Tidio Live Chat

Client Reviews (16)

We introduce Tidio Live Chat; a solution that allows you to increase contact with your clients.

Intuitive live-chat solution designed to meet expectations of the most demanding users.


  • List of users who are currently visiting your website - you have access to a full list of users who are visiting your on-line shop together with their chosen browser and language. Moreover, you can contact them at any time.
  • Support for mobile devices - thanks to support for mobile devices it doesn't matter what type of device your users have - they will be able to contact you at any time with swiftness and ease.
  • Off-line contact form - if you're not on-line, your users will receive a contact form through which they'll be able to send you a message.
  • Automatic messages - this option allows you to send automated messages to the users who display a given activity, e.g. after entering the site they can receive the message: "Welcome, how may I help you?"
  • Multi-language support - regardless of your on-line shop's language, the chat will be displayed in that language for the users!
  • See what your users are typing before they send you the message to better understand their needs - during conversation with users you can see what they have written even before they click "send".

Client Reviews (16)

Does exactly what it says it will do 3 months ago by chr...com http://cssupplyinc.com/
I am a hater of most things tech, except for Tidio Live Chat. Easy to install, remember how I hate tech, great customer service and it is free. The customers who have used it liked the experience. If you are asking me, I would recommend it.
Not Working 4 months ago by dge...com https://www.fashiontrendz.co.uk/
This is not working. Won't let me install! Please fix the issue!
Best chat app 6 months ago by lim...com https://www.limitlessdesignus.com
I have been using Tidio since I was on Wix. Im glad BC had the program as well. Easy to use and it just works overall.
Wont work with Big Commerce Cornerstone Theme 7 months ago by pto...net https://www.tickledpinkairbrush.com
Wouldn't work with big commerce. Tidio Customer service didn't care, was of no help what so ever and told me to uninstall the app.
Best app among others!!! 7 months ago by fla...com http://flashpointshopping.com
Thanks for the app, best app for small stores your customers can interact with u live nd even when u r offline. Its easy to setup and can customize as u like.
They took away free features 9 months ago by sco...com https://shop.southernmobilityonline.com/
This was a great app, until they took away some major features that were originally free with the basic plan. Now, we cannot see the visitors on our site, or chat them directly. Instead, we have to wait for customers to chat us, which makes communicating through chat much much more difficult and useless 90% of the time. Very surprised and disappointed that they would take away features that they previously offered for free. They should at least offer these features to the customers that used them in the past. Very disappointing.
Tido Chat and Your Web Site about 1 year ago by out...com https://www.outwestbaseball.com
This app is awesome and the customer support is even better! The app takes a bit of coding to install. However, I literally know absolutely nothing about code. BUT... when you download the app to Big Commerce, you can chat with a real representative who will respond to you just as quick as a needy girlfriend or boyfriend. He helped me step by step, showed me links and got me to install the app to my website within about 15 minutes. Now i can chat with my customers who have questions through my mobile phone at any time of the day. I get notifications on my cell phone just like I would a text message. I can immediately respond to my customers needs. Get this app and stay in touch with your customers!
Very nice and helpful tool for the single store owner! about 1 year ago by PVG Photo Designs http://pvgphotodesigns.com
This is a very good tool and very easy to use. If you're running your store yourself are with a couple of employees, this is the tool you need. I like the fact that it integrates with several of the services I use on a daily bases, but now I can offer chat in those services or share contacts information from Tidio and continue support via email and keep track of my tickets so nothing slips through. Because as a single store owner, you can loose a customer real quick if you have sloppy customer service.
works as advertised about 1 year ago by xjd...com
works as advertised, easy to install. But I had to uninstall my app. The updated script caused problems with my mobile theme. I'm not sure if it was all BC themes, but once I uninstalled this app everything started working correctly. Which was a bummer because it worked flawlessly for the first few weeks. So there must have been an update that did not match well with my theme. Will consider going back once it's fixed.
Very useful and extremely easy to use about 1 year ago by acc....uk http://www.safetysystemsdistribution.co.uk
An excellent system that is really easy to setup. Allows for fast communication with customers and also an easy way for our customers to contact us, even if we are not at work (emails if the chat is offline). Would highly recommend.
Great design among others about 1 year ago by sho...com
It has all the basic features we need and apparently it has the best design outlook among others!
Great App! about 1 year ago by bra...com http://www.bravahome.com
I tired several apps here in the marketplace before I came across this Tidio chat app! I wanted something that would work well on the go using my iphone. They have a easy to use Iphone app and the intergration works perfect! I was actually at the supermarket shopping a day after I installed the iphone app and was able to help a customer close a sale! I would highly recommend!
great over 2 years ago by Mario DellaTorre http://www.dbdpet.com

works great thanks

Messed my site up over 3 years ago by jay...com

I enjoyed the chat service however it messed up my whole site. No one was able to check out and the system would get hung up. Big Commerce removed the service and my site was working again. Not worth the risk. 

Meh over 3 years ago by mel...com

It's okay. It's very limited in the free version. Casengo and and Olark do much more for free. 

Useful works fine, most of the time. over 3 years ago by jor...com