Unlimited Upsell - Buy X Get Y

Client Reviews (70)

Unlimited Upsell (http://8upsell.com) improves a store owners' ability to upsell products. While "Relevant Products" or "People who bought this also bought" panels can be easily missed by shoppers, Unlimited Upsell displays related products in a simple and beautiful pop-up box, just after the shopper clicks “Checkout."

Important features:

  • Upsell products based on the cart content.
  • Upsell products based on the cart total - Offer deals and free gifts when the cart total exceed a certain value.
  • Upsell specific products or new arrivals you want to promote.
  • Run different types of promotions: Buy One - Get One Free, Buy One - Get 50% Off, Spend $100 - Get One Free and many more.
  • Track sales statistics - Monitor and analyze the success of various upsell campaigns.
  • Customize the look and feel of the upsell pop-up box - Change colors, font sizes etc without any CSS knowledge.
  • Multi-language support - Translate text in the “pop-up window" into any language.
  • Mobile friendly.
  • Works with any theme - No customization is required.
  • Number of popup views per month: unlimited
  • Price for every popup view over the limit: none
You can try "Unlimited Upsell" for free on your web store for 14 days.

Client Reviews (70)

Unlimited Upsell App about 25 days ago by sal...com http://ninebotus.com
Clean and easy to use interface. Simple and quick to setup Upsells. Very handy App!
Very Easy to Setup! about 1 month ago by mat...com http://corkeycreations.com
This plugin was very easy to setup and configure for our site.
Unlimited Upsell App 2 months ago by wcs...com http://www.riskreactor.com
Upsell campaigns are a must and SpurIT team does it right!
Great App 2 months ago by bre...com https://theglobaldisplaysolution.com
This app is exactly what we were looking for!
Great APP!! 2 months ago by onl...com http://tradesecret.com/
This app is super easy to install and offers so many great promotional offers for our store. We would highly recommend this app and are so excited to use it to drive sales!
Easy to setup and use 3 months ago by Bamboo Bubby http://www.yummymummyfood.com.au
This was so easy to install and setup some upsells I've been wanting to do for a while now. Thanks so much. Looking forward to seeing the results now!
Instantly seeing upsells 6 months ago by chr...com https://www.treatyourskin.com/
During the trial period we instantly got to work adding many upsells to this app and started seeing upsells working within 24 hours. Because of the apps ability to 'upsell' products which are hidden from the front-end of the website this solves one of our biggest issues of adding free gifts to orders which we can't sell to a customer and wish to remain hidden on the website. The only issues I'm seeing (as I'm seeing with other apps of this nature) is that it does not handle variant prices for a good user experience. This is primarily because Bigcommerce itself does not handle these products options all that well as it is. The app needs further indepth reporting so you can see which upsells are working or not working, and a breakdown on which products in an upsell are converting. I wish there was the ability to decide to upsell when people add to cart instead of just when the checkout button is clicked, on a per upsell/offer basis. SpurIT have adjusted the CSS for us to match our button style and been responsive with their communications by email. Hopefully they will continue to develop the app further for handling different product option prices and indepth reporting. Highly recommend trying this app out for the free trial period and seeing what sales you make - just have a plan in place so you can create upsell offers ASAP and hit the ground running, then like us you can see the ROI of the app after that expires.
Does Not Work 6 months ago by jes...com https://www.lashstuff.com/
The app does not work as advertised. This app has lots of glitches that the developer is not willing to fix.
App Increases Sales but needs more customization 7 months ago by jbr...com
The app is great and has increased sales for customers who purchase online. Just wish there was a place to edit HTML/CSS. Will continue to use the product though.
Simple and works perferctly 11 months ago by jas...com http://peaksapparel.com
This was the fastest install and app to use for upselling.
Excellent 11 months ago by mat....uk https://www.toolden.co.uk
So easy to setup and integrate. Great UI and tech support there for you if there's any questions!
Awesome App for our Store 11 months ago by cus...com https://thewatchprince.com/
This app gives you the ability to customize offers based on different products or product groups. It integrated seamlessly and works flawlessly. A+
Solid Conversions 11 months ago by noa...com http://wisemencompany.com
We are seeing 5% conversion rates from the upsell app. This add on has been a nice boost to our bottom line. Simple to set up and easy to configure.
Great Tool about 1 year ago by Malia Ferguson
So far, so good! It's done exactly what we've needed so far. Great tool.
Excellent Tool - Money Maker about 1 year ago by jre...com http://bsgapparel.com/
This upsell is the best impulse buy option you can have on a website. It is like adding the candy at the checkout counter of a grocery store. You are going to sell more.
Wow about 1 year ago by ama...com https://www.notebookavenue.com
So Great so far
Set up is fast easy and useful about 1 year ago by TrainingMask http://www.TrainingMask.com
Simply hit that install button, setup your offers and your off and running ... easy as that!
Super intuintive about 1 year ago by jam...com
