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Join thousands of BigCommerce merchants who care about storefront aesthetics and thoughtful customer engagement. S Loyalty adds a sleek rewards program in your online store to create deeper connections with customers. We help new businesses and BigCommerce's largest merchants delight and reward shoppers to increase customer loyalty and boost sales.

1. Desktop and Mobile Advanced Theming & Design

Customize your designs for desktop and mobile to have cohesively branded notifications about the latest reward offers for shoppers.

2. Automation For High Volume Sales

Use sophisticated features like scheduled expiration for unused rewards points and discount codes and enable automatic personalized rewards like "Welcome" and "Birthday" bonuses. Available to all S Loyalty merchants.

3. Schedule Event-Based Campaigns

Retain customers with special promotions during weekends and holidays by offering 2x / 3x points, special events bonuses and more.

4. Desktop and Mobile Multi-user Support

Invite your team to S Loyalty's admin console for desktop and mobile so they can help with customer support.

5. Add a ReferralCandy Integration

Grow your business through referrals by rewarding loyalty points to customers who make successful referrals.


1. Do I really need a loyalty program?

Research from Bain & Company shows that retention rates that increase 5% can boost profits by 25-95%. A loyalty program directly grows your business by increasing customer retention.

2. How is S Loyalty is better than other loyalty apps?

S Loyalty is easy to set up and manage. Our app helps you create highly differentiated loyalty interfaces by simply uploading an image. We take care of details like customer exclusion or whether rewards points are added upon payment or order fulfillment.

3. Are your features suitable for my business?

Our 14-day free trial works right after setup. Try risk-free and get in touch if you have questions. We will get back to you personally!

What Our Customers Are Saying

★★★★★ Best Customer Service Ever

"We have been with S Loyalty a long time and with so many apps out there, what we look out for is customer service. They are quick to answer and to solve your problems."

Jacelyn Cheah

★★★★★ The perfect app for my loyalty program management needs

"With this app, everything is automated. Furthermore, customers are encouraged to sign up to our loyalty program because of the pop-up windows that appear once in a while when customers browse our website...In summary, S Loyalty Suite made my loyalty program more efficient, as it takes less resources to implement it, and more effective, as customers are reminded that our shop has a loyalty program."

Jedrick Gatpayat

★★★★★ My customers keep coming back

"Before installing this app, our customers would compare prices with other sites. We glad that we found this app, our customers keep coming back and wouldn't mind our prices are a little higher. Awesome!!"

$19.99 / month
Free trial
14 days

Client Reviews (236)

Good Customer service about 3 days ago by
The customer service provided is very great, hopefully I will get good use from this app.
Expensive about 24 days ago by
I am dropping it. It s way too expensive for the use that it gets.
User Friendly 2 months ago by Jack Demirdjian http://Https://
The features are easy to use.
Best Customer Service Ever 4 months ago by Jacelyn Cheah
We have been with S Loyalty a long time and with so many apps out there, what we look out for is customer service. They are quick to answer and to solve your problems.
Fast support when you need it 6 months ago by
have asked for support several times thru email and always get what I needed with speed. Great job Sloyalty team! The app also helped me retain my customers. I just hope they can lower the monthly cost.
Reliable w/ Good Customer Service 8 months ago by
We have been using S Loyalty for about a year now and are still very satisfied with our choice! Easy setup and easy to use, the app hasn't had any hiccups since we started using it. The one downside I could see this app having is that it uses coupons to generate the reward discounts and with our platform only being able to accept one coupon per order, customers cannot pair other discounts with their reward points. Our company doesn't put out coupon codes very often, so S Loyalty has been a great fit for us. As several others have stated, the customer service is solid and they were able to handle all of the changes and tweaks we have needed quickly and non-intrusively!
Difficult for Customers to Access and Expensive 9 months ago by
Functions and integrates well, but unfortunately, it is not terribly user friendly due to the fact that it is not available on mobile devices. Most of our customers access our website and place orders on mobile devices, rather than actual computers, so they are unable to access their rewards unless they switch to standard view. This leads to us having to provide much more support via phone and email, where we have to go in and redeem their rewards for them and provide their coupon code to use. This would work much better if there was a way to integrate it into checkout. The app is also very expensive, being based on the number of orders we receive on average each month, rather than the number of customers actually using the rewards, which is only about 5% of our customers since they do not see the rewards most of the time. We spend as much on this app at a monthly rate as we pay for the entire website through BigCommerce. Wish there were other options.
Great App! 12 months ago by
Very easy to setup. Lots of features and customizable. Support was great helping us setup the mobile theme. Should be another great asset to our website. Would recommend!
Perfect App. and very easy to use... about 1 year ago by
Easy Installation, Beautiful Platform and professional...A perfect way to motivate customers to come back...Customers Service is very good and fast reply....I did not have any complication..Plus i love they compagne Bonus Points...Thank You.
Still Deciding about 1 year ago by
I was on S loyalty trying to decide if it worked for me and Anthony was very helpful in answering my questions.
Ok about 1 year ago by
They work with you but at the end of the day it's just about the money. Customer Service is there way or no way.
All Of The Above about 1 year ago by PouchWear
S Loyalty exceeded our expectations and are extremely happy with the function, ease of use, you name it and they've about thought of it. I log in today, 6/1/16, and I see new updates and available options to further customize our store. We have also recently changed our store theme but due to some errors had to switch it back. We contacted them on a very early Saturday morning, while also contacting an extremely expensive review system that runs thousands of dollars. S Loyalty, beat the socks off of them with responding and completing the necessary installation we needed before we even knew any1 had a chance. In other words, these guys offer it all and it looks good. By the way are using the business edition or professional edition (don't have the names in front of me).
Great app, great support about 1 year ago by Laurie W
We tested out this app a few years ago, and while it worked fine, we just couldn't stomach the conversion from our old loyalty program that we handled manually. We finally bit the bullet and couldn't be happier. The app works well, integrates well, and looks great. And Andrew in support has been extremely helpful.
Just got going about 1 year ago by
Really liking the UI. Very nice, easy to use - and it looks great! Loving it so far!
Excelent App about 1 year ago by
We've been using this app for a couple of years now and we've been very happy with the products. Recently we had an interaction with the support crew to update some graphics for our mobile widget and they couldn't have been more helpful and easy to work with. We highly recommend this app.
Great App & Great Customer Service over 2 years ago by Trevor Petty

This app has been one of the biggest assets to our online store.  its very easy to install and integrate. It looks great on the site and gives us that something extra that we need.  I cant say enough about their customer support. They are quick to respond and eager to help with anything you might need.

Definitely my favorite app so far!

Best Loyalty App till date. Period! over 2 years ago by Henry Ofodieze

The S Loyalty App is awesome. I dont think there's another one out there that can beat it. We have gained subscribers, returning customers, fans and other stuff from using S Loyalty. 

This is a must-have App. Price is ok too. 

Customer service is top notch. They even helped me install it on my mobile theme.

Thanks guys. Keep up the good work.

Super Impressed over 2 years ago by

Awesome app. I wanted a way to add store $20 credit for each new customer that signs up for the website, and this did EXACTLY that. Took 15 minutes to setup S Loyalty with BC and within 10 min I had orders coming in all starting to use it. LOVE IT!

Great Support over 3 years ago by

We're still in the trial period, yet we're receiving great support from them. They're very timely and accommodating of requests to help integrate their loyalty program with our website. 

The app seems very well thought-out so far and has just the right balance of ease-of-use and flexibility. The level of customization is quite good compared to other Apps of this type and the S Loyalty branding on the non-white-label version is very unobtrusive. 

Amazing Customer Services over 3 years ago by

I installed the app and was thrilled that it was so easy to put to use. Then I ran into a glitch with regard to billing. But Sara was the rep that handled my account and she was on top of everything. She was truly wonderful to work with and we were able to put together a solution that benefited my store and customers as well as Sara and her team. Thank you!

Brilliant over 3 years ago by Nicholas Gaskin

excellent app, excellent support - this is a must for any ecommerce store that wants to encourage loyalty and return customers

Excellent! over 3 years ago by

S Loyalty's customer service team has been incredibly helpful. Customers are loving the rewards program! Would definitely recommend.

So happy with this app highly recommend!!! over 3 years ago by

This app is EVERYTHING I needed! I've had it for about a week and I love it and my customers love it too! It was very easy to set up. I was contacted by a Sara to see if I had any questions on anything and she assisted me with branding my widget which I thought was awesome!!! I love that I can now offer something so great for my loyal customers. Great and prompt customer service and great app!!!

support over 3 years ago by

Fantastic service and support!!

Great App and Fantastic Customer Service over 3 years ago by

We've been using SLoyalty to reward our customers for quite some time and recently moved to Big Commerce from another platform and they were super helpful to get us merged and all set up on our new platform.  Our customers love to track and use their rewards.  It's easy to use for us and the customer and we can offer pretty much any reward we can think of...dollar amounts, percentages, specific products.  A great app!

