and even create manual shipments. I would recommend this to anyone who is tired of cutting and pasting order after order into shipping forms. Also, the help you get from SS is amazing. depending on your plan there is e-mail assistance which is quick or live chat help. They also give you a dedicated rep for the first 2 weeks to help you set it all up and walk you through the options SS has to offer. 100% would do again.
Why didn't I switch from Ordoro sooner? 12 months ago by
When we started doing research, we thought for sure Ordoro was going to work for us on offering all of our customers free shipping. But, we soon learned that the void process, waiting on refunds, manually making labels and customizing our shipping was either cumbersome or an extra cost. While I was getting some responses back, it just wasn't fast enough. When I even opted to try beta, I got no response back from them. The day we cancelled and switched to ShipStation, I actually got a Twitter notification that Ordoro's site was down. Their integration with Endicia kept on automatically shipping me labels even after both them and I confirmed the setting was off (billing us and then taking a while to refund us for the error). Day one on ship station...cheaper rates for us, WAAAAY more customization for the cost, simplistic software, AMAZING mobile app. This is the way a shipping app is SUPPOSED to be! Great job, ShipStation. Thanks for saving us and sorry we didn't go with y'all in the first place.
A Must for any eCommerce website about 1 year ago by
A Must for any eCommerce website. It's makes thing easier, saves time & money. You wont regret it.
Love it about 1 year ago by
I love ShipStation for the branding it provides as well as the rates for USPS. It's great for eBay to remove eBay's logo. I slowly realized I spend more time in ShipStation than any other app, and their support is top notch. I highly recommend it.
Carrier can't connect about 1 year ago by
I just spent a big portion of my day trying to connect to Canada Post with no luck and no way to trouble shoot. My Canada Post account is working fine, yet the connection seems to "jam" the network. Haven't been able to use the app.
The app I use the most. about 1 year ago by
This is the only app that I constantly use everyday for my small business. For bigcommerce clients, we get a free starter package that is great for small businesses. We don't ship over the monthly amount so this really works for us. The pricing is less than the standard pricing on carriers' websites. I highly recommend this app. Even if we did ship over the amount for the free account, we would most likely sign up for the paid version.
Great app, but customer service? Not so much! about 1 year ago by
After some initial headaches getting this to run/print from our macs in the office, the interface is fine and reasonably intuitive. However, if any issues arise, it is EXTREMELY frustrating that you cannot call with a query or to obtain advice about a problem. You have to either go to "Live Chat" (average wait time 20 minutes for a response!!!) or log a service ticket - which can take at least a day to receive a reply - no one appears willing to call back even when specifically requested - if they have a question, they email you, you have to respond and then await a further lengthy period for any reply. Extremely frustrating when trying to run a busy office relying on shipping.
Makes creating labels and shipping a breeze! about 1 year ago by Diana Dymarsky
Started on a free trial, and decided to continue on a payment plan as the ease of organization of customer info, label creation and tracking makes it all worth it! Great addition to business needs if you ship product often.
Great App. about 1 year ago by
Since we are using this app, shipping became much simpler and faster. Thank you!
Life Saver about 1 year ago by
Solved our shipping problem with our dropshippers and vendors and saved alot by printing our own label.. Wish we found it earlier. Thanks Ship Station.
Huge Time Saver - Canada about 1 year ago by
ShipStation is a well thought out app that provides services for expediting the creation of shipping labels and expediting the process of shipping. It works well, and appreciate that it is cloud based! I could almost say that ShipStation reduced my staffing needs by 1 full time person! Note for Canadian users: Certain features will not work! If using Purolator - It will not allow for multi-box shipments.
None Better For Small Businesses about 1 year ago by
OK, up front I'll admit that I just got an email from ShipStation telling me they'd give me a $10 credit in return for a review. But that only encouraged me to do what I was planning to do anyway: give ShipStation a glowing review. I've tried most of ShipStation's competitors and, while all are pretty good, ShipStation shines with thoughtful features and a usability. Then remembering that it is about the cheapest option for small users like me, it has to be #1.
Great for manual orders, needs help with international shipments. about 1 year ago by
I would give this app 4.5 stars. I'm on my third month of using it and I must say I will never go back to being without it. Being able to compare costs between shipping companies has saved me lots of money and time. I also use it for manual orders (phone orders) and I really enjoy the copy and paste feature for imputing customer details. One suggestion would be to work on the user interface when processing an international shipment, I've figured out how to use it, but it took me a few tries. The customs information was difficult to input as well as locating the international address.
Time Saver about 1 year ago by
Been using ShipStation for a couple months and it sure has saved time and money. The ability to quickly compare the USPS price to the UPS price has saved me a bunch of money. Not to mention the ability to update my store and marketplaces from one interface has been a time saver!
Customers love the Branded Tracking about 1 year ago by
I have received many positive comments from my customers who love the branded tracking. It gives me an edge over the basic tracking that most companies offer. I love the seamless system with BigCommerce and it is so easy to use!!