Great app, super intuitive, tons of functionality. Accomplished our goals easily.
Excellent UPSELL! about 1 year ago by mcc...com http://www.mydirectshop.us
This app makes my store look and feel like the big retailers, Amazon!
Not compatible with Themes about 1 year ago by Mike DiLeo http://www.SneakyPeteHolsters.com
After over 1 month of taking our money this app still does not work with our website. Apparently it is not compatible with stencil themes, which the developer does not mention in the documentation. They didn't even know (how's that for testing your own product?). Instead of giving us back our money, they continue to stall and offer us extra months of free service 'if' they ever get it to work. It takes DAYS for support to respond. If a well functioning website is important to you then I suggest you avoid this app at all costs. If you want to be a guinea pig, then jump right in.
Works Great about 1 year ago by gna...com http://www.gnarlygorilla.com
Really working well to help sell our logo wear. Simple to set up and simple to use. We saw sales from it immediately.
Great addition to our site about 1 year ago by dav...com https://www.matboardplus.com
We have nearly 700 products that work well alone and bundled with others. This app makes adding-on products so much easier to up-sell. Love it!
Pays For Itself about 1 year ago by joh...com https://www.pedors.com
I wish I had done this sooner. It was on a list for a while and now I have to shake off that horrible feeling of post-procrastination blues. We've had it running for a few days and in that time it has paid for a year's subscription to the service...and that was with just one simple offer...over three days. I'm currently building different offers for different products. It boggles the mind as to how much more it will bring in daily. The customer is already making the purchase, the up-sell is free money. We also suspect that if we pop something in the cart for free and offer product specific up-sells that there will be fewer abandoned carts too. If you sell products you can up-sell customers. I don't know why this stayed on my list for so long without me pulling the trigger. Don't be like me. Install this today.
App installs easy and does just the right things! about 1 year ago by bre...com
Installed in minutes, adjusted to color match my store. Gives the buyer the opportunity to add extra items in a lovely professional popup style. Free to install and try for a short period - only complaint I have is the dashboard results data disappears when your trial runs out. that data should stay visible to help persuade the customer to go ahead with the paid membership!
Great app to increase sales! about 1 year ago by 888...com http://www.uniquefengshui.com
I've using this app and I found it very easy to use and quick-easy installation. Most important, helps me to increase sales during the check out. A must have tool for e-commerce.!
AWESOME APP! about 1 year ago by tyl...com http://www.ninelineapparel.com
We've been using it for a week and it's been great! It has allowed us to use a feature that is not native to BigCommerce. Really easy to install and we were up and running in minutes. Looking forward to future features.
Great app needed about 1 year ago by scr...com http://www.scratchmenot.com
This app is the tool we're excited to use to give our guests more product options available in our store and increase our conversion!
What we need about 1 year ago by mat....uk https://www.nurserysavings.com
This is what we need to help us increase our conversion rate.
Simple to use with definate results! about 1 year ago by Cou...com http://www.thunder-ballz.com
This app is incredibly easy to install and even easier to set-up. A hidden treasure, it helps in delivering a fantastically powerful piece of marketing right at your finger tips. Although yet to explore some of the features, this app really helps to increase our sales...
Easy installation, fast results about 1 year ago by jac...com https://shop.naturallycurly.com/
With the limitations of adding free samples and gifts through BigCommerce, I was excited to find Unlimited Upsell. It was easy to set up and get going. I'm able to offer a selection of samples to choose from, as well as run other more traditional upsell campaigns, which were successful within the first week. When I've had a few questions, I've been able to email the company and receive an answer within a day. All in all, definitely worth it for what I needed.
good app about 1 year ago by meg...com http://www.atlantalightbulbs.com/
very simple and easy to use
Results in 24 hours! about 1 year ago by ada....uk https://agreatread.co.uk
Really easy to set up and within a day or two had upsells in double digits. Very happy! UPDATE: After a week, revenue has already increased by a fifth. Plus, you get really quick responses to your queries.
Helpful app about 1 year ago by mik...com
Easy to install, customize, and works well!
Upsell review about 1 year ago by dac...com http://partystore.co.uk
We were looking for an easy to use, dynamic upsell App for our website as the standard Big Commerce "Related Products" is limited in it's use. So far, I like this app. It works great! I'm sure it will help enhance our user experience and increase our sales. Thank you
Quick ROI...2 Upsells in first 2 days about 1 year ago by adm...com http://www.atlantalightbulbs.com
Love this app, I have been looking for something that would do this for a while. Easy to install and manage. Will be a user and glad we found it!
Free Trial is Too Short - But the only Upsell app available over 2 years ago by Rheannon http://koalabarefoods.com.au