AVOID!!! over 3 years ago by PremierBoxBreaks

Absolutely the worst! Worked fine then one day no app, all customer info gone. They fixed 1st time. Now 6 months later again it goes down, all code that they custom integrated wiped from store all records gone. All customer points gone! They tell us we deleted and uninstalled apps. Appa are still in our control panel, hmmm. All custom coding they did is gone and we are told we did this. Have no clue where or how they did the custom coding and they are the ones with webdev credentials to modify files. I would strongly recommend looking elsewhere.

Finally, a well developed Loyalty App over 3 years ago by

We've always wanted a loyalty app after migrating from another cart which had it included. We searched high and low and tried many other inferior so called Rewards Apps before finding Sloyalty.

Setup was easy and we have never had an issue since we've installed it.

Thanks Sloyalty, our customers thank you too =)

Excellent loyalty program over 3 years ago by

The top tier plan is fantastic, and the customer services goes above and beyond: one of the Sloyalty designers created a fully customised loyalty overlay for us without being asked, and implemented it seamlessly.  I'm very impressed, and definitely recommend Sloyalty to BC users!

Great tool for customer loyalty programs over 3 years ago by

I tried some other apps first and they just didn't have the flexibility I was looking for.  One even wanted to tell me what I should provide as far as points.  The app by S Loyalty gave the greatest amount of flexibility as well as ease of use.  Customer support even reached out to me for further customization of the tools to match the design of our site.  Highly recommend this app!

my favorite app over 3 years ago by Jeremy Thurswell

great interface, reliability, very useful in customer referrals and accumulating customer contact info,

great service and easy install

UPDATE: STILL IN LOVE! Our Customers LOVE This Rewards Program! over 3 years ago by
1/25/18: Still as happy with this app as we have every been. The customer service alone is worth it, but then the app..well it's amazing too! Our customer continue to actually utilize the program instead of just collecting points and never using them. It's streamlined and straight forward, and we couldn't be happier! Just wanted to come by and again leave positive feedback for S Loyalty! We recently upgraded to a stencil theme, and I didn't notice that our S Loyalty widget wasn't showing up. Within 24 hours of our upgrade, I had an email from Anthony letting me not only know that the widget was missing, but also with the code to immediately correct the problem. I can't say enough great things about this app and the customer service that comes with it! We are going on three years with this app, and couldn't be happier!

UPDATE: Two years later, and every word of this is still true. This is an amazing app!

We have been using S Loyalty for about a month, and could not be happier! The app is simple and straightforward to use - not only on the back end, but for customer use as well. (The rewards "tab" that is visible while shopping is genius, without being intrusive graphically on your site.) Creating unique rewards is good for us, and being able to change them every few weeks keeps our customers coming back to see what they can earn next. The customer service has been amazing, and above and beyond expectations. I emailed to ask a question, and not only received a prompt and polite response, but also a follow-up email letting me know that changes were being implemented to better address the concern I had! I had tried a couple of other apps before finally settling with S Loyalty, and I know I made the right decision.

Features + Looks + Support = Winning Combination! over 3 years ago by K9 Nutraceutics™

We have been exploring options for a loyalty program of some kind and had been trying out S Loyalty on our new website still under development. We believe it was the best program for our size business especially when comparing costs. However, we were not 100% initially sold. The primary reason was the limited methods to customize or theme the program to our site without having to get into higher costs. We did look at another program that recently came out and while nice, we would be losing some of the features S Loyalty offered.

While our final decision was still to be made, we just happened to discover that Sloyalty introduced their upgrade with the new theming feature....SOLD! The ability to customize the overlays, add an icon and more now makes this the best loyalty program app available for Bigcommerce. Combined with their prompt tech support, we can now provide a quality loyalty program to our customers and at a price thats hard to beat.  Thanks Sara!

A solid loyalty program for BigCommerce stores over 3 years ago by

We've been using S Loyalty for 6 months now and are very happy with their app. It seamlessly integrates with our Big Commerce store and our customers are actively using it with very few queries which indicates that it is a simple system to use. S Loyalty has recently upgraded their designs which has meant I'm giving them 5 stars instead of 4, the new designs look great and don't detriment the professional look and feel of our site at all. We are very happy with S Loyalty and will continue using their app in future.

Good App and great customer service service. over 3 years ago by Sergey Benksy

Good app, easy to instal and set up. Excellent support. The reason for 4 stars is app limitations on mobile devices. 

Amazing App over 3 years ago by

Easy to install and set up, fantastic for customer and well priced. I would recommend to anyone looking for an easy to use loyalty program for your customer.

I signed up after half a day of my 14 day trial as it is that good.

Great app to drive loyalty over 3 years ago by

Starting up an online business and looking for a product to differentiate ourselves from the competitor. This is perfect. So many great features and so easy to use. Totally customisable and also easy for the customer. Great work Sloyalty!

Good for New Business over 3 years ago by

We are using this app since 60 days, so far so good. Great customer service. We were unable to attract expected amount of customers but it could be due to various reasons.

One issue with this app was, this app was not back syncing with Bigcommerce customer list. It was collecting email addresses from Bigcommerce but was not deleting when email addresses are deleted from Bigcommerce. This is issue not resolved and working great. Updated my rating from 4 start to 5 star.

Email subscriptions received through this app needs to be manually imported into your newsletter management app which could be annoying for the store who has huge customer database.

best app ever to use for every business over 3 years ago by

I so much like this app especially the fact that is has multiple functions for fan builder, loyalty and a lot more. It has helped my business generate good leads for my email marketing needs and increasing my fan base. I highly recommended this app to all business as its very beneficial. I encourage everyone to give it a try.

Nice app, easy to install over 3 years ago by

Although I'd like to see a feature where I can apply double or triple points to select items, the app is good overall and a good way to get customers motivated.  I have had some customers get confused over how to redeem the points.  I'd like to see the login integrated more so they don't have to go to a separate screen or click another link to use their points.  It would be nicer to have it integrated into the checkout page when they redeem their points.  With a few tweaks, I'd be able to give it 5 stars.

Fun and Easy! over 3 years ago by

We love giving back to our clients and SLoyalty made it easy, fast, and fun! Just starting but so far looks good!

Loyalty app over 3 years ago by

This is a really nice app. It integrates smooth with our website and our customers love it. Woudl give it a 5 star if the embeded widget woudl come with the $19 version. You have to pay $39 a month to get it and the program seems useless without using it. Otherwise we like everythign else about the app. Godd job!

Not bad at all over 3 years ago by Frank Disaac

A good app to manage loyalty. I liked the integration. However, i am not sure if I am going to subscribe. A free trial of 14 days was not enough to make a decision. It's not cheap. I think 1 month of free trial would be better. 

Best Referral App Around! over 3 years ago by Michael Burrei

I love this app and even more important, my customers love this app.  This is a must have and not other option compares.

Great add over 3 years ago by

Installation was flawless and easy to migrate on our website.

Would like to see a little more options for customizations, but overall great app.

You'll Get Repeat Business with This App! over 3 years ago by Midwest Label

Who doesn't want repeat business? Not only was this app easy to install, but it's giving our customers just another reason to come back and make a purchase.  With the S Loyalty Suite, you get 3 valuable tools: Loyalty Suite, Refer-a-Friend and Fan Builder. With Refer-a-Friend and Fan Builder, you'll be getting customers by word-of-mouth; one of the best means of advertising. And of course the flagship tool is Loyalty Program, where you decide how you want to reward your customers when they make a purchase. The basic package is only $19.99 per month; for what you're getting, you just can't beat that price anywhere else. Highly recommended!

Alright over 3 years ago by Paul Pritchard

So far so good. Thanks for a nice integration! Would like to see a free trial for a month though. 

Immediate Results over 3 years ago by

Our store noticed immediate results with this app! Before the trail period was over we had doezens of fb likes, email sign ups, and twitter followers. Affordable for all business sizes. Easily intergrated! You won't be sorry for using this program.

Amazing over 3 years ago by

This is an amazing app. Easy to use and integrate. I would definitely love to see the result of loyalty programs after the holiday season. Very good customer support -- professional, fast, helpful. It makes management organized and easy. I am excited to see how it works. 

Good Product over 3 years ago by http://Easy to use

Good Product

Awesome powerful app at reasonable pricing over 3 years ago by

Best thing about this app is that it not only allows giving coupons in lieu of point redemption, - it also allows offering store credits. Advantage of this is that many regular customers forget to apply coupons at time of purchase. Having store credits automatically pop up gives them a feeling of being special and increases respect towards the company. Though we loose on sale total, we gain much more in terms of loyal customers that keep coming back !

Good Solid App over 3 years ago by

The set-up of the app was very easy.   I wish there were a few more options .. this is a simplistic approach to loyalty points.  I want more flexibility to offer rewards the way I want.  For instance I would rather not offer a discount coupon for social media, but rather points.  

Easy to Use & Customers LOVE it! over 3 years ago by

This app was simple to get up and running in no time.  Our customers had been asking about a loyalty program and this made it an easy answer!