Amazing App about 1 year ago by
Great app. Pulls all my orders from all of my selling channels to package with a simple easy to use interface.
#1 Online Store Shipping Tool for any eCommerce business strcture shipping about 1 year ago by
No doubt the most efficient cloud based shipping tool for eCommerce businesses. Extremely user friendly and fits all business types from large to small and from complex or simple. A+
Sped up shipping saving us money! about 1 year ago by Jamie Tidrick
As a small business, efficiency is one of our main keys to profitability. ShipStation provides us with a fast and easy way to process small package shipments from our multiple channels. Tracking is updated automatically. Labels are created and batched along with packing slips, etc. It's really just an easy to use, helpful tool. We are very glad we started using this product.
ShipStation is Awesome! about 1 year ago by
I could not run my business without ShipStation. It saves me about 3 hours a day that I previously spent printing and aggregating labels from various sites where I sell. I also could not print a SCAN list for the USPS before ShipStation and they hated seeing me come with hundreds of packages every day that they had to scan individually. Now, it's just a couple clicks and *boom,* I'm done with shipping labels and I can move on to other tasks. ShipStation is simply amazing...
Productivity increase about 1 year ago by
Shipstation has increased our productivity by combining all of our stores shipping details into one concise place. Great app.
It's a best app but need some improvement too about 1 year ago by
This is really a good app but it's is an expensive one.
Increase our efficiency about 1 year ago by
We switched from to Shipstation, and it saves us time and $. We like how ship station consolidate all market place orders into one place so we can print the shipping labels all at once. There are other features such as bulk shipping for the like kind size, weight we are about to explore, which will also save us lots of time. And rate is good too, thank you! Truely a station for all of our shipping needs.
This . Is . Magic! about 1 year ago by
The integration of ShipStation and BigCommerce is pure, sweet magic. We had tried other platforms without much success and decided to give SS a try. SO glad we did! The ease of use is untouchable by any of the 'other guys' and the customer service is awesome. The people are friendly and always happy to help. We integrated SS with Canada Post and BigCommerce so there are a few small nuances but that's it. All of our staff loves using this app. THANX YOU ShipStation!
Love IT! about 1 year ago by
Shipstation has been a great tool for us! It helps us utilize different shipment carriers to optimize our shipping costs and time. All the little graph's and break downs of cost and sales and all that is great! It uploads tracking information to the necessary platform automatically. If you're a big or small seller this service will do more than you need it to! On that note, the app on the iPad needs some work, options and information seemed somewhat limited. We look forward to continuing our usage of ship station! We love it, we will never go back to any other method of shipping unless they go crazy with their pricing.. haha
Great App about 1 year ago by
This is an easy tool to us for all your shipping and fast for multiple orders.
Best productivity tool I've found by FAR about 1 year ago by
I've shipped 4000 packages in the last 3 years; it's enough to be annoying when you have to transfer data to services like or deal with PayPal's clunky shipping set up. I got frustrated with platform and after 5 hours with tech support trying to resolve several glitches in their software one of their tech guys recommended ShipStation and WOW: game changer! I was a little bummed at first that I could not print on the same Avery labels I have been using for years, then tried other ones and it still would not print correctly so I threw in the towel and bought a DYMO LabelWriter 4XL and combined with ShipStation I literally save about 25% of my shipping time because it is SO FAST. It has been 2 months and I still look forward to doing shipping because between ShipStation and the DYMO it's amazing how fast the whole process is. Personally I print my invoices from my store then click the ShipStation icon on the left of my store, update orders, then update orders again (explained below), click print and the 3-7 labels are printed by the time I pull the invoices out of my printer. SO FAST and EASY. The seamless integration with my ebay store was pretty impressive. I have it set to print all labels, even international on the DYMO 4x6 that requires no ink and labels are less than Avery I have been buying so over all I am saving money; however, I can print my ebay packing slip to my laser printer which I like better than using the DYMO labels stuffed into the box. would not let me print international on labels. For first class to residential I have not had any issues with over 20 international packages in the last 2 months since using ShipStation to 7 different countries. There are definitely some things that could use a little attention like having to click multiple buttons to get new orders to show up in orders. You click update all stores; it pops up a window telling you that you have new orders, but doesn't bother to populate them IN the new orders tab so you have to click refresh there again. Like it has an auto fetch option but it lags behind so you still have to click multiple times just to see your orders. Overall it is the single best productivity tool I have found for shipping and has literally changed my attitude towards shipping. I never EVER would have purchased the DYMO if not for ShipStation and I THANK ShipStation in my head 6 days a week for nudging me to do it. Saving money, saving time and nicer labels than Avery by a country mile.
Wow! Saves so much time! about 1 year ago by Michelle Civetti
This app saves me so much time! It is well worth the money! Since USPS took away the discount for doing labels online the cost of the app is offset by the postage savings.
Makes Shipments Easy! about 1 year ago by

