LeadDyno: Easy Affiliate Marketing

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Launch Your Bigcommerce Affiliate Program in Minutes!

We'll help you quickly and easily build a team of affiliates to resell your product. We'll also help you turn your customers into affiliates, too.

Here's how it works...

Your New Affiliates Can Follow Progress via Their Dashboard

As your visitors share, they'll be invited to join your affiliate program... so that they can also earn a commission from their social media share.

As an affiliate, they'll be able to access they need via their Affiliate Dashboard. Such as their unique affiliate link, banner ads for their website, and more one-click sharing links that connect to email and social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Now, let's talk about a few more affiliate management features you can take advantage of right away...

Fast Affiliate Sign Up

You'll get your very own Affiliate Sign Up page... which you can fully customize, brand, and even embed directly on your own website.

We'll Introduce You to Top Affiliates and Bloggers

We work with many of the leading bloggers in various industries. These are the influencers who can really help your product take off. We'll introduce your product(s) to the bloggers you need to know.

Turn Your Customers Into Affiliates, Too

Our new (and very popular) Affiliate Invitation feature will invite your new customers to join your affiliate program automatically.

Easy Setup With Bigcommerce

It's a "one-click" plugin with your Bigcommerce store.

Pay Affiliates Easily via PayPal

Pay your affiliates automatically or with "one-click" approval using Paypal, Dwolla or even Coinbase. LeadDyno totals affiliate commissions for you on the fly.

Your Own Affiliate Dashboard

Upload banner ads, import your marketing copy and materials, and help affiliates create their own custom links to specific product pages and subdomains.

Customize To Your Website & Brand

LeadDyno's Affiliate Dashboard is fully customizable and embeddable, so you can "white label" your affiliate program with your own brand and logo.

Bring on New Affiliates From Our E-Commerce Affiliate Network

We have a large network of high quality e-commerce affiliates that we can recruit to your affiliate program, too.

U.S. Based Customer Support 7 Days a Week

Our helpful live chat support is available 16 hours per day everyday via our website and within LeadDyno itself. Phone and email support is free, too. All of our support operators are based in the U.S.

$29 / month
Free trial
30 days

Client Reviews (97)

