Chapter 3 Baby & Kids Ecommerce Site Design

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All site designers know they must design to capture attention, in 2 seconds or less. After all, we live in a society that is always on the go and rarely has downtime.

Add a kid to that mix, and suddenly, convenience isn’t just a want from an online site –– it is an absolute need. In fact, parents more so than any other cohort shop on Amazon.


It’s easy –– and they can reorder in a breeze. That makes for a much tougher sell for online stores in the Baby & Kids arenas.

How do you convince parents so come over to your brand over Amazon?

That’s exactly what these 13 online stores have figured out.

1. The Dairy Fairy

As told to BigCommerce by Emily Ironi, Owner and Founder at The Dairy Fairy.

The Dairy Fairy is all about elevated and upscale products and our shop is reflective of this with clear navigation, high quality images and a clean and beautiful esthetic.

The shop has also allowed us to allow distinct promotions, offers and shipping options to our customers domestically and worldwide.

We rely on BigCommerce to test and determine best performing products as well as creating bundles that provide each customers’ unique product selections. Adding styles and options is a breeze.

The Dairy Fairy just celebrated 5 years of business. We have used BigCommerce since our inception and our business has doubled yearly.

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2. Vintage Sweetheart

As told to BigCommerce by Emily Evans, Vintage Sweetheart.

We hand-make children’s special occasion dresses, waistcoats and accessories in the UK. We are an ethical brand, donating more than 50% of our profits to a children’s charity in India and we have a strong and loyal team.

We now also have a beautiful, eye-catching website to showcase our beautiful, exceptional products.

Our website is designed with our vintage-theme in mind. We use polka dots, dusky pink-hues, vivid imagery and bold text to convey our message. I am particularly proud of our website as I have created this concept myself (with a little help from Flair) as a busy, working mom caring for my own daughter plus my mother who has early-onset Alzheimer’s.

I single-handedly set up, created and now run the business. The only additional help is provided by freelancers who make the products.

I am incredibly proud of the website. It has a strong theme, an identity, it flows well and the checkout process is easy. Considering we have only been selling for 9 months (and I only work part time due to my family commitments), I believe we have achieved a phenomenal amount in a short amount of time.

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3. Baby Kay’s Appliques

As told to BigCommerce by Teresa Busby, Baby Kay’s Appliques. 

Our online store is bright and cheery. We constantly receive comments from customers about how nice and easy it is to browse through. We pride ourselves with the delivery and flow of our site and take pride in the fun atmosphere customers love when they enter our online store.

4. Four in the Bed

As told to BigCommerce by Ellie Danckert, Four in the Bed.

I am a small mom-preneur business based in Australia. Since creating my BigCommerce website myself using the amazing templates and apps available, I have managed to grow my online sales year on year which goes against the trend in retail currently in the childrens-wear market in Australia.

Looking at my BigCommerce analytics, orders are 13% up on last year, sales are slightly up on last year and conversion is sitting at 3.82%.

The template I am using is Merchant Bright, which is a very simple and user friendly. I think my template is part of why my website is working for my label. It has great images and easy navigation for customers to move around within the website. I find the persistent shopping cart a fantastic tool, which really does help to capture those lingering customers.

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5. Twirly Girl Shop

As told to BigCommerce by Michael Jamin, Director of Marketing at Twirly Girl. 

Everything on our site is customized and branded. Our product descriptions aren’t boring and dry. Instead, they are creative stories written by a professional Hollywood screenwriter.

Returning customers average 2:47 on our site, and visit 4.25 pages per session. They tell us they love our stories so much, they explore other products just to read them.

Naturally, this increases time on site, is great for SEO, and introduces them to products they might not otherwise have checked out.

We also have 5 circles under our products that open modal windows. This allows our site to remain uncluttered while offering more detailed information to interested shoppers.

Our heat maps show that customers enjoying clicking these modal windows. Customers are constantly telling us how impressed they are with the design and functionality of our BigCommerce website.

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6. Le Petit Kids

As told to BigCommerce by Rebeca Rae, Owner at Le Petit Kids.

We try to have cool, approachable design to appeal to everyone, yet still be different and standout online.

7. Babu

As told to BigCommerce by Ali Hui, Owner at Babu. 

Our store represents simplicity and ease of use with a soft aesthetic for the mothers who use our site.

8. Baby Boss

As told to BigCommerce by Tom Hession, Baby Boss. 

We have a conversion rate at above 3% and are seeing continual improvement through the BigCommerce system.

9. Cuddle Bug Factory

As told to BigCommerce by Iffat Ali, Cuddle Bug Factory.

Our site is fun, current and displays products beautifully.

10. Boy’s Closet

As told to BigCommerce by Isaac Landau, Boy’s Closet.

We have a unique, custom made, beautifully designed home page. We sell special, unique items, which you won’t find elsewhere on the web.

11. Tinitell

As told to BigCommerce by Novac Ela, Chief Marketing Officer at Tinitell.

We have built a clean, neat design in line with our brand values.

12. My Fairytale Books

As told to BigCommerce by Dinesh Mistry, My Fairytale Books.

MyFairyTaleBooks store is fully customized and responsive. It is designed with intuitive steps for customers to personalize children’s products.

Having so many product options in order to personalize a book, for example, made it a unique UX challenge. We believe we have come up with a design that walks the customer through in the most simple manner.

We offer live previews of the products so they can see what the finished product looks like. We have integrated 3 apps to keep the customers aware every step of the way:

  • FOMO
  • Shopper Approved
  • Aftership

Our main demographic is Female, Moms, Aunts, and Grandparents, so we needed to design with that in mind and make sure they could follow through the purchase funnel.

Since launch we have seen increase in AOV and conversion rates which we feel rival the industry standard.

13. Bellota Baby

As told to BigCommerce by Adam James, Bellota Baby.

Our store is developed to provide users an online purchasing and delivering service for an exciting homemade baby food supplier in London. The store was designed and programmed with the user in mind.

We have clear navigation and easy to access products and information.

The rule was to never let the user need to go more than 3 levels down to get to what they were looking for to enhance the sales conversion.

We custom built many components including a JavaScript driven postcode checker for users to check if BellotaBaby delivers to their region in London. The look and feel is derived from the branding and product we developed in conjunction with the website.

Overall, our site is a human story of a startup company building a site to look fresh, exciting and new.

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