We added shipstation to help with shipments from different sites. It has made life so much easier, fast shipments. Customer service is ok.  The app explains it's self and very easy to use.  Also great rates for USPS. 


Easy integration & use about 1 year ago by

Has streamlined our shipping process tenfold - allowing us to make notes between shipping locations has been a great benefit to our business!

The BEST Option In My Opinion about 1 year ago by

I think ShipStation is the solution for those looking for a shipping app - their flat rate cubic pricing is better than Ordoro's and unlike ShippingEasy you don't have to be on the $49 tier to get access to it.

They're also constantly improving - since I since up they've added an app and inventory management.

I also find their interface more user friendly.

The search stops here: TRY Shipstation!

Saves me a ton of time over 2 years ago by

ShipStation saves me a ton of time on shipping.  It used to take me a couple of hours every night to get out all of my packages.  ShipStation is so easy to use, I hired my 14 year old daughter to now do packages for me.  This frees up a couple of hours every evening to grow my business.  Thanks ShipStation.

Easy and Real Time Saver over 2 years ago by

Ship Station is a real time saver for us!  We sell on several different sites and with Ship Station we can import all of our sales into one location for shipping.  This program also updates our other sites with the shipping information so we don't have to do that.  As a real bonus Ship Station is also a real money saver for us as we get lower shipping rates.  We would highly recommend Ship Station to anyone looking for a easy to use shipping program

Gerald Morrison

Treasure Journeys

Really Good. over 2 years ago by

Ship Station is almost the perfect solution.  I expect that in the coming months it will be come the perfect solution.  We ship a lot overseas and their customs handling is great.

Simple & Effortless over 2 years ago by

We switched to ShipStation a few months ago and while it cost more than our previous shipping integration company it was worth it for ease of use, web design, feedback and flawless integrations. 

Awesomeness over 2 years ago by

I used to do shipping labels manually on the UPS site ( lame, I know). I love this app! I still cant believe how much time it frees up.  Dream come true! 

Great Shipping App and simple too! over 3 years ago by

We've been using this app for about 3 weeks. So far we really like it. The seamless integration and the way it pulls the order info from Bigcommerce works great. So far, no problems just a sight learning curve at the beginning.

Works Great! over 3 years ago by

I have been using ShipStation now for about two months - not a long time but so far, I'm really enjoying how easy it is to use.  My computer skills are not strong and I feel very inept when it comes to doing some of even the simplest tasks on the computer.  I like that ShipStation is very straightforward and easy to use.  I don't have to have strong computer skills or knowledge to be able to operate this application effectively and efficiently.  

ShipStation has saved me a great deal of time when it comes to order fulfillment and processing shipping labels.  The only thing that keeps me from granting this app five stars instead of the four stars that I've given it is that when I signed up, it was with the understanding that I could use Lightweight Parcel as a shipping option but I can't.  Because of this, I might end up canceling the service because I need to be able to utilize the Lightweight Parcel class of US shipping - but for the time that I've had this service, it's been very hassle free.

A Must Have over 3 years ago by

A tool built with passion to solve the shipping needs of ecommerce across different platforms. Rich features which in turn cut down the manual tasks saving money. A good investment, vey happy!

Makes Shipping A Breeze over 3 years ago by

I've been using ShipStation for about a year now and I absolutely love it. It links my Amazon and Bigcommerce together, so I can ship all my orders seamlessly through ShipStation's website. It's intuitive and simple to use, which is critical when you ship a ton of orders on a daily basis. Luckily, I only have a few products, so most of the time all of the shipping info is saved and it's as easy as highlighting several orders and clicking print labels. Overall a fantastic service and quite affordable as well!

Absolutely Essential! over 3 years ago by

We've been using ShipStation for close to a year now and to say that it has completely changed the fulfillment part of our business would be an understatement. It used to take up to 4 hours per day to process orders, print packing slips, and print labels. Today, it takes one click to do all of it. We fulfill from three entirely different ecommerce platforms, and they all come through ShipStation seamlessly. Their support is also incredible. We could not imagine running our business without them!

Outstanding App over 3 years ago by admin

ShipStation integrates well with BigCommerce and allows us to create labels via our various accounts all from one dashboard. It's super-efficient and cost-effective. The customer service has been outstanding whenever we've had a question. My one complaint is it can be really slow to load, but overall it has saved us time and money while improving our accuracy (no more manually entering address info.)

Great service and very user friendly! over 3 years ago by

We have been using ShipStation for our small start-up for a few months now.  It was very easy to learn how to use their system and it has all of the features that we need.  We love that we can connect all of our shipping carriers to our ShipStation account and see shipping rates for all carriers, for each of our orders.  We also love that we receive discounts on USPS shipping.  We couldn't be happier!

Complete Waste of Time over 3 years ago by

Ship Station does not notify UPS of packages that need to be picked up.  Instead they tell you to go to the UPS website to schedule a pick up. This lets you have to pay an additional fee just for scheduling a pick up....

Come on Shipstation - If you are going to be in the shipping management business, get this right...

Amazing Shipping Software! over 3 years ago by

We needed to overhaul our shipping options and chose to use ShipStations. GLAD WE WE"RE HAPPY WE DID THAT. The full integration and ability to address every possible shipping scenario we encountered in our business. Support is there in several forms and they know their stuff. 

Plenty of Pros over 3 years ago by

We originally began using ShipStation to avoid paying Amazon a fee for every shipment. After a little over a month of using SS I'm very glad we made the switch. The gold membership is perfect for us because we ship through three marketplaces and can also process orders manually. We don't ship enough to qualify for commercial plus pricing through USPS so the fact that ShipStation offers ExpressOne saves us a considerable amount of money. Also, rather than sorting through three different marketplaces I can just visit ShipStation to see all of the orders. Bulk printing packing slips and shipping labels has cut my printing time in half at least. I've had one problem with ShipStation a few weeks ago in which it did not notify Amazon that I had shipped a few orders which I actually did but that has only happened once so it might have been a fluke. One thing I'd like to see ShipStation add is the expedited shipping being highlighted in the sidebar just like the multiple quantities for orders is. I've received great customer service even during the trial period. If you're considering ShipStation at all at least give it a shot. -Fastway Safety

Excellent app! over 3 years ago by

We absolutely love the integration between ShipStation and our BigCommerce and Ebay stores. It is truly seamless! We used to have to create our Fedex shipping labels in the Fedex Ship Manager, the DHL labels on and the USPS labels on We always had delays creating labels for DHL and USPS shipments because they had to be entered manually. Since we switched to ShipStation, we can simply select from the dropdown the service we want to use, and even compare rates before printing the labels! Additionally, we can now print packing slips along with the labels straight from ShipStation, saving us yet another step (we used to have to do that in QuickBooks.) After the labels are generated, BigCommerce and Ebay are automatically updated and our customers receive a nice email letting them know the package is on its way. Love it!