Every store on EARTH has upselling at the checkout, EXCEPT BigCommerce.  BigCommerce does not have built in upselling, therefore this App is your only choice.  So get with the 19th century and start up selling at your checkout.  Setup took less than 30min, integration is a bit crude looking, but hopefully it pays for itself.

Great App over 2 years ago by Server Admin http://replaceupsbattery.com

I like this app. It works great!  

So Far, So Good! over 2 years ago by Kate https://www.ContourLiving.com

We started the Free Trial a week ago and are pleased with the app.   It is easy and straightforward to set up, took less than an hour to have our most popular products mapped with appropriate upsell products.   Looking forward to seeing continued improvement.

Seems Legit over 2 years ago by Frag Out Clothing Co. http://fragoutcc.com/

So far, so good. Will update review once we have used the app a little more. But it seems awesome so far!! Thanks Upsell!!

Very Good App, easy to work with. over 2 years ago by Paul Feldman http://forceprovideocorp.mybigcommerce.com/

Very easy to install and set up, easy to add upsell products to exactly what target product I wanted. Made an upsell the very first day and paid for the app!

Easy to install. So far so good! over 2 years ago by Barb Huffman http://www.smmcosmetics.com

I was skeptical at first as I've never had much luck with installing apps on my own (I'm a sworn enemy of coding, lol), But with the holidays approaching, I wanted to create a buzz with some limited edition products and this was a great idea for online impulse buys.  I was surprised at how easy the install was, my only complaint being it is really slow when setting up an offer.  Otherwise, I am impressed, and hoping this app will help increase sales!  I contacted support about an option for the pop-up to only appear once during checkout, as I think more than once is annoying for the customer.   They emailed back quickly, and are supposed to have that option available very soon.  Impressed at how quick their response was too! I recommend this app!!

My favorite app! over 2 years ago by Nick Cole

This has increased my order average significantly!  Going into my busy season I've updated the products I'm suggesting, and 15-20% of my customers are adding suggested to their orders.  I'm sure they are happy to see our thoughtful suggestions!