Great App for my clients over 3 years ago by

Since I installed this app I have seen a slight increase in sales, customers like to get rewarded for purchases they make which is great for retaining customers I am glad I came across this app. It was worth it renewing my subscription

Seems to work but feel duped over 3 years ago by Mahlon Williams

would have loved to know that the price per month for the amount of customers I have is $119/mo and not $19/mo.  Now that I have installed it and people are signing up, I almost HAVE to stay on beyond the free trial .. which i suppose is why you conceal the price in the first place.  SMH

S Loyalty Suite over 3 years ago by Simon Stewart

Always a little dubious with installing apps even for trial periods, I decided to install the free 14 day trial period and after 5 days I generated so much buzz and interaction from my customers I upgraded immediately, highly recommend so far and generated sales that would cover this app usage for 12 months already, 5 stars on this app.

SO far so good! over 3 years ago by

I had another rewards program with my old cart software, but it was not as robust to be sure. It did not have fan builder or refer a friend, which I consider a great asset! For $40 a month these programs should definitely help me build my customer base. So far so good! I am happy that I signed up. I don't have to worry about calculating anything, this program does it all. Thanks!

Pretty Good! over 3 years ago by INF...COM

Had it for a week and already had tons of email sign-ups! Easy to use and great for building client list.

Love this app! over 3 years ago by Susie Lane

So easy to use.  I have tried a few other services and S-Loyalty is much easier to use and integrate.  The setting up process was straight forward and easy to navigate, my customers are already reaping the rewards.  It's a win win, our customers love it and feel rewarded for their loyalty to our company and we love it because it keep our customers coming back.  Highly recommend.

This app is great! over 3 years ago by

I have installed this app few days ago and it works great for me. I am sure I will stick to it. Thank you!

Great app! over 3 years ago by iloveannamae

Wow. This makes automation super simple. Easy to use and customize.

Great App over 3 years ago by

This was easy to install, easy to use and a wonderful way to gain returning customers.  I am very happy I tried it and have decided to keep it.

Easy to use, but expensive over 3 years ago by http://Brian

This app is very easy to setup and use, but it is very expensive.  Your monthly charge is based on the number of  customers you have not on the number of customers actively using the loyalty program.  So, if you have 2,000 customers and only 3 have participated in or even care about your loyalty program you are going to pay $40 a month for those 3 customers.  As a small company this prevents this app from being cost effective.  If you're a large company with hundreds of repeat customers you'll have no problems with this app.

Great over 3 years ago by Shakira Green

Great application just wish it was a tab cheaper. Other than that excellent app

Horrible customer service. over 3 years ago by

I have emailed customer service so many times and all I receive back are these one line emails that do not help me at all.  I have asked to actually speak to someone and I have not heard back.  I am very suspicious as to why they do not have a customer service number so I can speak to a live person.

Not User Friendly over 4 years ago by AB Dragons

I find this app to be clunky and not very user friendly.  The lack of being able to actually get someone on the phone to ask questions and not receiving emails back when I did email was also a huge problem.

App works great over 4 years ago by

This is my second time installing (two seperate customers). Works great, super easy to use.

Great So Far! over 4 years ago by

Just installed and so far so good!  Really nice interface and customer service has been great.  

Great, Easy App over 4 years ago by http://Nydia

I'm new to this app and I am already finding the setup easy to use and customer service is great. My questions are answered the same day, not days later.

Highly recommended app over 4 years ago by

Very easy to set up, and very little tech knowledge required. Great way to give incentives to customers for purchases.

A fantastic, easy to use application! over 4 years ago by

We were looking for an application that has both a loyalty program and exploit the social media and we found the S loyalty suit! In the beginning we were reluctant for the sales effect but only after a few days and being in the trial period we were amazed by the results. Needless to say that overall configuration is a piece of cake, easy, quick & well planned. With just a few clicks you get your loyalty and fan building plan. This application is necessary for every e-shop. Congratulations!  

Great app over 4 years ago by

Easy to set up. Just what we needed

Not disappointed and that includes customers! over 4 years ago by

"Well at first I thought it was going to be a lot of impossible promises S-Loyalty were making. What a difference the 14 day trial made - new customers, new Facebook Likes and increase sales dollars. My new customers were calling me to ask how to use their points and how could they get more. Getting product reviews from customers is great - now I can thank them with some "SkippersMate Rewards".

Email contact for FAQ has been exceptional when compered to other apps associated with Bigcommerce - prompt and clear instructions, along with a good on-line Help FAQ.

If your after Rescue Beacons, EPIRs or PLBs or any Optical Binoculars or Night Vision gear, head over to and pick up a few "SkippersMate Reward Points" at the same time!

This app is awesome over 4 years ago by http://Review
Love the integration over 4 years ago by

Integration was easy and love that they offer different choices. Perfect for our site!

Awesome App! over 4 years ago by

Really helps to get customers to share your store with others and therefore increasing sales. I would highly recommend it to everyone. Yes it is an expensive app but the increase in sales and exposure more than makes up for the cost of the app :)

Good app over 4 years ago by

Easy to use

Overpriced and terrible support over 4 years ago by Mood and Mind

Buyer beware - we signed up expecting $20/month, but not until after we already were using the app and couldn't turn back did we realize that we would actually be paying $120/month based on our customer numbers.  That's 50% more than we pay for Bigcommerce hosting!  

We were having some issues with the add on and Sloyalty asked for access to our admin inspect the code.  Their engineers ended up completely disabling the code on our site for their add on, and did not get our permission to do this, and did not notify us about this.  We had to hear from customers that the Loyalty program was gone.  For $120/mo this is completely unacceptable!

GOOD SERVICE ! over 4 years ago by
I was referred to this app and couldn't be more pleased. over 4 years ago by

Super easy and looking forward to keeping!!

Great Support! over 4 years ago by

We have loved having S Loyalty on our websites!  They offer great support and a great service for our customers.  This has really increased the retention on our website.  It is super easy to use and set up.  I would recommend this app to others...

Neat App over 4 years ago by

Just loaded the app on our new store and it seem really cool so far. Very easy to set up and integrate in to our store. I would like to see the $39.95 silver package without the S loyalty branding, this hurts the overall professionalism of my site which is the only reason I switched to a Big Commerce store, but I don't have the web traffic to support paying for the Gold Package. Overall happy so far.

Integrate well with BigCommerce over 4 years ago by Billy Chin

This App integrate very well with BigCommerce. It does everything automatically in BigCommerce, including the generating the COUPON Codes and sending the reminder emails to the customers. We look forward to great results.

On the other hand, 14-day trial is a bid less, one would not be able to tell the actual effect within 14 days. 

A great service for my customers over 4 years ago by

This is a great service for my customers! As a small business competing in a discount heavy market, having a Rewards program puts another another feather in our cap that helps us better serve our loyal customers. As a service, I found the installation and set-up to be very easy. I'm very excited for the possibilities that this service would bring me.

The only downside is I wish the extra load on the website was a bit smaller.

However, I'm still looking forward to the future with S Loyalty as key component of our growth.

Most awesome App yet! over 4 years ago by

Not only is it the best App. ever, but its super easy to set up and administer!. My customers so far are amazed at the idea of Rewards! Keep it up.

What you've heard is true over 4 years ago by

Get this app, now! S Loyalty has been an integral part of our e-commerce sites since our re-launch on BigCommerce. We're growing our mailing list like never before thanks to the fan builder, and the loyalty program seems to be generating some interest too! I can't say enough about how great the support has been; Sara at S Loyalty has been super responsive, helpful, and friendly. We couldn't have done it without her and we look forward to growing our partnership with S Loyalty for years to come!

Loyalty Program over 4 years ago by

For the short time we have been using the app it seem to be working great. No complaints from customers and that's the true test. Using it is simple and straight forward.

Well worth the money over 4 years ago by Liz Karbowiak

Installing this app was easy enough.  I did have to contact support about a query I had, and they were back to me within an hour!  Great service thanks.  I can see that the program will definitely encourage my customers to keep coming back.  And hopefully it will entice them to share with their friends (that hasn't happened very much yet, but I've got my fingers crossed).  I had to discontinue use of the Fan Builder part of the suite, as it didn't allow me to specify a particular product or category to use as a  reward, and some of our products have way too small a margin to allow freebies.  I'd reinstall it if there was more flexibility with rewards.  That's my only gripe.  Otherwise, thanks for a great little app.

easy to install over 4 years ago by

Installation was a snap, and customer service very responsive!

So excited to find this!! over 4 years ago by

I have been looking for something like this for my website since FOREVER and finally came across S Loyalty. It has all the features to grow your business and fans. My favorite being the pop up discount when a customer comes to your website. I have had the app for today and after playing with it and adding to my website I am now upgraded to the silver plan. I look forward to be able to have my customers use all the features this app has to offer. You will definitely not be disapointed!!

Easy to use and install app over 4 years ago by

Just installed the app and already upgraded to the silver plan for more functions.Easy to install and great back up so far.