I would only suggest creating an upload functionality for customer data, so we can easily create labels for orders we receive through other offline channels and introducing a direct integration with QuickBooks. 

Thank you for a great app, it has helped us improve our shipping process! 

Fast smooth and easy setup over 3 years ago by http://WISELIFENATURALS.COM

I'm very pleased with ShipStation after clunking around with Shipworks and Endicia all last year. I love going to one place and easily managing all my orders.  Big kudos for the attention to detail, like product images from my Amazon accounts easily viewable. Highly recommend this app.

saves us ten hours a week over 3 years ago by

We've been with ShipStation for about 3 months now, and couldn't be happier with it. The amount of time it has knocked off our shipping operations is more than we expected. I honestly don't know why we suffered so long without it.

We Don't Know How We Got Along Without It over 3 years ago by

ShipStation is awesome! The integration with BigCommerce works seamlessly and we could not be more pleased. It has truly cut down processing time for shipments and saved us money on mailing costs. And it is so easy to setup and use. We love how ShipStation automatically emails our customers with the tracking information and then posts back to BigCommerce to mark the order as shipped. We really don't know how we got along without ShipStation all these years. And we're only using 5% of it's functionality!

Saves lots of time! over 3 years ago by

Shipping our orders would be such a pain without ShipStation. It consolidates all of your store shipping in one central location and makes shipping out your packages much faster. Instead of having to manage accounts with every delivery service out there we have it all in one place. And it's so easy to use!

So Easy! over 3 years ago by

We've been using ShipStation for about a year and love it! It's made shipping so easy. The interface is really easy to use and sky's the limit on features.

Thanks! over 3 years ago by Paul Pritchard

The app was recommended by a team member. Looks promising! Easy to install and good looking. 

The most full featured and customized web based ship software on earth. over 3 years ago by

I have done the demo for every major web based ship software that connects to BigCommerce and my search brought me right back to Shipstation. The interesting thing is that they are also slightly cheaper on their rates than most, and Express1 and are slightly more affordable than Endicia. 

We ship international and domestic daily, and Shipstation handles it all on every level of detail and of course reports tracking back to my store to update customers. You can customize the column layouts in their orders page, and use the preview panel on the right to very quickly get a label going and order shipped. Using the "Calc" link in the preview panel pops up all setup shipping services and quotes them instantly with travel times quoted based on ship to address.

It works with several USB scales (Windows and Mac) and also lets you choose which label type goes to which printer with almost no effort once you install the Syncstation software. Their support team was on the phone with me almost immediately to help me set it all up, and stayed on the line while I made labels and asked for help to customize a few things.

The ability to sort by order status (like "Awaiting Shipment") rocks also.

I am amazed at the function, and can assure you that every other web based software lacks the full feature sets it has...I have tried them all and canceled some within minutes and some after a day (but it was always once I discovered they could not operate as in depth as we need).

Finally, shipping from the cloud and loving it. Update May 2016: Even better, Shipstation now has an after delivery email program that automatically alerts the customer that the package has been delivered. This has been proven helpful already with small items being in a customer's mailbox and they didn't realize it yet. We are now using with BC, eBay and Reverb selling platforms flawlessly. Also, automatically gives you lower USPS Priority rates now without Express1. also recently acquired Endicia so they are the same company.

Works great! over 3 years ago by

Sofar one of the best Shipping apps we have used!

Good purchase over 3 years ago by

This app is very easy to use. The interface is user friendly. Easy integration with Bigcommerce. Customer service is speedy and response! I am happy with ShipStation app. 

Best product available! Weekly updates over 3 years ago by

Absolutely the best product for shipping.  Overall the best third party product I've ever used.  They do weekly updates that constantly add new features or fine tune existing.  

Awesome! over 3 years ago by Eric Rubin

Shipstation has been really great for our business. I no longer have to log into each individual website that we sell our products on to collect our orders. An Express 1 account was also a great bonus, because we are definitely saving a lot of money on our daily shipments. I also like the interface; it seems fun, modern and clean. I don't remember what my life was like before I had Shipstation. This app has made my work so much easier.

Ship Station cut our daily shipping time in half over 3 years ago by

We ship with both USPS and UPS. Before Ship Station we would have to manually copy and paste info back and forth create labels, remember to mark as shipped, print packing slips, etc....... Now that we use Ship Station we are able to compare prices on shipping, and with a few clicks complete all these tasks in a fraction of the time.Setting up and integrating our shipping accounts was super easy. Ship Station is worth every penny.