Affiliate Management 4 months ago by bob...com
Great robust application for managing everything regarding affiliates WITH EASE. Support is very responsive which is a huge plus. Inside they have thought of everything to make the affiliate experience easy and turnkey.
All Good 4 months ago by jon...com https://blackfriarsironworks.com
Simple, powerful and well thought out. I highly recommend LeadDyno
good product and great service! 7 months ago by ton...com http://freetaxmall.net/
Suggest to choose this app! it is worth to pay!
I love this App! 7 months ago by eri...com http://www.curlydew.com
I have been using this app for a few years to assist me with promoting my business and growing sales. The service that I have received help me get the program off and running quickly. They respond very quickly and work with me till all my questions are answered and things are running smoothly with my affiliate program. It works seamless with Big Commerce which is a plus for me. It is very easy to set-up multi-levels and easy formats to send out via email or social media links. Thanks LeadDyno!
Amazing customer service! 7 months ago by eli...com http://elinaorganicsskincare.com/
I have loved using Lead Dyno! I was new to affiliate programs and Lead Dyno has made it easy for everyone. I was to personally thank Jennifer Goodman for always having some of the best customer service I have ever experienced! She always answers my questions quickly and is so helpful. I have never left a conversation unsatisfied. THANK YOU!
Great Customer Service 9 months ago by pau...com
Great customer service from Jennifer explaining how to setup the affiliate tracking the way I wanted to. Recommend this product for BC customers.
Great Product even better Service (Jennifer Goodman) 10 months ago by ord...com http://www.cakery26.com
Me being not so tech savvy, I comes across some UMMMM moments and the minute I come on they are so willing to send me to the proper place to fix or educate me on the program . Love it! Thank you
Great Product, Even Better Customer Service about 1 year ago by jwr...com http://americanbenchcraft.com
I've subscribed to several apps through the BigCommerce Marketplace and LeadDyno has been by far one of the best. I've found it to be extremely useful, and most importantly, profitable. All I care about is positive return on my investment and this app definitely pays dividends. It's fairly easy to learn, but there is a lot you can use the app for, so it definitely takes a while to familiarize yourself with the program. And as with any good review, the product must have stellar customer support and LeadDyno does. All around great product and great company. Well done.
Great App! about 1 year ago by ilo....hk http://www.i-lovebirdy.com
It is a very useful app which I now have my very first affiliate advertising my website for me! I love the feature of inviting my customers to join the affiliate program which I believe there will be more affiliates joining
Great Service about 1 year ago by cos....au
Today I was assisted by Jennifer Goodman. I am not very tech-savvy but she was patient with me and guided me through all the issues I had. I would rate her service 10/10 and wish all customer services agents every where were like her. Thanks Jennifer for exceptional customer service
LeadDyno about 1 year ago by Keith Watson http://www.hypnosisfordownload.com
I have been really pleased with the first two weeks of using the LeadDyno app linked to BigCommerce. The set up was simple and where I had any issues the online chat help was excellent. I made a couple of configuration errors but they got easily sorted. I am still in my 30 days trial and I am getting orders coming in from affiliates. Keith Watson
Great customer service and App about 1 year ago by con...com
The App is really simple to use and to setup. I chat with Adams Jacobs and he answered my question in less than 2 minutes and my issue was resolved. Thanks Adams and LeadDyno!
So far it has been very nice! about 1 year ago by cor...com
The App has been a real joy to work with. It does pretty much everything we ask it to do! And if it doesn't, it will soon, I always just talk with Jennifer Goodman in the help chat and ask! LeadDyno has handled all of our affiliate program very well, even the variable pay scale! It has so much more functionality that we aren't using yet. Thanks LeadDyno!
Jennifer Goodman about 1 year ago by cus...com http://www.naturaz.com
Jennifer has been a great support as we're getting set up with leaddymo! She is pleasant, professional, knowledgeable and responds to queries expeditiously. I look forward to continued collaboration with her. Thanks Jennifer!!
Best Affiliate programs around about 1 year ago by bag...com http://shopbagsbubbles.com/
Even though this app doesn't have that many options like most affiliate programs. They are still new and are willing to make it work by you sending requests etc. They have a online chat support that's always on to help you out. I love their ticket system so you can always go back to the question and the answers.
Simple to use and helpful staff. about 1 year ago by ski...com https://PlatinumSkinCare.com
Simple program that gave us what we needed. Adam is always super helpful whenever we need a question answered. **Make sure to set it up (to NOT give affiliates commissions on their own sales) before you launch to if you are going to do that. Otherwise there is a lot of deleting and cancelling.
Excellent, easy to use about 1 year ago by sup...com http://www.Dealzer.com
Very easy to use, runs great. 5 stars.
LeadDyno is what you need! about 1 year ago by Adm...com https://www.smokazon.com
Having reviewed a couple of affiliate tracking systems, it was easy to settle on LeadDyno. They have improved our affiliate business with their efficient plug-and-play system. We love their intuitive interface and automated systems that have helped us integrate the system to fit our brand while also managing affiliates with ease. For anyone looking to make a decision on which affiliate tracking system to use with their business, LeadDyno offers an automatic choice with some great features, great customer support and the best price around. Highly recommended!
LeadDyno Rocks! about 1 year ago by carmenraeedc http://www.eleganzachic.com
Fabulous customer support!! So incredibly easy to use! Looking forward to working alongside LeadDyno for a very long time! I wouldn't use any other Affiliate Program.
LeadDyno Great Support about 1 year ago by ary...com http://stinkboss.com
I received great support from Jennifer at LeadDyno. I asked a question and they answered in less than a minute. I love that kind of support. Makes working fun and easy.
Great Customer Support! about 1 year ago by Daniel Sanchez http://www.premiumautostyling.com
Great Customer Support! Highly recommended
Cost about 1 year ago by ide...com
This product is $49 a month... not $29 a month.
LeadDyno Affiliate Marketing about 1 year ago by dir....eu http://www.yuminashi.eu
Great program, easy to integrate, great customer service!....
great app about 1 year ago by SKA...COM http://skandinavikfur.com
a great and easy to use app . Makes affiliate marketing very easy , saves time and has incorporated several elements . Robust and effective . Support is great
Great Affiliate Program! about 1 year ago by ubi...com http://www.readingglassesetc.com/
I have been searching for a way to create an on-line and a off-line affiliate program that keeps things simple and organized and LeadDyno is it. I have only just started but the potential looks great and customer service has been quite good. I am very tired of giving lots of money to the search engines for advertising that doesn't bring good results. I would much rather pay affiliates for spreading the word about our unique products which are difficult to market through traditional means. Highly recommended!
Easy To Use! about 1 year ago by thu...com https://thunderheadvapor.com
Easy to use. Works great! We'd been avoiding setting up an affiliate system due to our perceived complexity. LeadDyno made it easy. We're so pleased with this app!
NEONTUFF smashes it with Leaddyno about 1 year ago by nat....me http://www.neontuff.com
Well as we all know some decisions in business are just gold, Leaddyno is one of them for us. A great powerful system that is easy to understand and even easier to implement. It's so good that 3 of our suppliers have asked us to build their affiliate systems too. Leaddyno is the only choice when choosing an affiliate system for any business. Easy to use, easy for affiliates to share and make money. Life is good with Leaddyno!
Wow! Super easy to install! Customer service remarkable! about 1 year ago by Barb Huffman http://www.smmcosmetics.com
This was my first experience with an affiliate program and I was completely surprised at how easy the install was. If I ran into any trouble, chat support was a click away. I had googled several other affiliate programs, and for me it was a no-brainer on who to choose. The other companies seemed so complicated and would be time consuming, and since this is my first experience with referral marketing, I needed simplicity. So I chose LeadDyno and couldn't be happier. As for the price, it was an answer to our small business budget prayers! I highly recommend giving LeadDyno a try, it is a cost effective way to promote my business. This app practically runs itself which allows me to focus my time and energy on other aspects of running a business. If I could give this app more than 5 stars I would!
Stop Wasting Your Time and Sign on with LeadDyno Today! about 1 year ago by sal...com http://ninebotus.com
We've been using the BC platform for 2 years now and we've tried quite a few affiliate apps. LeadDyno stands head & shoulders above them all. LeadDyno has a super easy and intuitive user interface. Even a newbie to affiliate tracking will be up-n-running in no time. The system tracks everything and setting up your affiliate program is a snap. The fine folks over at LeadDyno aren't sitting on their tukas either, they release updates and new features like clockwork! If you're sitting on the fence about which affiliate tracking app to use with your BC store, stop wasting your time and sign on with LeadDyno. You'll be very happy that you did!
Awful tech support about 1 year ago by ara...com
Do not recommend, will be working fine then all of a sudden ALL the affiliate dashboards freeze and after two weeks they can't fix it and claim that apparently ALL of my brand ambassadors mysteriously become idiots and can't operate their dashboards? No, the system is broke when all of 120+ ambassadors have frozen dashboards that don't show traffic coming on their links. Yes, we tried it and confirmed it before contacting Leaddyno. I don't know how their dashboards after several months of using them just fine just go kaput but they did. No response either...they just stop responding. Do not waist your time or money. I agree with others, the rest of these reviews must be made up as those of us that have actually used this are not happy at all. Unprofessional.
Easy set up, lots of features, great customer service about 1 year ago by emm...com http://zenberrymix.com/
We were looking for a simple and effective way to drive sales and LeadDyno was what we chose after careful review of many programs. It is very easy to set up especially with BigCommerce or similar platform. There are tons of features and linking everything to social media, email, newsletter, etc makes it easy for both you and your affiliates to share info and generate leads/sales. Tracking data is also very easy. Most pages are customizable to fit your brand and their customer service is top notch. I love the chat feature and have had all of my questions answered within minutes. We haven't been using it long enough to speak about sales generated but so far it has been a pleasure. We highly recommend LeadDyno and best of all, there are no hidden fees.
It's GREAT!!! about 1 year ago by the...com https://www.thespinsterz.com
We've been using LeadDyno for over a year now and at first I wasn't too impressed and then I started diving into all that is has to offer and I can say that this one does it all! Every time I go looking for a feature, it seems to already have it built in and makes it a breeze to accomplish my business goals. I love using this app and am happy to pay the price they charge. You should try it out! I bet you will like it too. Brandon
Not so great about 1 year ago by cel...com http://www.CelticArtStore.net
Well, I don't know about all these "glowing" reviews. I think they may have been written by the company. I've been trying to install this app for the past 2 days. No one answers the Chat feature, which times out and doesn't restart. The pricing is also false. BigCommerce lists the monthly price at $29.00 per month, but the LeadDyno site lists the starter price at $49.99 per month. I've emailed about the discrepancy, but no one has gotten back to me. I'm going to uninstall this app and try somethings else. My advice, shop before you commit.
Solid Affiliate Marketing and Management Tool about 1 year ago by Garyn Angel https://store.magicalbutter.com