Good customer service over 4 years ago by
They went above and beyond to help us with some data analysis and I appreciate the additional help, I felt it was worth giving them a positive review for the effort.
Very Easy to Setup over 4 years ago by

The app was easy to setup and having past customer orders imported to allow existing customers to get points sparked redemption of rewards. It is almost a no-brainer to continue using the app after the trial period. Thank you!

Looks good on site and works well over 4 years ago by

We'd been looking for an app that would allow us to reward our customers via a points system. S Loyalty plugged right into our BC store and I was able to get it set up within 30 mins. It's pretty easy to use and I believe the monthly cost of the app is worth it as our customers are happy their orders (past and current) can be counted towards their points total and everyone loves a freebie! One thing I wish it did was exclude those who have opted out of receiving marketing communications from us, unfortunately there will have been a few of our customers who received an email when they had previously opted out (you have the option to send a Welcome email to your customers with an account, informing them of their points balance). Overall a good app that I would recommend!

Phenomenal App over 4 years ago by Alecia Wall

As someone who has dabbled in just about every app out there, I feel I've seen enough interfaces to make a judgment call on what sets a good app apart from a great app. This is an awesome app. I say that because the interface is SO easy to use and all the controls are incredibly intuitive. I'm never left wondering how to find something within the control panel. We also love the idea of 'gamifying' our rewards program to offer incentives to 'level up' our customers. Although I've only used it for a short time I feel it will more than pay for itself in the long-term by helping us retain all the customers we're putting so much effort into acquiring. Definitely recommend you check it out!

Excellent App over 4 years ago by

I just finished the 14 Day Free Trial and I'm very impressed with the app as well as the customer service. 

This is my first experience using an app. Plus I have very limited computer knowledge and was able to understand and set the app quickly.

I highly recommend the S Loyalty Reward app. It's an awesome app to create customer loyalty and generate repeat sales.

Results over 4 years ago by

We did the trial period and had amazing results. Worth the it

Reviews came quickly! over 4 years ago by

After getting this app installed and sending out the notices to our customers, the reviews came quickly!  We've been able to push those reviews to our fan pages which give us/our products even more credibility.  I like the functionality of the app, meaning that we can adjust the offers and dates as well as manually send out requests for reviews.  It has certainly worked better than the standard review section that comes with big commerce.  It's totally worth it!

It goes well & Fantastic customer service. over 4 years ago by

We installed a month ago but never tried. Trial period was expired so contact Sloyalty and they give another trial period. Good customer service! After trial, we upgrade to Silver, there was a align problem and they kindly provide modified code immediately at night. They might be in different time zone :).  We're using right now and so far so good, and I am asking another conflict issue of the  web design. I believe they will help immediately. It's really nice to try.

So far so good over 4 years ago by Vivian Fellman

Did trial and now upgraded to their basic plan. My store is still quite small but this plan should be adequate for me. I just wish the design could have more options for the basic plan users and the pricing could be cheaper. Will report more in future about the experience.

Enjoyed it but expensive over 4 years ago by

I enjoyed this app and wanted to keep using it but $115 a month seems expensive to me with it's limited functionality and reward offers. 

This app is actually pretty awesome. over 4 years ago by Chris Vail

When we looked at implementing some loyalty-based rewards programs, we considered a number of different apps. We were only going to use S Loyalty's fan builder to pump up our social media follows, but when we could't get another refer-a-friend app to work right, we decided to try implementing the full S Loyalty Suite - Fan Builder, Refer-a-Friend, and the Loyalty Rewards. 

Good call.

The Suite was a fast and easy install, very intuitive, and was up and running quickly. The Refer-a-Friend works seamlessly with the rewards program, and it's all visible on a single dashboard interface. I wish we would have implemented a year ago. This app flat out rocks.

Good Enough for Small to Medium Site over 4 years ago by

As a small site, all you need is to save cost, we don't have time to develop our own loyalty program. We tried this program from basic fan builder, it give us an idea how it works, then we started using the loyalty points. Our customer can't leave without it now, it works perfect for small site without big IT department. Pay only 19 USD to have the loyalty program is much better than pay an IT for 2000 USD to develope your own loyalty program 

Loyalty Points over 4 years ago by

This is a great way to provide incentive for customers to return to your site and avoid competition.

We are still in the early stages of using it but can see an increase in account sign ups wchih also result in more registered users for mailshots and all other sorts of perks.

great app over 4 years ago by

Great customer service, helped me with a few problems. I have already gotten 15 email sign-ups and have not finished loading my customers info into the system.


Pleased with the app over 4 years ago by

We are very pleased with S Loyalty programs, works great with bigcommerce platform. It seamlessly integrates with the website and easy to setup. We will recommend it to any business.

The Good & The Bad, You Decide over 4 years ago by


1-Easy & simple to install and operate


1-No phone customer service.  A business needs assistance to get his/her business going yesterday, not to wait 24 hours to get a brief email, which at times doesn't solve your problem 100%.

2-No credit card?!  Only paypal!

3-Their company advertisement all over the place, unless you pay more!

Never the less, we gave the free trial a run and saw some actions.  We decided to go for the basic plan for a 6 months trial.  Then we'll see.

GREAT APP! over 4 years ago by

The trail went great! We signed up for the paid version RIGHT after! Great Service! We have it on ALL our BigCommerce stores!

I'm in love! over 4 years ago by

The app rocks! Its easy to use and set-up and also easy to plug into your site with very professional looking results for your customers. This app makes business so much easier because we now have a top notch loyalty program instead of a "word-of-mouth" or "manual" system. Saves lots of time and drives more business, worth the money!

Finally, an easy to use and set up Loyalty program! over 4 years ago by Jake Jacobson

Very easy to set up with step by step instructions and illustrations. Customers love that they are able to gain points and use them to recieve discounts! If my customers are happy, i'm happy!

Awesome over 4 years ago by
Sloyalty...resubscribing over 4 years ago by

Well I have tried the competition and here I am resubscribing, thru a lack of communication on both parts I am here again because their product is good, could be better like the option to CSS the pop up so its not out of color with the rest of your website, its good nonetheless.  I am here to tell you THAT NO OTHER options for quick install can give you what they can here at SLOYALTY.

Ease and customer service over 4 years ago by Marian Rockwood

Have not utilized a loyalty program before. S Loyalty was easy to implement and customer service readily helped us get everything into place. We are very pleased with how the app functions and it is giving us positive results.

Smooth configuration and flexible options over 4 years ago by

S Loyalty was very simple to set-up and configure. Love the refer-a-friend social sharing option. Early testing looks good.

Great app.. but a bit expensive over 4 years ago by

Great app overall, though a bit on the pricey side especially if you have a lot of customers. Would be better if they had mailchimp or other email marketing integration

Great App over 4 years ago by

This app is easy to use. We did the free trial and had great feedback and engagement from our customers. Definitely recommend it to give your customers the rewards they deserve and look for. We just signed on for a monthly plan.

Easy to Use - Customers Love It over 4 years ago by

This was easy to set up - and I have no code/design skills

So far the customers have loved it.

Makes it very easy to track customers and loved that I could pay with PayPal.

Easy to use, customers love it! over 4 years ago by

My customers are loving this! Works well and it gives my customers incentive to shop here instead of on my etsy shop where I have to pay fees

Makes admin of a rewards program simple. over 4 years ago by

This app is very easy to use and has some nice features. It would be great if some of the lower tiered services didn't have the sLoyalty branding, but other than that I am happy with the app.

Too soon to tell but seems pretty awesome! over 4 years ago by Suhaila Aboulhosn

I've just finished my trial period and signed up for the 2nd level program. So far I love this app and am very optimistic about it. My customers are already totally loving it!!! Thank you!!

Proven way to get loyal customers and FB likes!! over 4 years ago by

Great app if you are looking to get loyal customers, FB likes and twitter followers. Do give it a try and you'll see whether this is for you. Would be 5 stars if it had mailchimp integration from fan builder, option to remove sloyalty branding, and if pricing was more attractive as your store grows!!

Fabulous! over 4 years ago by

In one week of using the program, I've had nearly 100 people sign up for my email list, numerous shares on Facebook, and dozens of new fans, referrals, and more. Prior to this, I had been tracking referrals by hand, which was WAY too much work. It is definitely worth the minimal monthly charge - a single completed referral would pay for it, plus save me the hours of doing it all by hand (and my time is definitely worth more than the monthly charge).

Great Results during trail period! over 4 years ago by

We have tried about every kind of promotion gimick there is to get customers to return and buy.  Immediately the next day after turning on S Loyalty we received a huge order!  The trick was giving existing clients Loyalty points for previous purchases.  Now it is easy to suggest people order just to get coupons!  We love it and look forward to many more sales!

great loyalty app over 4 years ago by Django Cogez

overall a great loyalty app. nice that eveything is automated. would be nice to be able to edit the text on loyalty progra / referral overlays that popup. quick responses from the email support team.

