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When a product is out of stock, InStockNotify inserts an area for customers to enter their email address in your product listing. We then monitor the inventory levels of the products your customers are interested in. When products are back in stock, we automatically email them to let them know it is available for purchase again.

We originally built this service for our own Bigcommerce store! We received so many requests from other store owners to add them onto the service, that we turned it into an app for easy installation.

Key features:

  • Automatically emails when a product is back in stock
  • Customizable emails to your customers
  • See the products customers are most interested in
  • See when notifications have been sent
  • See when notifications have been read
  • Export data to .csv format

Client Reviews (26)

Essential app about 28 days ago by
This is an essential app for our store. We were using another one for a few years, but I was never super keen, and then it stopped working altogether with our facebook pixel. Their customer service was hopeless, so I looked around for an alternative. I had read that Instock Notify doesn't work with Stencil, but a quick email assured me that it does. Seamless integration, absolutely no problems at all. Excellent, fast customer service when I had a few questions about features. This app is very easy to navigate, works intuitively, and there are some great features like being able to email a customer that we're no longer stocking a product, and it deletes the notification (plus you can personalise that email very easily before you send to a customer). It really helps with stock ordering, too - as it's easy to see what customers are waiting on. Great for customer communication, and saves our customer service team so much time! Highly recommend this app!
Was so good, but now causing REAL problems 6 months ago by petra cameron
This product has been FANTASTIC, but since the beginning of the year (when we switched to a Stencil theme) it has been a disaster and have lost us loads of sales. It now causes the store's "Out of stock" message to pop up on EVERY product as you press the "Add to cart" button. Usually it is just briefly, it flashes up for a second or two, and then disappears, followed by the "The product has been added to your cart" message. But on too-many-to-be accepted occasions does the message stay on screen much much longer (slow internet?) and the customer just clicks away. And we have seen too many messages from customers on social media complaining that a brand new product is out of stock, when we're sitting on shelves full of stock, hoping to sell them. Sadly, I will have to uninstall this app.
Does not work with Bigcommerce 7 months ago by
Was told by support that they do not currently work with Bigcommerce. No time frame for fixing it.
Works well - but we had some issues 11 months ago by Sluggers
The app does what it says - but we have had some issues with it. We receive regular emails from customers who think something os out of stock because the email box appears after they add something to their cart and can take a while to disappear. Not sure if this is something to do with our 'Fortune' template or the app itself. It's as though it takes a while to work through the process of adding to cart and displays the 'out of stock' option for long enough to make customers think we have no stock. We aren't sure if we have lost customers because of this, but we have had great results once we add stock and customers come back to purchase their products. There's also an issue for product that we are never repeating, but it's worth keeping for the products that we plan on repeating.
must have about 1 year ago by admin
absolutely a must have for your eComm store. Set it and forget it, or use the data to determine customer demand. It could us a little UI/UX updating but it does what it needs to at an affordable price
Awesome App! about 1 year ago by
We added this app about 6 months ago and it has been a great addition to our site. Our customers really like the ease of being notified when items are our of inventory, and we like not missing sales when inventory is out. We've learned a lot about which products to always have in stock. Great ROI!
Amazing about 1 year ago by
Easily the best ROI of any app I've downloaded for our e-commerce store. Simple to use, price is very low, and have never encountered any bugs with the software. Made up the cost in about two days on the site -- and then some!
Best App Ever about 1 year ago by
It has been 2 months we are using. The emails ROI from the app email notification is is 18%, can not be happier.
Great App about 1 year ago by
This is a really great app for any company which stocks product. I am confident it has increased our sales by giving us a much stronger understanding of what items to always have stocked. The email notifications often become sales, but more importantly it has made us way better at stocking in demand products. A must have app for any company that stocks products.
Great ROI app about 1 year ago by
This app is hands down the best ROI app on BC. The interface is clunky and the product could benefit from some polish but this is an easy addition to any shop.
happy with it about 1 year ago by
it would be nice if there was some kind of integration with mail chimp so that when someone enters a email it sends them to a mail chimp list or if it could be made so that when some one enters a email it sends them a email saying "we will tell you when product x is back in stock but in the meantime have you seen product z " but even as it is it works well
It has boosted our sales through Pre-Orders about 1 year ago by
Signed up for In Stock Notify in January. It has been a god send. Giving customer the option to be notified when a product is back in stock is great for an importing business like ours. It enables us to fine tune each shipment to meet customer demand with ease. Love the fact that when we place an order for our next shipment our accounting system updates our website's inventory then all we need to do is enable "Pre-Orders" for each product. We end up with a bunch of pre-orders before the next shipment arrives. I would give it five stars however we do find customizing the email templates a little challenging. As yet have not contacted support about this. Otherwise happy to recommend. Gear Campus
Needs More Features over 2 years ago by

Needs the ability to customize when a restock email is sent.  If we have 100 customers waiting for an item to be restocked, and we happen to receive 1 item back in the warehouse due to a return, then we end up with 99 angry customers who received an email and the item is gone already.  Need to customize email so it only goes out if we receive a certain minimum amount.  

Perfect over 2 years ago by

This app has really helped our business prioritize incoming stock. Excellent ROI, even better customer service.

Great app! over 2 years ago by

This app is fantastic. It's easy to use and provides helpful data. I needed a little help with incorporating the theme into our site and the response time was a matter of minutes. Highly recommended.