We have been looking for a app that would integrate directly with our BigCommerce setup and this was the exact thing we needed. We even had a couple customizations we needed to do and the support team at LeadDyno was nothing short of amazing. The LeadDyno App has became an integral part of our business, especially referral wise, so we can't say enough good things.

Started Generating Day 1! about 1 year ago by jsi...com

Seamlessly integrated and easy setup. Easy to use chat system to get help on the fly. LeadDyno started getting us affiliates the very first day. Everyone was so excited to start making money by helping sell our product! The customization is easy and doable but also has a CSS section that allows for further customization to brand it! I am definitely excited to get my program kicked into high gear!

Great App w/ Excellent Customer Service about 1 year ago by inf...com https://logotarp.leaddyno.com/

LeaDyno is absolutely awesome and their customer care is spot on! It's very easy to plug in your affiliates and it is seamless integration with your ecommerce, banking and payments. I love it and I'm very picky! If you have affiliates and use DS or MLM it's the best choice by far. Great App, period!!

Easiest Affiliate Software about 1 year ago by sha...com https://www.trenzshirts.com/

LeadDyno was the simplest affiliate software. The orientation was helpful and their customer service was highly responsive. It literally takes 30 seconds for affiliates to sign up and start sharing and earning profits. Their pre-formatted email and social templates are great and are a great way to earn quality back-links from bloggers and other websites. Highly recommended based on the traffic/price plan you fall into.

Great support and simple setup about 1 year ago by Sha...com http://store.tetonsports.com/

The customer service is great and they are always making the service easier and easier to use which is fantastic when managing affiliates. 

Very disappointing!!! about 1 year ago by jav...com
Very disappointing!!!

They are extremely unreliable and unprofessional and it's very possible that many -possibly most of their reviews- are not really genuine ones as they offer big discounts in exchange for positive reviews. Their technical support sucks!.

It’s been a terrible waste of time and I am very disappointed in that BigCommerce is recommending them


Making it easy! over 2 years ago by inf...com http://www.shopjourneylockets.com

I love this product!  I had been manually trying to keep track of who was sharing our website through coupon codes and paying commissions manually through Paypal.  LeadDyno make this SO much easier to do.  I can see how everyone is doing with their outreach and it makes payments a breeze.

The customer services is great too!