Great but lacking some simple fixes over 3 years ago by Jamie Phipps

If you have items under 150lbs its great. But you truly cannot manage everything from one place as they advertise. If you ship any items LTL freight you have to do everything manually or do workarounds which defeat the purpose. If they can work in a solution here it truly would be an awesome product.. 

horrible 1 click over 4 years ago by

one click install is NO dice, its horrible, it doesnt even load;  their site is great but I dont want to leave my site to do shipping, easyship, shippo are all better in sense you dont have to go anywhere

Awesome over 4 years ago by Frank O'Toole

ShipStation makes my life so much easier.  I'm happy that I can print a pick list so that I can keep myself organized while packing orders, rather then running around looking for stuff for each box I pack.

The integration with my store is most important, allowing me to quickly print labels with just one or two clicks, rather then entering all the information.

The best part is I save time since I can manage several services (FedEx, UPS, USPS) all at once from one screen.

Great App + Excellent Customer Service over 4 years ago by http://thesnugbug

We use ship station for orders from all our selling channels. It's easy to use, helps us to keep up with shipments from our multiple warehouses and keeps everyone on the same page. We recommend it highly to anyone who asks. Couldn't be simpler. Their customer service is also knowledgeable and easy to work with. Very satisfied.

Save time and money over 4 years ago by

Fantastic, We just moved our web site to Bigcommerce and I love all the add on apps, but I love Shipstation the best so far. We used to manually input addresses into the various shipping companies web sites. But, with shipstation we have decreased our whole shipping procedure.

Shipstation has saved us so much time! It is simple and easy to use and is a breeze to set up, yet it has all the features we need and many more. I'm very impressed with Shipstation.

Very capable, customizable and worth the expense. over 4 years ago by Sander Kallshian

We've been using Shipstation for a few months now, and honestly I can't even remember life before it.  We sell on multiple marketplaces and the amount of time (a.k.a. money) we were wasting fulfilling and shipping through each separate website was insane.  Within 2 weeks we were printing out customized packing slips and invoices for our different kinds of customers (for example, our local customers see a special thank-you note for choosing a local business).  Shipstation has increased our speed and capacity for order fulfillment by at *least* 200%, and the service is excellent.  Also, I believe they are actively listening to what their customers want to see in future versions.  This is very important to me because I love giving feedback.  The only thing it does not do that would be a HUGE feature for our business is if it could help synchronize inventory between multiple marketplaces.  For example, if it would subtract an item from our Amazon inventory if we sold the item on BigCommerce, that would prevent us from overselling something.  So far we LOVE this app and could not go back to the way things were before.

Really useful app, probably the most useful one that I use over 4 years ago by

I've been using SS for about 3 months now.  The first (free) month was spend taking care of a lot of the configuration, and getting support from SS when there was an issue.  They were super-responsive, and made changes to their app based on my feedback (I needed to recognize weights below 1oz per item, as that makes a huge difference to international shipping costs).  Since then, it's mostly been a breeze, it works well for international orders (no issues with special chars, easy customs forms), and itegrates tightly with  Works great with my Dymo 4XL printer as well.  Color me impressed!

Works nice just not from Big Commerce Dashboard as advertised over 4 years ago by

