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10 Baby & Kids Ecommerce Sites Growing Faster Than Their Customers

Babies and kids grow – fast. And the retailers tapping in to serve parents in need of toys, clothing, and gear are growing equally as quickly.

Revenue for the baby care products market alone is expected to reach $11.4 billion in 2018, on their way to topping $13 billion by 2021.

Online shopping is clearly gaining momentum with parents. Industry surveys show that parents spend two-thirds more money and three-quarters more time shopping online than their childless counterparts.

Today, about 20% of baby products sales take place online—more than any other consumer packaged goods category.

Ecommerce sales will continue to rise as more companies improve their ecommerce offerings and parents continue to make the shift to online shopping.

Let’s take a look at some of the brands already seeing high growth in this vertical.

Best Baby & Kids Ecommerce Brands

Several baby & kids brands stand out in the online marketplace thanks to a beautiful and effective ecommerce website.

Here are the top baby & kids ecommerce brands:

  1. SpearmintLOVE.

  2. Scentos.

  3. Le Petit Kids.

  4. Nature’s One.

  5. Fidgetland.

  6. Kids Furniture Warehouse.

  7. Little Me.

  8. Bellota Baby.

  9. See Kai Run.

  10. Feltman Brothers.

Let’s see why online shoppers are such big fans of these baby & kids brands.

1. SpearmintLOVE.

SpearmintLOVE sells baby and kids clothing, gear, and accessories by a wide variety of brands and have even developed their own clothing line.

Large, colorful, rotating banners greet shoppers when they arrive on the site’s homepage, and a quick scroll down the page reveals high-quality images showcasing category pages.

Shoppers can easily navigate to product pages where they can zoom in on product photos, view descriptions, and jump to related products.

“We don’t have to worry about traffic or checkout because BigCommerce scales,” said Shari Lott, founder and CEO of SpearmintLOVE. “No matter how high demand goes up, BigCommerce is able to handle it.”

BigCommerce scales with SpearmintLOVE as they rapidly grow.

SpearmintLOVE has seen 991% yearly revenue growth while easily managing over 3,000 SKUs on BigCommerce.

2. Scentos.

Scentos sells scented markers, colored pencils, gel pens, crayons, notebooks, stickers, and related products on its incredibly colorful and creative ecommerce site.

The highly interactive site lets shoppers drag and drop Scentos characters on the homepage and features product videos, ideas and instructions for DIY crafts, coloring tips, and live chat.

Product pages are simple but clean with sharp product images, thorough descriptions, and similar products.

According to the Scentos team:

We had never sold a single item online, but had a large retail presence globally.

Once joining BigCommerce we have started developing our ecommerce presence, including Amazon.

I believe that BigCommerce is allowing our site to grow into a landing page for children of all ages to have fun and feel creative!

Scentos Wins Best Customer Experience Website

Judge Chris Coyier on  Scento’s winning Customer Experience Design:

“The site is wonderfully colorful in a way you don’t see often. Fits the brand!

There’s lots of fun detail like the shaky and bulgy navigation, and it’s nicely tucked up top. It’s big and bold, but without taking up a ton of room.”

Read About More Winning Designs.

3. Le Petit Kids.

Le Petit Kids is a European boutique that sells clothing for kids from newborns to teens.

The site’s simple but engaging homepage displays rotating banners and new products.

Navigating to category pages enables shoppers to use faceted search to quickly filter their searches by gender, size, type of clothing, brand, and accessories.

Shoppers can zoom in on products, view multiple images, and view related products.

4. Nature’s One.

Nature’s One specializes in organic pediatric medical nutrition.

In addition to being an appealing place to buy organic products for children, the company’s ecommerce site is also a great resource for information.

Nature’s One’s blog provides parenting and nutrition tips and the site is focused on educating users about the benefits of organic products.

Product pages feature multiple images, in-depth descriptions, suggested ages and uses, and customer reviews.

5. Fidgetland.

Fidgetland was founded by a self-described sufferer of ADHD who turned a problem into a product that he has expanded into a thriving online business.

In addition to generally being a visually appealing site, Fidgetland does a great job of selling products by showcasing short product videos as well as long-form “fidget kits” videos that help shoppers make their own fidget tools.

Shoppers see a pop-up whenever a new sale is made, which makes the site even more engaging.

6. Kids Furniture Warehouse.

Kids Furniture Warehouse specializes in beds for children. Their ecommerce site offers fast and easy financing, nationwide shipping, and clearance sales.

Shoppers can use the site’s faceted search function to quickly narrow down the products they’re interested in, and product pages feature multiple images, comprehensive specifications, reviews, shipping information, and similar products.

7. Little Me.

Little Me sells unique and stylish clothing for newborns.

The well-designed and easy-to-navigate site makes it easy for shoppers to search for products according to style, toddlers, boys, girls, and more.

Product pages feature several images shoppers can zoom in on, thorough descriptions, fabric and care information, shipping information, and related products.

8. Bellota Baby.

Bellota Baby sells baby food using only organic whole food ingredients.

The company’s ecommerce site features rotating banners, an engaging font and story, and a blog that shares parenting and nutrition tips.

Products are supported by multiple high-quality images, thorough descriptions, nutritional information, and related products.

9. See Kai Run.

See Kai Run was started by a Seattle mom who was on a quest to find a shoe that was perfectly designed for her son’s feet.

She built a site on BigCommerce that sells a wide range of shoes for boys and girls. From newborns to preschool-age kids, the site showcases a broad range of shoes.

It includes a sizing guide, multiple product images, customer reviews, and similar products.

10. Feltman Brothers.

Feltman Brothers has been selling handmade and embroidered boys and girls clothing since 1916.

Their ecommerce site features beautiful photography, rotating banners, and intuitive navigation.

Faceted search lets shoppers refine their searches and discover multiple high-quality images, visualization tools to view products in different colors, and related products.

Executive Summary

The baby & kids market is growing quickly, with revenues projected to surpass $13 billion by 2021.

Baby & kids brands who want to get in on the action will have to build impressive ecommerce sites like the examples above that feature:

  • Appealing, high-quality photography.

  • Engaging product videos.

  • Colorful rotating banners.

  • Intuitive navigation and faceted search.

  • Visualization tools to provide different product views.

  • Interactive features.

  • Customer reviews.

Visit the above leading baby & kids ecommerce sites to dig deeper into all of the features and capabilities that help them engage and convert online shoppers.

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