My favorite part of the product is actually the Marketing Tracking Links.  I LOVE being able to see how my paid marketing, social media and email list is working by watching the traffic through the link tracking.  No more throwing money at the wall! You can see who clicks through and also who converts to sales.  It helps so much when deciding how to spend money in the future for marketing!  Thanks LeadDyno!

LeadDyno is Awesome over 2 years ago by sar...com http://liveto110.com

We have been using LeadDyno for over a year now and love this tool.  Customer support has been excellent and we are very impressed with continual improvements and responsiveness to clients needs. We have tried many other apps out.  Very happy with App integration with Infusionsoft.   And have recommended to many of our other Partners in our industry.   Very easy to get up and running with this tool and have immediate success.   

Easy Affiliate Tracking over 2 years ago by inf...com http://www.pottingshedcreations.com/

We run several different methods of paying commission from standard affiliate links online to brand ambassadors throughout the country.  We needed an easy way to track commissions and give our affiliates and ambassadors a way to monitor their progress.  LeadDyno was extremely fast to install and roll out to all of our people with the Bigcommerce integration.  I signed up to test the free trial, but after a short time working through the setup and integration, I knew I was going to be a customer and entered my payment info.  Our affiliates and ambassadors have been impressed with the ease of signing up and using their dashboard and the ability to use our creative we post for them.

Terrible over 2 years ago by vay...com

Don't put yourself through using this service. We signed up with them and the customer service is awful, site is old and all of the directions they have to use the service are from an older version. Worst of all the reason why you see all of these great reviews is that they allow you to receive 50% off when you write a good review on this review page. Service is bad, customer service is very hard to understand. Not worth the money. 

Great tool to manage affiliate programs over 2 years ago by jak...com http://www.arvowear.com

Leaddyno has been a great resource for us to onboard affiliates and give them the tools they need to be successful. Then integrations was easy and we are excited to build our program and expand our presence using LeadDyno!

Great Product over 2 years ago by inf...com http://www.yunibeauty.com

We are very pleased with the customer service, great support and product!

Hands down the best solution over 2 years ago by Customer Service http://www.inkjunkeyz.com

We have been looking for an affordable service to take our marketing to a new level. WE FOUND IT! We have been here a year almost and have no plans on moving. For the price and on time customer service you cant beat it. All of our ffiliates love their dashboards and being abke to see their sales!

Great Program, Easy to Use!! over 2 years ago by aar...com http://pureplatinumusa.com

I'm very excited that I found Lead Dyno. It was very easy to integrate with my website through Big Commerce. It has all the functionality we need to grow our business through affiliate marketing. Very excited to start using the program. 

Great app and program over 2 years ago by ed@...com http://www.sharkMotorcycleaudio.com

This is a very useful app. The ideas is bold and these guys seemed to have implemented it perfectly. The whole program seems to run on auto pilot and it needs very little tendering once your rolling. The support is also excellent as any issue I ever have is always dealt with quickly. They even called me at the beginning when I was on trial. A+++

I Love LeadDyno over 2 years ago by jma...com

I have been using LeadDyno for a very long time. I love their service and their Live Chat is absolutely the best there is. 

Their agents are extremely knowledgeable and friendly.  

What I love the most is their app is very easy to navigate and easy to set up. Especially for someone like me with no tech knowledge what so ever. 

I have tried other affiliate apps and none of them come closing to comparing to LeadDyno. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for an affiliate program. 

J Marlin

Amazing Affiliate App over 2 years ago by sup...com http://superchiclacquer.com

This app is just what any online seller needs to help manage their affiliate program!  Easy management system from tracking sales commissions, to paying affiliates with a click of a button and an awesome affiliate dashboard that offers simple social sharing to your affiliate team to make it easy-breezy to spread the word about your company!  It was a bit confusing at first, setting up a description and instructions, but with LeadDyno's free 30 day trial, it gave plenty of time to navigate and get up to speed on everything.  Don't be intimidated to click around, you will love it!  

Just installed LeadDyno and I love it! over 2 years ago by jen...com http://heartman.clothing

We just add LeadDyno to our store. We love the simplicity of adding  the app to our website.  It was easy to install to our site. Adding new affiliates was also very easy. The communication tools available to work with the affiliates is extensive. LeadDyno dashboard is useful for both us and for affiliates. 

Additionally, the Chat Now has been really helpful! It's a great resource for both the simple questions and the more in depth questions!

Add this app today to help grow your affiliate team and increase sales!

LOVE LOVE LOVE this App!! over 2 years ago by sta...com http://www.starcrushedminerals.com

We are always looking for ways to expand the reach of our product and an affiliate program seemed like a natural step towards this endeavor.  LeadDyno has EXACTLY what we were looking for... a way for our affiliates to use a coupon code to earn commissions!  This is an efficient, easy to manage platform that has allowed us to integrate affiliates without the stress of a complicated program.  Their customer service gets an A++++++, too!  Upon signing up we had some questions on a few things, and Adam from customer support was able to answer them all quickly and clearly.  We will be recommending LeadDyno to anyone looking to add affiliates to their business, it's the BEST platform out there!  