Would be better if worked as an APP rather than having to login to a website

ShipStation should be the model for all integrations by CV Performance
I wish all other integrations (and BC features) worked as well as ShipStation. I was using Paypal's Multiorder Shipping for several years, and what a pain that was. Between constant outages, java errors, and a complete lack of integration back to my store, our shipping process was dreadful. Once we started using ShipStation not only were our customers better informed about their shipments but our shipping tasks were cut in half. As a bonus the reporting and dashboard through ShipStation turns out to be better than what we are getting through the store itself. We looked at several other solutions for months, but compares!
Very Nice Shipping Platform - Needs a Couple More Features by Todd S
Overall, very happy with ShipStation, however, it does some things in a clunky way, and it's missing certain features that should be there for a program of this caliber. Reporting is probably it's weakest area. My biggest complaint is the inability to export your costs of shipping while using a filter or tag. I need to be able to account to clients we ship for what we paid out to ship their orders. There's no way to do this. If you are not a fulfillment house, or need to generate reports for customers you ship for, then this won't be a big deal to you. It's a big deal to us, as Shipworks did this task flawlessly. One other criticism has to do with not being able to have unlimited log in accounts with the enterprise version. You have to pay a monthly fee for every user over ten users. How about being a little less stingy with the number of users Shipstation, lol. It was nice of them to lower the fee from $10 to $5 per month per extra user, however, still would prefer no additional fee. I do like that it's a cloud service - no more updates, no more clunky off-site access - it's always available, no matter what pooter I am sitting at. Support tends to get back to us with a couple of days, which is better than not getting back to you at all, like Shipworks is getting known for. Setting it all up initially is super simple. Setting it up to use it the way it should be used takes some time and effort, but it's worth it. Once you get all your product information in there, you'll be able to setup profiles and processing rules. It makes bringing a new person into ship really straight forward. In some ways it has more functionality than Shipworks, in other areas, it's lacking. Still, totally worth getting.
Excellent product & service by Todd h
Does exactly what we need it to and then some. It's obvious power is as a shipping tool, enabling a more efficient procedure for preparing, picking, packing, and shipping orders. But it has actually become our main reporting tool as it collects and makes available more data that most Reporting Apps we've used. Top all of that off with exceptional support and a willingness to evolve the product, and we're absolutely 5 star happy with ShipStation
A No Brainer: If You Do Ecommerce, Get ShipStation NOW! by Houseables
I sell on Bigcommerce, ebay and Amazon and after using 4 or 5 other shipping software, I can say with 100% certainty that ShipStation is the absolute best. It is honestly a no brainer. ShipStation has drastically improved our workflow, decreased our order processing time by 70%, and saves us a lot of money every month! I would recommend watching their videos and spending about a 1 or 2 days to really learn the ins and outs of the software. Once you understand how ShipStation works, you'll know that you can automate about 90% of the shipping process. And the interface is very user friendly. Currently, all we have to do is click 3 buttons and our order processing is done for the day. It literally takes us less than 5 minutes--not even joking. Two other features that I love and cannot live without on ShipStation are the search features and the Reports. ShipStation makes it extremely easy to search for any past transaction. Once you do a search, you'll get every single detail you would ever need to know about that transaction right in front of you. ShipStation also allows you to view or download 14 different types of reports, which are all extremely detailed. It blows my mind how convenient this thing is to use. I also give a lot of credit to the developers who have literally thought of everything. They really know what they're doing. The pricing is very reasonable because you save a lot of time, and with the included Express 1 account, the postage savings pretty much pay for the software. If you compare what they offer to other competitors, you'll know that you're getting a spectacular deal. I really couldn't be happier with ShipStation. They really have it all covered when it comes to your shipping needs. Trust me...get ShipStation. You won't regret it.
Excellent app!! by Denniso
Shipstation has everything that we need it to be from batch printing, default shipping settings per item, and even tracks the status of shipped packages! SO much better than other shipping apps out there! Thank you for making things so much easier!
Good stuff by Andrew Rodriguez
Saves time and money
Amazon, ebay, website - all in one place! by Roy Http://
I don't know how we worked before shipstation! Amazing ! The interface is so easy and user friendly , the online chat staff are so professional - solved all my questions and demands. We sell on 3 different channels and it's not an issue anymore - only one screen open. Shipstation is amazing - search, printing , void , combine orders, return label - everything just perfect. Their integrations with the marketplaces are working smooth. I recommend every seller to move on and grow his business like we did and start working with shipstation.
Seamless Integration and Attentive Customer Service by Niki Crowe
We recently tried the Ship Station App's free trial and were slightly skeptical as to whether or not it would be worth the money. Let me tell you, it most certainly is. If you are managing more than one selling outlet (like we are) this app is a life saver. Not only does it cover the basics like shipping (duh!) but it also gives you such a concise and clear view of your entire operation that you'll wonder how you've ever managed without it. Within a few days we ditched our account and switched to the paid service.
Save time and money by Troy
I was tired of spending 20 minutes each day standing in line at the post office and then I found this service. We also have an Etsy store in addition to the BigCommerce store and orders for both are seamlessly managed in ShipStation. The monthly fee for ShipStation is made up by the extra money we save from shipping using the discounted shipping rates. I love the look I get from people standing in line at the post office when I go in with my box of orders, drop them off, and leave. Oh, and support has been great so far. A rep from ShipStation called me as soon as I first signed up for the trial to discuss the process. Their online documentation pretty much takes care of it all, but if there are any other problems they are quick to address it. If I had one complaint it would be the price going from one platform to two. $20 extra seems a little much. But aside from that it's money well spent.
Not working with Big Commerce right now - Service is Very Slow by Larry
We signed up on 12/31/13 and are using this for three different sales channels. Everything was fine until 1/14/14 when suddenly Ship Station could not download our Big Commerce orders. Order from our other two channels are still coming just fine. We contacted Ship Station and Big Commerce support to find out what was causing the error. Our guess is it was due to the "upgrade" BC did around the same time. Don't you love it when BC does and "upgrade" and it breaks your store! In any event, here we are two days later and Ship Station still does not work with BC and we have not heard from their support people. Of course the BC support folks haven't even responded to our support ticket yet. I think Ship Station is a great product when it works. When it doesn't work, forget about getting quick solutions or even a response to your problem. That is pretty much how I feel about Big Commerce as well. They have a lot of great features, lack some very basic ones our other shopping carts offer, but service is non-existent.
