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The Complete Mobile Commerce Solution

Shopgate is the leader in mobile commerce. Our award-winning SaaS platform enables BigCommerce users to build best-in-class mobile experiences with native apps and mobile sites for iOS & Android.

Data driven mobile commerce

With our portfolio consisting of over 30 million monthly unique visitors, 25 million products and 17.5 million app downloads, we've developed a unique data driven approach to increasing your mobile conversion rates.

One-click integration with your existing platforms

Seamless connectivity with your BigCommerce store with no coding required. Add powerful marketing tools with our intuitive platform including push messages, Daily Deals, mobile coupons and more.

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Client Reviews (3)

Couldn't get my money back about 1 year ago by

Purchased their software, while it is a very nice software it doesn't work with every type of product. For example if your product's price increases due to a certain attribute change, the software is unable to track this price change. They have implemented a bug fix, which did not work. They started to investigate it, and they are still doing it to this day.... I haven't heard from them since. I requested a refund and was given a runaround along the lines of - "this is not my department, I have forwarded your request to soemone else" ... 10 days later I have no refund, not even a responce. I wouldn't call the customer service excellent at that point at all.

Great Idea and Great Customer Support about 1 year ago by

The transition was smooth the customer support excellent

Awful glitches that will ruin your store's trust with customers. No no no, never again. about 1 year ago by


The initial experience was nice, they would design the mobile version and start working on app afterwards. Typical process. The problems started occurring after few weeks when mobile site would be acting up on their site, with either no payments going through or products being removed from the mobile version altogether plus many more.

We stayed while working on the Apps. The apps were total disaster, with so many issue that we have dozens and dozens of emails between tech support explaining why either the products are gone or payments are not working or many many many more issues.

While their local tech support was doing their best, our company took a very bad hit in terms of how we look and present ourselves to our customers as we were losing their trust and patience.

I discourage any serious business person to engage with this place as the communication toward the end was just not enough, the product is simply awful and not worth the hassle nor your business reputation. 

Also, no refund given, credit card charges were disputed.