Amazing App! over 2 years ago by wil...com https://routersource.com/

We absolutely love this app! It is an incredible tool and super easy to use both for us and our affiliates. Set up was a breeze. Compared to previous services....it has been issue free! Support is easy to contact and very responsive. Wouldn't go back to any other service after using LeadDyno. Five Stars PLUS! 

Seriously the best app we have ever used for affiliate tracking over 2 years ago by lol...com https://www.sabaitechnology.com/

Before LeadDyno we were manually managing our affiliates.... and it was a nightmare! LeadDyno has been a life saver (and most of all... a TIME saver)! Every affiliate has their own dashboard and can see their referral traffic and commisions at any time.  Managing and paying affiliates has never been easier. We set up the rules/commissions however we want. Also, because of their amazing integration with Big Commerce, we don't even spend time trying to encourage customers to sign up as an affiliate. After initial set up... LeadDyno takes care of the the that automagically. We have more affiliates than ever with a lot less effort. More affiliates = more traffic = more conversions. TOTALLY WORTH IT! 

It takes a village! over 2 years ago by tay...com http://www.organicloven.com

Why build your business all alone when an affiliate program can help spread the word about your products or services? They spread the word and LeadDyno helps you spread the wealth.  LeadDyno has been easy to use and easy to integrate into my e-commerce site.  I also use it on another none e-commerce site that utilizes paypal buttons and it working great there too!

Affiliateness made easy over 2 years ago by hel...com http://mapyourprogress.com

I was just telling someone about my affiliate program and they commented about how professional I was and how together my business is—which I very much appreciated—however, I explained that it really was simpler than it sounded. I'm happy to present my affiliate program in way that's impressive to my tribe; using LeadDyno made it easy to set up and keep track of things. I quickly realized that the manual systems were not going to be sufficient. In addition to that, I really love being able to easily see where my referrals come from and how my customers find me. I can also export leads from those who provide their email but don't purchase right away. This has been a key tool for me growing my business and my affiliates appreciate the automation and commissions sent to their PayPal accounts!

highly recommeded over 2 years ago by cam...com http://www.naturalelementsskincare.com/

we have been using lead dyno for nearly a year now i can say its been fantastic not only have we been able to expand our business to many affiliates but being able to see the sales and where they are coming from has been great. The whole app is easy to use and work with, the new interface is up to date proving even more valuable information and the back up has been fast and effective...  we would highly recommend it  John Hamilton www.naturalelementsskincare.com

Great App & Service over 2 years ago by sal...com http://www.notjusttoyz.com

This is a great addition to our website. Super easy to integrate and their easy to navigate UI allows you to hit the ground running.  We have already started to capture new affiliates and are very excited to see how best to get them to begin getting us fresh new customers.  My experience with their customer service has been excellent thus far as well.  I highly recommend giving them a shot if you are looking for to start your own affiliate program.

Really Good! over 2 years ago by amy...com http://www.boymomdesigns.com

LeadDyno is the only affiliate app that I could find that actually has a phone number and online chat for help!  Very impressed with them!

Great service over 2 years ago by inf...com

We've been very satisfied with LeadDyno during our 30 day trial. Their customer service has been outstanding, very responsive and knowledgeable. They have great training resources and the tool for both administration and affiliates is robust and easy to use. I'm excited by the opportunity for LeadDyno to help drive demand to our business!

Great solution to drive your traffic and sales up! over 2 years ago by ved...com https://www.vappora.com

We are very happy with LeadDyno. The interface is well done and easy to use, even for us being new to the affiliate world. We like how we were able to customize the program to fit it to our needs. We have barely scratched the surface of the possibilities LeadDyno offers, but with just what we have done we have seen a substantial increase in traffic and leads to our website. One feature we highly appreciate is that all the affiliate links are SEO friendly so in the long run it will help in lifting our SEO rank.Overall we give LeadDyno a huge FIVE STARS ★★★★★, not only because of what the App offers and its flexibility but because the customer service is the best! Always willing to help you! Thank you Adam for all your help and patience with us during the free trial period!

WORST SERVER EVER over 2 years ago by inf...com

NEVER ANSWERS THERE PHONES, try and and see I am no crazy, three day later they answer my email, with a note that says see web site help what crap. they don't even have an answering machine. I tried called every day for three week same garbage say see website for help. a one man show i am sure.

Customer Service over 2 years ago by way...com http://www.disruptmarket.com/

The thing I like about LeadDyno is their customer service.  They are always there on chat if not by phone.  We had a difficult issue that they were able to resolve and we are up and running in great time!

Awesome affiliate software over 2 years ago by PJM...com

As someone using the BC platform for years I have tried my share of affiliate tracking software. Most of them are either very confusing to set up or they do no track properly. You will not experience these issues with Lead Dyno. It's super easy and intuitive to set up and it tracks everything from the visit down to the sale. The affiliate dashboard is also very flexible so you can make it look very professional and inviting for your affiliates. This is important because affiliates want to be able to track every visit and sale and know when they are getting paid. Lead Dyno has solved all of these issues and is super reliable. Don't waste your time with anything else.