Love it. by Vesta
I'm in love with this app. Once I started using the free trial, there was no way anyone was going to take it away from me. Shipping is a snap and the integration with ExpressOne and Expedia makes my life so simple. Sending customers return labels is just a matter of clicking a button. International shipments are no big deal. I see this as an indispensable part of running our BigCommerce store. It's the only external app we use, except for SumAll for stats.
Can't find a good enough of a word to describe how AWESOME it is by Rebekah
I love this program because of how easy it is to use and the support that comes with it!! It is so great to have orders ready to go and at a click of a button you are done shipping! Highly recommended to everyone! Go try it today! They have a free trial so you can fall in love with it before you purchase for those who have any type of reservation.
Meets all our needs by ValueChain
As an online seller, we need to collect orders from different marketplaces and ship from a central location. Shipstation does the job perfectly. It also has the flexibility to customize packing slips, shipment notification emails and labels so that we can thank our customers and provide coupons. We use USPS priority mail a lot. Express1 that comes with shipstation offers more discounts than Endicia which have saved us a lot of money on shipping. Overall, shipstation is good system for us and the website never failed on us. I recommend it to anyone.
Great shipping system. Very easy to use. by pnpneck
I can't believe how easy the system is. Well worth the monthly fee. I'm sure there is a ton more that I can use it for, but just need to make time to explore the system. That being said, it still allows you to do what you need without having to know the system inside out. Thanks, again.
More than expected.. by CollectorKnives
For 10 years I have just done everything manually; from updating a homemade website to printing labels via paypal. When I went to bigcommerce I just wanted something to print labels and communicate the information back to the store. ShipStation does that and way more. Honestly, probably more than I will ever attempt to utilize. But it solved my problem perfectly and with a very user friendly interface. Since I already had a well established business I was a little nervous cutting over to a new platform - but it was flawless.
Great Service! by Lara
Shipstation has been a great asset to our company's ability to grow. It has provided us with the ability to seamlessly process and ship out orders from our Bigcommerce website. The technical support has been one of the most positive aspects of our relationship with Shipstation. They are always available and eager to help.
Great for organizing my orders and shipping by Ned Miller
Ship Station is more than an excellent shipping software - its an order management solution as well. We have been using this for a couple months now and I would not go back to my old methods. Ship Station keeps me organized and is super easy to use. Shipping is of course the bread and butter of this software and runs so smoothly, you can also track your shipments with 1 click to see if they have been delivered. Ship Station is worth every penny.
good customer service by Anna
I had been using OrderCup and decided to give ShipStation a try because I found out that they offer the ability to print pick lists - which is something that I really wanted to be able to do in order to save time. ShipStation's customer service has been great too. When I first signed up, they took the initiative to contact me to offer help with getting set up, and I have contacted them a few times since then to ask questions and have gotten quick responses. Their support forms and guides are extensive and much better than the ones that OrderCup had (some of which weren't even accurate), but there is just so much information there that I end up emailing support to get answers to my specific questions. I used to have issues with OrderCup where they wouldn't fetch orders some times, and I do not have that problem with SS. Only FedEx and Canada Post are available carriers to me though - offering UPS, DHL, and/or Purolator would be very beneficial. I have found their prices to be better than FedEx.I think UPS might be available for Americans, but it is not an option for me here in Canada. All in all, I feel that there are some important features missing, but they do have a feature request page which I have added to, and I have received such good service that I wouldn't be surprised if the features were eventually available.
Greatly Improved our Order Flow by Richard
ShipStation has greatly improved our order processing not only with regard to speed and efficiency but also with regard to mistakes that were being made in our warehouse with manual data entry and confusion with orders being transferred from administrators to warehouse personnel. ShipStation made this otherwise labor intensive and error prone process of handing off orders to our warehouse seamless and we are very satisfied!
excellent! by Peter
Shipstation has saved us so much time! It is simple and easy to use and is a breeze to set up, yet it has all the features we need and many more. I'm very impressed with Shipstation.
This makes our lives SOOOO much easier! by Tyler
Prior to using Shipstation our team was using 3 different shipping platforms to integrate with all of our sales channels. Shipstation has allowed us to use 1! With the automation rules and the ability to access our account from any browser it has changed the way we ship. You would think we gave our shipping department a raise they're so pumped. We highly recommend Shipstation and can't believe we stuck with anything less for as long as we did... make the change you'll be happy you did!
How Did I Ship Before this App??? by Victoria
Before switching to BigCommerce, I shipped through Paypal Multi Order. That experience was horrible and many options were not available. Ship station works great with my BC site and has so many features. It automatically alerts me of multiple orders from the same person and suggests I combine, which is VERY helpful and saves time. I have noticed a few glitches and order statuses not updating on the back end of big commerce, but overall this app is wonderful.
Our shipping is sooo much easier now by Susan W
We just moved our web site to Bigcommerce and I love all the add on apps, but I love Shipstation the best so far. We used to manually input addresses into the various shipping companies web sites. But, with shipstation we have decreased our whole shipping procedure. We can ship more orders in a day since we don't have to stop earlier to input all the addresses. This is going to be a huge help in the holiday season. Love it and it works seamlessly with Bigcommerce.
Tried The Rest, ShipStation's The Best by Amanda
Our company has tried several different shipping services, but ShipStation is much more efficient. Some of our favorite features is the ability to tag, filter, and work from any computer. We had one or two of these options with other systems, but ShipStation by far has the best selection of features. We also appreciate the quick response times to our questions and the level of assistance we receive when we need it.
Shipstation experience... by EverReady
We've been using Shipstation for over a month now and like the features it provides us. It's syncs with Big Commerce nicely and allows us to quickly manage our shipments. It took a bit to get our accounts (FEDEX, UPS) working however in the end Shipstation support helped out. We've noticed the fastest way to get support is via email. You will not reach them by phone. The extra product reports they provide are nice as well. Give it a won't be disappointed.
