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Springbot enables small- to medium-size retailers to take full advantage of even the most complex marketing data. We do it by delivering marketing automation and analytics in one dynamic platform, eliminating the need for separate tools and making the overwhelming task of running and tracking multi-channel marketing campaigns ridiculously simple. Then Springbot does something unique; we offer data-driven marketing recommendations that give you the confidence to make smarter marketing decisions to help grow your revenue. That's the true power of Springbot Data-driven eCommerce Marketing.

As a Springbot customer, you get:

Marketing Dashboard

We integrate directly into BigCommerce to provide you robust data and analytics based on your customer and product data.

Email Marketing

We integrate with your favorite email service provider so you can easily send personalized emails to customers as well as automated emails triggered by your customers' actions.

Social Media

Schedule, edit and review your social media posts across Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Also, make your Instagram shoppable with a custom landing page for your bio.

Online Ads

Re-engage visitors who view but don't purchase your items by showing them a display ad on the web, mobile, and social through our integration with AdRoll.


With Amazon Marketplaces, expand your products' reach by quickly migrating your listings to Amazon. Match your store's products, set pricing, and optimize listings to win the Buy Box, as well as manage product listings, inventory, and shipping updates.

Onboarding and Training

Once Springbot's installed on your site, you are assigned your very own Customer Onboarding Manager. They will help you get up and running to get the most out of Springbot.

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Client Reviews (2)

"Does It All" software that actually does! about 1 month ago by Andrew Gill https://www.seriouslysillysocks.com/
Where to start? I think it can take a little white to get your head around Springbot and what it has to offer, I'm not normally a fan for tools that claim to do lot's of different stuff, but I'm rapidly becoming a big fan for Springbot! We're not using all it's features but they are now our single resource for managing our customer database, email campaigns and social posting so it's these areas my review comments on. Their people were very patient winning my business and identifying the right tools for it. Nothing was too much trouble during on-boarding and we got proper hand-holding all the way through. The personalised support and account management take Springbot beyond just being a piece of software! What I like about Springbot is that: 1) It's great for capturing customer newsletter sign-ups with a store pop-up tool 2) Has an abandoned cart tool that enables step by step communication with customers 3) Features a full suite of triggered email options for new and retained customers 4) And handles email campaigns too! For all these features the software is easy to handle, the emails are flexible to our brand look and only limited really by our own limitations. There's also very detailed segmentation options to manage customer groups. But that's not all, we're also: 5) Using Springbot for our social posts 6) Creating shopable posts in Instagram 7) Featuring product ads to customers in Facebook 8) And Springbot also has a whole load of useful reporting, on the campaigns/ activity generated in Springbot and also on product performance, coupon performance etc. This is software for the long haul but we've seen some instant results. In particular we've finally got our act together with email campaigns and the effect on sales of those has been instant. We're also using triggered emails to build customer relationships and also to win back customers who might have forgotten about us. If you're looking for easy to use reliable tools, with a lot of power and data gathering, if you're a fast growing small business that's time and resource stressed, if you need a helping hand with your marketing effort and want to jump start then the people at Springbot are worth having a chat with. Andrew seriouslysillysocks BIgcommerce Innovation Award Winner 2017
Best App Ever! about 1 year ago by Chinchar Maloney http://chincharmaloney.com/
We researched a lot of apps out their to help with our eCommerce business. Springbot was and still continues to be the best. It integrated so many of our systems and social media and is very user friendly. We could not be happier and it has streamlined our business to make it even more competitive today. We have seen great success with this incredible app. Lastly, the customer service is amazing and so fast. On the rare occasion their is a problem the staff is always quick and willing to go the extra mile to help. There is no turning back for us and marketing control we have harnessed due to Springbot. The Chinchar/Maloney Family