Rank higher with professional ecommerce SEO

Powerful search engine optimization helps you rank on Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Designed with search engines in mind

BigCommerce stores are built from the ground up to be easy for search engines to index. Those little search robots love us thanks to:

  • Tableless, search-optimized themes
  • Auto-optimized titles and page URLs
  • Customizable category pages and canonical product pages
  • 301 redirects and URL rewrites
  • Editable robots.txt file
  • XML sitemaps that auto-generate and feed to Google when your site changes

Optimize every page

In order to maximize your search rankings and click-through, you need to have unique, detailed information on every page. We automatically create optimized product page URLs and titles based on your product names, which you can customize with a click. BigCommerce also lets you easily customize your title, header tags, meta description, keywords and alt tags.

feat-SEO optimized

Create content for even more free traffic

Content is king in today's SEO game. Our built-in blogging platform lets you publish regular posts to improve your search results. You'll get everything you need to crank out content that ranks, including an intuitive rich text editor, social sharing tagging and more.


Improve click-through with product reviews

BigCommerce includes product reviews and rich snippets that help increase conversion from your search listings. Reviews are automatically included when your products appear in search results, and unlike other ecommerce platforms, you don't have to pay for a third-party solution.


Faster sites for better rankings

Site speed is a critical factor in search engine algorithms – the slower your site, the worse you rank. All BigCommerce stores are hosted on our ecommerce CDN for lightning-fast page loads that improve your rankings and customer satisfaction.

Always stay up to date

To keep up with the ever-changing requirements of SEO, we work with SEO experts to regularly review our platform and make sure we incorporate all the latest best practices that keep your store ranked highly.

What clients say about BigCommerce SEO

Before coming to BigCommerce, my store ranked on page 30 of Google. The day I launched with BigCommerce, it went straight to page 15. Two days later, I was on the first page, second link down.August Munich
Wind Sculpture Art
BigCommerce's powerful SEO has helped us rank first on Google for most of our keywords.Geoffery Poulad

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