MinMax Order Limits

Client Reviews (5)

"MinMax Order Limits" app allows store owners to set up minimal and maximal values for a customer's order.

Limits can be set to:

  • Order total price;
  • Total number of items in an order;
  • Number of copies of individual items;
  • Number of one of a kind / similar items for each or all products.

It is very easy to install and works with any template.

Client Reviews (5)

not functioning at all 11 months ago by ser...com http://www.ezdoorgift.mybigcommerce.com
The apps is not functioning at all The page always froze. Total waste of time
NurserySavings about 1 year ago by mat....uk http://www.nurserysavings.com

Not the most simple installation, but does what we need it to do.

REVIEW about 1 year ago by the...com http://lushhairshop.com

great app a must for businesses 

Time saver for our customer service team! about 1 year ago by kat...com http://www.curlygirlwholesale.com/

We run a wholesale website, and have a minimum order amount. While we post this amount in a few places on our site, we were still getting a few orders every week that fell under that amount (sometimes by quite a bit). Then we have to contact the customer to get additions, which takes up quite a bit time due to the back and forth. This is a simple tool but is saving us quite a bit of time by enforcing this rule at checkout. It was easy to customize the message and look. 

Customer Groups over 2 years ago by Summer Guerrieri

Almost there! Need to be able to turn off for certain Customer Groups though.