Boost Sales and it's easy to use! over 2 years ago by big...com http://tulster.com

We tried to start an affiliate program a couple time before LeadDyno and it failed both times just because it was a complete headache to manage.  LeadDyno couldn't be easier to setup and it basically manages itself.  Now all we have to do is pay the affiliates, which is super easy to do as well.  LeadDyno really helped us get noticed in our industry by being able to offer the program.  Thank a mil!

This old dog was taught a new trick! over 2 years ago by pet...com http://bigbearpet.com

Wow - new to affiliate set ups and I was able to complete this with a little help.  LeadDyno guys immediately came to the rescue when I got stuck installing - had trouble integrating code with my Google Analytics - in ONE email the problem was resolved and we are up and running.  I have looked at other affiliate programs and was sooooo overwhelmed I chose not to go down that road until a magazine approached us to please look again - soooo happy I did!!   Thanks guys for making a terrific product!  :D

Most impressive app, glad i found it! over 2 years ago by nuf...com http://www.nusportswear.com

 I am so happy that i found LeadDyno. Its my answer to affiliate marketing. Customer service is top notch and the product is just perfect, even for guys like me who didn't have a clue. thanks again!

HORRIBLE SCAM!!! over 2 years ago by org...com

They cannot actually track customers.  They only track about 20% of my views and credited my affiliates correctly less than 10% of the time.  

When I contacted Customer service to see what could be happening, I just got the run around.  They never got back to me when they said they would.  They'd respond DAYS later with some irrelevant question.  They never asked questions about my site, code, traffic, or affiliate specifics.  It's like they just wanted to string me along and never actually fix the problem.  I spent 2 WEEKS going back and forth and them not even addressing the issue or answering my questions.  They lied a few times, saying they were going to contact an engineer, but I would get a response (days later) from the same service rep.  Who I'm sure is not actually the same rep, but some over sees minimum wage employee in a sea of computers and headsets.I'm actually concerned that this was just a fancy phishing scam.  Or maybe they just hope no one looks under the hood and they can keep collecting their monthly fees.I will be working with my bank to get my money back.  This was A SCAM!

I'm not sure about these reviews. over 2 years ago by the...com http://organicmunchkin.com

While the program itself looked promising, the customer service itself was not even in the the realm of adequate. The online chat agent could care less what I said or asked, the telephone number never gets answered as well. What you will receive from them though is daily emails talking about how great they are, what can they do to help, and a whole bunch of other stuff.

Here is a note LeadDyno. Concentrate on being there for the customer, rather then being "around".

Thanks but no thanks.

Great App! over 2 years ago by dan...com

This app offers great features, and is easy to use.  Highly recommend!

For the price, and wide range of options, I'd choose this one. over 2 years ago by jen...com http://www.GoodFortuneSoap.com

I'm exciting to see where this goes! I'm learning more and more each day, and they are launching new features to help small businesses grow. I like the social sharing features, and how easy it is to set up. For the price, and wide range of options, I'd choose this one.

Easy to use and gets you referrals! over 2 years ago by Dean Kurlansky http://www.mindbodyheart.com.au

We were looking for an affiliate tracking software to integrate into our ecommerce site. As we use a bigcommerce platform, Leaddyno was suggested and we decided to take the plunge despite not knowing much about it. 

It has been a great move! 

Easy to integrate into our ecommerce, full tracking of sales and commissions, and our affiliates love how they can view all their sales and commissions online easily and quickly. With the Leaddyno's affiliate referral system we have even managed to pick up a couple of new customers who are also affiliates with the automated emails. Customer support has also been very efficient and helpful and rectifies any issues in real time which is a real comfort. 

There is definitely more potential here to expand our business buy using Leaddyno, so thank you for creating this system!

#1 Affiliate App For Big Commerce over 2 years ago by che...com

Having previously been an affiliate marketer for many leading fashion companies for the past 5 years, affiliate marketing is something I know very well. So when I moved from affiliate.... to Fashion Retailer I knew I wanted to implement it into my business. After speaking with the internet's leading Affiliate Networks who quoted me between £3k-£5k I searched for cheaper alternatives to do the same job, and was excited to see BigCommerce had a number of affiliate apps that could plug right into my store. After reading numerous reviews I installed LeadDyno and was excited to get started. Although I must be entirely honest, I was a little hesitant when I noticed the pricing structure; as my site is already achieving 10s of thousands of unique visitors per month, meaning I was way beyond the Basic account.. So I closed the app and shopped around for alternatives... This is now 5 hours later, and I'm writing this review to save you the bother of doing exactly the same! 

LeadDyno is by far the premium affiliate app for your BigCommerce store. The dashboard is easy to navigate, the site for your affiliates looks professional and stylish without being fussy, and if you're a tracking geek like myself you will love all the different analytics you can view... As a seasoned affiliate, I know what affiliates need from a good program, easy to build links, banner html codes, real time tracking... LeadDyno has it all and more.Equally important to the above is customer service... and theirs is fantastic! I must've messaged (poor) "Jennifer" 5 or 6 times today, and every time within moments she was there to answer my queries and not once did I finish the chat without the answer that I needed. In short, save yourself the bother of shopping around all the other affiliate apps, just get this one installed and you'll save yourself the hours it's just taken me to realise LeadDyno beats the competition in an abundance of ways! Excited to get all my new affiliates on board! Thanks LeadDyno

Just perfect! over 2 years ago by inf....au http://www.packingsorted.com.au

We have been looking for an affiliate marketing program and were so excited to find LeadDyno. It makes the whole process so easy, and it is brilliant the way it is getting our customers to become sales people for our brand. We are in Australia, and a an initiative like this is relatively unheard of. So we also enjoy the fact that we are breaking ground with being one of the first companies to offer such a service to their customers. Keep up the great work LeadDyno.

