Chapter 4 B2B Ecommerce Site Design

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Analysts have forecasted that global B2B ecommerce revenue will top $6.7 trillion by 2020. As of 2014, U.S. B2B ecommerce alone had already surpassed $5 trillion in revenue.

And yet, so few B2B brands are online.

Why? Because getting online is hard for online wholesalers, especially when you have specific ecommerce needs. For instance:

  • You don’t want to compete with your customers: So PLAs and Facebook advertising is out as a way to drive traffic.
  • You might not want to show your prices: Pricing gouging is most real in the supplier and B2B space.
  • You need whole recurring billing technology that produces receipts and syncs with an ERP: This isn’t your average subscription box need.
  • You need a quoting tool that immediately emails your sales team and gives you the ability to create custom quotes for various clients.
  • You need customer groups to allow for individual customer segmentation that gets them their negotiated price every single time.
  • All of this has to come at an affordable price and on a site non-technical buyers can easily use.

How do you make all of this come to life on your site? Well, your B2B ecommerce strategy needs a heavy focus on:

The following 13 sites will show you how you can get off to the right start in building a best of the best in B2B ecommerce site design. For more great examples, check out the winners of the 2017 BigCommerce Best Ecommerce Site Design awards.

Find out how 16 more B2B brands bypass ecommerce challenges

Here’s a walk through how-to on building an ecommerce site for B2B that does everything you need, most of what you want and all of it for a reasonable cost.

1. Rain Harvesting Supplies

As told to BigCommerce by Paul Morgan, Rain Harvesting Supplies.

We offer multiple navigation methods, use add ons and options, have tiered discount levels, and provide in depth product information –– all out of the box.

2. Point Safety

As told to BigCommerce by Paul Kimberley, Point Safety Ltd.

We have, in our opinion, a great looking but also very functional site that is designed and built to represent our business sector and branding.

3. ABM Workwear

As told to BigCommerce by Myles Bonner, AMB Workwear. 

We love our new store! Brands we work with are using it as an example of how to promote their products. It’s a very big hit. Thanks BigCommerce!

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4. Safety Supplies Canada

As told to BigCommerce by Megan Fleming, Safety Supplies Canada.

In November of 2015, our new marketing lead started with Safety Supplies Canada and immediately set to worked on an entire revamp of the website. In aligning with the new branding created by marketing, the team reworked and redesigned the website from its former dated design.

BigCommerce offered an amazing platform for the marketing lead to work with (using some of the product data already included) and starting fresh.

5. Office Stock

As told to BigCommerce by Johan Watson, Office Stock. 

Our store is the best furniture store in the industry when it comes to office furniture.

Out of the Box Themes Optimized for Large Catalogs

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6. EnSafeCo

As told to BigCommerce by Danielle Mead, Owner at EnSafeCo.

Clean, contemporary design with an eco-friendly bent to showcase the brand’s commitment to environmentally-geared products. Though it’s a B2B company selling industrial products, the design is friendly and colorful rather than drab and dark like many competitors.

The custom homepage provides quick access to main product categories via visual icons, content pages via banners and best-selling/new/top-rated products via swappable widgets.

Pop-open search box saves space in the header and provides more content above the fold, except on the homepage where it is already open and ready for visitors who prefer to start their shopping via search.

Category banners provide context and information about the need for each main type of product, aiding in conversion. Custom tabs on product page display everything from videos to product specifications.

Quick links near the top of product details page provide easy access to product tabs that may be below the fold (or scrolling on mobile) and other products from the same brand. Responsive design allows shoppers to easily purchase from any device whether on the road or in the office.

7. Rosenthal Hotel & Restaurant

8. Foiltek Printing

As told to BigCommerce by Jean Vega, Foiltek Printing.

We always get great compliments on the site, and next we’re going to focus on generating more traffic.

9. Good Start Packaging

As told to BigCommerce by Ken Jacobus, Marketing Manager at Good Start Packaging. 

Our YTD (1Q2017) store revenue is up 73% over the same period last year. Visitors are up 43% and AOV is up 10% as a result of our homepage and category page redesigns.

10. Harbor City Supply

As told to BigCommerce by Gary Lederman, Chief Financial Officer at Harbor City Supply.

Our store has been around since the late 90s and in 2014 joined the BigCommerce platform.

Recently we used one of BC partners, Intuit Solutions, to redesign our site. Our site takes some very complex products and makes them easy for our customers to make a purchase with the exact options they need.

We’re fast, responsive, and offers a wealth of information to help the customer make the right choice. Our extensive “How To” blogs are featured on many category and product pages to answer many questions our customers have prior to making their selection.

11.Pure Aqua

As told to BigCommerce by Pure Aqua. 

We built our site for UX, making it easy to navigate with a sleek design.

12. HASCO, Inc.

As told to BigCommerce by Todd Cates, HASCO, Inc.

HASCO customize a standard BigCommerce template to create a modern and unique store-front for the RF and Microwave Electronics industries.

Since establishing a partnership with BigCommerce in June of 2013, HASCO webstore has increased its online sales an average of 90% YoY.

HASCO’s partnership with BigCommerce gave a small veteran owned business the necessary tools essential for continued growth.

HASCO started out as a small distribution company with sales primarily within the United states. The BigCommerce platform provided an opportunity for HASCO to grow into a multimillion dollar operation with sales in over 50 counties.

13. Window Cleaning Supply

As told to BigCommerce by Jacob Wallace, Vice President of Marketing at Water Cleaning Supply.

In December 2016 we redesigned our store using a stencil theme and custom development. Navigation was one of our key concerns and, after extensive research, we feel that we’ve created an excellent UX.

Our overall design remains minimal, clean, and shows customers the most important details that the need to make purchasing decisions.

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