Easy to use and it saves us money! by Rachel Kacenjar
Ship Station is intuitive and using it is very simple. It organizes all of our orders in a place other than our main frame sales website, which is convenient for us for reconciliation and accounting purposes. It handles all of our packing slip and label printing with ease. Ship Station also has great customer service, and they walk you through any problems or questions you have. I would definitely recommend it to any eCommerce business person looking for a simple shipping solution.
Fantastic! by Yoav Perry
I have been looking for a while for an integrated shipping service and this is perfect. Not only does it work with my FedEx and UPS accounts but it also gives me discounted rates on USPS with Express One. I used to pay a monthly fee Endicia account to be able to mail with USPS but Endicia is integrated here free of charge so I cancelled my paid account with them. (Endicia amongs other things enables me to ship online first class or parcel post which you can't do with the USPS web site or with PayPal shipping). With the Ship Station platform I get notices and calculations of shipping whenever an order arrives. I can also use PayPal without my online store to charge a customer and the order will go into Ship Station as well. There are lots of small details here that save me time and money and makes shipping feels as if I have a logistics department working for me. For example, when two orders arrive from a single customer, the system asks me if I want to consolidate them into a single shipping; nice! I can print stealth postage so no one sees my discounted rates, I can select different types of shipping labels to be used with my laser printer or my thermal printer. The system enables me to put customers' UPS or FedEx account if I have a customer that want to charge the shipping to their own account. I can map any shipping service name from my website to be a specific class of service. I can also use this to print put packing list or invoice and it even imports the product images from my site to put next to the item on the printed list (customized, you can turn this option off). As a "bonus" it also gives you some interesting stats about your sales trends and history on the front page. Another nice touch. the system can also ship in bulk which is really helpful if you got lots of shipments to send at once or already have the labels loaded into the printer and want to print all at once. If you don't want to print them all right away, you can make a PDF out of them to print later - how nice is that? When you send a package, it attaches the tracking number of the package automatically to the order on your BigCommerce site so customers can track it - you don't need to do anything. It's all automated magic. Problems: Yes, there are a few but not significant. Printing the logo on the shipping label is weird and out of place. PayPal integration is clunky - it imports the entire order as one item. I sometimes get the same order once from PayPal and one from BigCommerce. These are issues with the PayPal API really which are probably not ShipStation's fault but they need to be addressed. The system may also offer classes of shipping that don't really exist in real life (Ever seen a flat rate first class envelope?) and it needs to be fixed so we can only see applicable shipping classes to the carrier, destination and item that we choose. My last issue with the system is that sometimes when things don't match and you try to calculate shipping, the error messages are total techno gibberish that doesn't make much sense to me as a user and gives me no idea on how to remedy the situation. I wish that error messages will be fixed to make more sense. Being an advocate for the use is user experience 101... But other than these few minor things, this system is so great that even with these "to fix" items I still give it 5 stars. I love using it. Saves me tons of time.
Great Product and Great Service by Todd
Ship Station is a very slick Saas that integrates nicely with BC. Makes our fulfillment process so fast and easy, saving us countless hours a week. Customer service is great. They interact by email only but it's included and they always get back within an hour usually less than 30 minutes and are very helpful and understanding. Besides having a system that is wholly and consistently reliable, having excellent customer service is what takes the cake for me, especially for a Saas. What's missing for me are a few things: 1) Ability to ship on a customers UPS account. 2) COD by UPS. and 3) Inclusion of Customer Comments & Notes on the Packing Slips & Invoices generated out of Ship Station, which is only included on the top level program. Some of my orders are not complete without the customer comments & notes on the packing slips and should be included with every level of service, in my opinion. In any event, they seem to be always improving and these things could and probably will change sooner than later. Other than those few items, everything else is great.
I have tried them all and ShipStation gets it!! by Jeremy Carr
There are plenty of shipping applications to choose from on the big commerce app store. I have tried them all and most of them miss the mark by a long shot. What makes ship station different IMO is besides the functionality of have all my shipping (eBay and Big Commerce) imported in to one user interface they really go beyond. They allow me to automate many aspects of my business. I can set up triggers on how to handle orders as they come into ship station. One trigger is custom emails that go out with tracking that look like they came from my business and not some shipping program. They have a very in depth reports features that allows you to pull all kinds of data. I could go on and on but I actually need to get some shipping done right now.
Very intuitive by Mr. Katie
We've been using ShipStation for our small start-up company. As we are still working the kinks out of our own processes, ShipStation has been very easy to get the hang of - including backtracking and fixing mistakes!
Most User Friendly App So Far by Valerie
I am so happy right now. I have tried several shipping applications and haven't been happy with any of them. This is exactly what I have been looking for. It was so easy to set up. I had my store integrated, accounts set up for USPS, UPS, FEDEX, and had already started printing all my labels in less than an hour. Great App...I highly recommend it. It is worth every bit of the monthly fee because I will save so much more money printing my USPS labels here vs. Paypal postage prices.
Great product. Great service. by Chad Miller
We are really happy to have switched to ShipStation. The monthly fee is far less than our old service and it integrates way better with Bigcommerce. Additionally, not having to pay for an extra Endicia account is great. The Express1 option has a great discount and we are saving a ton when shipping via USPS. No real gripes, wouldn't consider switching to anything else. Yay!
Seamless system and responsive customer service by kristina
We've been very pleased with ShipStation. The system is extremely malleable allowing us to automate many aspects of the program to our exact specifications. The customer service team is ultra-responsive, and the "points" system in the forum is wonderful. Highly recommend!
Super Easy by Christian Staples
We have been using ShipStation for about 6 months and have found it to be much easier than what we were using before. I also like the integration with Express1 for shipping USPS. This saves us a lot of money on the packages we ship the most. We also ship many packages from phone orders or automatic shipping programs. We enjoy the ability to bulk upload many packages at once through Excel. It saves hours of time.