One of the best apps I've ever used! over 4 years ago by

Sloyalty has saved me tons of time and has greatly improved the way we do business. I think it is very important to offer customers a loyalty program, and Sloyalty makes it easy and seamless. We could not be more happy with this app! I would highly recommend this app to anyone who is wanting to offer a loyalty program for their customers. Simply awesome :)

I love this App over 4 years ago by

This app is simply amazing. It allows me to build an amazing loyalty program on auto pilot. I know personally when shopping on the internet I love shopping with sites that reward with points. It's just such a simple and great way to get people to come back to your site and purchase more, without having to spend more money on advertising. As they say, we need to know what our lifetime value of a customer is and this program just helps us increase that value exponentially over time. Not to mention it allows for our buyers to refer their friends on the social media platforms to be rewarded with points. On top of those new people being rewarded a few bucks off their first purchase.Free advertising that is paid only after the purchase. That's my kind of buyer.I love this and highly recommend it to anyone looking to build a brand on the internet. 

Seamless! over 4 years ago by

I was very hesitant at first, but I am very glad I did. The trial allowed me to really see what was possible and found the installation to be a breeze. The interface is clean and my customers have already asked about how to redem points which is exciting because it is already helping to drive repeat customers!

Not flexible enough, way too expensive. over 4 years ago by Ben Franklin Online

We recently changed platforms from Volusion to Big Commerce and immediately noticed Big Commerce did not offer a built in rewards program like Volusion did. We were told to try S Loyalty as an alternative. S Loyalty is extremely rigid in the features they offer, you are not able to customize the program to fit your store's needs. For example, we wanted to offer 01 point for every $10 dollars so, when a customer spends $100 dollars they are awarded 10 points which translates to $10 dollars. The S Loyalty Team finally let us know this wasn't an option and they were unable to help us make these changes. We were also not able to change the time period the email is sent out, which was important to us since our original program in Volusion was set up to reward our customers by the 7th day after an order had shipped versus the 2 weeks S Loyalty requires. During the free trial we were under the impression we could choose the  $19.95 plan however, when our free trial was up this option was no longer available due to the amount of customers we have. The cheapest plan available to us started at $69.95. This price is not warranted for the service or features available in this application.  On the other hand, we did like a few of the features S Loyalty offered such as being able to rename your points, the automatic emails the program sent customers and the customization available on the built in widget. However, this was not enough to keep us interested in S Loyalty and we have chosen to explore other options.

So far so good. over 4 years ago by

Easy to install, so far so good.

Nice and easy to use. over 4 years ago by Anguel Iordanov

Nice and easy to use. I managed to install and configure the app in just a few minutes. For the two weeks we used the app we had a few referrals, tweets and likes on Facebook. Most importantly our customers love the rewards they receive when shopping with us. Would highly recommend this app.

So far so good over 4 years ago by

Easy to integrate and setup. We will see how it goes.

Very good app! over 4 years ago by Stavros Theodoridis

This is a well thought, well designed app with some very nice features. The only reason why I'm not giving it 5 stars is the price. We'll have to wait and see it adds real value for money at $19.99 per month but the store is still growing and I think loyalty programmes are good anyway. I had very good feedback from my customers who are looking forward to saving points for a big purchase. I had to contact S Loyatly support only once (just a question, not a fault) and they replied very promptly. I hope that the developper will add more features in the future such as the ability to choose wether points are given based on prices with or without tax (at the moment it's only without tax). All in all, I'm very pleased but time will tell if it's really useful for me and my customers.

So far so good over 4 years ago by

We just barely implemented this app about a week ago.  So far it works as advertised and should be a great addition to our eCommerce platform.

Awesome app for beginners like me. over 4 years ago by Krystal Raya

This app makes it easy for me to add a loyalty program. It is also a very simple and easy program for customers to sign up for.

Great app over 4 years ago by

Easy to set up, even with the minimal skill set I have with website. Works like a charm. 

Awesome and works IMMEDIATELY over 4 years ago by

Just installed it an hour ago and have over 20 subscribers/shares, etc. Pretty freaking awesome!

The only problem i see is that the rewards which are shown to the customer don't actually reveal the prize... which is not good because the customer has nothing to strive for. This needs to be changed ASAP and I will change my review to 5 stars. Otherwise, it's perfect.

Great Loyalty App over 4 years ago by

Just finished my free trial version and immediately signed up for a subscription! This app integrates into Bigcommerce seamlessly and is a great tool for merchants looking to build up a loyal customer base. During our trial period, we saw our fan base grow dramatically and saw the impact that the fan builder section had on orders. However, I would like to see the Refer-a-Friend give customers who refer successfully a percentage discount instead of being given only loyalty points or a fixed amount. Overall, love this app and will definitely keep using it.

Great so far over 4 years ago by

I've been looking for a customer loyalty for my site.  While this isn't the perfect solution...I think it's great thus far.  The fact that it offers loyalty and fan builder (used to use another solution for this) makes it a great product

Paid for itself in the trial period! over 4 years ago by

We just subscribed to the full suite. 

In the first 14 days a single refer-a-friend sale handily paid for the full suite.

Fan-builder generated:

  • 25 FB likes
  • 84 Email sign-ups
  • 9 Twitter followers
  • 6 people who used their coupons to place an order

Easy to install / set up / manage

Hope it keeps working as well as it has so far!

Great addition to store over 4 years ago by

This works as advertised. I looked into all the loyalty programs and this one seemed to give the most bang for the buck. From tracking points, refer a friend, etc. I have the ability to combine it with customer groups to create ambassador styled programs for my brand. Very good app.

Great App! over 4 years ago by Wyatt Kelley

We are trying this out and it seems to be working well. It does exactly what you would need it to do and just as described. We wanted to give our customers some benefits for frequent purchases and this is just the ticket.

Great tool for fan building. over 4 years ago by

I am just building my site and customer base I believe this app will be a great addition.  I look forward to gaining many loyal customers with it.

Fantastic over 4 years ago by

In the few short weeks i was on the trial i have already had customers us it & sales have been generated

Seamlessly Integrated Customer Loyalty over 4 years ago by

This is a great loyalty program that is seamlessly integrated into Big Commerce as well as  your favourite social networking platforms.  The program is very flexible allowing you to have complete control over your loyalty program all without any complex configuration.  Simple to use, simple for your customers to use and with features like social networking rewards and sign up bonuses, it gives your loyalty program that added flexibility and more importantly, like-ability within your customer base.  

Perfect app to grow your online business over 4 years ago by

S Loyalty Suite is a great App to use and very easy to set up. We installed it 2 weeks ago and we have seen increase in traffic and sales through the loyalty reward program and refer a friend.

We hope that the loyalty program would help us with returning customers as most of our customers now have reward points that we believe they would be looking forward to use on their next order.

I strongly recommend this app if you are looking to keep your existing customers coming back...

Good over 4 years ago by

We have over 500 customers in our store so the plan for $19.99 was not an option for us. Easy to install, easy to navigate. Overall I would say it is a good program.

Good, simple Loyalty App....happy so far... over 4 years ago by

I've just signed up for the silver plan after the 2 week trial.  I think the interface (for the store owner, and customers) is nice and straight-forward.  I've had no issues with any of it, and the integration with BC just makes things easy, which I'm all about - I'm not a coder, and don't want to be.  One downside is that with my store, I tend to have a lot of one-time customers, so although I don't think I really need the silver plan ($39.99 pm), I'm pushed into it because of my customer count.  Obviously I want to make some of those customers repeat-visitors, but the nature of my products means that cannot always be the case.  I'd also like integration with Mailchimp for the newsletter sign-ups, right now, I have to do that manually via a download and upload.  Overall, I have high hopes for this app, and as I grown my product lines I'm hoping that I'll start to see even more benefit from it.

Great Tool! over 4 years ago by

This application has been great for my site. I especially like the option to reward users for facebook likes, twitter follows and news letter signups. Very easy to set up and make changes as needed.

Awesome app! over 4 years ago by

Just installed this app and I am looking forward to using it and providing to my website customers!

It is good and simple over 4 years ago by

Basically, this APP is good and simple, I didn't expect more cause it may get complicated.

My suggestions:

1) Reward setting provide a space to add note or remark to customer, for example I will only give $50 coupon for a purchase of minimum $500.  

2) Refer to friends, rewarded to registered customer, provide space to add note too. Cause I will only reward my customer with half points his friend purchase. That is not your default option. Or you can allow the space not only for numeric figures, but text too. 

Anyway, good work, keep it up!


Set Yourself Apart over 4 years ago by

Set yourself apart from your competition with this app!

First time out of the gate with a loyalty program and I'm glad I did.  Significant increase in sign ups, traffic and sales!  

Easy to install, great support and it's something else to talk with your clients and prospects about.  Take the 2 week free trial for a test drive and you'll see why I signed up.

Very Effective over 4 years ago by

Wonderful easy-to-use app.  Very effective!

Great App! over 4 years ago by

We had a little trouble with installation in the beginning but support helped us through that in a few minutes.  I would have been happy with just one of these features but we get all three in one!  My customers are excited about having a rewards program and already using the referrals which has turned into even more customers. Thanks for this great app!