Great App! over 3 years ago by rob...com http://www.exaltedheights.com/

This app is great! The affiliate referral program is not only a great way to drive traffic to your site, but a good way to turn conversions as well! The setup was easy and you'll find Leaddyno has already done a lot for you! There are several e-mail templates that are easily modified and most of the features are activated by a simple click of a button.The interface and ease of use is spectacular and the chat option for customer service is very useful as well! If you want an easy to use app that will get you conversions, this is the app for you!

Easy to setup and use tiered pricing is expensive over 3 years ago by Web Team http://www.bedbugstore.com

Software was easy to setup and use, looks like it would do the job but it's too expensive with the tiered pricing model. Affiliates have a habit of sending junk traffic, traffic syphon's etc and that would make this plugin cost even more. Great product but can get pricey with more traffic.  

great marketing tools over 3 years ago by way...com http://stylesilove.com

Great for traffic, and sales tracking tool.  More detail visitors tracking than bigcommerce.  And great customer support service.

Great tool, easy integration, good customer support over 3 years ago by Wilfrid Paulino http://www.daintiercustomjewerly.com

Great app. Very easy to use and to integrate with your BC store. We just completed the trial period and decided to stay with LD.  Great way to track your affiliates, your ad campaigns and visitors. All in one easy to use application

Great simple to use application over 3 years ago by Pha...com https://www.phatfigures.co.uk/

We needed a way of tracking all our social media activity and online marketing, LeadDyno has given us complete visibility of this. Great simple to use application.

Great Site over 3 years ago by Candyman Vending Service

Great app easy to use and I enjoyed the free trial-

Affiliate Marketing Made Cheap and Easy over 3 years ago by Kassie Rempel http://www.lillybee.com

I have 10+ years in the e-comm biz and used several Affiliate tracking programs, including LinkShare and ShareASale. I was admittedly skeptical of using LeadDyno because it seemed to good to be true. It's not. It's the real thing - it makes having brand ambassadors super compelling because now there's a simple (and affordable) system that tracks their leads, commissions earned, and payments made. Before paying individuals was a pain. Consider me cured. And sold. And a big fan. Highly recommend for people who are incentivizing other individuals to promote their products. 

Great customer service! over 3 years ago by Annette Rugolo https://www.MarieDiamondDowsing.com

I recently downloaded the LeadDyno app for my site and have been very impressed with the quality of customer service I have received.  The support and information offered in one day is more than I received in 6 months from my previous affiliate company! Thank you!

Great find! over 3 years ago by Michelle O'Hollaren http://www.sophisticatedpup.com

I have been looking for an easy to use affiliate program for several years now and finally stumbled up LeadDyno. I just set it up, which took probably 5 minutes and can't wait to start using it. I am really excited that my affiliates can give people a simple coupon code instead of having to send them through a specific link. It is going to make tracking affiliate sales so easy! Just having the affiliate commissions automated will be a huge time saver. This is exactly what I needed, an affordable, easy to use solution to affiliate marketing.

Love it!! over 3 years ago by moreofthisalittleofthat http://moreofthisalittleofthat.com

I wish I had found this program earlier because I was paying so much more for something that never tracked the affiliate sales! Terrific service from the customer service I love their hours!! A big thanks to Adam Jacobs!! 

Awesome Service over 3 years ago by ord...com http://www.greengurunutrition.com/

Hands down, the best affiliate marketing option you can go with on BigCommerce!

Competitive price, very responsive customer service, and it works without a hiccup. Would definitely recommend! Easy to install, easy to navigate, and lots of cool features we didn't even look for that we now utilize.

Great addition to our marketing plan over 3 years ago by own...com http://www.tattoogolf.com

Our site was previously hosted by Volusion whose affiliate program was cumbersome, ineffective, and not easy to manage.   After switching to Big Commerce, we really hadn't intended to start up another affiliate plan then we found Lead Dyno and liked how easy it was to integrate and to manage plus, the customer interface is clear and easy to understand.   So far, so good!

Thoughts on LeadDyno over 3 years ago by Josh Silvers

We've been using LD for awhile now and our overall experience has been good. LD offers a ton of great features and is a great addition for any business looking to start an Affiliate referral program. We would like to see the service offer a "private label" option so that their branding isn't seen to our affiliates as we are big on private labeling. They offer extremely fast and reliable customer service as well which is very important to our goals when working with a 3rd party app.