Love it! over 3 years ago by
update 2/9/18 - This is still the best investment I made in 10 years for apps added to my store. Since I am looking at moving looking to Stencil I contacted the app manager thru the contact form on their website (BC's contact form is not always functional) and he replied quickly as usual. Per Mike absolutely yes, this app works on Stencil as they were of the first apps to integrate with Stencil, the information left in the reviews is incorrect about issues with Stencil/Big Commerce. I was glad to post that in my update as InStockNotify has been excellent for us. (Those who know me know I tend to be overly critical and long-winded - so please know, it takes a lot for me to given any app etc 5 stars) 4/27/16 Had this app for 8 months now I just received in a large shipment of items that were out of stock yesterday. I updated my store late last night and this morning I already have 9 orders directly from InStockNotify notifications. Some notification requests were 4-5 months old, I am shocked they were still interested. The best part is I did nothing, I am still amazed one app can actually bring back that much business to my store. Note: At no charge they added script so that when I added the words "Retired" or "No Longer Available" to the availability field the notify when in stock box does not appear. I just had to let them know what wording would indicate items out of stock I wanted to exclude. Very nice people to deal with too. (previous review below)

It has now been 2 months since my original review below.  

I am still amazed how many people use this feature and how simple it is.  It also lets me know how many people who received a notification "opened" their email.  It has already paid for itself, especially since our competitors usually get their backorders at the same time we do, it's a way to get them to our website to purchase first.  I think people like the simplicity and lack of having to create a email, make a phone call etc.  I still love it and with over 40 people on my notification list, it's obvious my customers like it too!

(Original review below)

I've had a store for a few years now, not very long with BC but many years on  a previous platform and have tried a few apps.  Normally I will not give a (positive) review until I have had at least 6 months experience with an app.  

Within a few hours of installing it I had our first request, then a 2nd request from one of our customers who also placed a very large order but we were out of 1 item.  I just put several items coming soon on our website yesterday and already have a notifyme request.

I had one issue - the button was showing up on pages I had the availability showing as "No Longer Available"  (which their system normally looks for and the button will not show up on those pages). This was due to my customizing on my website.  I contacted them via email, on the weekend and the app was updated for my particular website within a few hours.  Amazing!

My only initial holdback on trying this app was the monthly fee.  In my case I can already tell, we are going to gain or keep more customers as a result of this.  I like that it does not request a customer's name (so it feels less invasive) and that I can download a report with the email address and what the customer is waiting for.  The best part though is it works correctly and the customer service is outstanding.

For us, it's a great alternative to offering the ability to pre-order when who knows when the item will arrive.  It is also much more efficient than our manual system, which requires much more effort on the part of the customer and ourselves.  

This is the first app/software I do not feel the need to wait out the full trial period and do not feel the need to wait until I have had it for at least 6 months before offering any postive review.

I am excited about this one!   (I'll try to remember to update after I have had this app for 6 months - if you do not read anything else from me, trust me, it means I have no complaints to speak of).

Love this app over 3 years ago by

Best app I have added to my sites.  Support is very responsive to suggestions and issues that have popped up with my custom template that I'm using.  Fills a big void in the big commerce platform.

Great APP, great support over 3 years ago by

I tried this app out for a couple of months.  During that time I contacted support with a few questions and suggestions.  One thing I was wondering was if it was possible to see notifications by SKU instead of just by product name.  Within a day I received a response saying that the feature was just added.  Just like that, no "well, we'll look into it and see" or anything like that, it was just done.  Can't say enough about the support and app, works exactly like it's supposed to and takes care of what I think is one of the biggest features lacking from big commerce.  I have since went ahead and signed up for a one year plan on both of my websites.

Essential App, needs some work. over 3 years ago by

This feature is absolutely clutch for us. We have a lot of products running out of stock (too often, but that's a whole different issue!) and a large number of customers signing up to be notified. We have already sent out tens of thousands of emails using this without having to put together email campaigns manually. We had a similar app when our store was on Magento but it would always time out and fail to send emails. This one takes a while to kick out all the emails but it gets them out eventually. It's a little slow, but not debilitating. Could use a more robust dashboard for reports. 

Super over 3 years ago by

For years we waited and waited and waited for bigcommerce to give us this feature that just about every other cart has. In the end I gave up waiting thanks to these guys who got it done themselves. Handy little app, easy to setup and works great. Good stats too about which out of stock products have customers waiting and when mails are sent, which ones were opened. All good. Must have feature.

GOOD over 3 years ago by Vinny N

I wanted a way to notify my customers when something was out of stock. This app does exactly that, and you can view the emails sent, and opened. It's reporting is very basic, but you will get return customers, and it pays for itself in no time. I recommend this app.

Ehh over 3 years ago by

It works, but it's definitely overpriced at $18/month

awesome! over 3 years ago by

I'm still on the trial but I have to say that this is by far the best option available on big commerce. Very easy to install, no coding which is always a plus, and it had one pricing plan with all the features.  Everything is customizable which gives users the look and feel of your store and not a third party app. Very excited to see how this product helps or sales. 

Works as advertised over 3 years ago by

Works well. Have been using for about a month now and now issue.  Great customer service as well which is hard to find these days.

I like the idea, but not ready yet.. over 4 years ago by

I had to uninstall due to it being a buggy app.  I wrote their support asking for help troubleshooting, I didn't receive a response. 

A must have app over 4 years ago by Rebecca Germain

Easy to install and allows our customers to automatically be emailed when products are back in stock. This has virtually eliminated the flood of emails we used to get from customers asking when products will be back in stock.