Awesome App! over 4 years ago by

The app works exactly as described.  Integrates with your Bigcommerce Store within minutes.  Applied Reward points to all previous orders which is a huge plus.  Only had it installed for less than a week and already seeing a huge lift in sales, email signups and facebook likes!

Great App. Perfect for my customers! over 4 years ago by Becky password: flags7600

I am very pleased with the easy installation and instant success of this app.  My customers love it.  I've been using this app less than one month and already have seen great results.  More customers are signing up for accounts and AOV has increased.  I've been looking for a loyalty program and this is a perfect fit for me and for my customes.  Everything is automated and I can easily reward my past customers.  Love it!

Major Install Problems - No Customization - Poor Customer Service and More over 4 years ago by

On the surface this app works well however, a few negative points which has made me install a new solution.  It worked moderately well on my first site but it did not work when I tried to install on a second site, as a matter of fact, I paid for it via Paypal and they did not even see the payment an had to send screen shots.  Next, it says there is customization at the enterprise level ... there is if you want to pay an extra $500.  Next, the generic templates on Refer a Friends looks like someone's email was hacked and a spam email sent to friends.  The basic template of the Fan Builder has a Mickey Mouse style with a cheesy look. There is no way to make any changes to this.  I have had moderate success on my first website with Fan Builder but it is far from optimized in building a database.  Another problem is that each promo code has no expiry date so after 3 weeks of use I have over 4000 promo codes in my database and there is NO WAY my staff could determine which to delete.  In another month I will have 10,000 promo codes in my database with no expiry date and no way on knowing which ones can be purged.  In 12 months I will have 100,000 promo codes, 90,000 of which will be junk ... you get the point.

After 5 days, SLoyalty has no solution on a fix in getting it going on my second site.  Really?  Five days and you cant figure this out?  

If you have a small website with smaller traffic, this app my work but if you have volume like my sites have, you will go crazy and you will not be able to install it on a second site.  Your pop up will look generic and cheesy and you will have a flood of promo codes that will wreck havoc on your promo code data base.  I could go on but this app is far from excellent.  Like I say, small operators will love this.  I write code and my websites are very well traffic'd so I demand a customized look.  

A rating of 2 is a little high ... 1.5 is my actual rating as it does have merit for smaller website operators who do not have internal coding.  I do not recommed SLoyalty as there are much better solutions.

Good App over 4 years ago by Eugene Ooi

Tested this app during the trial period and it was easy to setup. Support was extremely helpful when I had questions. Highly recommended. 

Great app A++ over 4 years ago by

All in one is the way to go. This app is a great app to have all year round A++

Great App to Try! over 4 years ago by

We started using this about 60 days ago and have seen a lot more of traffic hit our website and have a lot of accounts setup. We continued with the suite, so that says a lot in itself.

One of the big things as a company grows that becomes more of a treasured commodity is time. This is a great way to automate things with follow up emails about people's reward points that they've earned, as it notifies them when they've earned enough points to go to your website. It also obviously promotes social media growth and awareness as well.

The only thing holding this app back from a 5 start in my estimation is after someone has purchased a product -- giving the customer the option to post the image associated with individual product (that links to that specific product) they purchased and not just a link to the general store on their facebook account.  That would take this app to a whole new level, I think.  However, other than that, this is a well thought out app that can bring a lot of punch to your online sales. Try it for 4-6 months and see if it can impact your online traffic.

Great App, very easy to set up over 4 years ago by Mike Moore

S Loyalty Suite is a great App to use and very easy to set up. Nice clean pop ups for the customer. Having the refer-a-friend and Fan Builder all in the same admin workspace is perfect for us.  Great App, Free Trail, you can't go wrong!!!!!

Install issue resolved working thru temp solution over 4 years ago by SLM Wines

Update: We finally got the app installed thru a manual process and not the 1 click install thru BC App Store. Guess there was an issue with the API and the need for an intermediate SSL certificate. We're in the midst of trying now. Initial reaction: promising.

We've been trying for the last 2 weeks to install thru the BC Apps Store. We keep getting the API error. Support is ONLY thru email. There's neither a support # nor any form of a chat session. We were very excited to get working on the app after all the positive 5 star reviews. Wondering if those reviews are shill and fake. Love to see the websites of the glowing reviews.

Awesome eCommerce App over 4 years ago by Robb Capielo

We have been looking for a customer reward program and saw SLoyalty and wanted to see if this would work with our existing website. It worked and took minutes to activate and works like a charm. We have been watching our customers signing up and redeeming their points. Very exciting and would recommend this to anyone looking for a tool to grow their business.

Loyalty Program over 4 years ago by

Loving this app. Installed into our big commerce store easily, and enabled us to be able to offer customer's rewards points right away. We received a few orders from the program the very first day. Would recommend this app to connect with customers and reward them for continuing to do business with you.

Great so far! over 4 years ago by

This app is really easy to use and it is going to help me a great deal with making my customers loyal and happy!  Excited to see it in action on our site!

Perfect for loyalty Management over 4 years ago by MICHEL THEORET

I was lost, prior to Loyalty Suite Management to get customers to react for "likes" on facebook.  Regards, Mike T.

Great Loyalty Program that customers love! over 4 years ago by

This is the second store that I use Sloyalty with so I must like it! The fact is it works well and customers do seem to really like it. It does everything I would want a loyalty program to do. The only thing is that it does seem to get expensive as your store grows and by that point you dont have much option but to pay for it.

Great App! over 4 years ago by

The S Loyalty app for my business was a game changer from Day 1. Many of our customers embraced the Rewards Program during the first week, and not only did we receive an immediate uptick in sales, but we expect that both our overall retention rate and frequency of re-orders will significantly improve over time, yielding greater lifetime profits per customer.

My customers keep coming back over 4 years ago by

Before installing this app, our customers would compare prices with other sites. We glad that we found this app, our customers keep coming back and wouldn't mind our prices are a little higher. Awesome!!

The perfect app for my loyalty program management needs over 4 years ago by Jedrick Gatpayat

I have been using S Loyalty Suite for over a month now and it has work wonders to my business. Prior to S Loyalty Suite, I was managing my loyalty program manually and it is taking too much time for my staff. In addition, as it is not automated, our old process was prone to errors such as not sending the correct loyalty points to the customer.

With this app, everything is automated. Furthermore, customers are encouraged to sign up to our loyalty program because of the pop-up windows that appear once in a while when customers browse our website.

In summary, S Loyalty Suite made my loyalty program more efficient, as it takes less resources to implement it, and more effective, as customers are reminded that our shop has a loyalty program.

Love this app! over 4 years ago by

This app is perfect. I just started using it almost a month ago and couldn't be happier. I originally wanted it for the rewards program only. But I ended up going with the suite program and got all three apps. Which I'm so glad I did. I was able to cancel out my other referral program and just use this one. The value for all three is amazing. I can't believe the conversions it's already generated and my email signup #'s are staggering. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone. Very easy to install and very user friendly. It's the best!  