Not at good as it looks over 3 years ago by rcr...com http://Weneedmoreapps.org

First 2 weeks after installation orders were failing to show in the system so our affiliates were upset.  After we received an email stating that we needed to update the software we were finally able to see the system work properly. Now the issue is payment.  We want to pay commissions on orders older than 30 days.  The LeadDyno system will only show payments "due" on the full previous month.  So an order placed on the 30th of the month is shown as "due" on the 1st of the following month.  There is no way to manage or separate our orders unless you mark the entire previous month as "Paid" manually.  LeadDyno claims to be working on this broken issue but has failed to fix it so far.  I will update this review if they fix it before we move to another provider, assuming they do...

Awesome potential! over 4 years ago by Denny http://www.the-store.com
I am into about 48 hours of setup (mostly creating banner content) since the rest was SOOOO simple. We have lots of needs for wholesale and retail customers. We started looking at offering our Dog rescue groups a way to make money off of the over 50,000 items that we make and have for sale on our site http://www.the-store.com Now the wheels are turning AND by thinking out of the box are pushing the envelope of marketing our buisiness in multiple ways. The visitor logs in the dashboard show where traffic is coming from and where they go on the site (very simplistic and so insightful). This has created extra work since.... people are searching in ways that we never addressed. The visitor tracking insight through the dashboard is worth spending some time on.... and you get so much more! Great tech support from Adam while I was online setting up and dreaming up new features that I want. I am not a review writer but, this was a must! Great job! Looking forward to a long profitable relationship!
Excellent customer service! over 4 years ago by Rosemira http://rosemira.com
We are new to using an Affiliate Program and LeadDyno has been excellent in helping us get set up! It's an intuitive, easy to use program. Special thanks to Adam for his individual attention to our specific needs!
Looove it! over 4 years ago by Shanna http://www.faceartistpro.com
Love this product! I did a lotttt of research to find an affiliate program that matched my needs and was compatible with my Big Commerce platform, I am so happy I found Lead Dyno. I am most happiest with the ability to do coupon code commissioning instead of just using a link. This is actually the only program I found to offer this and works with BC. I feel it gives affiliates greater incentive to sale the product. Thank you Lead Dyno!!
The answer to marketing your start up business on a small budget over 4 years ago by max https://www.dreambutdonotsleep.com
I’ve been looking for something like LeadDyno for a while now. I own a clothing brand and we work with many affiliates. Previously we had to do everything manually. Every time someone contacted us wanting to join the scheme or to check to see if they'd had any orders we had to check for them. This took a huge amount time which could have been spend driving sales instead of spending time with individuals who weren't getting much traffic or sales to the website. LeadDyno lets you automate all of this and it allows other people to do the hard work of driving traffic to your website whilst you can sit back and watch the orders flow in. We've not been using LeadDyno for long, but we have already begun to see the results this application can create! As a small business this is a very cost effective form of promotion and I highly recommend trying the free trial! You only pay commission to affiliates when they generate orders instead of conventional promotion where you have to spend money in the hope of gaining sales. It also increases your rankings in google because so many people are talking about your website!
So far so good over 4 years ago by John S.
extremely easy to install and works seamlessly with Big Commerce. Adam was very helpful and very quick to respond. I pointed out a potential issue with the way commissions are calculated and they had it fixed within a day. I like the dashboard feature for each affiliate as it makes sharing extremely easy and they can earn money with minimal effort. This is also the only affiliate platform I'm aware of that works seamlessly with big commerce, looked into others previously and didn't have much luck. Give LeadDyno a try, you won't be disappointed!
Best of the current options over 4 years ago by Jovan http://www.jpofficeworkstations.com.au
I tested out 3 affiliate software programs which integrate with Bigcommerce and LeadDyno is by far the easiest to set up with the most intuitive dashboard design. First of all, I didn't have to go through hoops just to try out the free trial version and "validate my subscription" via telephone. Next, the process of setting up the app so that it can track sales from Bigcommerce is easy and literally takes one click. Once in, the Dashboard looks great and is not overwhelming..you can set up the basics really quickly such as: add banners, and other content marketing material you wish your affiliates to use, terms & conditions etc... Also, when I had a question, the response was within a few hours via email, from the Founder. Social media shortcuts are already there as well as the most important feature you want to give your affiliates i.e. the ability to link to specific pages on your website (not just the home page). I use LeadDyno for my online furniture business and as an ex-affiliate marketer, I can safely say this is the best of the 3 options currently available.
Great Affiliate program! over 4 years ago by Tristina http://www.mixednotstirred.net
Leaddyno is a great software for affiliate programs. I love their interactive map and the appealing flow in the back office login area. We've decided to go in the Home Party Planning direction and need party planning software. But Leaddyno is a great app for any affiliate program! One of the best I've found. :) I hope that they will consider home party features in the future.
Great Company...Highly Recommend over 4 years ago by Eric
The customer service is extremely great. I had a little issue setting up everything by myself and within a few hours of me contacting LeadDyno, they assisted me and got everything working perfectly. Great Company...Highly Recommend.
Love Lead Dyno! over 4 years ago by Carrie Windsor http://www.kickinnthekitchen.net
I actually love Lead Dyno and have been sharing it with other companies! I love the ease of using it and just being able to see all activity going on with my store. I am so glad I came across Lead Dyno. I will for sure be sending others your way! The chat option is great. When I don't understand something I can chat with you and you are so helpful. I just love it! Thank you for all you do!