Great idea and app over 3 years ago by admin

ETA:  Reporting appears to be fixed, their support has been mostly responsive and above average.  Changing rating from 2 to 4 stars.

App is a great idea, easy to install, and works from the customer perspective.  However it is quite clunky if you want to set up more than a few offers.  And the reporting is unreliable when it does work, and has completely stopped working in recent weeks.  So you have no idea if the upsells are actually working or what your ROI is.  Hopefully the Dev can address and correct this as it is a 3.5 to 4 star app when the reporting is functional

Terribly slow and not worth the money over 3 years ago by leg....ca http://www.legart.ca

Have been trying to work with this app for several weeks now and it is beyond slow.  My BigCommerce account times out before Upsell will even contemplate saving any of the "deals" that I have just spent a painstaking amount of time creating.  A waste of time.

Functional and easy. over 3 years ago by Steven T http://nextdoor-inc.mybigcommerce.com/

Our team has been very happy with this app. Setup is easy. It works great; very functional. We liked it!

No Brainer over 3 years ago by dav...com http://crossrope.com

The app is a no brainer. Even if you are just getting a few extra upsells a month it pays for itself.  There's room for improvement, but developer support is very good. Philip is very responsive.

I read through some of the previous reviews . . I don't have any issues with compatibility with google analytics.  Even if it's not perfected yet, you'll find it worth the minimum investment to get the low hanging fruit of upsells on your site

Incredible! over 3 years ago by ric...com http://www.coolzips.com

This is a great app. It was relatively easy to install and we have been extremely happy with how it works. In the first month, we have sold nearly $1,000 in additional products because of the upsell functionality. While there are a few things that they need to improve within the administration screens to make the product offers a little easier to setup and maintain, it has been well worth the price. And the email support has been very good, responding within 24 hours.

Immediate Impact over 3 years ago by Ari Franklin http://uberpong.com

After installing this app on the off-season and expecting little, we were amazed by it's effectiveness. We ended up upselling enough product in one month to cover an entire year of membership, completely justifying the cost.

It's somewhat clunky to get set up at first, but after digging in it's intuitive and easy to create a number of different promotions with an upsell style that matches your website.

Great app, great support! over 3 years ago by loc...com

I had some questions regarding setting up the app after I had installed it. SpurIT support answered very fast and professional. Thank you, love the app! 

good idea but no support over 3 years ago by kir...com

I contacted these folks for help in regards to a glitch, but after 48 hours I received no response.  Maybe im asking for too much but when im providing customer service Im very prompt

Very useful app! over 3 years ago by dav...com

I installed and configured the app very fast and easy. It is an awesome way to increase sales conversion. Possibilities of online editor for pop-up highly impressed me. It allowed me to set the app up for my theme very quickly, though I had lack of knowledges in IT. Great app!  

Excellent App over 3 years ago by David Pyrtle http://www.greyhoundmg.com

I love this app so far. It works and is increasing my revenue. Keep up the hard work everyone.

The app works with javascript code for Google Analytics without any problems over 3 years ago by con...com

If you already use javascript code in Google Analytics section, then it will continue working and it doesn't influence on compatibility with "Unlimited Upsell" app

Awesome app! over 3 years ago by dan...com

It is really helpful app. It helps to increase an average order's price and to offer additional promotions to my clients and to make sales as well.

Very easy to implement in Bigcommerce over 3 years ago by tob...com http://Andy

Needed a quick way to offer our customers a method to donate to a charity before checkout. The installation was a breeze. While I do agree with a couple other reviewers that having to click individual products or selecting one page of products at a time can be a bit cumbersome, we were able to workaround this in a snap. We're very happy with this app thus far.

18% conversion rate in first month!! over 3 years ago by jer...com


At first I was hesitant to put 8Upsell in front of my customers (is this too aggressive?) -- but it's not doing anything we don't call good salesmanship in retail -- make certain your customer has the products they need. We sell cosmetics. A brush or complementary item is often overlooked -- a good salesperson ALWAYS asks, "do you need the matching brush" -- and since enabling 8Upsell on just a few items, we've seen conversions for these upsells at 18% for the first month! That is, 1 in 5 customers are purchasing the offer. That is incredible.