So far so good by Garett Winterberg
This app is easy to use and so far so good. It will be interesting to see if the ROI is there.
Great App. Instant results by Becky
Installation and setup was easy. I have a lot of repeat customers, and they really appreciate getting reward points. It sets my store apart and above my competitors. I think rewards helps keeps customers loyal. Facebook "Likes" have also increased. More customers are creating accounts, rather than checking out as a guest, which will provide more re-marketing opportunities.
This app works great! Instant results! by Becky Bennett
Sign up and installation was easy. I instantly started seeing results. I have many repeat customers, and they have personally told me how much they love being able to earn rewards. Having a Rewards Program sets me apart from my competition. Many customers are creating accounts instead of checking out as a guest, and Facebook Likes have increased significantly in one week. AOV has also increased. I am very pleased to see instant results. I have already recommended this to others on BigCommerce.
Their company branding has put me off!!! by IK
Get rid of your branding!! Regardless of plan!! My customers aren't interested in your product! All your branding does is makes things ugly! Fix it and I'll buy
Great Programme by Ben
Sloyalty is a great solution for a customer loyalty scheme and works really well. It is reliable and the customers seem really happy with it. My only issue is that it is quite expensive, especially as your customer numbers increase. You get penalized for adding more customers to it.
My customers keep coming back by Alan
Before we install this app, our customers will compare price with other site, but now they dont mind our price a little higher than our competitors and they are keep coming back.
Like the App by Brian
Just got the silver plan -- so that speaks for itself that we liked it enough to move forward with it after a 14 day trial period. As your business grows, you know time becomes the most valued commodity. I think this program aids you tremendously in automating (1) follow up emails with prospective customers and notifies them when they have enough points to redeem so as to turn that emailed person into a customer (most likely), and (2) the creation of coupon codes in BigCommerce is automated. Overall, great app to spend 15 minutes implementing to see if it will work for you. If I had to make a recommendation on a great improvement for the suite would be that after an order was placed, the landing page for the customer to share that he/she just purchased would enable them to share the product image(s) in the store (and not just a link to the store in general with a general store icon) to their facebook page, etc. So, it would notify their friends that they bought "x" product (with the icon of that product or multiple products if they so chose) and then the link to that specific page. In addition to its other features, that would make this app a 10 star app.
Great Rewards Solution for E-commerce by Marvin Abarca
Sloyalty provides a easy to use system that lets the e-commerce developers deploy rewards, refer and loyalty programs. I'm 100% happy with the trial version that I upgraded to the paid version. I know for a fact this service is essential to retain and motivate our online shoppers to keep coming back.
Good app, but... by Alexandra
The app is easy to install and offers everything we need. After the trial, we signed up, but there comes the bad surprise. Our bigcommerce store is already a couple years old and therefore we have 2000+ customers that have created accounts with us. We assumed that we could sign up for the lowest price setting ($19.95) on sloyalty as we didn't apply any rewards points towards those previous accounts, only new accounts would receive points. It wouldn't let us though, we had to sign up for the next price level ($49.95) just because we have over 500 customers already. Not happy with it. I emailed them regarding this issue, but haven't heard back about it as of yet (48 hours later).
Pretty Good by Kendra
So far so good, pretty easy setup with no code installation needed by customer. Quick to get going had a couple customers entered right off the bat. Like that it is easy to get into. Downfall is that you have no control over where the icon goes and how visible it is or what it looks like. Can't really run multiple more complex rewards, the options are pretty simple. Have s-loyalty branding on everything unless you upgrade to the entrepreneur level. Also don't like at all that all customers in your store count on your customer count, not just the ones that are participating in the program. Otherwise, simple solution that will work while I am building my store or until Sweet Tooth is compatible with Big Commerce.
Love it!!!!! by Ayo
This is the loyalty program I've been searching for. Perfect! I get all 3 benefits n one!!!! So glad I found this! BONUS: Very Easy to use!
Killer Customer Loyalty Program by Josh
Since switching from Magento I was looking for a customer rewards program to mirror what I had set up previously. SLoyalty made this easier, and was super simple. Time will tell how this will impact my revenues, but so far so good! :)
So easy to set up! by Jamie
I LOVE how easy it was to set this up! I got it set-up and running SO fast! I almost couldn't believe how easy and fast it was to set up. No headaches, no hassles, no confusion! My customers are excited about it and having this in place is already paying off! Thank you S Loyalty!
Easy to set up, works in minutes by Spencer
Great app - can't wait to see the growth our store will gain from this easy to set up app on our BigCommerce store!
Great app by Sicilia's Online
Ive been using this app for the last month or so, after some initial issues getting all the transactions to appear without a manual refresh done by support, this now seems resolved. They have provided good support throughout and their app is the best loyality program Ive found available on any webhost. The ability to incentivise sharing combined with spending amount rewards really is the perfect combinination of 2 essential website services in one app, easier for you and your customers, I look forward to reporting back on their enterprise level solutions as the programs popularity on my website already is jumping up the pricing tiers
Brilliant! by Brie
I have been looking for something like this for months and S loyalty is perfect. Very happy with it, does all I need and more. Thanks :)
We love this app - sLoyalty makes us look GOOD! by Anthony
Have a bit of a hunt around for BigCommerce options, and none ticked as many boxes as sLoyalty (especially with the refer-a-friend and fan builder now included for FREE!) The free trial was very swiftly upgraded to a paid plan we are! For the non-technical amongst us, you'll be delighted to hear that setup and integration is an absolute breeze, and the control panel and interface sLoyalty provide is simple and straight-forward - sensible defaults, clear explanations, yeah, you couldn't hope for better. I whizzed through it at 2AM, fuzzy-eyed, when pulling an all-nighter working on my store and...I didn't break anything! That's got to be a good sign! The MOST important bit though - my customers love it! Near 100% uptake on it, and i've even had customers choosing loyalty points instead of straight store-credit following some CS enquiries. In short, it's pretty much a 'set & forget' solution that more or less installs itself and then....just works. I think the basic plan is very reasonably priced for everything it offers and, on top of that, the customer service has been great - responses are swift, polite and human. Can't wait to find out what the team have coming up for us next!
Powerful Results! by Chris Thomas
I have been looking for a way to capture leads from visitors to our site from facebook. We do a lot of social media but had no way of giving our visitors a reason to sign up to our mailing list. With this app we were able to do just that, give them an INSTANT reward for signing up. Also love the feature for getting friends to refer friends and the loyalty program was super easy to install. This is a no-brainer for us. Our old customers were shocked by our awesomeness for giving them reward points for past sales. I am optimistic about this years revenue. Before the trial period was up, this app had already paid for itself.
Awesome by Zerij
awesome! the right word to describe this app Sloyalty. because after using it that there is a growth of visitors to our website. with a view that is very easy for users so that makes us become more popular again in the online sales. thanks Sloyalty
This is a MUST have for any BigCommerce store ! by Aaron
Our site has already had close to 200 sign ups just in the trial period alone. Just wish I had known about this app when we changed over to Bigcommerce around a year and a bit ago. Luckily it gives you option to give all your previous customers loyalty points from their past orders. There is also a feature to gate for facebook and have received a lot of extra likes from customers visiting our site as well Highly recommend getting this app if you are serious about holding on to your customers and getting repeat business
Easy to integrate by Jayson
After trying a few alternative apps, s-loyalty has been a winner for our business. Setup was a breeze. We have already noticed that clients are using the system, conversion rates are up and facebook activity has improved. We were able to import previous orders which stimulated repeat customers coming back to the site and buying again. There appear to be some limitations on what can be offered for rewards but this app should do the job for most sites looking to provide basic rewards for customers.
Quite Good by Mohammed
I liked the fact that your existing customers don't have to sign up they are automatically transferred from big commerce and points are calculated and then they are automatically notified of the rewards program. Time will tell to see how effective it is but for now I advise anyone at least try for a few months and check recurring revenue.
Easy set up by Leo
Very easy to set up, ready to go in a few minutes!
Great App by Paul
Killer app that creates a professional awards program for your customers.
Great program by Susan
I signed up for the trial and by the time it was over I had 17 of my customers enrolled in the loyalty program! Straight forward and easy to implement. The price is good too. I would definitely recommend.
So far so good by John
Very early days for me but this app will pay for itself if it helps me keep one regular customer. No brainer!!
Great app that does what its meant to! by Ben Asquith
This app provides a really professional loyalty program that works and is easy for customers to use. I like the way the whole app is designed to be constantly promoting the loyalty program on our website. It catches the customers attention and is proactive to drive sales and signups etc. rather than just sitting in the background waiting to collect points after a purchase. I highly recommend this app, use the free trial you won't regret it!
Love this app! by Angie's Cosmetics
When I read about this app I thought it would be a great asset for my eCommerce site. I read more about this app and decided to download it, then once I tried the free trial it was a keeper. Thank goodness for S-Loyalty! I have customers signing up and it work great with bigcommerce. My customers are really happy to see the reward program on my company site and have been ordering more since this new software. I highly recommend S-Loyalty to my friends and colleagues. Thanks S-Loyalty for making such a great and user friendly program.
Good App by Mike
Excellent, easy to use, what else is there to say?
Great Feature by Jeff
So far, so good! I too had a bad time with Keep 'em Shopping. S Loyalty has proven to be an acceptable alternative.
Does what it's supposed to by Thomas VanSlambrouck
Little expensive, but great app.
So easy to set up! by Carly
We're a big fan of this app because it was so simple to set up. Just a few simple configuration settings and we were good to go on our site without having to involve a developer. We also love the Facebook integration. Only recommendations is better integration in the cart, checkout and order confirmation email. It would be great if customers could see in the cart and checkout how many points they are earning. (The widget isn't visible in the cart/checkout, we might change this setting). Other recommendations include rewarding points for writing a product review.
Simple & Easy to implement by Randy
Just signed up for this program. It is so easy to setup they have great instructions and guide you step-by-step. As it says you have a loyalty program running on your website in minutes. Very excited to launch this program!
Fabulous app & service by Melvin
