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ActiveCampaign has a deep integration with Bigcommerce that allows you to easily utilize their email marketing & marketing automation tools.

  • Your contacts are automatically synced with ActiveCampaign allowing you to send follow ups, newsletters, etc..
  • You can easily add real-time & targeted product data directly within your emails you send.
$9 / month
Free trial
14 days

Client Reviews (6)

Not good for purpose about 1 year ago by

Whilst technically good to build campaigns, its restrictive "opt-in-only" policy means I cannot use it for lead generation nor for gaining new customers. Great if you're a market leader with lots of followers, but useless if you're trying to run a start-up business from scratch.

Confusing installation process about 1 year ago by

Looked promising, unfortunately just installing and importing takes way too much time. Login info is not clear "account name" is never sent to your account email, and the system actually allowed me to sign up for two separate accounts with the same email address... When you access the app through the backend of BC, you should Automatically be taken to your dash, without having to login each time. Finally when I did get dash up in BC, it only imported part of my contacts. By this time I got frustrated and uninstalled. If it was taking this long to get it started, the software could not possibly be user friendly. 

Great results over 2 years ago by Hunters Emporium
Difficult to get a campaign going over 3 years ago by

Not very good. Use Constant Contact, better system and they seem to have it together there. Sorry

Easy over 3 years ago by

Fast, Simple & Easy to use!

over 3 years ago by