Another reviewer claimed that google analytics doesn't work with this app -- that is SIMPLY NOT TRUE!

There were some growing pains-- since some of the code is coming from the developer's server (amazon) only the dev can make these adjustments. I found working with SpurIT to be easy and they were very quick to find fixes/solutions and answers. They solved every issue quickly and professionally. The configuration options are quite comprehensive and you really can build the best possible interface for your customers. And mobile too!

Additionally, unlike many apps for bigcommerce, SpurIT does not put their branding on the product! They understand that their job is to provide tools for the merchant (as opposed to selling their own brand) and they don't surcharge or require "enterprise" billing plan to "remove" branding. This tells me these guys understand merchandising (and their customers).

I am very happy with 8Upsell and we will continue to build-out more offers as we learn the patterns of our customers.

Very happy with this app! over 3 years ago by Laurie W http://www.larimarket.com

Very cleverly done! Set up was easy. We have a customized theme and Philip was incredibly helpful at quickly working out the kinks. Lots of options - we currently are using it as a way for customers to pick a GWP. Looking forward to using it to upsell.

So Helpful! over 3 years ago by inf...com

This app is absolutely great and the ability to be more specific with certain promotions such as buy one get one 50% off is great!

Works Great over 3 years ago by jam...com

Nothing else to say then it works greatly

Does just what we need it to over 4 years ago by ste...com http://islandsoap.com

Working with %Discount app from the same company I was able to set up both apps to work together to reward my customers with free items when they over a certain threshold. Works great. The only problem I have is that the apps admin have frozen and I'm not able to adjust the settings. BC says I need to reinstall the apps. Bummer. Apps are still functioning fine so I can procrastinate as long as possible.

APP didn't work over 4 years ago by qun...com

My company has over 7000 products and trying to scroll through all those to look for the products I need to discount was exhausting, but once I did finish...the app didn't even apply the discount. Waste of my day.

Superb App over 4 years ago by Mya...com

Superb App! Highly customizable. Easy to install. Easy to use, and great support from the guys at spur-i-t! We highly recommend this app for anyone wanting to increase their sales. Great work guys!

Not working over 4 years ago by adm...com
The strange misunderstanding occurred.

Application error

Not working over 4 years ago by sal...com

Doesn't work.  Error: The strange misunderstanding occurred.

Hangs on Checkout some times over 4 years ago by Veenay Tully http://www.precisioncomputers.com.au

Will pop up a 'Please wait' screen when a customer tries to Checkout that occasionally never disappears.  This is a fatal flaw that needs to be looked into.  Other than that, the manual process required to create Upsell lists on a per-item basis meant we weren't using it anyway.  A nice premise otherwise.

Basic API doesn't work by Coco
The API doesn't work and customer support was not helpful. I believe that these should be a native feature in the BC system as well.
Easy enough to use, good support from the developer by Jordan
Had an issue integrating due to our heavily customized store - quick response with a fix from the developer. The app could use a couple additional features - but it allows for exactly what we needed.
Limited for some stores by Douglas
Good little app, but seems limited. You can only add specific products as offers.. but not categories. It would be more beneficial if I could direct them back to a category instead of specific products.
Great idea, but doesn't work with Google Analytics installed by Jomie
I was so excited about this app, so I signed up for a free account. Upon installation, the app wouldn't work. I received a quick response from support, but in a nutshell they told me that I had to delete a piece of code from Google tracking (which, obviously, I didn't want to do), or pay $800 for a workaround. So if you have GA installed, my guess is, this app won't work for you either.
Very nice app. by Jim
Was very easy to setup and get running. Lots of options for a free app. Looking forward to working with this for our holiday candle sales.