Tested the app twice, and finally paid for the subscription. Mark from Sloyalty was extremely helpful whenever I had questions, and the app was exactly what I needed in terms of the marketing plan I had for my store.
Very simple to set-up by Jim
This app was recommended to me and I'm very pleased. Easy and quick to set-up. Widget is professional looking. Option in the admin are easy to configure.
Amazing! by Omar
We have been looking for a solid and simple system on which we could built our customer loyalty program. We have been using this app for a few days now and from day 1 we realize it was exactly what we were looking for. Every shop owner should use it. Period. Love it. Our customers love it and we have seen them returning often to redeem or to purchase something in our online store. Thank you SLoyalty. A+
Easy to Configure, Seemless integration by Tim
Been running this for a couple weeks and our customers are catching on. It was really easy to setup, and integration with our store was painless. A few things I've discovered are the program only works for customers with an account, and it auto generates coupon codes for customers redeeming points. Almost every part of the program is customizable. The Loyalty Badge that hovers on the bottom of the site seems very intuitive for customers to use. Will be interesting to see the longer term effects on sales.
Was Skeptical At First, Now A Believer! by Sportsmans Toy Store
Couldn't Ask For A Better Integration Process! Works Behind The Scene For You And The User Interface Is Clean And Easy To Use! Well Worth The Investment To Get Customers And Keep Them.
Easiest customer rewards program! by Qinnie
I've been looking for an easy-to-use customer loyalty program for a long time, and S Loyalty is perfect. It is so simple to set up and allows me to add customers manually. It gives me the opportunity to take my customer service to the next level. Thank you!
Awesome App!!! by James Meek
This app is so nice. It was easy to setup and started driving business from the start. I would have given 5 stars if customer services had replied to my issue. Anyway I figured out issue and am loving this app.
Great Job by Toby
Good services and easy to manage reward program. Thank you Sloyalty and bigcommerce.
Exciting to get started by Melissa
I have been wanting to add a Rewards Program to our site for a while. After giving SLoyalty a try for 15 day I have seen some results. Thanks for making it easy to reward your frequent shopper.
review by jalal mattar
Before installing s loyalty most of my customers would check out as guest now with s loyalty they're all registering and coming back for more great support always calling back the next day highly recommend it
Great App by Oree
Easy to install and easy to create the program. Looks great and feels good.
Less than a month =) by Roy
We notice the additional orders coming in on our website, when we subscribe. Great add-ons and making customer our main priority. keep it up.
If only I was ready... by Stan
The app was great, and the support I got from Mark was invaluable. But I had to uninstall it for now; we've got 7 years of manual records to sort out to make the changeover to the S Loyalty app. But I'll be back.
Love it!!! by Teri
When I first introduced the customer incentive program on my website I was unsure how I was going to be able to track everything, then I heard of S Loyalty. When I signed up I had to change the terms somewhat of my program, however, I think my customers will benefit more from the changes. At this point the basic program serves my business well. After reading the past reviews it also appears the app has upgraded some. I look forward to continued use of this app and to bigger and better upgrades.
Appreciate the App Wish It Was Included in BigCommerce by Malia Allen
I've used other shopping carts and was disappointed when I had to go outside of my shopping cart to purchase a monthly rewards program. Overall the application was easy to install. I appreciated the guided steps.
Best/Only Functional Rewards Program for BC by Brett
After getting Sloyalty all set up and installed, the app works flawlessly. There are a few areas for improvement (as with anything) but overall, we are really satisfied with the performance and simplicity of this app. We highly recommend trying it out if you are looking to increase conversion rate and retain customers.
Good Product by Joshua Gabrielson
This is a good app to own if you're looking to help drive customers to your website with rewards. The app is easy to use, although I wish it was a bit more feature rich. The $19.99 per month level should include more features than the next step which is $50 basically. For what I get the app does a good job of meshing well with the BC engine and overall we are pleased with it.
installed this and getting started... by SH
hope it will work very well for me. I think pro version 49.99 is needed for almost everybody. (included welcome points and existing customer import) 19.99 version is kind of so basic. anyway it is the only solution I found in bigcommerce i can use rewarding point system for customers. best!!!
Awesome App by Jean-Paul
So we tried this app out to see how our customers would respond and sure enough, this was the best thing we could have done!
Great CS and product by Brittney
I had a little difficulty when i started but Mark helped me through it. It is pretty easy to use. I am excited to see what it does for my business.
Testing and will update by Michael
So far so good. Created awards, coupon codes and launching today. sLoyalty should do a secondary BC app that is a code generator/uploader. Love that part of sLoyalty. Creating codes automatically and synching with app. Nothing sucks quite as much as manually uploading 50,000 Groupon codes to BC, we had to write a firefox automation script to get it done and then it would time out all the time because the admin panel of BC times out.... anyhow. Good stuff and will report back.
Seems decent! by MW
Just started using the service due to BC lack of loyalty support. So far rather simple to use and took seconds to set up. They only take paypal as a method of payment witch isn't ideal and they are rather pricey for what it is. ( Prices would make more sense at $19 $35 $70) But over all please with my first day, will report back after a month of use!! AGAIN this is really simple to set up, that's worth mentioning again!
Does what it says! by Matboard Plus
We were looking for a Loyalty Program we could use with our BC store and this app is giving us that. Easy to integrate and setup. Customer service has been very responsive to our questions and requests. Although we could agree with other comments regarding pricing vs. features, we have found the company to be responsive to feedback and look forward to the updates/upgrades they are actively working on. Overall, the app is doing exactly what it is says it does!
Fabulous! by Victoria
This is exactly what I have been looking for. Simple program to offer incentives to my customers. Very user friendly interface. Excited!
Keep your customers! by Air One Smokeless Prouducts
It's difficult to get customers on your site and covert these visits to purchases. Once you finally get them to buy from you, how do you keep them coming back? This app is your answer! Your customers get points for purchases and you set up how they redeem their points. This app is very nice, easy to set up and integrates nice with BigCommerce. I am very happy with all the features and so are my customers!
Great app! by Angelina
I just installed this app last week and so far I have been happy with everything. The set up was very easy and straight forward, so was setting up the rewards. I already have customers earning rewards! I believe loyalty programs are great and keep customers coming back. This particular app works great with BigCommerce, the S-Loaylty website has a great interface that is easy to navigate around. I have no complaints! :-)
Just getting Started, but impressed with the customer service by Trev, Chi & Brennon
After several let downs with loyalty programs, I think we have finally gotten the program we have needed. Thank you very much!
Working well by Ben
We signed up for this a month or so ago and we had a few little niggles in getting it going but once we ironed those out it seems to be a useful system which is well integrated into BC. We are about to start actively promoting the system and hopefully that is when it will really start to pay dividends but good so far.
Basic and pricey by Kate
This wasn't for us. Its expensive and is very light on functionality. We've used Sweet Tooth which is excellent and rewards for just about everything (sharing, orders, birthdays, reviews and so on. This rewards for a purchase but costs more than Sweet Tooth which unfortunately is not on BigCommerce as yet. Removing it has been painful. It may work for some but its too costly for what it is. --- Reply from S Loyalty Team: We have been working hard on new features. Now Refer-a-Friend and Fan Builder come free with the Loyalty Suite!
Very basic and expensive by Dianne
We tried out the 14 day trial period and were quite disappointed with the app. Parts of it are very basic and easy to understand. They don't have an FAQ and no phone number to call to ask questions - so, you're left to fend for yourself unless you want to wait for a day to have a very brief email sent to you. When I clicked on 'import' to check out how you can import old orders and customer lists and find out what file formats they accept, it automatically imported what was already in Big Commerce which isn't necessarily what I wanted. (I wanted to add customers that we had prior to using Big Commerce.) This now brought me to a $49.00 per month charge just to import a few customers. I think this is VERY steep because it's a one time import process that should take minutes, if not seconds and doesn't support a significantly higher per month charge. They also have their advertisements all over the place - throughout welcome emails to the customer (two mentions of their company per email) and several other things. Sorry, but if I'm paying for this service, regardless if it's a basic or premium plan, then I shouldn't be paying to have THEIR company advertised to MY customers. If you don't want their advertisements, then you have to purchase the premium plan. Personally, I'm not happy with the product, nor the customer service and having to wait 24 hours for an answer with no FAQs, all while providing them with free advertising to my customer database. I will look around for other loyalty reward apps. --- Reply from S Loyalty Team: Thank you for your feedback. Past Orders Import is now available to all plans.
Finally! by Jenelle
:) We have been waiting for a good rewards program to integrate with our BC store, I was so happy to find this app! It is easy to set up and fun to use, although a tad spendy for the plan that lets you integrate your customers past orders into the system. Our customers have responded positively so I am pretty sure that the app will pay for itself over time and then some - thank you!
Thank goodness! by Madeleine
We had a nightmare experience with a past rewards app and were really excited to find out Sloyalty had created one. I felt comfortable trying them out after reading about their history on Shopify and so far everything has worked great. I actually like how rewards are redeemed as discount codes instead of store credit because that works better with our finance software. The app was easy to install and is easy to use. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because if you want to use the past orders import you have to import your store's entire past history instead of perhaps, the last month. I hear this feature is coming soon though so future users will be able to have that capability. Great app and I'm super glad they made it!!!
Great customer service by Donna
Just installed this and the customer service made it super easy!!
This app is awesome! by Eva Sawyer
We signed up for this app after having a disastrous time with Keepem Shopping. We had resorted to manually tracking EVERY order and calculating the rewards ourselves. What a nightmare! So I was super excited when I saw that S-Loyalty and BigCommerce were able to work together! Signup was quick and easy with no credit card required. I hadn't been using the software more then a half hour before i decided that this was definitely something we wanted to keep and I immediately upgraded. If you want to import past orders it does require you to have the Pro or Enterprise plan, but we found it worth the upgrade - and my customers really appreciated it. I would like to see future upgrades make more then 5 rewards at some point as well as being able to manually assign points for things like signing up for newsletters, contests, etc. All around a great app - give it a try!