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Are you periodically losing your clients, who would like to buy some products at your web store, however they begin to be disappointed and, as a result, they leave your store, because they see "OUT OF STOCK" or "SOLD OUT" on a page of a desired product?

Or maybe you do not even suspect how many clients you are losing if there are not any products in stock?

If you would like to change this situation and increase a rate of sale, then "In Stock Reminder" app helps you in this!

How it works

"In Stock Reminder" lets your customers register an email address for an instant email alert if they are interested in purchasing of any product at yours web store that is currently is out of stock. In this case, when a product is available to order, customers will obtain an automatic notification about this in their email.

Small button will be displayed at pages of products of your web store that are sold out. In a case of clicking on the button a pop-up window will be opened, where a customer can indicate his email and term within which he is ready to wait for a situation when a product will be available for order.

Features for "Basic" plan of the app ($14.95/mo):

  • you can use predefined button image or use your own button
  • you can specify a position where you want to locate a button image on a screen
  • you can set the possibility of automatic subscription pop-up window's opening up on the out of stock product's pages
  • design of the pop-up window can be adjusted for any theme with a help of an excellent insightful editor with online preview feature
  • you can localize registration form for any language
  • text for emails can be specified for customers from different countries
  • rich statistics with graphics based on different data which is analyzed with a help of the app!
  • checks whether the in stock product appears or not every 4 hours and sent e-mails automatically

Features for "Advanced" plan of the app ($24.95/mo):

  • all the features that are available for "Basic" plan
  • possibility to set minimum quantity of product' items which back in stock whereby e-mail notifications will be sent
  • possibility to export all data to CSV files (e.g. for synchronization with MailChimp)
  • possibility to add your own text or image as subscription badge into a required place on the product page
  • checks whether the in stock product appears or not every 2 hours and sent e-mails automatically

Features for "Unlimited" plan of the app ($34.95/mo):

  • all the feature that are available for "Basic" and "Advanced" plans
  • possibility to add subscription form directly into a required place on the product page
  • checks whether the in stock product appears or not every 15 minutes and sent e-mails automatically
You can try "In Stock Reminder" for free on your web store for 7 days.

Client Reviews (12)

It Does What It Says about 8 days ago by
So many apps promise what they say and when you try its quickly removed - not with these guys!! This does exactly what it says it will do, easy to install and apply, easy to setup and within minutes you will have what you are looking for, I cannot recommend In Stock Reminder enough! Try it for yourselves and you will see how it does what you want
Update inventory...await flood of customers 8 months ago by

The app does what it's supposed to do - send an email shortly after you update your inventory in BigCommerce.  In Stock Reminder works quite well in that department.  I have the next plan after entry level so I can limit the quantity of pieces added before a notification is sent.  One things is for sure. Once the emails are sent out, the customers come to buy.App support is stellar far as I'm concerned.  Asked the day before to add a wait animation upon click of the Subscribe while notification is processed, as per customer suggestion.  SpurIt took care of it the next day.

Pretty happy with the service so far.  Wished BC built product notification in especially as I pay several hundred/month for Enterprise, but this works just fine.

Love this app! 11 months ago by Simon Gorman

Easy to install and neatly allows us to follow up with customers who are interested in our out-of-stock items.

Good support too.


Great App about 1 year ago by Jonathan Lanciano

This is a great app to use. Very easy to install, the support team is great and it is already working. The templates are easy to edit. We really like these instock reminder compared to the old version we used.

Love This App about 1 year ago by

I have over the years used other apps that offer a similar service, but they fail to match the features and customer service from SPURIT. One would think including an image of the item in the email notification to the customer would be a no brainer, but there are ones out there that do not. I am a huge fan of the way the customer is notified when the item they are looking at is out of stock. The customized pop-up is a great tool and has caused our email notification request signup to shoot through the roof. Its also works the same way on a desktop, phone, or tablet which makes is a big plus. Cannot say enough about this app so I would highly recommend you give it a try.

Great app about 1 year ago by Hunters Emporium

Love, Love, Love this app!  It is so easy to use for both seller and buyer. Already seeing customers returning for purchases.

Awesome app! about 1 year ago by

I can't belive that the app is so easy to install! I spent a couple of minutes on installation and setup of the app and got great required feature fot my store. Thank you guys!

Works great! about 1 year ago by

It is easy to add and simple to use. It has certainly increased sales on our website!

Works as it is expected to!!!! about 1 year ago by

I installed the app and was impressed by a wide variety of features in the app. It is really useful for me and allows to get more clients, because some of my products are often out of stock. 

Excellent! Highly configurable. Awesome support. about 1 year ago by

I have prior experience with SpurIT's Unlimited Upsell, so I had an idea of what to expect -- but this app exceeded my expectations. Although we are a manufacturer and our out-of-stock situations are unusual,  when they happen, we never considered customer will gladly request a notification if the process is easy and doesn't look spammy,

SpurIT has done it again. EXTREMELY configurable. Every color, setting, even edit names of the labels and buttons. And SpurIT understands that we are merchants trying to sell our own products, so there is zero branding (I wish all app developers respected this the way SpurIT does!)

And the support is incredible. Not that the app needs support -- usually support is operator error, but Philip's suppport is always fast and professional.

This app pays for itself with only 1 extra conversion per month!

Highly recommended. 5-stars.

Great app and excellent customer serive about 1 year ago by

This app has been an extremely valuable addition to our website. It has helped us gain a stronger understanding of product demand when forecasting our supply as well as increasing conversion by automating contact with customers who want to be notified when a product is back in stock.

The customer service I have received from Phillip has been excellent. Highly recommend Spur-IT


Great App! over 2 years ago by

Easy to use, I definitely recommend. I've had a good experience with this company, I also use their "% Discount Manger" app as well.